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Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by U S E R, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002

    1. Cane 10-0
    2. Tri Optix 11-4

    3. OneDuh 11-2
    4. Vice Versa 14-6

    5. Super Dooper 12-3
    6. Richard Corey 14-4

    7. EA Sports 8-2
    8. Fatal Words 9-3

    9. Raphaeill 13-4
    9.5. Rev 9 8-0
    10. Idol Dot Z 8-1

    11. Macabre 7-1
    12. Namix 13-4

    13. the synthesis 6-0
    14. roadblock 6-0

    15. X-Sample 8-3
    16. Phenomenon 9-4

    17. -oz- 5-0
    18. poeticSCRIPT 5-0

    19. Vectore 10-6
    20. Headless Verseman 7-3

    21. PHD Jr 5-1
    22. Calibre 4-0

    23. Insane Villian 4-0
    24. Type Nice 5-1

    25. Scales 7-4
    26. Klear 5-2

    27. Lares Viales 5-2
    28. Constant Flow 5-2

    29. Methodine 5-2
    30. ST_ UC 5-2

    31. Benny Wizdom 5-2
    32. Worst Attitude 4-1

    33. Kronic 4-1
    34. In Awe 4-1

    35. Doc Richards 3-0
    36. Blaq Prodigy 3-0

    37. LiL Hot Sauce 11-9
    38. Trapt Wit 7-5

    39. RICO 4-2
    40. GangstaD 3-1

    41. porte 3-1
    42. Pencill 3-1

    43. ill nik-A 2-0
    44. oliver twist 2-0

    45. akabetterthanyou 2-0
    46. J Dot C 2-0

    47. Hi...I'm Rusty 2-0
    48. junio sixnine 6-5

    49. Mc XxL 3-2
    50. FATAL literature 3-2

    51. Jinks 4-3
    52. Skrybe 4-3

    53. Iglos 2-1
    54. Spitboxer 2-1

    55. P Def 2-1
    56. A.V.S 2-1

    57. incephalon 2-1
    58. still nameless 1-0

    59. stratego 1-0
    60. cheemagun 1-0

    61. ADubXJ03 1-0
    62. phillybuster 1-0

    63. OchOa 1-0
    64. O.Kay 1-0

    65. Requisite 1-0
    66. Def Angel 5-5

    67. Alphabet 2-2
    68. VYBE: revyval 3-3

    69. Just Plain Fire 1-1
    70. UG MC 1-1

    71. M.H 1-1
    72. ClasSik 1-1

    73. A Dubb 1-1
    74. Krysto 1-2

    75. ghettosmurf 1-2
    76. aura 0-1
    77. Morphus 0-1

    78. Embison 0-1
    79. Krooked*k 0-1

    80. itzconstant 5-10
    81. Xanax 0-1
    82. purple trees 0-2

    83. 5 Starre 0-1
    84. Dru P 0-2

    85. XSePTiONs
    86. lethargic

    87. Mark It
    88. StrateGee

    89. Stalis
    90. penis mightier
    91. Fahren

    92. Sm0ke God
    93. Trinidad
    94. Noib Da Mutt

    95. Swordsman
    96. D. M. SASSIN
    97. CaLigula Reigns

    98. NiGhTbLaDe
    99. Murder 0 Zero
    100. injuice
    101. Tony Escalade

    1. Cane -- He's The Champ. Unstoppable Thus Far
    2. OneDuh -- Drops Nicely Each Battle
    3. EA Sports -- On A Streak Of Nice Verses
    4. roadblock -- He's Dope. Period
    5. thesynthesis -- Still On A Streak Going Strong
    6. Raphaeill -- Lost To Cane But He'll Be Back
    7. Headless Verseman -- Cause He Has Muscles
    8. Richard Corey -- More Creative Than You
  2. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    (Best Battle Of The Week)
    Idol Z vs Tri Optix
    Wasn't the most spectacular battle filled with awesome super punches but it did show a couple hardworkers grinding it out to get themselves into the rbl title match. And from what I know, these two have a heated rivalry so that always sparks up bragging rights. Was a damn close match and thats what battle of the week is about. competitiveness
    Runner Up:: Aura vs Krooked*K vs ill nik-A

