RBL Magazine: Why Bother?

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by -Oz-, May 7, 2006.

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  1. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Magazine: Why Bother?

    Week Overview

    Welcome. This past week was semi-disappointing. I had a no show in the title match, and nearly a double no show in the contendership, which is never a good look for the league. Still, Cales continuing his reign as champ, and that is a good look. I don't think we'll have this problem this week with the no shows.

    It's kind of my fault anyway, trying to keep people in the league, everyone was automatically expecting the extension until friday. If RBL show up rate does not improve this week, I'm gonna change the deadline to NOON on Friday, then your either dropping a real verse on time, or no showing. Im sick of everyone waiting around to drop a no show verse and get a cheap win? You sign in for the competition, and yet nobody seems to wanna compete with one another.

    Your all a fucking joke. The shit is not that important, most of you will never make it to be champ. Look at the champs I've had so far, how many of them you see dropping fucking garbage ass no show verses, showing up late & asking for extensions? I know User & Cale didn't, Butler was a little worse, but for the most part, real champs don't need fag moves. If your pulling them fag moves, chances are, you aint good enough to be where they are at in the first place, so why bother wasting your fucking time?

    Let's get the shit together, it's not that hard, and nobody is asking alot. All you got to do is fucking show up, and vote. If you don't wanna do BOTH, then sign the fuck out, I'm sick of holding up my end of the work and having 50 lazy faggots reap the benefits.
  2. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Bitches

    First & foremost, RBL bitch of the week gotta go to Spit That, with Creatical as a runner up. I like both as battlers, but what's the point in writing every week to get to the top, and then no showing at the final match? Makes no fucking sense. If you aint got time, you aint got time, that's good and well by me, but if you aint got time, sign the fuck out.

    Basically there wasnt enough people posting to really find more. So fuck you to everyone in the league who don't vote, and a bigger fuck you to everyone in the league who no shows. Im tired of yall shit. Fuck you all faggots. Half ass week, half assed mag.

    Actually I was browsing my cypher, and found something Id toss in, a little nobody who wants some shine. So lets all join in unison, and laugh at this little faggot LINXZ. This queer posted this for the cypher...

    WOWOWOWOWOOW WHERE DO I START? Anyone remember which rapper said that bad news rape dudes shit? That shit dont work in text son. LOL @ "Im that bull". Holy fucking disgraceful text.

    Lesson number 1 newbert, your lines need to rhyme! I'd do agree your that bull, followed by shit.
    Lesson number 2, dont be an idiot. Oh yeaaa? My god your horrible, if your bringing a change, its only that we have no seen such unrivaled wackness in a long fucking time. Kill yourself.

    The following people lost their added win for not voting:
    John Nash

    Post double the links this week, and I will add your win back. No excuse, especially if you got 2 people on a name ;)
    No Show Shine

    Ribonuclease Vs Creatical

    your hypes denied.. he don't wanna fight, this guys bitch
    crehola - im not sayin Hi, thats what you write ya rhymes with
    comin against a grown man watch this kid get slapped in public
    cuz creatine.. but with those weak arms you obviously lack the substance
    you ain't hard to fade and won't make it far
    Radical - thats how easy it is to replace Cre with R.
    your scared of swords, Ill slice you in pairs or fours
    we all know your a noone like my record compared to yours..
    smash your face until my hands tired..
    then I'll just turn to a bat like vampires.
    you woulda lost to Hens or One, fuck the extra help
    battled King last week.. now Imma make you check yaself
    when it comes to gettin smashed your the culprit as well,
    but a good knight, cuz any move you make results in an L.
    Creatical? What the fuck man Im better than this lame,
    and next week Imma battle the last three letters of his name!

  3. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    Return Of The RBL Cypher

    Man I was relived to only see 22 posts. Granted getting 80 posts is fun and all, its nearly impossible to pick a clear cut winner out that many people. Besides, people really shouldnt be posting more than twice....it really makes judging it impossible.

    The top 20 winner was hard to choose, it came down to Ribo, Outwrite & Brock Sampson. Then I noticed Ribo Dqed himself posting 3 times, which made it a bit easier. In the end I'm giving it to Out-Write. I love this first line of his, Brocks ben wallace line was dope too, but your second post in the cypher was ehhhish.

    I'll be adding a win on your record this week.

    The winner of the bottom 20 half this week was also tough to decide, it came down to Azreal and Imperial.

    The winner is Imperial. The section was nice, some of the best shit I seen from you lately. I will remove your loss in this weeks ranks. Good shit fellas.

