Rd. 2 Hitman J vs engineer

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  1. Plekz

    Plekz Guest


    - $1000.00 prize money will be donated by NDesigns Screen Printing
    - $1000.00 additional prize money will be divided up into the final round.

    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2008 Rules - First Round

    - 2nd Round Audios are DUE Thursday Night Jan 8th at 11.59 pm cst.
    - Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s)
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be atleast 2 minutes.
    - If audio is not two minutes, you must contest it if you want a DQ.
    - One mp3 File Must Be posted Thursday Night Jan 8th at 11.59 pm cst.- We will not store any audio files.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - Voting links will be posted and votes will be shown.
    - No Comments allowed on battle post until voting links are posted.
    - Can post videos

  2. Hitman J

    Hitman J lets get get get it....

    May 30, 2002

    SoundClick artist: Blazin Loops - page with MP3 music downloads



    either your an adams family extra or uncle fester got an edge up
    your whole life youve been playin dress up, man fess up
    in your mommas dresser, your father wasnt around
    no male role model so who you think he followin round

    inna gown like cryptik, you goin down like cryptik
    you soft call you limpdick, ima shark and your a shrimp bitch
    and you're lurkin into some strange waters, soon as you change borders...
    you gone see you aint harder, not hardly..

    ima hard head, stuck in my ways, and cant believe
    that some wigger up candana could come harder than me..
    I straight up slaughtered his beat, i should be chargin a fee...
    heard his ego's in his shoes, so ima start at his feet..

    every mother fuckin pair you own, in the bag now.
    swag cannot be purchased, certainly if you're a fat clown
    a joke, no hope, what a waste, get out my face..
    man you broke, a straight hoe, stick to makin beats and so should chase...

    when i speak its gone its bl while you off beat like bk
    i guess i am a bitch killa, some gone laugh and some gone hate
    some gone cheer lead for they homeboys, gottem dancin like they're diddy
    now that they suckin dick for placements, straight from suckin on the titty ...

    some say im witty, others say im just an asshole...
    they said if i dont come lyrically, they i really aint gone last long
    they said dont use south beats, but ima showem how the south eats...
    hungry like a lion, leave you cryin just from my mouthpiece...
    i guess we'll call this south east, got bama on a battle beat...
    its gone be a catestrophe, an engineer tryna battle me..

    with a roar like mufasa, and a punch like kimbo slice...
    ima leave your ass scarred, traumatized question life..
    I'll fly from bama to canada... to see if you're man enough..
    but i see you in ladies delight, bitch pull your panties up...

    you exposed like gq, and in denial like dely...
    you wont never see amille, you'd be lucky to get a penny
    maibu's most wanted, I bet you get fubu for christmas...
    checkem on site watch him turn back white like thismiss...

    fuck metaphors and wordplay, realism im about that verb play..
    fuck what a nerd say... who aint had presence since his birthday
    and recycled lines, you can save for earth day, before you get me a murder case
    i crack spines leave you flat lined, cover him up its no emergency..

    turn the lights off, his souls lost and not comin back sir..
    r-i-p to the wanna candian rapper, the toronto raptor..
    leave his ass extinct takem out the game like jermaine oneal,
    man what the fuck you think, its in my veins to keep it real

    you suck if i was you i'd get embarrassed and give up
    its gotta suck when the hardest fuck in your countries terrance or phillup
    get some facial hair YO, SON you lookin like a dyke
    WORD IS BOND, bama's strong lemme introduce you to them hypes

    and nevasoba when i write it, yea you right bitch.. higher than heaven
    hit that henny or that crown while this clown, on 211's
    tryna look cool with some his homies, and some phony shit from karma loop
    ol fat ass aint seen pussy since he squeezed up out his mommas chute...

    and if i dont win, this shit is rigged, mane i promise you..
    on my momma fool... you must not know how i do...
    while you, sweet as honey, built like winnie the poo
    wheres your honey pot... quit frontin i know you hungry dude..

    yean gotta like to kick it, with your titties and resemblence.
    of one of the three little pigs tryna keep the wolf from out his chimney..
    ...but im comin for ya, you hear the purebread, howlllll....
    beam on your wall, get down and crawl, or your dead... POW

    in your house, like santa, but yean got no presents to take
    so i did what you cant do, gave your mic some presence and faith...
    he was like damn you'er cool, tried to jump in the case
    said im comin with you, cause this fat guy is lame...
    his breath is stank, and spits crumbs right in my face...
    his momma on meds she did her best but her son is a waste
  3. test
  4. HaRLeMHeaT7

