RBL Mag [WK 41]: The "when the league still had a good mod" Edition

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    Brought to you by David Lama
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Ill nik-A was ready for war on a GAY week


    Sadly that wasn’t the case for many of ya though.

    Well first of all. Yes this is David Lama. Your special guest mag writer for this
    week. SPuL seems to have some family problems and oneduh is well, oneduh.
    So I’ll be doing this weeks mag. It will be a bit rushed though since oneduh
    just asked me to due this on Sunday night at about 10:30pm or so..

    We had tons of no shows this week. There was only 8 battles where both
    battlers showed. That’s horrible. What he heck guys? Oh well. Life goes on
    and so does the rbl. Which is life for many of ya. So be happy! Lets welcome
    caliber and jane dough to the league guys. Who just happen to be battling
    each other this week. Whats the odds of that. Gotta love your RBL mods!

    Come on guys lets bring the illness back!


    Remember the good old days. When dudes like Meth were in the
    league? Where did fracture, resin, kung, hens and them go? Wtf? Sure some
    of those weren’t there when meth was there but you know what im saying.
    Wheres the good dudes at? They were just here a few weeks ago. All of the
    sudden they all left at the same time? ​
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Sit back and chill like Magus in this gay statues lap


    As I tell ya how it all went down this week.

    [WK/41] 29). Soull 1-2 v. 30). Yung Money 3-3
    Soull no showed which was probably best for the league cause I remember
    this dude being something like 0-7 a few weeks back. I guess he restarted
    his record. But once again hes left with a losing record. After this battle he’s
    now 1-3. I guess its time for him to start all over again. No idea who yung
    money is and I don’t know if he tried here cause he mention in his verse that
    he was told by soull that soull wasn’t showing. Anyways Yung Money got the
    no show win.

    [WK/41] 23) Noble Soldier 3-1 v. 24) The Box 1-2
    Noble no showed and the box posted enough to most likely beat him even if
    noble had shown. I mean the box didn’t post the best verse ever but I
    remember noble being ehh if its who I think he is. I might be remembering him
    wrong though. Regardless The Box won this. Who I recall someone saying
    was Eddie. The Box didn’t have any lines I liked really. But im guessing he
    didn’t think much of Noble and just posted what he thought would be enough
    to beat him. He got the no show win. that’s really all that matters

    [WK/41] 21) Xquisite 3-2 v. 22) Marley 3-1
    Marley no showed and Xquisite posted a bla no show verse. Not much else to
    say here really besides Xquisite is lucky that Marley no showed from what I
    remember seeing from both. Marley would have taken this. But he didn’t
    show so Xquisite got it.

    WK/41] 13) -Wordplay- 11-9 v. 14) Awk is dope 2-1
    Wordplay no showed. Awk had a couple of decent lines in his verse. I liked
    his closer the most. That was funny and true. But still like his Ikea line was
    just played and bla. Seen it so many times. Awk ended up getting a easy win
    here due to wordplay no showing. Even if he had show the same result
    would have most likely taken place.

    [WK/41] 17) I'm Deon 9-4 v. 18) Criteria 1-0
    Deon no showed. Criteria decided to go 20 lines and diss deons pic. It wasn’t
    criteras best verse ever but then again I think he knew deon wasn’t showing
    when he dropped it. Crit got the no show win. But the real battle between
    these two was in the RBL chat thread where deon decided to break down
    criterias verse and call him out to a spotlight battle.

    [WK/41] 35). Him.. 0-0 v. 36). Darce 0-0
    Him no showed. Was that himself? Oh well guess we’ll never know him. Darce
    dropped what seemed to be a true no show verse. Since it seemed like it had
    no effort put into it at all. Darce got the no show win.

