RBL Wk9: 27. 25. Os1ris 4-3 vs. 26. Eternal Path 5-5

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by kaLeeF, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. kaLeeF

    kaLeeF me and weed go waaay back

    Oct 6, 2000

    RBL Rules & Regulations.

    All Verses due Friday night 12:00am Pacific
    All Voting (5 votes) Due Sunday Night 8:00pm Pacific
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-
    All verses must be from 10-30 lines!
    u must agree on an amount in ya check in
    & match whatever amount u agree on

    5 Votes must be posted in your battle per battler.
    1 Vote deduction for each missing vote. An extra
    vote deduction if no links are posted at all.
    Voting is open to anyone with at least 200 posts.
    No 1 line voting! It wont be counted!
    No Crew Voting!

    -General Rules-
    --No Extensions Whatsoever...Dont ask!
    --No editing after BOTH verses are posted
    --if u post a no show verse, & ya opponent posts after
    u do, then u can't edit another verse in
    so get ya editing done before BOTH verses are posted!

    --Freeposting in a battle before both verses are posted
    will result in a 2 vote deduction from your own battle!
    --No bitching, crying, freeposting, swaying...GROW UP!
    --Mods are ultimate law of the land. We can & will bend
    rules to maintain the prestige of the league.

    -Mod AIM Contacts-
    Eyedill --- EyeDillTheReal
    Defcon_5 --- T2k1no3
    kaLeeF --- k a L e e F n Y
  2. Os1ris

    Os1ris New Member

    Feb 9, 2005
    checkin in blah
  3. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    go 10...I will try to show...got to much on my plate..
  4. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    Osiris here's some facts.. my punches will break yo back..
    its like U hanging with Bobby..cuz either way U get cracked..
    So anything you lack, don't bring it..leave your verse in the attic..
    His skillz suck..but that's like a drug and he's the addict..
    My punches are automatic..yours a manual stick stuck in first..
    My voice alone is so nice..& so fresh I rhyme certs..
    I know what hurts, your record.. & mine MIGHT not be worthy..
    Only thing is your three losses came in the bottom thirty..
    So your an herb to me..maybe you should smoke U a spliff..
    cuz your bound for some elevation..right off a fucking cliff..

    uh huh...10...
  5. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    Eternal Path wins 6-5
    Os1ris no shows 4-4
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