    (Best Verse Of The Week)
    He's simply thee best at the present time. He constantlu just clowns the fuck out of his opponent and makes it look effortless. I dont think anyone shall be dethroning Cane or cracking his loss column.
    Runner Up:: Dough Jordan

    (Worst Battle Of The Week)
    Musaeus vs In Awe
    This was just all out terrible that you two whores would wait and drop measly no show verses on each other and people actually voted on that crap. Simply Sickening
    Runner Up: Ochoa vs Xanax

    (Up And Comer Award)
    Insane Villian
    Yeah, You all know Insane Villian.. The current hypeman of the RSTL actually has some battle talent once he shakes the rust off. On a nice lil streak of owning people as of late with huge margins of victories and hella votes. debuting in top 30 but we'll just have ta see how far he can go
    RunnerUp: Calibre

    (Wackest Of The Wack Award)
    Runner Up: Dr Fuzzy Peaches

    (Queen Amongst Bitches Award)
    The Fakulty
    Why be such an asshole and clog your and other peoples threads with pointless shit? your herb listed bitch. have a nice leave.
    Runner Up:: The Real Q-Ball

    (Biggest Dissapoint Of The Week)
    The Biggest Disappointment Is Always You Sorry No Showing Fucks

    (Good Samaritan Award)
    Man, You are a comodity too the league even though your record isnt that good. You show up to all your battles and drop without a problem or even making nuisances. Wish more people just had your attitude to just drop and move on

    (Knockout Kings Top 3 Prospects)
    1. InsaneVillian
    2. Blaq Prodigy
    3. PoeticSCRIPT

    (Creative Concepts Top 3 Prospects)
    1. Richard Corey
    2. OneDuh
    3. Cane

    (Retrospect On Last Weeks Battles)
    Well everything ran kinda smoothly besides the usual no shows thats expected. A lot of battles went up early and there were some very competitive match ups. A lot of bitching and shit went on though.

    (SeQ's Final Shouts And Thanks)
    I'd like to thank Cane for taking the time to help with the mag.
    Also Like to thank people who dont say a word of complaining and just show up to battle.
    Everyone keep they head up cause this is my last week helping RBL. Time for the mods to step up and run da show or let RBL die. Either way I dont Care., Peace suckas.. My Final Rankings and Mag. (atleast for a while)
  3. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    (Punchline Pandemoniums Top 20 Hits)​

    20. you have to admit when you read your shit...the verses were terrible
    and no one showed up.. hell' even the icons weren't available-- Blaq Prodigy

    19. Strike'll lose B without a doubt with a mission over and out
    My fist is a sniper pickin out ya teeth on the roof of ya mouth-- Lares Viales

    18. kid ur finished u punk alias, n im bout to bruise yo frame
    n ill be sure to check next week's sign ins 4 ur new username-- Insane Villian

    17. Mayne, yall Niccas can lose the Ego?.. & Sink them dreams..
    Cuz im ripping more THREADS than USERNAME... In Inkwells jeans..-- O.Kay

    16. He’s out of his Element…ice pick stab, put some air in him
    And Oxygenate his blood and then I’ll quickly Barium!-- Richard Corey

    15. This is the fight of your life, I had to say stop it!
    Cause your knuckle game is trash…I rather play sonic-- Are Ay Wye

    14. Macabre? kid is lame. Im hung horselike.. your dick is an inch or two
    so when ur gettin brain, you aint even reachin Bennys Wizdom tooth-- ST_UC

    13. can keep saying your unoriginal wit no way of getting complex/
    but if i keep throwing Mud in your face, you'll flip his concepts//-- Idol Z

    12. your careers going uphill? fag; I aint fearin it
    I 'tire more legacy's'... than a subaru dealership-- The fakulty

    11. wanted 12 lines, okay, now watch the beating-start
    High light you’re verse, why, ‘cuz that’s the weakest part-- IgloS

    10. Another new start I suppose? Still not good nor fresh duke/
    & with so many new beginnings even Jesus now rejects u-- ill nik-A

    9. In reality ya text is killin me, but you DID help the RSTL...
    When you finally signed out, & gave the league credibility…-- EA Sports