    [WK/41] [Champ] 01) Rizpy 7-0 v. 02) Burd. 4-0
    Burd is a bird so he no showed. He did something equally as gay against me
    in Silentts tourney. Dude said he had lines already written for me when I said
    I was going to no show due to losing my connection. And me being the
    considerate person I am, I don’t like people wasting lines on a no show. I
    decided to drop a quick 10 just so he wouldn’t waste his lines. Dude ended
    up recycling like his whole verse and the rest was flips off the archive. Which
    showed dude didn’t have a single line for me. So the bastard got DQ’d like he
    deserved to get lol.. Actually he deserved an actual loss but the voters were
    on drugs or something. Ehh. Regardless dude no showed Riz and should have
    just no showed me too ha. Well now unto Riz’s verse. Shit wasn’t bad at all.
    Dude seems like hes an alias. Only line I def didn’t like was his Jr. line.
    Maybe its cause I used to visit rb. Well, not maybe. that’s exactly why. I
    seen that line done a million times there. Other than that riz had some
    decent and cool shit. He most likely woulda won this even if burd showed.

    [WK/41] 33). Gundam 0-0 v. 34). Worst Nightmare 0-0
    Worst no showed. And yes gun I believe Worst was a champ at one point a
    long time ago ha. Gun had some ok stuff. Some misses. I liked his red bars
    line. That wasn’t bad. At least I thought it was cute. Gun got the no show

    [WK/41] 05) J. Luth 3-0 v. 06) Blue Bayou 8-0
    Blue had a Ill record going on there but he ruined it with a no show. Now he’s
    8-1. What a pity. I mean J Luth didn’t exactly post the best verse ever so
    Blue had a good chance of continuing his streak. I guess he was just pressed
    for time. Luth had a couple of cool name plays. Not a bad showing. But I
    think he edited his real verse out. Luth got the no show win and put an end
    to Blue’s winning streak. Well, blue did that himself by not showing.​
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    [WK/41] 19) Voodu 1-0 v. 20) Ovea 4-1
    DOUBLE NO SHOW. isn’t Ovea Deon? Damn @ deon no showing twice in one
    week in the same league ha. I guess he wasn’t playing when he said he was
    probably gonna no show one or 2 dudes when he made that thread in

    [WK/41] 09) Headless Verseman 2-0 v. 10) ExodusIII 5-2
    Headless posted a no show verse. Exodus posted somewhat of a real verse
    late. Ex was DQ’d for posting late and headless got the no show win. Ex’s
    verse wasn’t popping here but it was enough to beat what heady posted.
    Too bad ex posted late.

    [WK/41] 25). Roscoe Babbage 4-3 v. 26). Gramur 1-2]
    Roscoe took this easy. I was going to ask is this the real roscoe but then I
    read his verse and I think that alone a good enough answer. I don’t think it’s
    the old Sco. Unless hes super dooper rusty. I mean so super dooper rusty
    that he turned into a rusty super dooper. You know the Mexican battler that
    used to post on rm lol.. Anyways roscoe won this. His verse wasn’t as bad
    as im making it sound. But old school sco was just that dope to me. And this
    verse wasn’t on that Sco’s level. It still was leagues above gramur’s level
    though. But gramur is elevating with every verse he drops so props to him.
    Roscoe got it.

    [WK/41] 31). .Nightmare. 1-0 v. 32). ill Nik-A 5-2
    when will people learn that
    knicks lines against nik have been done to death. They're a no no in text
    battling since like 2002 lol. Nik got this easy especially with his worst
    nightmare line. Shit was hilarious. It wasn’t the best nik verse ever but it
    was enough to beat nightmare. Somehow nightmare got votes though. Oh
    well. What matters is that nik won and rightfully so.

    [WK/41] 11) Smart.Alix 6-3 v. 12) Oliver Twist 4-2

    smart just didn’t bring it
    here. He can come so much better than he did here. Oliver had enough to
    grab the win here with a couple of cool and decent lines. He had enough for
    the w. Oliver got it. Pretty easy too. It just wasn’t Smart’Alix’s battle. P.s.
    Damn @ smart having the 292929292th christian bale line ive seen this week.

    [WK/41] 07) Hush! 4-2 v. 08) mAc Detroit 2-0
    hush had a couple of ok lines here and
    there. They could have been way better if he worded them better and made
    them less wordy. Mac used a bunch of name plays. He used hush every way
    possible but he still had enough to win this battle. Had a few nice name
    plays. And his flow and wording was better than hush. Mac was just so much
    more easier to read here. Plus his swag was on point. Mac got it pretty
    easy. Hush is elevating though so props to him too.

