RBL North Mag (Week 6)

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  1. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    Brought To U By: Eyedill & Strike

    RBL News:

    Lately we have had 2 RBL mods quit. I really don't know why they quit, & I really don't care why they quit. My interest is focused on running the league, and making it the best it can be. You might've noticed that a lot of people don't like the idea of me & Strike running the RBL. We don't pay attention to this. We are here to handle business. Not to make friends. Now, currently there is a shortage in the North part of the RBL. This is due to sign outs, and a bunch of no shows from last week. Me and strike are thinking about having some extra 3 ways next week in the South, to go along with the South Championship 3 way, for some spots in the North. Only the top battlers in the South will compete for such an idea though. And this will not take place every week. Just next week. Next we are currently looking to recruit a mag writer. Me and Strike are gonna be the head mods, and see eye to eye on all decison making. The mag writer will make suggestions, but he'll mainly just be writing mags. If we do not find somebody that is willing to do that. Then me and Strike will do shit by ourselves, and just have guests to do the mag every week or we will do that ourselves too. Either way the league will still be here. So please be patient and show up for all of your battles.

    The Weekly Recap:

    Ok ok the weekly recap well I can be short some showed…most didn't but we had a good champ match where J battled against drugs and a few biting acusations. And lost terribly. If I remember correct drugs got all the votes but jus lookin objectively at the verses I'd say it was a lot closer then that maybe be even a crooked score…However the voters have spoken en they matter. And it seemed they didn't so much for drugs as against J. Wich sends out a clear message to everyone who is willin to bite for a lil rbl fame…don't do it. Neways congratulations drugs on yer first title. There were other matches too tho… 2 whole matches.. lets start with Count nigmo vs HotdogvendorMan…HVD came from the south a while back to prove suttin and prove suttin he has…he remains unbeaten now for three matches as he swept the votes against count who was or were actually the always pompous oz and super. So my personal congratulations on that cause if we believe them you might have jus beaten the best textbattler around!
    Either way on to the next match. In the last match I thought faceless would take this easy but Joey apparently edge em out cause faceless got no votes..at all. I hoped I could make this an exciting recap but its obvious this week was a bit lackluster with everything. To end the week I'd like to thank everyone who showed I peeped every verse wether your opponent showed or not and there were some good verses…whoever says rbl is hopeless is too lazy to check everything..good lookin peoples..see yall next week.


    NM = North Mag
    User = UserName

    NM: yo, what up user?

    User: nada man...

    NM: word.. when u comin back to the RBL, or are u gonna ever come back to battle on RM period for that matter?

    User: yea imma come back one of these days...ya know, i got the MM thing going...so that's in full swing for right now...until i lose in the second round or so, i think imma be pretty busy with all that....cuz i got like constant boring IM's from ppl asking where to post, who to email, etc. etc. so ya know...shits kinda hectic right now to goto RM just yet...altho i still love Omen..he my sugardaddy

    NM: haha.. so u have been payin attention to RBL then?

    User: yea i see Drugs is doing good....so is Troublesome...i always wanted them losers to actually do GOOD, bout time they did

    NM: hehe.. so what's ya feelings on the league at the moment? u like how things are currently looking?

    User: i think its different then when i left it....yall reset everything, so everythings all fresh and new looking...im not sure i understand the whole north/south thing...or the need to break it up like that...but new ideas are needed a lot of the time to bring interest..so i like what you guys have accomplished....i think u got enough comp in there...aint nobody seem to be applying themselves tho..ionno why....i dig the setup tho..props to oz.....no offense

    NM: haha word, word.. what's ya feelings on Black Def and Headless quiting recently?

    User: ive had my problems with the both of them....on and off....black def is, and always has been on this higher than thou trip....ionno what ol boys deal is... but homie trips sometime....same with Headless... muhfuckas do what they do tho...u cant help that...kind of a bitch move tho

    NM: yea.. it is what it is

    User: yup...fuck it...cant turn back time

    NM: true, true

    User: its not like they did anything positive

    NM: haha.. anyways, any last closing statements?