    8. fucka tame rapper, watch as this kids knocked over
    Cuz every baseball fan knows ya dont give a fuck about the LC S till mid october-- Headless Verseman

    7. your punches are fuckin pointless, but you're not the brightest
    cause the only time that you get in the mag is when you write it-- Cane

    6. check ur sig, Ray Charles wouldn't wanna trade site with you/-- Dough Jordan

    5. I got big guns and i think theyll flare
    when i hit the both of u w/ clips longer than inkwell's hair-- Hi..I'm Rusty

    4. This shit is no contest, I'll top his fame in growing margins
    'Til it's so far from a close call, he's gotta pay for roming charges-- OneDuh

    3. I won't take my time cutting you, why would I lie guy?
    my knife game would make ya blood 'stream' faster than winamps hi-fi-- the fakulty

    2. that's a bitch move, so here's another personal
    i know you read 'em
    if fuzzy shouldn't be here, how come you couldn't beat him?!?--Cane

    1. hault the tactics, gotta admit u gettin served the fast way/
    I'm the pick of the litter, u just at the curb on trash day/-- Dough Jordan

    Now That You Seen The Best Its Time To See The Rest...
    The Rest Of The 5 Most Utmost Garbage Of The Week

    (Best Of The Worsts Top 5)​

    5. Namix Verse and Itzconstant Record TIE
    When You Make The Next Segment Namix, Its Not A Good Thing
    Itzconstant 5-10???.......You Need To Start 0-0

    4. Dr Fuzzy Peaches
    The Name And Him Even Making It To The Title Match

    3. In Awe vs Musaeus http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=709318
    Either Of You Two Pull This Kinda Crap Again, Your Banned

    2. Xanax Entire Verse
    *Shakes My Head* Anyone Wanna Ressurect The Dojo Toss??

    1. Piginabox Verse
    My Gawd I Hope Piginabox Is A Joke Alias......
    Awful. InFact. Your Banned From Ever Competing In RBL Again.
  4. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    (Raw and Uncut:: Cane's Brutal Honesty)

    Hello and welcome to the column that's strong enough for a man, but made for a woman, Raw and Uncut. I'm your host, Cane, and since this is new to the mag, i'll explain what exactly this column is. Weekly or not, at least for now i'll be giving a brutally honest critique of one verse that just didn't but it that week. I don't mean anything personal to the person i selected, but someone's gotta get it and hopefully this will give them a little incentive to pick up the pace and get their shit together, and moreso incentive to everyone else not to get picked. Well, onto the lucky winner...


    u have something, then its gone…either way i’ll defeat u tho
    for me victory is an easy-come, and beatin u is an ease -Ego
    i dunno, i just don't like wordplay where i have to adjust my pronunciation to make it work. kinda forced, not the best way to start off your verse.

    ur skill is doubted too, let me spell it out for you…w, a, c, k
    this battle was over before it begun… like ur stay in the pba
    your setup line was pretty weak. pba is easy to rhyme with, it could've been so much better but spelling out a word not only sounded amatuer but it stretched the line way too long( man and MY lines are long sometimes, that's saying something)

    they took u out preseason like anxious hunters, ur not very ill
    ur too wrapped up in ur record bitch, u should a 10-2 ur skill
    this was about as close to a punchline pandemonium line as i think you got. as good a wordplay as you had but still a bit forced. the setup line was just a little stretched..like it didn't belong and was kinda stupid. try to diss him personally in your setup if it's not vitla to the second line in the couplet...thingy.

    but next week it’ll be different, so when ur attendance is low
    remember 3’s a crowd,
    …...and even ur loss column wont be caught dead at ur show
    i take back my other comment, thisis your best line. it sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn't seem as simplistic or stupid as the other ones..almost like someone else wrote it and plastered it into the middle of every other line.

    i have more sects than the catholic church, if u wonder bitch
    shit i just laid the cards on the table…and your trick under it
    kinda eh..you have more sects than churches. not really good for a battle verse when you hype yourself. it wouldn't have been as bad as it was if you didn't have a few bad setup lines already. the punchline was just dull. nothing that'd drop a jaw.