    [WK/41] 15) Aloe&User 2-0 v. 16) Shh. 1-1
    Shh. Seems like he could be cool. But this just wasn’t a verse by him that I
    was feeling. He didn’t really have anything that was as hard as some of
    Aloe&user’s lines. I mean yea shh. Had a couple of decent lines here and
    there but aloe and user pretty much the overall harder and more polished
    verse.. And aloe and user didn’t even come their best either. But it still was
    enough to take this. This was one of the better battles this week. Props to
    both or all 3. Lol. Although it certainly could have been way better than it

    [WK/41] [Contender] 03) -Sephiroth- 16-4 v. 04) Ooh Gots 3-1
    This battle was pretty close. It could have gone either way and the votes
    showed that when seph ended up winning 7-6. Both had some cool lines and
    neither was consistent but in the end seph ended up edging it by one vote.
    Props to both for going neck to neck. This could have been so much better
    if both posted as good as they usually do. One of the better battles this
    week regardless.

    [WK/41] 27). Murder.txt 1-1 v. 28). Diso. 1-2
    Murder didn’t come with it here. He had some played stuff like his bash line.
    But he didn’t need much to beat diso’s no show verse. This was basically a
    free win. Murder got it with ease. Nothing else to say here really.​
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Top punches of the week

    If you went to his crib, it'd be obvious it's not vagina he's chasin
    Cuz you'd see so many boys in Blue.. it'd look like a police station
    J. Luth vs. Blue Bayou

    ya lines are all in need & with u here we’re fighting for prestige
    & right when it couldn’t get wacker theres a Worst Nightmare in the league
    ill nik-A vs. .Nightmare.

    ain't dropped in a while, but i'm still hot with the style,
    ur shit sucks, my punches so nice every knuckle i got has a smile
    Aloe&User vs. Shh.

    You keep looking for applause and it keeps being in vain…
    Fucking dummy, the crowds quiet cause you keep screaming your name…
    mAc Detroit vs. Hush!

    girls compare you to their cable, once u get it inside her
    she realizes u got a basic package - she should find a better provider
    Aloe&User vs. Shh.

    ur last opponent didnt post but its so fitting, no kidding
    u dropped 20+ lines & all of a sudden the no-show shine in the mag goes missing
    ill nik-A vs. .Nightmare.

    don't want her involved ? quit the slick talk and save the drama
    all it take is a 50cent shopping spree, like rick rosses baby's mama
    -Sephiroth- vs. OohGots

    we're different in many ways, im a fan of violence
    so my name demands respect, all urs demands is silence
    Aloe&User vs. Shh.

    you got celebrity swag, but trust it'll get shortened here, dufus
    the height of your career, would be insecure enough to wear shoelifts
    -Sephiroth- vs. OohGots

    ok.. fuck rap, i think after this battle i'm giving it up
    cus the winners gonna be Shh...ut the fuck up i'm kidding you suck
    Aloe&User vs. Shh.

    Notice: Punches aren’t in order. I could have choosen more but I didn’t really wanna throw just anything cool or shit in there. These are what I felt were the strongest/freshest this week. If you don’t like it oh well. Do your own mag.
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Battle of the Week
    -Sephiroth- vs. Ooh Gots


    Opportunity knocks for the champ match, but u aint likable^
    Shit, last time Serv opened the door and handed you his recycables
    I stay with the hot lines, so let it begin
    Your hot lines are like Spul's mag's.. someone else has to come edit them in
    My shit will drive you crazy, i was born to rap
    I'll have you throwin Fitz on the ground, like a Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback
    I'll take this knife to ya chest and just stab this tired bitch
    Gots will open up 'Roth, like I'm plannin for an early retirement
    Your record is pure comedy duke, whats this faggot flippin
    You won't see 'Seventeen", unless you renew your magazine subscription
    "Seph is better than Gots." - - I'm like are you serious?
    Thats a typo....
    just replace alternating exclamation points and question marks with that period
    Kid tries to rape chicks, likes when he calls the shots
    But he's like Phelp's Kelogg endorsement - he just gets pulled off the box



