RBL Magazine: The Redeeming

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  1. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Magazine: The Redeeming

    Week Overview

    Here I am again, writing a mag I do not feel like writing, but at least this week hasn't left me completely unmotivated. This was the best week RBL has had, possibly since I started modding. Outside Hens no showing the title match, and a couple other people posting up no show verses and getting shit on by real verses, the league had the higher show up rate EVER. Nearly EVERYONE in the bottom half of the league showed up for their battle. So I guess my signing out faggots, and leaving the league to the people that really wanna battle has had a positive effect.

    At first I was gonna do an entire bottom 20 mag, and say fuck the top 20, since I do grow tired with the childishness of some of the best battlers. But I will include both like usual, fuck it.

    Anyway, the voting was great this week, so let's keep the ball rolling, cause I will crack down again, whether its against 1 person or 30, I dont care. Glad to see alot of people taking advantage of the votin promotion shit too, it only makes the league better.

    I aint got much bitching to do this week, so ima get right into the mag...let's go.
  2. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    By U S E R

    iight, so im sure everyone's at least noticed by now... I've officially taken over modding the RBL Archives sub-forum. Mainly because Oz doesn't have the time nor interest in keeping it updated. However, I realize it's important to some people that people do get recognition for the shit they write, aside from a 5 sentence paragraphical breakdown in the weekly mag - the mag's like a "Who's hot and who's not" in the RBL for THAT given week - while the archives are for more of an "Important events in RBL history" type shit. As corny as that sounds, you can tell by the page-views on each thread in there that people want the tradition Lama started to continue... so here I am.

    That being said, a few new people are gonna be breaking into the RBL Archives in the following week, along with many of the current inductee's getting their threads updated with some of the verses they've written in the past 4 or 5 weeks. Currently I plan to update Oneduh, Hensley, Scientz, Demik, Nebs, Butler, Arizcats, Serge and Calefactions threads respectively, along with inducting Spit That into the RBL Archives. Congratulations go out to Spit That, not only was he the current RBL's first champ, but he held it down by defeating some of the CURRENT RBL Archive Inductees... so, you really can't hate on him.

    I've got a couple new ideas to incorporate into the RBL Archives, and you'll notice them more and more as the weeks continue to pan out here in the RBL. One more thing, ANY individual who holds - and defends - the RBL title will be inducted into the RBL Archives. We're all about equal opportunity, so if you can make it to the champ match, you've at least earned a spot in there, along with the customary all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii or whatever else it is champions get. yahmean? Anyhow, good luck in getting up there, Imma picky muhfucka.

  3. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    A 'Time' For A Change

    Well, it's damn near unannimous, starting THIS week, the RBL due date will be pushed up from Friday night to Thursday night. Nearly everyone in the league who put in their 2 cents, helped in making this decision, now let's prove that this is the right decision. Yall got more time to vote, and a better night to wait to the last minute to write on.


    Also, RBL has got an official mod for your archives that Allah started, and I didnt feel like upholding. SO welcome UserName back to RBL modding, and don't fucking bug him if your name aint in there, or any other gay shit.

    Last of all, Ima keep running these votin promotions and cyphers and shit to give people chances to lose losses from records. Really, what is a loss anyway? Nothing but a number to make people self conscious and unmotivated, but now yall will have the opportunity to correct them losses. There was a time (and still is) where I considered striking losses from the league, since they do no good for anyone, and just having win records. But since I aint gonna do anything that dramatic, there will be at least bi weekly opportunities to erase blemishes from your record, while at the same time doing something beneficial for the league (this week it soared the voting).
  4. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    THE RBL Cypher

    Funny, but not the type of shit to win.

    I was loving that first line, so congratulations to Brock Sampson on winning the bottom half of this weeks RBL Cypher. I will remove that loss when I do ranks tonight.

    Again lol..

    That last line was fire, so congratulations to Phryme on winnin the top half of this weeks RBL cypher. Your record will be updated tonight, as will Butlers from last week.

