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  1. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    Well, that was one grueling year (plus 10 weeks). After 52 weeks of this season, it is finally over and our tourney has started. Everyone always talks about the journey, so I'm going to talk about it, too. It was a good year, but it was pretty bad at some points; fuck, I champed the League :scared:.

    Anyway, we will have a special commentary on the season as a whole in this Mag in addition to the regular articles. Recapping the last week will be nice since it gives us an idea of who's hot/who's not; I think the Champ Match involved people we can expect to see deep in the brackets. This week will also feature a Preview of the 1st round of the Tourney; some familiar faces signed in last minute, expect things to be shaken up early. I don't want toa commit to this, because the prospect already seems daunting, but I want to throw in some memorable Highlights from the previous season; e.g. Champs dethroned, Top 10 battles, etc. We will definitely have the Highlights for last week in this Mag, though. Power Rankings are officially over witht the season ending. In its place, I will predict the Top 6 Finishers, dropping names as they lose; think of it as filling out your MM brackets, but being able to rewrite your choices every few dayw.

    That about sums up my ideas for the Mag this week. If you have any nominations for Last Year's Highlights, post them in here or the Lounge*.

    Good luck in the Tourney.

    RBL Staff


    *Mag, as always, is closed while under construction. I have a few clients until noon, but I'll get back then to hopefully finish.


    Taking a break, be back later or in the am.

    Update #2:

    Getting started again, before I do, I want to let you guys know that the Year End stuff will probably be another thread of it's own. I am going to finish the Mag and try and get that done ASAP.

    Update #3

    Highlight will be up shortly, I have to train a couple clients then we're golden.
  2. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Recap of Last Week

    C. Ski Mask(5-1)
    2. eggo(3-0)

    We had a great Champ Match to end the season. I think it was one of the best ones we had in a while, it was refreshing. It was a really close battle that probably could've gone either way. These guys may see each other deep in the brackets, who know. Both are definitely guys to watch our for. Ski won this match and ended the Season as Champ. Let's see what he does in the tourney.

    3. EKGenius(2-1)
    4. PharCyze(1-0)

    The contender Match was all about seeding last week. Winner got a nice bump the rankings. EKG took this and earned himself a nice 4 seed. That means he is on Ski's side of the bracket, though. Phar had some nice lines, though, and I agreed with Slugger's vote. It was a tough matchup, but someone had to win.

    5. Thorne(6-1)
    6. coil grimely(2-1)

    Another close one; Thorne dropped just enough to win, but Coil showed that he isn't someone to sneeze at. He has shown potential in the last few weeks, and I see him winning at least one match. Thorne giave coil a tough loss and clinches a high seed, but he doesn't sign up and so he just spites coil. Being low in these brackets might be a good thing, though, we'll see.

    7. EyeurnMic(1-2)
    8. Brown Jesus(0-3)

    This week made it three in a row! On a serious note, I liked some of Eyeurn's concepts and think he might make a little noise early in the Tounrey. There wasn't much to say about this one. Eyeurn earned his seeding spot by kicking my ass.

    9. Split Eight(0-0)
    10. Smashal0t(0-0)

    This was two newcomers to the League showing what they got. The general consensus is that Split just didn't have the hard hitting punches to win this battle. Some good concepts, but I think it comes down to wording. Smash showed that he isn't someone to take lightly in the tourney. I expect god things from this guy.

    11. kwikwitit(0-0)
    12. Slugger K(0-0)
    13. Storyteller(0-0)

    A three way without a no show? Good shit, gentleman, I want to thank you for that. I think Slugger took this pretty clearly, pretty much with better wording and concepts. Storyteller had some decent ideas, but they weren't really executed to the best effect. Kwik brought in the rear, but take the votes as constructive crit and you'll do alright, you have the basic idea. I liked what I saw from Slugger and expect a win or two from him.
  3. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Last Weeks Highlights

    Time to draw the chalk, His ego getting too big so E’ll leave Phar walking dead
    cus im getting promoted to be the boss the way im taking office head

    tchin and whining with excuses - I don’t buy it now, I don’t buy it then
    Bso just stop first person shooters cus no one wants to see PharCry again

    ur bars are corny... weak wording n simple concepts that suck......
    i mean, the way u choked on eggo.... shit, u probably even sleep pass brunch

    Ur gonna Fall in this match... be stretched out and across
    It isnt spring, coil - There's no way you'll be able to bounce back from this loss

    Hate voted on ravenous. Rode quriosity, eggo & ski mask twice; this man's latched
    Ironically, it's the same kats who would've or HAVE beaten you in the champ match!
    Coil Grimely

    Fuck this clown, he beats bitches and expects us to relate
    Put a gash on Brown's chin like an encounter with Drake
    Eyeurn Mic

    What u a visionary? You can see the future for a quick mission?
    Stop it Cuz you know u not at 100% if you fuckin' with Split vision
    smash al0t

    ont use my name at all in ya raps, dont even comment on it...
    unless you want a slug to the chest...which'll be me stomping on it
    Slugger K

    our wack and depressed no way this bitch could phase me,
    I mean- you could honestly drop hot shit.. By holding your space key.