    doesn't matter if you a dude or girl, i promised a dope contest
    if 'shemales' anything, it's not whatever's dropped at the post office
    probably a dyke chick, w/e then we could share with the groupies
    cause during my fruit of boredom, i let your girl make me a smoothie
    don't want her involved ? quit the slick talk and save the drama
    all it take is a 50cent shopping spree, like rick rosses baby's mama
    you got celebrity swag, but trust it'll get shortened here, dufus
    the height of your career, would be insecure enough to wear shoelifts
    feel like the worlds against you ? then don't flow with the majors
    the only hate votes, are how we feel about the ones that go in your favor
    so if you claimed you taking this battle, better scrap that promise
    it'll be wise to take that bullshit plan and senate back to congress
    just fit into character, cause this is a sephiroth victory, slut
    i'm just being frank... and you'll play some random chick that i fucked


    Winner = -Sephiroth- 7-6
  7. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Verse of the Week


    ok.. fuck rap, i think after this battle i'm giving it up
    cus the winners gonna be Shh...ut the fuck up i'm kidding you suck
    i can sum you up in 3 words: weak, ashamed, wack
    see in this league i murder txt, you just lose to people named that
    whats with the name? i would be shocked to know
    oh wait i get it... Shh is what the crowd would be if u rocked a show
    lock n load, holy fuck this fag is weak
    skills nowhere to be found like angelina jolies ass in the mag this week
    ain't dropped in a while, but i'm still hot with the style,
    ur shit sucks, my punches so nice every knuckle i got has a smile
    girls compare you to their cable, once u get it inside her
    she realizes u got a basic package - she should find a better provider
    fuck a recession, can't wait till it's all over n aced
    cus i just got laid off...the bed by ur girl... we did it all over the place
    see, bitches say my name & they get a quiver in their hips
    but they say yours, and all they do is put a finger to their lips
    i mention bitches because u get none, aint it lame?
    to them ur woods out of the picture like painting frames
    we're different in many ways, im a fan of violence
    so my name demands respect, all urs demands is silence

  8. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Interview with -Sephiroth-

    David Lama: tell the rblers who you are exactly? i seen drugs make a thread
    asking just that this week in hookups too. are you a alias? and if not where and when did you come from?

    -Sephiroth-: just Seph, i use to text battle a little awhile back like around 03ish
    or something, never really got into it much though till like early 08, started off on RM

    David Lama: you the same seph from b/boys? the one that was like indian or
    something? or you a different one. cause that dude started in 03 too

    -Sephiroth-: lol different one

    David Lama: what have you done so far on RM? or in text in general? who has
    your biggest win been? and what has your biggest accomplishment been? and how did it feel to achieve it?

    -Sephiroth-: hmm, i champed the RBL last year, beaten Magus and Servical,
    champed a league at BeatsRhymesLife, champed both leagues at the same time, it felt good that people
    liked what i put out there i guess

    David Lama: cool. do you think you get the props you deserve?

    -Sephiroth-: yeah, alotta people told me im nice, even people i've beaten or
    people that have beaten me gave me props before, i've been hearing that im underrated so i guess thats
    true too lol

    David Lama: do you think theres much of a difference skillwise right now in the
    rbl than there was when you champed it? and if so how do you think you'll do this time around?

    -Sephiroth-: honestly yeah i'd say so, when i champed there was only demik,
    metasin, servical, and magus that were active i think, right now theres twist, deon, exodus, ooh gots, rizpy,
    ill-nik, user and aloe and some others using aliases. i think right now the competition is a bit more fierce. im
    not sure how i'll do, i haven't done that great i think, this is like my 4th time in the champ match this season
    lol, back when i came on the scene i was a bit more motivated

    David Lama: word. who are the dudes who you feel have influenced your style
    of writing the most?

    -Sephiroth-: hmm, i don't think anybody's really influenced my style, i haven't
    read much from alot of people to be honest. i been told my style is kinda old school though

    David Lama: word. what you think about your last battle with ohh gots? that
    was a close one. i noticed you were gonna sign out if you lost. whats up with that? you really thought you
    won or what?

    -Sephiroth-: yeah it was close as fuck lol, ooh gots is nice, i told him that on aim.
    i don't know, if i lost than i rather be out since i woudln't feel like climbing back up the ranks again in order
    to get to the champ match, it would kinda feel like a waste of time.