    Dope shit fellas, props to Glasseye & Blackdef too.
  5. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    THE No Show Shine

    Even though there was barely any no shows, there was still some werthy verses of the no show shine

    Smarty Pants Vs Axe Sent

    You should be hurtin fag, but somehow I just flipped the dice
    Shit, your so damn bad..you make my free time pay the price
    Homie, only when you be jackin' off you be holding your own
    Because Axe gettin' sprayed, just like that deodorant cologne
    Don't get loud here homo, I'll pop ya in ya face like that acne
    Bum ass....he slacks more than a pair of Dockers and Khakis.
    No job...the last labor you went through, you got pushed out
    Shit, you damn near made that potato get up from the couch
    Homie, yous a clown, a joke, a no name...you don't phase me
    And you just like Stewart Scott's face, brown nosed and lazy
    I'm known world wide, bitch you a cracker...I spread cheddar
    Your lines are so basic, they make sea sick feel alot better....
    NCAA just finsihed...George Mason suprised a couple teams....
    You gonna be a Cinderella here? Or is it just for Holloween??
    It's over...put rubber on your spine, still couldn't bounce back
    Last time you packed a punch.............................. ...........
    ........................came with a ham sandwhich and Snack Pack

    UserName vs John Hensley

    there's contracts out on you, never knew shit like these happened to hens
    last time there was three large on his head, he was gettin teabagged by his friends
    and that witty shit is backfiring, that absurd clownin' just wont beat me
    fuck ur wordplay, that shits bad, its more like word-grounded-with-no-TV
    the brothers love him, its the caucasian guys that really felt it's soft...
    cuz he's known to get strung out and rub on whites more than dental floss
    aint nobody tryna see hens vs. fran II, i think you kinda lost ya mind
    all youll do is post on saturday and recycle 16 of 20 lines from projectrhyme
    you even SMELL like shit, plus your a fairy, im killin this dude
    his definition of Old Spi.ce..... is when Gerri was still in the group
    plus your lines are dull, no humor, ones wack...another's missin'
    last time anybody laughed for hens was a fucking rubber chicken
    im not even going the limit, every line of urs is another mundane punch
    fuck Hens, and fuck lines, i used to eat 24 of your finest for Sunday brunch
    get it? EGGS motherfucker, try and keep up with my rhythm
    you'd think he'd get that one, they resemble the knots left after i hit him
    ur girls mad as hell, cuz i think its funny imma pass the belt
    she's a hypocrit
    cuz with you, anything past the belt...makes her laugh as well
    shes been suckin for 20 minutes, im still not hard tonight
    meanwhile you think you're hard, and you been suckin' all ur life
    arent those big coincidences?, whats funny is im right, its far-fetched
    but she's been trying to tell you off from the jump like the lights in Star Trek
    and while its pretty lame im dissing your girl while receiving a lap dance
    i can diss whatever i want and u wont win, cuz u cant feed off a fat man

    Dope shit fellas, and props to Mets & Defcon 5 too, (even tho Defs opponent had signed out, and I forgot to take them out, you didnt know that and still dropped a verse, prizzops
  6. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    A Guide To Success In The RBL

    Here's some tips and pointers to being successfully in RBL, and getting noticed. I see alot of people doing shit that don't make sense to me, so this is basically an advice column that you can take or leave, I don't care.

    -- Not to many people can write a good 24 lines, so it's better to stick closer to the minimum than the maximum, especially if you feel your evenly matched, then you can do more to ensure the lines you do post, are better quality, plus you'll get more votes.

    -- Vote every week, and don't upset me ;)

    -- Take advantage of votin promotions, and the weekly cypher, its beneficial to your record, and it will help you reach the top faster.

    -- Pic Battles: Are not for everyone, like this weeks contendership, I hated it. Just having a picture to diss, people get on some UPN shit, and feel like it makes the lines more creative, when in reality, pic battles have more played lines than any other type of battles. Leave the pics for the pros is my suggestion.

    -- Try not to bitch and sway, it makes people WANT to vote against you.

    -- Drop early, people are at times sympathetic to the person who drops first, since if the second person feeds, its almost like 5 guarenteed votes against them.

    Theres a few things right there you can do, to improve your tenure in the RBL, not that coming dope doesnt help, but people are so thickle these days, sometimes you gotta erase a bullshit loss, and mainly, just learn to battle within your limits. If you suck at pic battles, and people tell you that, its not in your advantage to continue doing them. Same for longer battles.

    Who's The Real Newbies??

    What is a newbie? Someone who is simply wack, and new? I do not think so. Theres people who been around years, and suck, and don't get called newbies. A newbie is defined by his actions. They are normally very unconfident and childish.

