RBL Wk9: 11. Don Killuminati 3-1 12. DaTrusHurtz 2-0

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by kaLeeF, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. kaLeeF

    kaLeeF me and weed go waaay back

    Oct 6, 2000

    RBL Rules & Regulations.

    All Verses due Friday night 12:00am Pacific
    All Voting (5 votes) Due Sunday Night 8:00pm Pacific
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-
    All verses must be from 10-30 lines!
    u must agree on an amount in ya check in
    & match whatever amount u agree on

    5 Votes must be posted in your battle per battler.
    1 Vote deduction for each missing vote. An extra
    vote deduction if no links are posted at all.
    Voting is open to anyone with at least 200 posts.
    No 1 line voting! It wont be counted!
    No Crew Voting!

    -General Rules-
    --No Extensions Whatsoever...Dont ask!
    --No editing after BOTH verses are posted
    --if u post a no show verse, & ya opponent posts after
    u do, then u can't edit another verse in
    so get ya editing done before BOTH verses are posted!

    --Freeposting in a battle before both verses are posted
    will result in a 2 vote deduction from your own battle!
    --No bitching, crying, freeposting, swaying...GROW UP!
    --Mods are ultimate law of the land. We can & will bend
    rules to maintain the prestige of the league.

    -Mod AIM Contacts-
    Eyedill --- EyeDillTheReal
    Defcon_5 --- T2k1no3
    kaLeeF --- k a L e e F n Y
  2. DaTrusHurtz.

    DaTrusHurtz. New Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Checking in, 10 is good
  3. Don Killuminati

    Don Killuminati New Member

    Sep 9, 2005
    yeah..10-12...& let's drop early too..
  4. DaTrusHurtz.

    DaTrusHurtz. New Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    I get the feeling your not gonna show and I don't have much time, but here ya go, here's a quick verse for ya

    My raps are worth the hype n' I bust up punks who kill nights
    So I'll flash a fist to ya face that Macromedia would put on their website
    Cuz ya raps are filled with crock n' I make money 'round the clock
    N' I need to diversify, but I'll NEVER invest in this laughing stock
    Ya rap career's up in the air, but here's my opinion in a letter
    Homie I can see you going far.........and the sooner the better
    And ya ugly as fuck too, ya looks are off the charts
    But I don't know which of Newton's 3 laws is keepin' ya ears apart
    Yo Trus has no heart, get booted from the league without praise
    N' it's funny that even the Don is getting fired these days
  5. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    DaTrusHurtz wins 3-0
    Don Killuminati no shows 3-2
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