    David Lama: i thought you said in the battle ohh gots was a girl? or did i read
    that wrong?

    -Sephiroth-: lol i just found out a couple hours ago he wasn't, he reached out to
    me and told me good battle and i asked him if he was, he said he wasn't lol

    David Lama: what made you think he was in the first place?

    -Sephiroth-: some quote i read a while back from jai-z which i quoted in the
    battle, plus i remember a couple peeps mentioning he was a girl​
  9. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    David Lama: top 10 battlers all time. whats your list?

    -Sephiroth-: hmm actually i don't have an all time list. just
    some poeple who i think are dope and can write some shit. metasin, servical, deon,
    magus, oneduh, muffffy, quriosity, user, kungfugrip, fracture, i think these guys are
    pretty good writers

    David Lama: k.. im'a mention some names tell me what pops
    in your head when i say the name

    -Sephiroth-: k

    David Lama: Oneduh

    -Sephiroth-: dope battler

    David Lama: SPuL

    -Sephiroth-: don't know much about him, hope he does a good
    job as a mod

    David Lama: Rizpy

    -Sephiroth-: goodluck

    David Lama: ill nik a

    -Sephiroth-: dudes nice when he wants to be

    David Lama: headless verseman

    -Sephiroth-: he's nice, seen some verses from him

    David Lama: mac detroit

    -Sephiroth-: he's pretty good

    David Lama: deon

    -Sephiroth-: dope battler, he gots natural writing ability

    David Lama: quriosity

    -Sephiroth-: he's pretty good, he was a good mod too

    David Lama: Calibre

    -Sephiroth-: cal's alright, he can bring it at times

    David Lama: aight.. enough names. how old are you? whats
    your race? and where you at? lol basically. ASL??? lmao

    -Sephiroth-: lol 22, white, eastcoast lol

    David Lama: you in college?

    -Sephiroth-: yep

    David Lama: whats your major?

    -Sephiroth-: business

    David Lama: thats whats up.. so why the name?

    -Sephiroth-: lol i forgot how i came up with it honestly,
    probably cause i was lookin through some of my old playstation games

    David Lama: is it really a gay character as i seen someone

    -Sephiroth-: no, but probably the most badass video game
    boss in history of video games

    David Lama: word. from what game? i aint up to date on that

    -Sephiroth-: final fantasy 7

    David Lama: you wear glasses dont you?

    -Sephiroth-: nope

    David Lama: fat?

    -Sephiroth-: nope. lol thats what people think

    David Lama: then why the heck did you play that game?

    -Sephiroth-: it was while back, like 97 or something, it's old as
    fuck lol

    David Lama: ha. you ever post a pic of yourself on these rap

    -Sephiroth-: nah, im about to for mm09

    David Lama: thats whats up. did user tell you you were in?

    -Sephiroth-: nope

    David Lama: oh aight. he'll prolly let you in. oh snap sezsion is
    on aim lol.. none of ya prolly even know who that is so forget it ha. so you seem like a
    nice dude. like you dont seem to beef at all. am i wrong on that? is this a gimmick or you
    just aint looking for hate votes?

    -Sephiroth-: eh, i don't got no reason to, i don't even talk to
    lotta people anyway, i just come here to battle

    David Lama: word.. so wrap this up for us man. its getting
    late and im about to go to bed.. give shout outs or whatever.

    -Sephiroth-: alright, shout outs to the mods for doing their job
    and to riz, goodluck

    David Lama: word. thanks for the interview man!

    -Sephiroth-: yeah you too, thanks homie​
  10. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    No Show Shine

    ToKen SpArKz: yo u still mess wit forums?
    Me: a lil bit
    ToKen SpArKz: *************.com
    ToKen SpArKz: my new site
    Me: i'm straight, i just battle, only need 1 site
    ToKen SpArKz: yea $$ text league
    ToKen SpArKz: burden told me to holla at u

    Fuck ur wack name kid, ur just a weak whore
    My only Burden's needin to reject leagues that YOU recommended me for
    You fuckin' newbs piss me off, I've had it with kids
    So listen Jr... is RB's wack league that u STILL couldn't manage to win
    I been hearin' complaints that this bitch is a rough fag
    When u get near, girls kickoff hard to make sure there isn't a touchback
    U ain't charmin' ya freak, seein' ur shits hardly a treat
    Ur base level of talent got the terrorists believin' our army is weak