    Notable lines:
    u came half assed against me? shocking! hows that sound?
    when everything I drop BEN OVER YA HEAD like a Wallace Rebound
    Brock Sampson vs Ribonuclease

    1 bitch 2 bitch 3 bitch...5
    6 if you include Linxz's 4...but after reading them...why?
    Azreal vs Linxz

    i'll have him zipped up ina bodybag after i make this bitch fall
    cause i'm known for putting Money in a bag like large withdrawls.
    Phryme vs Dollar B Money
  4. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Power Rankings

    Honorable Mention
    Dude came nice this week, just couldnt squeeze hiim into the power ranks this week. He deserves to be there tho..

    10. Georgia
    (New Entry)
    Aka Quriosity. Been known to come dope, or half ass and bring wack shit. Lets hope he gave up on the latter. Moving up in top ten, could be a force to be reckoned with.

    9. NEBS
    (New Entry)
    NEBS is nebs. While I think he complicates his style too much, trying a bit too hard to be original, he been winning his battles, so what I think dont matter lol. This week he beat another one of my favs, N.Tavarez. On his way to the top ten.

    8. Brock Sampson
    (New Entry)
    I like Brocks style, one of my favorite people in the league, not only cause he's nice, but cause he aint a little faggot bitch like most of you. Kind of has a hit and miss style, but lately he been hitting alot more than missing, should be in the top ten this week.

    7. OutWrite
    (New Entry)
    Outwrite been tearing it up, winning the cypher this week and a big win on Defon 5 this week. Definitely looking to be a legitimate contender for the title. Another dope top ten battler.

    6. King
    Last Week (7)
    Hens & Oneduh holding it down. I think the alias is kind of gay, since everyone knows about it ahead of time, it is kind of unfair name to try and beat. An alias thats hidden is one thing, but knowing 2 people actively writing a name, is just kind of gay. Reguardless, ANYONE will have their work cut out for them against this name, that includes Phryme this week.

    5. Phryme
    Last Week (6)
    Phryme been on fire lately, beating some big names (sometimes by chance). In the contendership this week, looking to get a rematch with Calefaction to maybe solidify what should have been a win for him before? I dunno, be on the look tho.

    4. Butler
    Last Week (8)
    Back in the top ten with a defeat over LM this week. Butler is a dope battler, looking to possibly be the first to win the title twice, since Spit That blew it.

    3. UserName
    Last Week (2)
    I'm aware User dropped garbage and lost this week, but his computer died, and he had someone post up some bullshit just so he wouldnt no show. With that said, I doubt he will have much trouble rising back up to the top AGAIN. User been on fire lately, and hopefully the week off will inspire him that much more.

    2. Ribonuclease
    Last Week (5)
    Well. Ribo technically got a no show win posting late in a contendership match, but I still think the guy deserves a title shot. He got some of the best nameplays around. Got his work cut out for himself this week against Calefaction though. Calefaction went 17-0 in his last title run in the RBL, so let's see if you can be the one to stop him.

    1. Calefaction
    Last Week (1)
    The reigning RBL Champ. Granted he won by no show last week, I liked his verse, and he prolly had enough to win had Spit That actually showed up. This week he has an opponent that will definitely show, and I wouldn't suggest under-estimating Ribonuclease. Should be a good match up.

  5. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    No Show Shine/No Show Lines

    Ur whole steeze is lame, dont act like ur shit is felt..
    Bitch, u couldn't decal the throne with pimp my ride & xzibits help..
    Calefaction Vs Spit That

    ur a wack fuck, ya spit ain't sharp kid, know the deal
    I left without a scratch, cuz ya verse Cutlass then Oldsmobiles
    Brock Sampson vs Corey Tibbs

    I'm inherintely evil; I killed you once, im embarassin' people.
    when this fag has a mind-state where gay marriage is legal.
    Criteria Vs Antrel

    Ill shit Criteria. Props to the rest of ya, would have done more, but aint feel like listing all the nameplays.