    HaRLeMHeaT7 New Member

    Sep 7, 2006
    how do you guys do the video thing
  5. The Big Deal

    The Big Deal New Member

    Dec 12, 2008
  6. HaRLeMHeaT7

    HaRLeMHeaT7 New Member

    Sep 7, 2006
    hitman - your flow didnt hit hard to me.......probably because u were strectching your lines too much.......maybe if u would of cut it down u would of got my attention.....

    engineer - i like the way u went in man....i like the line off the dome like head and shoulders.....good one.....

    vote: engineer
  7. Dizeazed

    Dizeazed -Stay crazy!-

    Aug 8, 2004
    engineer: Beat is crazy proper, energy and presentation is proper, flow is legit, punches hit well. Overall, not much to complain about, dope track.

    Hitman J: Beat is so-so. You have good energy but your backing vocals are too loud and they distract me from catching all your punches (at least on first listen). Actually, sometimes it was hard to catch your punches in general, like you slurred the pronunciation of certain shit. Anyways, you had a lot of material, sounds like you put in some effort.

    Overall, engineer comes off as a more polished battler. His track held more of my attention and punches hit me harder.
  8. medevil

    medevil i dont "rap"

    Aug 7, 2001
    Hitman alot of filler dude...lines here and there ...a long audio has to have even harder material to keep people interested..wasnt enough to take on eng

    Eng verse was great..beat was odd but it was enough

    Vote - Canada
  9. test
  10. semperfidelis

    semperfidelis New Member

    Nov 10, 2007
  11. D Boone

    D Boone Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2006
    Engineer....not as nice as last round but I thought u still destroyed it
    Hitman J....u got some dope lines but it seems mad rushed, squeezing in 2 much in ur lines makes it difficult to understand w/o reading along. I bet u got some dope sounding tracks out there

  12. fiktion

    fiktion *******

    Jan 22, 2002
    Doesnt look like I need to vote, so I won't unless things change big time here, good showing from both though.
  13. windtalka

    windtalka Blow me

    Nov 6, 2006
    hitman take off those layers....they dont match up at all

    Engineer came clean and took this easy

    Vote eng
  14. BULLY


    Nov 20, 2008
    yeah man, i gotta go with engineer. Hitman was straight though but the vocal layers were too thick but i can understand the shit...i just felt engineer more all around.
  15. Hitman J

    Hitman J lets get get get it....

    May 30, 2002
    thats what up man i did just lay it down quicklike and spent zero time on mixing it...know its plenty of words said differently on the dubs that coulda been better but i kinda lost anticipation in it as long as its been and didnt feel it was important as i did back last round.. once that momentum was goin it needs to keep movin..

    either way

    its all good though..
    its been fun..

    props on the verse engineer. I still got harder real songs than you..



    stay up man
    i liked this shit though it was fun goin @ some new artists
  16. ProFane

    ProFane dB's Finest

    Jun 27, 2001
    Nimrods shoe collection line was funny as fuck, but i aint gonna lie nothing else in this verse hit hard at all. Flow was great from Engi like it always is, But Hitman had way more lines. I think he's not getting votes because he has a down south type of swag. at first i thought i was for sure gonna vote for Engi but i gotta give my vote to Hitman even though that shit wont matter since it looks like he's gonna lose lol. good drop guys.
  17. lol not that im upset in any way about your vote or the vote your going to cast against me in every round of every battle i'm ever in since 2001..

    and i forget what it was that set u off ? either a battle or a vote against u.. but why u gotta act like you aint comin in here to cast your annual votes against me ?

    u a weird dude man.. lol..neways do you..

    see you next round when you cast your wopping ONE vote against me regardless if im battling mcassbite32 or someone decent..

    and to anyone reading this dont think im bitter because im not.. this vote doesnt mean anything because i am likely to advance but if his biased ass votes persist when it actually matters its obviously going to be annoying..
  18. dude walked in to cast his dick rider vote all subtle like and shit.. "haha ur shit was pretty good as always man but u know whats coming up"
  19. SHITTY Bang Bang

    SHITTY Bang Bang freestyle fanatic

    Jun 28, 2004
    damn i wanted to come in here to vote against canada but canada took it..
  20. kingauthor

    kingauthor Active Member

    Mar 20, 2003
    so did u make that statement before or after you heard his music??? no beef just curious
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