    Woah hold up a minute, are you for real guy
    U had to join six rap sites just to learn u shouldn't bold ya multies
    Claimin' u blew up, but the truth is this dude sucks
    U'd layoff ur played shit, but the severance packages would cost u too much
    Ain't seen ur shit in a minute so I started checkin' it out
    So I peeped the Den... and there was more crap than the one in my house
    Ur not a baller at all, its evident ur a joke
    So few dudes been Bynum wack shit, the Lakers title hopes went up in smoke​
  11. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    01) Rizpy 8-0 vs. 02) -Sephiroth- 17-4
    this should be cool to see. Riz is a bit more consistent than seph from what
    ive seen and since this week seph got interviewed for the first time ever and
    put some ammo out there rizpy will most likely have a blast in this one
    especially since he tends to aim for personals. Riz should get this one in a
    close one but don’t sleep on seph. Dude seems to be a wildcard.

    03) J. Luth 4-0 vs. 04) mAc Detroit 3-0
    Another one that could go either way. Ive been liking what I been seeing
    from mac. Not sure what luth will bring to the table here he’s on and off. This
    could be close and will prolly could either way. But I’ma guess that mac will
    take this one due to luth either no showing or being lazy.

    5) ExodusIII 6-2 vs. 6) Oliver Twist 5-2
    Another cool match up here. Both are pretty much on the same level and
    have been doing this for the same amount of time. Ive seen exodus come
    way better than ive seen oliver come so I’ll leane to exodus here. Then again
    there are two different oliver twists on rm and im not too sure I know which
    of those 2 this one is. So I might be wrong.

    7) Aloe&User 3-0 vs. 8) Awk is dope 3-1
    Awk aint bad. He should get his name changed to that jp. Ha. Aloe and user
    should take this one pretty easy. No offense to awk. They just on a whole
    other level than him.

    9) Criteria 2-0 vs. 10) Ooh Gots 3-2
    Could be a good one if both post as good as they can drop. Another one
    that could go either way. I’ll go with criteria here just cause I know what he
    can do. Not too sure if ohh can drop heat week after week.

    11) Xquisite 4-2 vs. 12) The Box 2-2
    The Box should get this week. X is elevating and so is the box but the box is
    a few steps ahead of him.

    13) Murder.txt 2-1 vs. 14) Yung Money 4-3
    Murder should get this one if the guy who wrote for this account in week one
    writes for it again. If it’s the week 2 guy murder might lose. Yes even to
    yung lol. No offense yung.

    15) ill Nik-a 1-0 vs. 16) Hush! 4-3
    Ill nik a should get this one easy. Hush aint bad. But nik is dope like coke or
    so he says. But he is way better than hush imo. I don’t think he’ll have a
    problem getting this win.

    17) Gundam 1-0 vs. 18) Headless Verseman 2-1
    I don’t see headless showing after oneduh gave him a L last week. A L that
    Im sure headless doesn’t feel he should have gotten. Gundamn will get the
    no show win

    19) *Darce 1-0 vs. 20) Smart.Alix 6-4
    Not sure who darce is. I’ma guess that smart alix will get it but who knows

    21) Shh. 1-2 vs. 22) Gramur 1-3
    Uhhh shh I guess. He seems like hes been doing it longer and is better than
    wording. His punches are more effective than Gramur’s

    23) Diso. 1-3 vs. 24. T.a.C. 13-11
    No idea here. But if TAC beat oneduh im sure he can beat Diso. that’s if he
    rings whoever wrote for him in his oneduh battle again. Then again he might
    not need help. Who knows

    25. Ovea 4-2 vs. 26) .Nightmare. 0-2
    Ovea should get this if he shows up. Deon seems to be in no show city
    lately. As long as he doesn’t no show he should get this. Nightmare aint on
    deons level yet.

    27. Calibre 0-0 vs. 28. Jane Dough 0-0
    Lmao @ this one. This should be funny if Jane is a dope alias. If not it’ll be
    lame and a free win for caliber. I hope jane ends up being someone whose ill
    and takes the W. that’ll be funny.