    im Savage like fred’s career..im loadin a clip, blowin this kid
    ‘n bringin oneduh year’s to an end, like kevin growin up did
    i'm noticing a trend. stop making all your setup lines mini-punches. it was cool back in mid-2000 but now it's just stale..unevolved. this was a good concept and you almost did it right but it still sounded forced.

    you say battling u is no picnic? if ur really that dumb, shit…
    after this walk in the park, i’l bring u a piece of cake from it
    uhhh..maybe i didn't get this but are you saying battling him is a picnic? this whole thing, as a whole, was just kinda lame. the multis were pure shit too. multis dont win you a battle but it makes a verse feel so sloppy if they're not there.

    say ur the R.Kelly of text? for now ur really living the dream
    but what are your plans for after inkwell’s finally eighteen?
    again, no multis. c'mon, multis show skill, and the ability to write a verse that doesn't make my column. it's not graded weekly by voters but it's expected. the best aren't caught without them. this line could've been so much more..incinuating ink is his fanboy and all but it just didn't hit hard at all..pretty tame and not too witty at all.

    i reek havok, u get shot in the back as im bustin my gat bitch
    One armed? he might be, but then how the fuck can he clap it
    finally some multis. anyway, clap it? weren't you the one with the gun? not really thought out. good wordplay though but still, just not really witty enough. you'll need to step it up.

    i’m murderous, i’ll serve this bitch faster than a nervous tick
    death’s around the corner…ur mom saw him while workin it
    good line. the multis were great in the setup line, although i dont know how badly nervous ticks serve bitches, but anyway..the punchline was good. refreshign to see some wit and humor among other shitty lines.

    last week u merked the kid, but give jesus ur best penance
    cuz that was just Fatal Words,
    …and this was a complete Death Sentence.
    maaaaaaaan, c'moooooo man. nooooo, just no. this would be good if if wasn't so played. it's so played it's been used OFF the net too. the whole "death sentence" in the english language paragraph/sentence sense is just too used and stale. people were using this back in 2000 after canibus used it lol. worst fuckin way to end a verse man. the readers jus got a taste of somethign sweet in your second last line and then BOOM-you shit all in their mouths with your closer. no good man, no good.

    So really, i'm confused as to how you're 13-3, seriously. I can't remember reading your stuff before but if you wrote like this the other 16 times, you're the luckiest guy on the planet earth to have won with shit like this 13 times. There's top 30 materal and then there's namix. No man...just no. Step it up. Big time.
  5. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Final Thoughts

    Well, this would be where i go off ranting about what's wrong with the RBL situation and what i think it needs. What do i think it needs? Well, no one huge big thing. Alot of little things would help. Like bigger names signing in. Fracture must sign the fuck in. Now. Dough's here, which is a good start. Nebs needs to sign back in and write his verses on wednesdays or something so he doesn't no show. If we could get Rudge in here it'd be great because personally he's my favorite battler on the net, him and Nebs when Nebs really puts some effort in. Freefall needs to stay in because he's the one 99 head who i think was good.
    We need NO...FUCKING...EXTENSIONS. On fridays i like to go out and party or just do whatever with friends. This usually means i have to rush my fuckin verse to get it in on time while my opponent just sits and asks for an extension like it's a-oh-fuckin-kay. I see this in alot of battles. I say, wednesday is the deadline for people to ask for extensions and you only get 1 a month. Why even haev a deadline if someone can easily get a new one? Deadlines are there for a reason, keep them. FIVE days is enough for a verse to be written, sometimes people even have mroe when you can see who'll win their battles before it's officially over.
    We need less people using Cane/Cocaine/Walking Cane lines. It wasn't new 3 years ago, it sure as fuck ain't new now.
    There's really no other huge problems. The biggest problem i foresee isn't happening right now, it's one that might happen in the future. The RBL's one consistant flaw is it can never keep a mod. Once a mod leaves, it's onyl natural that the regular process people have gotten used to, will change. Let me make it clear, 9 times out of 10 change is NOT good for a league, especially one this size. The RBL right now is in a state where it's going fine. It's flowing, it's consistantly fun. There's no huge voting rings, no aliases, no aliases with multiple names using them(GAY), no signifigant weekly lack of votes. It's all consistant. I fear that can very easily become fucked seemingly overnight. We need a mod who'll keep it steady. If it's neccesary, get multiple mods at once so one guy isn't left doing all the work. Keep it going like this and if it lasts till summer, you'll have a great league on your hands when people have more time to sign in with school being out.
    One last thing. Be creative. Don't worry about what your verse structure looks like more than what's IN the verse. Have multis, but don't force them. Be creative, be witty. Don't be like the next guy. People are too occupied with writing their verses like a box and not thinking outside of it. Who cares how you say it, it's what you say and the more you do it and show that it's what you've set out to do, people will like it. Don't force too many words into a line. The more careless it looks, the easier you make it look, the more people will like it. Make your multis sound like you could easily pronounce them yourself, not like you'd have to pretend you have a fuckin accent. If you've got writers block, read someone elses verse that you like. It helps you think. Point is, people need to get better. It's 2004, i realize almost everyone's used everyone's lines already, but still, think...harder. If you can't think of creative punchlines, diss the living fuck out of your opponent personally. Everyone's got something that can be used against them, it's just whether or not you can use it properly. If you can't get personal, use wordplay and be witty. People love wit and humor. If you can't do any of that, well, keep at it. Every single person you read that you think had a good verse that week, had a fucking TRASHY one 2-3 years ago.