    Well, with the great turnout in the bottom half of the league this week, I noticed I got more newbies in the top 20, then the bottom half of the league. I got people trying to get no show wins in the top 10. I mean, if your in the top ten, is it that much to ask to drop a verse reguardless?

    I got NEARLY everyone in the top twenty waiting til 5 minutes before the deadline to post verses. Which tells me the verses are done, and mufuckas are on some scared to post type shit. Before friday this week, there was only 1 top 20 battle up and ready for votes, and just for the record, the person who posted first, won by a large margin of votes.

    All this newbie behavior is pitiful. Im tired of seeing the people who are supposed to be the best, acting like newbies when they aint gotta.

    Step yo fucking game up bitches.
  7. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Reviews

    Ive decided to do some good reviews this week, but only to those matches I deem worthy.

    Top Twenty Reviews

    RBL Contendership Match: 3. Young Philly 17-7 vs 4. theFRANCHISE 8-2

    Terrible match, your both good, but your both horrible at pic battles, I suggest you never do them again. Neither of you has any grasp on the type of disses that make you successful in these type of battles.

    7. Butler 13-2 vs 8. Banned Name 8-2

    Butler got lazy, and needed an extension, I granted it. Demik came type average, tho I did like a few lines, I guess Butlers verse was worth the wait, since he swept the votes. Butler hit him with some really clever personals, which are hard to overcome with generic lines. Good battle.

    9. Phyrme 9-2 vs 10. Calefaction 4-0

    Real close type shit. Cale underestimates Phryme, and Phryme holds his own. Good battle, real close in votes, still in the process of being decided. Both came about the same, nice, not dope, but neither was really bad, tho Phryme did have a couple played ideas like the nobody line.

    11. Anchor 5-0 vs 12. Headless Verseman 5-1

    This is one of the more interesting battles. Anchor dropped pretty early, even tho Headless said he would, and Anchor came pretty dope, nothing really played or bad. Then Headless came in with prolly the greatest sway in RBL history and dropped a subpar verse, and got thoroughly shit on in votes. Tho some voters fucked up what should have been an easy sweep for Anchor. Heres some advice Headless, just because you claim a line to be wack in your verse, DONT MAKE YOURS GOOD.

    19. Creatical 5-1 vs 20. Agent Oranges 4-1

    This match had some drama too, Cre posts real verse, edits in no show verse, Agent posts late, I close thread, Cre gets real verse, edits it in, and essentially sweeps the votes. Cre would be proud of himself, if he knew the alias he really just beat, tho the alias hinted at his identity near the end of his verse, he prolly should have concentrated on writing lines as dope as the ones that got him in the power ranks. Both came nice, but Creatical had the edge I guess. Good battle.

    Bottom Twenty Reviews

    39. LM 1-0 vs 40. The Nebulotic 2-1

    Great match, especially for bottom 20. I was worried Nebs might half ass again, and LM aint the type to lose to some wack shit, but he came with some good shit this week. Personally I thought LM won, because I don't care too much for Nebs "trying too hard" style. I just thought LM was winner, oh well, voters disagreed.

    29. Lampoon 4-2 vs 30. Blackdef 2-0

    Good battle, my favorite kind, short and too the point. Lampoon surprised me coming pretty clever, with some good ideas, but Blackdef just overwhelmed him. lol Black came really clever. Dope battle fellas.

    59. Wilmer Deryou vs 60. Meta Syn

    Another dope bottom 20 battle. Meta Syn brought his A game as he normally does. He is one of the best in the league, despite his rank. Wilmer came good, really, he didnt come bad at all, but Meta swept the votes.

    23. Brock Sampson 4-2 vs 24. Ribonuclease 4-0

    Prolly the best bottom half battle, and maybe better than most of the top half battles. I was expecting Ribo to win, but Brock been heating the shit up lately. Brock won by a decent margin of votes, granted it was no shutout. Brocks first few lines were great, and he withheld that throughout most of the verse, tho it did have some bad lines (lose the hammer line lol). Ribo came good, not as good as usual in my mind, but it obviously wasnt enough to get the win.

    Good shit this week everyone props to Merc and Muffy tho lol
  8. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Top Punches

    Doing something a little different this week, instead of doing a top ten, ima find the best line from everyone whom I deem worthy. These are in no order, just my favorite lines from everyone, just going through thread after thread.