    29. Tristan. vs. 30. Light Sabre 0-0
    Tristan will prolly get this. Not too sure though

    21. Clowd' osmoke 0-0 vs. 32. KDP 0-0
    KDP I guess

    34. Him. 0-1 vs. 34. Touchdown Jesus 0-0 (Tim Tebow?)
    Uhhhh jesus? I think Him no showed last week.​
  12. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Power Ranks

    10. Criteria
    Seen him come nice at times. Depends on if hes motivated or not. Not sure if
    he is at the moment. But just
    in case be careful. don’t sleep on dude. He can come with it.

    9. Ooh Gots
    Can come with it. Had pretty cool wording and seems like hes been around
    for a while. Obviously a alias. As long as he stays motivated he should make
    it back up in the ranks again.

    8. ExodusIII
    I remember when he was wrecking shit in the league a few months back. I
    hope his verse last week against headless wasn’t a real verse cause I know
    hes better than that. Actually neverming im sure it wasn’t a real verse lol. Ex
    should be in the champ match soon or at least the contenders

    7 Oliver Twist
    Havent read too much by him but it seems like this dude knows what hes
    doing. Some of his stuff his concepts ive seen done before but he still has
    good wording and could do some damage. At the moment hes one of the
    better heads in the league.

    6. ill nik-A
    Seems to be beefing with every rbl mod for some reason lol. Regardless he
    still one of the better heads in the league. He can drop nice when he wants
    to as seph said in the interview. dont ever sleep on nik. You never know what
    he’ll come with

    5. -Sephiroth-
    Havent read much by him but hes a former RBL mod who has beaten magus
    in the past so it seems like he might be a threat in the weeks to come if he
    stays in. this week he gets a chance at the championship again. Will he win
    it again? Who knows? Maybe.

    4. mAc Detroit
    he has a different style from a lot of the dudes in right now. it’s a bit
    refreshing with his swag and all. I like him. He OD’d on name plays last week
    but still displayed talent and got the win. He should be doing damage in the
    league. Hope he stays for a while

    3. J. Luth
    Since its oneduh now luth is someone you have to look out for. don’t use old
    luth lines against him though cause luth wasn’t always oneduh. Before last
    week it was just SPuL so the personals don’t apply to the new J Luth. As
    long as oneduh doesn’t just do name plays under this account he should be
    fine and win a lot of battles

    2. Aloe&User
    No doubt this is going to be the next RBL champ as long as they keep
    showing. They been posting better than everyone in the league right now.
    don’t see anyone stopping them but themselves by no showing. Would had
    put them at number 1 considering they got verse of the week and had the
    most top punches and all but riz is the champ.

    1. Rizpy
    no one seems to know who this is at the moment. I mean oneduh saying its
    someone with a jersey IP seems to be throwing all of us off. Cause this sure
    as hell isn’t resin M-I-C. whoever it is he seems to either be hiding his Ip or
    has someone from jersey posting for him ha. Regardless this dude is the
    current champ so I got to put him at number 1. His thing seems to be
    personals. Which could make him dangerous this week consider seph was just


    fuck an outro. ya dont read it anyways. im tired. got work in a bit. did this mad quick as a favor to oneduh and the rbl since spul cant get a mag up this week due to personal problems. hope ya like it. pzzz

    so until next time.

    if you gonna be gay like Revanon


    then just bounce the fuck off RM like him too​
  13. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    Major props to Lama for puttin this together last minute.. Dope mag
  14. mAc Detroit

    mAc Detroit da muthafuckin south

    Nov 30, 1999
    nice mag....cant really tell you rushed it..
  15. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    Ayo.. why rev look like the spaceship in The Day the Earth Stood Still? Fuck @ how big that head is hahaha
  16. The "Box"

    The "Box" New Member

    Dec 8, 2007
  17. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    haha nice mag lama. always good to see one from u
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    dope mag. but, is business really a major?
  19. ill nik-A

    ill nik-A Dirty Sanchez!!

    Feb 22, 2002
    good to see someone who knows what they talking about doing the mag

    lolz at the pics u dick
  20. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    kungfugrip = rizpy,

    let the gossip begin.
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