    Oh, and if all else fails, just go Revanon on their ass and tell them how good you are when you're not. Hey, maybe SOMEONE will listen and vote for you. It's been working for him for 5 years.

    Until next time,
  6. Constant Flow

    Constant Flow gee.oh rilla

    Jul 20, 2001
    gee... thanks fer tha mag fellas... it sure was swell...
  7. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    i figured its time i do it real B.I.G now,
    make a run at top 10 or something..
    my verse is already finished guy, just waitin for threads, you minds well no-show..

    because the weed payed off tonight lol..

    its murderrrrrr!!!
    g-luck tho..

    & i only used 1 alphabet punch, not to over do it, yea..
  8. aura

    aura unityyyyyy

    Feb 26, 2000
    if possible, sign me back in as 11-2 instead, so i can battle some good people
  9. Methodine

    Methodine New Member

    Nov 20, 2003
    good mag, and just squeezed into the top 30
  10. MiC TypsOn

    MiC TypsOn informer

    Dec 30, 2001
    nice mag cane..... nice battle.

    u got me easily heh. i'll be back tho.

    props sequel too. and mods.
  11. Hal Jordan

    Hal Jordan One Hal of a Writer

    Nov 26, 2001
    *runs and hides*
  12. ill nik-A

    ill nik-A Dirty Sanchez!!

    Feb 22, 2002
    now dats a mag
  13. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    Best MAG i've ever read, period.

    Note* Idol Z and Tri Optix have been switched in the ranks, Tri was penalized votes in the battle, I wasnt online to inform SeQ of this before he did ranks, but IDOL DOT Z got the WIN, not Tri Optix
  14. EA Sports

    EA Sports New Member

    Apr 18, 2003
    amazing, plus a top 1o punch
  15. in awe

    in awe solo

    Sep 16, 2003
    namix is dope
  16. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    I hope Cane is doing the mag from now on.
  17. itzconstant

    itzconstant T00 ILL

    Sep 27, 2003
    i got an award..LMAO...thanks for that, even when i didn't get to vote and stil lost my battle. Sorry i got too high when i wrote that shit, my structure gets all fucked up when i do that. I'm trying to improve but hell it aint working very well, i'll try harder next week, and will be voting too. sorry bout last. I just drop my verse let the voter's do the voting.
  18. A.V.S.

    A.V.S. Guest

    I liked it I didnt get a mention though oh well good shit
  19. A.V.S.

    A.V.S. Guest

    I finished my verse hurry up and get the threads up.....
  20. Illicist

    Illicist New Member

    Jan 23, 2002
    I used to do a mag for another BL on another site... & I must say..this was a nice mag.. like the effort, organization, and the detail.. only tip I have is.. add some color.. & some links to the battles being mentioned would be nice.. but other than some tips, I have nothin but propz to give..

    & I couldn't find the sign up thread.. so I'll sign up here if possible.. (& gimme someone good if possible) .. thanx..
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