    Top Twenty


    It's true that noone can see you, but the reasons are pitiful
    You're a no-body named headless, that makes you completely invisible
    Girls like rich fellas, drug sellers & guys that make em laugh too
    So to get a bitch youll need Cris, Rock & some jokes from that dude
    This dumb bastard joined the Navy, but not cuz he's a runnin' coward
    At first it was to drop Anchor, then he started loving the public showers

    Banned Name

    butlers gettin clowned yall....with his dookie breath
    the most celebrated downfall of an extra since poochies death

    ngga... U just struggled writin 12. Oz is a lyin faggot,
    here I was thinkin ya worst verses only came in title matches
    ....ya 1st Title Shot; $1. Ya 2nd Title Shot; a dollar 9 cents
    somehow managing to get flawlessed BOTH times??.......priceless


    You can’t rap with me, it’s pretty clear so shorty bounce
    Only had a buzz on the street after he bummed enough change for a 40 ounce

    Props, I could have prolly quoted almost any line in your verse

    Agent Oranges

    And you can blame username for providing the new scare
    Crea already rhode island, so shit, he decided to move there
    Ask chicks you take pics with, and i dont mean to be a meany, partner
    They told me they crop you out quicker then a greedy farmer


    Fat lazy fuck, all u do is sit in ur place..
    Get in some shape, I'm pro active, u need that shit for ur face..


    text legend? if thats the story of his life he aint had to grind hard
    true story C Murder raps..'n look how far he got rhyming behind bars.

    N Tavarez

    On the brink of your death, you cant survive with that effort
    And fuck Daps.........But Oz'll give you "Five" for the record

    Jersey Emcee

    See Tavarez is Mexican, stuck with embedded scars...
    Cause he cant get a Visa, and hates commercials about the credit card...


    PR, blunts, RBL, ez boards..? geek, U suck at doin' rap
    20,000 leagues aint a book, its how many sites ya fuckin losin at.
    oz made a dope rule; U can lose a loss by voting, see?
    but u'll watch everyone follow voting-criteria...without postin' links.

    E Tha Real

    not into asian beauty-if such exists but I'll give a veterans tale
    there simply a carpenters dream.... Flat & never been nailed
    Bottom 20


    such a wack turn out, burnt out, surprised ya did try and worm out
    I got this fag shittin bricks, and his boyfriends entire sperm count
    I’d bust in Lam’s crib and let rounds from the ruger burst
    he’d try and exit out windows… and shut down his computer first


    Nebs acts like he somethin, when he's really just crawlin blind
    23, black, and still rappin?
    nigga, start cookin crack before u fall behind


    Oz and Oneduh don't kick wack rhymes, those kids are the truth
    but this week they need to make an exception and give you the boot


    Im playin the field'..peeps kno im the best on the scene.
    Coz im ahead of QB' like the rest of the team.
    Look i stack chips..aim quick and clap clips.
    Ur verse is out of the ordinary'..but its full with that wack shit.

    Brock Sampson

    yo..these punches...no doubt will shut ya Big Mouth
    & make a bitch out of u like God did when he took a Rib out
    ya girl is a Dog..no doubt! Plus the chicks a slut??
    so I gave her a couple Pet names....like Bitch & mutt


    You stink like brockolli, I wreak of solid power..
    put some pistils to softy, now thats what I Cauliflower.

    John Nash

    You aint a thug, and I got no time for fakers pal…
    I’m known for taking out the best, so I guess you’re safe for now


    Your names got a litte humor, but your text dont wanna grapple
    I laugh when i say Poise One.....coz it sounds like u actually won a battle

    Meta Syn

    n I fucked ur bitch all drunk - which might be leavin a hurtin
    we fkn hit home after the first bar.. like heads reading ur verses[/hide]
  9. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    The RBL Power Rankings

    10. Creatical
    (New Entry)
    Cre cre, back in the league. Cre is a pretty dope battler, who usually has no bad lines. Lately his lines been ALL above average, but just short of dope. Still, he has a good record, and the potential to break the top 10, and he is almost there, so we'll see what happens.

    9. Defcon_5
    (New Entry)
    Defcon finally starting to get them consistent wins, granted, if he plans on getting any higher in both the ranks, and power ranks, he gonna have to bring out the old Defcon and really come with some shit.

