RBL Wk5: 5. E Tha Real 3-1 vs. 6. Phryme 3-1

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by The Second Comming, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000

    RBL Rules & Regulations.

    All Verses due Friday night 12:00am Pacific
    All Voting (5 votes) Due Sunday Night 8:00pm Pacific
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-
    All verses must be from 10-30 lines!
    u must agree on an amount in ya check in
    & match whatever amount u agree on

    5 Votes must be posted in your battle per battler.
    1 Vote deduction for each missing vote. An extra
    vote deduction if no links are posted at all.
    Voting is open to anyone with at least 200 posts.
    No 1 line voting! It wont be counted!
    No Crew Voting!

    -General Rules-
    --No Extensions Whatsoever...Dont ask!
    --No editing after BOTH verses are posted
    --if u post a no show verse, & ya opponent posts after
    u do, then u can't edit another verse in
    so get ya editing done before BOTH verses are posted!

    --Freeposting in a battle before both verses are posted
    will result in a 2 vote deduction from your own battle!
    --No bitching, crying, freeposting, swaying...GROW UP!
    --Mods are ultimate law of the land. We can & will bend
    rules to maintain the prestige of the league.

    -Mod AIM Contacts-
    Eyedill --- EyeDillTheReal
    J o o k --- get off the blok
    User --- only LONELY tony
    kaLeeF --- k a L e e F n Y
  2. E Tha Real

    E Tha Real Real Life

    Apr 5, 2002

  3. E Tha Real

    E Tha Real Real Life

    Apr 5, 2002
    post! post!! come on you cum guzzler!! I'm daring you hoe!!
    whatever blows your dress up... another wannabe marilyn monroe
    excuse battler what you can't rhyme? or is it past your bed time???
    thought EternalPath was the only bitch in RBL... till I met Phryme
    sign in. sign out. waits for a no-show the newbie is garbage as usual
    don't bother kid, you want free check-in go to washington mutual
    there's no phryme suspects. how I'm known to leave ya ripped geek
    puns make no sense as EyeDills forgetting about J Dot C this week
    merked on b boys, rap battles ecterra with your useless rhymes
    voters must all be vegetarians, there finding no use for the phryme

    if you decide to show, I'll get something up.
    I had to meet the line limit.
  4. Phryme

    Phryme lets get it.

    Mar 14, 2005
    extend this till tomorrow.. i just got home n im too tired to write a verse.

  5. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    E Tha Real wins 4-1
    Phryme no shows 3-2.
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