    User: yea imma big up MM for a second...any/everyone involve...email ya shits to MM2k5 by THURSDAY...due date been pushed back....preciate that...other than that...shouts to omen, oz, trouble, and some of my other pookies

    NM: lol word.. i appreciate ya time man

    User: anytime

    Punchline Pandemonium:

    1. Man when he seen eyedill put him Against me....he Got Fear
    Joey's fucking Trash and so did his pop Thats how he Got Here -Facelesss vs. Joey Donuts

    2. always boring, but now i hear he's the truth wit a verse?
    psh...son's either wack,
    orbit something thatd be considered out this universe -HotDogVendorMan vs nigmo

    3. your AIM's for voting, mine's for visionary precision
    it's clear you're creative as fuck......ing in the missionary position -Drugs vs. J Dot C

    4. I'm Not a Magician but I can see how thats not a clear Picture
    Because i know some Tricks,that Include ya Aunt,mom and Sister -Facelesss vs. Joey Donuts

    5. your not much of a threat, but now your facing one
    so your only counter attack...
    should be your face slammin thru a table son -HotDogVendorMan vs. nigmo

    6. bring your forced stolen punches, i bring shit to rewrite the bible
    it's no coincidence ya hear 'fuck gnaw' when people dislike ya style -Drugs vs J.dot C

    7. watch Op run, im chapters above it
    this pussy wont just book it, there'll be a movie of it -Citizen X vs. Opshins

    8. They're doubtin you, it's clear you're writing with a thin desire
    Cuz you got nothing to show fer...like unemployed limo drivers -Troublesome vs. Booga

    9.I seen your past verses, and I think that's cheap…
    …The way they're all the same, sort of like your links last week -Joey Donuts vs. Facelesss

    10.losin hurts, im not having it
    ur verses are winning pageants for being pretty average -Citizen X vs. Opshins

    Match previews & Conclusion:

    No previews this week…but I promise if enough people show I will write small previews like the champ match gets for everyone in top 10..shorter ofcourse but its always good to see if certain people live up to the hype…for now good luck and start showing up for your muhfuckin battles people.. strike and dilly out
  2. HotDogVendorMan

    HotDogVendorMan New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
    decent with what was there as material

    and i was only in the south for like 7 weeks back in old rbl cuz i was new and it was more people in the top 30 with decent records.....s'all good
  3. perma frost

    perma frost gay stars suck taint

    Jun 20, 2001
    a shofer line holy crap
  4. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Yuh this is dope, for as much material as you had to work with. Also good idea on letting some kids get to shine in the south for north spots. We definitely need some more heads. All around good read, keep doing ya thannnng. pz
  5. stickman

    stickman music entrepreneur

    Jul 9, 2002
    I was thinking the same thing

    and an orbit line and a missionary sex line

    times are rough in the text world
  6. HotDogVendorMan

    HotDogVendorMan New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
    word@ the orbit line though
    i just flipped one of my old punchs cuz i didnt kno who nigmo was
  7. Alamo IV

    Alamo IV God Has A Name!

    Aug 28, 2003
    Nice Mag eyedill
  8. TeNk

    TeNk New Member

    Oct 29, 2004
    WTF the trash line is beyond played.
  9. Minfinity

    Minfinity aka bobbyfischerman

    May 18, 2002
    wow, those are the worst punches I've ever seen- shit's gone down the tube
  10. eh they are alright

    its hard to stay creative with text....

    between keystyles, prowlers, hybridhiphop, freestyling, blackinq, rapmusic, sohh....theres like a minimum of 50 message boards out there with people battling on them everyday...there is BOUND to be similar concepts....or rehashed material...cats have been doin this crap online since the early 90s...the well has pretty much been sucked dry when it comes to punches homeboys
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