    Verse of the Week

    See below. It was a great Champ Match, both had really strong verses.

    Battle of the Week

  4. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Round 1 Preview

    The first round is going to be crazy; I'm predicting at least 3 "upsets" (you can't really call Silentt beating anyone an upset, I guess). I'll be giving a few words and predictions here.

    1. Ski Mask vs 24. Kriminal

    I'm not too familiar with Kriminal, but Ski is legit. I haven't looked at the battle to make this an honest preview, so I have to go with Ski on this one. Expect these high/low battles to be interesting, though; upsets will happen, not here though, I think.

    Ski proves the 1 means something and moves on to Round 2.

    2. Eggo vs 23. T R A P

    This will be a good one. Eggo just came off a tough loss in the Champ Match. T R A P was nice in the day, let's see if he can shake some rust off. This will be a good one, don't be surprised to see an upset. I'll go with eggo since he has had a few weeks to kick into gear.

    3. T.a.C vs 22. Lyricalpriest

    T.a.C is like 5-0 against LP, so I don't see this one being any different. I like LP, though, he's a cool cat; and he was the subject of a nice photoshop I made (the Mortal Kombat one). That being said, I'd really like to see him lose so T.a.C can lose to Silentt for the 100th time or so. T.a.C should take this one.

    4. EKGenius vs 21. Lizmangsta

    I have no idea who Lizmangsta is; I've learned not to discount anyone in these things, though. He might be a dope alias, or he might be a completely wack newb. I'll play it safe and assume he's average, in which case this might be very interesting. EKG has shown some potential in the last few weeks, so I'll go with him.

    5. SiegeSupreme vs 20. Orange407County aka Synthesis

    God dammit! I had a nice preview written up and accidentally hit refresh. The short version is that Syn is nice; I don't see him losing this early in the tourney. No disrespect to Siege, but Syn really was that good, whether or not he IS that good remains to be seen. I'm an old man thats lives on nostalgia, though, so expect Syn to be around for a few rounds.

    6. PharCyzE vs 19. A.S.B

    This one vanished as well, but it wasn't as long. I don't know who ASB is and I know what Phar is capable of. He has had a few weeks to gather his thoughts, so I don't see Phar losing in the first round.

    7. EyeurnMic vs 18. Ra illy

    I don't know who Ra Illy is, but the name sounds familiar. Maybe he's dope? Not sure, Eyeurn has been around for a few weeks now, though, and has shown flashes. This might be interesting, but I have to go with Eyeurn for my prediction.

    8. Coil grimly vs 17. The Mage BTM

    Coil has shown the ability to craft some nice verses; his punches and execution are good enough. I don't see anyone really knocking him out this early. Add that I don't know who Mage is, and we arrive at my predition of Coil advancing.

    9. Smash al0t vs 16. Young Philly

    2 newcomers? Flip that coin!

    10. SluggerK vs 15. King Nicholis

    Sorry, Slug, but you landed the worst 1st round opponent--assuming you are trying to advance. This guy is a beast and will probably be blowing away the competition in spectacular fashion until he gets bored or wins, whichever comes first. I just don't see anyone beating Silentt right now.

    11. SonnyDaze vs 14. Split Eight

    I haven't read anything of Spit's, but he isn't a noobie. Sonny hasn't been signed in for a while, but he was our champ for a long stretch, so I have to give credit where it's due. This will be a close one, but I'm leaning towards SD.

    12. Allen Knight vs 13. Storyteller

    I've seen some of AK's wrk and I enjoyed it. I haven't had the pleasure of reading Storyteller's verses. I'm going with AK because I really think he will advance to at least round 2. This is the "closest" matchup, so we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Tournament Projections

    6. PharCyze

    Maybe the easiest road to the Final Six. Unfortunately, he has Silent on his side of the bracket.

    5. T R A P

    3 guys from the same bracket? Yeah, I know... but that bracket is going to be rough with Syn, eggo and T R A P in it. This bracket will be tricky until after next week when one of these guys goes home.

    4. Syn

    Shake the rust, brotha! You should be around late. It's either Syn winning this bracket or...

    3. eggo

    Top seeded in his bracket, but there are definitely some hurdles for him to realize this ranking. He has Syn and T R A P in his bracket. It's going to be interesting next week.

    2. Ski Mask

    Top seeded in his bracket and no one that is clearly better in with him.

    1. King Nicholis

    You will see the truth and it will set you free... or Silentt will just kick you out of the tourney.

    I put together the cheesiest bracket of all time and present it for your enjoyment. I put my outstanding MSPaint skills to work on this one.


    Have fun with it. I'll try to keep it updated and in the Lounge.


    Thanks to EKG for pointing out a mistake in the brackets. I should have T.a.C as the high seed in the middle bracket. I hope Silentt still ends up in his bracket lol. For now, I think T.a.C's quadrant will be switched with Pharcyze quadrant since eggo should face a lower seed.
  6. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Closing Words

    There is the Mag, I hope you enjoy it this week. You can expect more articles in the coming days; i.e. The Year End Recap. Aside from that, have fun this week.

    Good luck this round.

    RBL Staff
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