    RBL Top Ten Punches


    Think you a tough guy? Ill air you out
    You might as well be a skirt, cuz my bitch would wear you out
    You aint gangsta, so quit wit the thug gesturing
    Only dirt you got under ya belt was from mud wrestling
    This shorty needs practice.. ya corny wit raps bitch
    Our ranks resemble Dipset.. everyone knows 40.’s the wackest
    Hip hop needs more good shows.. this guy cant rhyme
    If D-tour’s on all the streets.. that’s a lot of bad signs
    Imperial Vs Dialect
    Bottom 20 verse of week

    When girls do accept a date.. it's always with regret E.
    And that's why they back out... more than old people liftin heavy.
    King vs E Tha Real

    i gave my heart for this shit..ur payin the same price
    cause i'ma out write Out write without saying his name twice
    Defcon 5 Vs Outwrite

    And ya loss column was flounderin', but someone saved the shit.
    It defied medical science, and got aids from Spit.
    Nebs vs N Tavarez

    Ya plain crashin, I stay clappin at sickenin states
    'til tha nickel gage makes Con Air born, like Nicholas Cage
    Outwrite vs Defcon 5

    see, im not worried about droppin ill. or stompin ya bumish prose,
    im more concernd w/ whether uv elevated since i flawlessed u months ago
    Butler Vs LM

    plus u wont school me wit gun talk, not even phase this vet
    id b more afraid of a high school squad than a georgia tech
    Super Vs Georgia

    I'll cut em short like a pack of smokes, til his back is broke
    Life's a bitch huh? I guess that explains your lack of BOTH
    N Tavarez vs NEBS

    now u got a weak line style and it shows ur rap pursuit is wack
    cause like empty bottles of Vodka ur punchlines are Absolut trash.
    u were praised in the mag by ur cock loving fucker
    yeah u flawlessed Corey Tibbs but didnt do SHIT against Butler.
    Phryme vs Username

    Johns aim- HenIzKing for years really its a shame in itself
    it shows Oneduh never could make a name for himself
    E Tha Real vs King


    Dope shit faggots.
  6. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Magazine Outro

    All through the RBL all I see is the same shit
    Lame shit, 8 bars and 8 of the lines are name flips
    Original? Voters hate it, aww shit, its sway time
    You & I know it, voters quote the most played lines
    At the same time I write mags, wanna be a prospect of mine?
    Then take them no show verses right over to project rhyme
    Cats on Blackdefs dick, erryone saying he bit
    What about the 50 people who refrenced that unoriginal shit?
    Voters vote on names
    Predictable as a black man & a chicken dinner
    If itwas up to me, almost erry battle'd have a different winner

    Im cracking down on extensions, no show verses and voting, so if you aint in the league to win, and follow the rules, your gonna get sent packing ... bitches.
  7. .EyERaC.

    .EyERaC. QuesTionZ?

    Feb 22, 2006
    itll get better hopefully
  8. Phryme

    Phryme lets get it.

    Mar 14, 2005
    been reading as you've been posting...
    ..nice mag.
  9. Dollar B Money

    Dollar B Money Get Familiar

    Apr 16, 2006
    these mags b on point and for now on imma bring it...
  10. Orange407County

    Orange407County Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    good shit... iono why i read it, but word lool
  11. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    Juelz Santana is the rapper that said bad new rap dudes.

    Nice mag
  12. Out Write

    Out Write New Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    Dope shit... I love these mags
  13. John Nash

    John Nash New Member

    Jul 13, 2004
    this week was slow
    half the league no showed
    at least in the bottem half
  14. @zrael

    @zrael New Member

    Apr 24, 2006
    people vote on names. if that ain't the truth. people could see the same verse and depending on who posted it it's either the truth or just aight. so much hype and dickriding people already vote in their minds before the first verse is even posted.

    good mag. good week. no shows and extensions were bullshit this week.

    hottest shit of this week: the special match between both RBL mods and the other 2 cats. that and Oneduh's verse agains Frac & Phair

    wackest/lamest shit of this week: Ribo crying about and extension then winning a title match off a no show.

  15. Chrit

    Chrit The Prodigy

    Jun 7, 2003
  16. Out Write

    Out Write New Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    The winner is Imperial. The section was nice, some of the best shit I seen from you lately. I will remove your loss in this weeks ranks. Good shit fellas.
    But dont think ima give u credit for tha good head on ya shoulders

    ^just so ya kno, Last part of my cypher is there... lol
    Thx for the win tho.. Good lookin' Oz
  17. Hologram

    Hologram New Member

    Apr 8, 2006
  18. .LM.

    .LM. minds better than urs

    May 18, 2003
  19. Criteria

    Criteria Superman in this bitch!

    Oct 8, 2004
  20. Brock Sampson

    Brock Sampson Shame on a nigga

    Feb 12, 2006
    yeah....niice read Oz...I wasn't here to peep David Lamas MAGS but if his were better than urs.....DAYUM!
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