RBL MAG (WK 41)- The Angelina Jolie Ass Scene Edition

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  1. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    Before SP gets into this Mag.. I feel like I need to hammer something into all of your heads.. Here are the rules concerning voting:


    [04] - You must post at least 5 valid voting links within your match.
    [05] - Within those 5 links, you must be sure to vote on both the Championship and Contender matches.
    [06] - Votes must be at least 2 full lines of feedback per competitor followed by the competitor's name in which you choose to vote for.
    [07] - Voting a tie result is deemed a failure to vote.
    [08] - Voting links must be posted in your battle thread with the Champ and Contender matches labeled clearly.
    [09] - Votes changed after 1 hour of posting will be deemed a failure to vote.
    [10] - Voting is open to current participants, past champions, and active RBL moderators ONLY.

    See that bolded part? START DOING IT. Last weeks Champ match ended 4-2.. Contendership 3-2..


    I don't really care if you think that's too harsh.. The bottom line is that's how it's going to be.. If you plan on winning in this league, you're going to vote on 5 battles.. & 2 of them will be the champ & contender matches.
  2. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004


    You remember that Angelina Jolie ass scene from “Wanted”? Everywhere you went people raved about it. “Hunny! I’m giving birth right now!! Come down to the hospital!” “Umm... does the hospital have internet? Cuz I’m kinda trying to peep that Angelina Jolie ass scene from ‘Wanted.’” All that praise, got you thinking it was something spectacular. Mind blowing. So you scavenge the internet, till you FINALLY find it. You gather around the lotion, the kleenex, and get ready to go. You turn it on. And just like that, it’s over. About 2-3 seconds, and you don’t see shit. “Meh, it was good. Could have been better.”
    Pretty much what I think could describe the RBL last week. Good week, but could have been better. Mostly due in part to a large number of no-shows. I think we had 10+? But it’s all good, we still had a plenty of tight battles that actually went through. A new champion was crowned, the first RBL cypher/roast went down, and there’s a lot more planned for the future. So I’ll stop blabbing and get on with this mag. Word.​
  3. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004

    Some good stuff last week.

    A. TOP 20 REVIEW

    CHAMP MATCH: 1. RIZPY (6-0) v.s. 2. OVEA (4-0)



    I'm da country's best, i'd go hard but this lame can't endure it
    Ur skills ain't Allstate, ur more of a fraud than some claims to insurance
    A new trends out, save earth, I'll set da pace as the leader
    U've yet to Go Green... but I cant say the same about the faces of ur readers
    Pull that shit again n' man u'll get tossed
    Who the fuck AIMs dudes to brag about the battles they've lost?
    Voters wouldn't read ur shit even if u decided to pay money
    I got proofreading ur verse sucks, it takes HOURS for ur aim buddies


    OVEA (6)

    Riz finna get wrecked in his peak for steppin to me,
    Cuz those 6 wins just murdertxt worse than headless this week.
    cuz we stop & question what this dudes drops ever did,
    & he's managed so far...nothin but the Wendys a few blocks from his crib.
    & she's a hoe slick, i'm not being candid but notice,
    she says ur stroke could best be described as dry hand or w/lotion.


    Like many said wasn’t the best from both. From the looks of it, they both rushed their verses. It’s a pity because it could have been a dope battle. Even still, Rizpy had a pretty good verse. The all state, go green, and proofreading lines all got a chuckle out of me. Good stuff. Ovea came pretty cool too. Not as much firepower as the previous week, but still good stuff. The wendy’s and murdertxt lines were cool. Overall, was a close battle with Rizpy pulling it out 4-2 to become the new RBL champion.


    CONTENDERSHIP: 3. XQUISITE (3-1) v.s. 4. BURD. (3-0)



    Should be embarrassed for going against such a God like Burden. Go pray my boy. Beg God for penance.


    BURD. (24)

    i'm ill son, u ain't. knock this geek to the ground,
    u lookin' for affair fight.. yea, right after you catch ur chick sleepin' around.
    dude ur 3-1. u already lost how u back w/ the best?
    if you pickin' up ANY speed. it's w/ a police wire strapped to ya chest.
    as for legends? just know to an extent crime pay,
    bitch i'll cement a spot. shit, u & ur brothers just cement my driveway.
    omg @ this nerd. shit he's practically dead,
    cuz u couldn't keep ya ears to the street if User sat on ya head.
    ur ellipsis style is wack. we don't need text to tell nada,
    yo fag 'we ain't feelin ya tekneek'. so it's kinda like all the RSTL drama.
    haha yea i read ur played verse, u bad already.
    how the fuck u usin 'outside the box' lines after everyone battled eddie.
    wow @ that awful shit. just save us the next jawn,
    cuz i'll drop ya right after readin ur verse. it'll mirror magus n' defcon.
    u robbed smart alix. those old lines that u flip reek,
    i'm like Wise he here. & thas exactly what shoulda happened this week.
    show ur hand. cuz fag mine is a murder thing,
    bitch if u EVER droppin' a royal flush.. it's takin' a dump in burger king.
    omg @ ur shit. but seriously i'll go blind,
    cuz we're ALL wonderin' why the fuck xquisite's still usin' old clichés in 09.
    ur soo fake. if ur ever rappin it's readin' across a page,
    if you risin' like a Phoenix. it's pickin' urself up after fallin' off the stage.
    i'm champin. who gonna stop this txt streak?
    cuz X mark the spot.. right where Deon's getting blown out next week.