    8. Brock Sampson
    (New Entry)
    Brock had a tough run in the bottom 20, but at last won a cypher and got rid of his loss to now champ Username. Brock has some mad creative lines, I really like his shit, I'd recommend doing less lines to avoid some fillers, but be on the look for this up-and coming non alias battler.

    7. Anchor
    (New Entry)
    Ahh hah. Another RBL alias, and for once, it seems an alias worth mentioning. Stomped Headless last week, even with Headless posting the hugest sway in RBL history. People think its Oneduh, I assure you it isnt. Anyway, Anchor has a chance to make some major waves for himself by taking out Calefaction this week, should be a dope match.

    6. Phryme
    Last Week (9)
    Held his own with Calefaction last week, and has an increasing record of wins over good battlers. Phryme can be a problem, needs to get back to the witty personals, and more creative wordplay. Tho not the best in the league, he has the potential to be champ, but gonna need to really bring it in the next couple weeks.

    5. Calefaction
    Last Week (5)
    Still in the top 10, he has a tough match this week with the Anchor alias. Anyway, he barely got by last week, really gonna need to step it up at this level of the rankings if he wants to again, be successful in the league.

    4. Mets
    (New Entry)
    In another contendership with Butler. 2 B Boys heads clashing for a shot at the Ribble title. Mets is dope, he is kind of slept on, but he is dope none the less. Was one of my favs on BBOys during my short tenure there.

    Last Week (6)
    Up to contendership. Butler is illie fo really, needs to stick with the witty personals. He murdered Demik with them shits this week, and he's really good at em. Tough match still, Mets been on a roll, we'll have to wait and see what happens.

    2. Young Philly
    Last Week (2)
    I thought his verse sucked last week, lets hope he stays away from pic battles. Anyway, overall I think he is a dope dude, and now he has his shot at the title, and a deserving champion, to finally prove what Ive been preaching for him.

    1. UserName/
    Last Week (1)
    Yessir, say hello to your new RBL champion UserName, and look for him to hold this spot for a little while, til he signs out anyway. Won title by no show, but that aint to say he wouldn't win it. Someone of Hensleys status no showing User says more about him, then winning by no show does. All hail the champion!
  10. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Aiiight faggots....enjoy


    C'mon, yall aint think I was gonna do an RBL mag without calling out at least 1 faggot now did ya?
    This weeks RBL FAGGOT goes to, and goes to soley, THE HEADLESS VERSEMAN.

    Honestly, what the fuck? Say your gonna post early, then hide out like a little bitch, then you get shit on, post a sway that was nearly longer than your verse, AND STILL FUCKING LOSE BY ABOUT 10 VOTES. Jesus Christ, only people that voted for you are RSTL friends of yours. I dont know how you can call ANYONES lines wack, and then post the shit you posted. Honestly.

    I had people on AIM telling me they hope I ban you for that pathetic stunt. I am willing, but fuck it, I say ... Keep the Verseman in and let newbies shit on him to boost their confidence in beating some text relic nobody really gives 2 fucks about.

    You are the posterboy for fucking RBL newbies.

    Hens, you almost got it, lucky you voted ;)

    Oh, and Oneduh wanted me to let yall know he's still the king.

    Pz faggots.​
  11. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

  12. Versatile

    Versatile Mr. Slip a Micky

    Oct 8, 1999
    great mag buddy
  13. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    loved it..and u should add slant wise to the faggots list for all that bitching and crying he did in his match
  14. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
  15. Corey Tibbs

    Corey Tibbs New Member

    Apr 6, 2006
  16. Slay-Eddie

    Slay-Eddie ..hmph..

    Apr 8, 2006
  17. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    wait wait wait, obviously oneduh wrote this.....cuz oz is always on top of my cock

    but, i DID drop early you fuckin morons, on time for me = no show, early = what i did, posted on THURSDAY

    yall kids keep trying to gain momentum, but the fact is, im better then EVERYONE talking shit to me...LITERALLY...there isnt 1 good head that doesnt know how well i throw down
  18. E Tha Real

    E Tha Real Real Life

    Apr 5, 2002
  19. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    oh wait, im loving these lines

    rstl friends? I DONT KNOW ONE PERSON IN THE RSTL, you faggots....i no showed....lmfao

    yall love to manipulate and just straight bullshit

    i got money on my verse, vs. ANYBODY.....period.
  20. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    dope mag. keep it up
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