    Seriously... how the fuck does he do it? Burden is such a God. The minute he dropped I swear I started spazzing out and immediately ran to the computer to just drool and look in awe at his perfectly formed wordplay. Those witty punch lines, and just to imagine what kind of metaphors he’d use to describe the dinner I want to have so badly with him. This verse was AMAZING. This is the verse parents will name their kids after. This is the verse that I immediately printed out and posted on my wall. I even made an extra copy for my mom to post up on her fridge. Simply amazing. Oh, and I did print out X’s verse too... only because I needed a jizz rag to cum on from jacking off to Burd’s verse. God fucking dayum.... Burd, you are my hero.

    WINNER: Burd. (4-0)

    5. -SEPHIROTH- (15-4) v.s. 6. T.A.C. (13-9)



    wanna know how i know your irrelevant ? let me show you bro
    ^ i didn't even know this was a rematch untill you told me so
    yeah theres safety in numbers and i bet you hope for more
    had a fluke win over One... 2 and 3 other times you were ghosted 4
    now asking for advice ? this fag's a true loser
    fuck a mentor - you'll need a trainer, big brother and a afterschool tutor
    the leagues biggest joke, getting some help to get tighter
    you've been roasted weekly, without posting a pic of yourself in a cypher


    T.A.C. (4)

    T.a.C vs anyone else is a sure to be main event
    You and your boy are on the same Calibre, that’s how I know you aint a threat
    You aint worth originality cuz all your works retarded
    Serv hit u wit his recycling, that means you cant even volly over garbage


    This was a pretty cool battle. Seph had one of the better verses I seen from him. Good shit dude. That safety in numbers line I felt. T.a.C. you had a lot of lines that had potential. Liked the calibre line. But word, man, keep it up. Good effort. In the end seph came away with the win handedly 6-0.

    WINNER: -Sephiroth- (16-4)

    9. J. LUTH (2-0) v.s. 10. MARLEY (3-0)


    J. LUTH (4)

    You see a verse full of promise, I see punches that misland and suck
    So I can swear you’ll lose without having to give a shit, damn, or fuck
    Sonnin, J, b? LOL... not from how you coming lately
    Cuz you couldn’t Cruise, Holmes if you was Tom and Katie


    MARLEY (2)

    who you kiddin, kid? more of this shit is the sickest of chores
    but you couldnt eat Mars bars if all it took was a trip to the store


    Okay battle. Neither posted their best.

    WINNER: J. Luth (3-0)
  4. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    11. BLUE BAYOU (7-0) v.s. 12. ROSCOE BABBAGE (4-2)


    BLUE BAYOU (10)

    He's neither good Norway's enough, it's over for this stumpy fag
    Leavin his face Red with a Blue cross.. & i ain't talkin that country's flag
    But as a writer thank you.. from an MMA fan that's always precise w/ G's
    Cuz u makin the Penn look so bad i'm now bettin George wins the fight with ease
    & baggin sluts?.. HA! ugly faggot u aint hittin tail
    Couldn’t get laid on a dark knight…even the broads that ain't Christian Bale
    Serious... there's no way that his fightin is tougher
    Sure he's got the eye of the Tiger.. after he's hooked a shot right in the bunker
    It's over.. but much love for ur attempt at rhymin & thankings
    Battle was proof u'll always be behind me 100%... of the time in the rankings



    Wow, the ego on this "streak of luck"-ass weakling
    and so what yo verse is very, ...from weak as fuck to half decent
    REAL: you're not capable of this, you're fake, you know it bitch
    the level of disgust with u s'more than growing, ...it's acres of the shit
    muster all the D/Rers u'd dare to brang, justa get buried lame
    when web-fans go head over heels, he'll Spidey kiss 'em like Mary Jane


    Pretty cool battle, although very one-sided. Blue just killed his verse. Showed that the time off didn’t cause him any rust. The Norway line was dope. Roscoe you came pretty cool too man. Spiderman line was cool. But in the end Blue’s verse proved to be too much and carried him to a 4-0 decision.

    WINNER: Blue Bayou (8-0)

    15. GRAMUR (1-1) v.s. 16. MAC DETROIT (1-0)


    GRAMUR (4)

    let me reinerate..stop it with those tired ass lines
    u write to the point...the pencil lead is dull as your rhymes
    dissing my music, but what's dope about u man?
    if somethin tight ever comes off your dome, it'll be that fuckin headband



    My rap bouts are drastic, so watch me out this faggot…
    Even with 32 Grams…you wouldn’t have an ounce of talent…
    When I ask who’s the best, you say G…I wont listen…
    Cause if a nigga holla-Gram then he aint real to begin with….


    Decent battle. Gramur came aiight. He had some punches that had potential but the way he worded them really didn’t make them hit too hard. Cost him the match pretty much. Mac, I liked his last 4 lines. Those were worded nicely, and had some bang to it. Overall, okay match but Mac got it 4-0.

    WINNER: Mac Detroit (1-0)

    17. HEADLESS VERSEMAN (1-0) v.s. 18. MURDER.TXT (1-0)



    This queen's harmless, its not really a battle if he's sparrin
    The winner- well I'm taken Murda outta consideration like I plea bargained


    MURDER.TXT (2)

    You aint got the heart of a fighter when lyrics scrimmage...
    Murder.txt breaks down wills…leaving your family a mirror image.


    Pretty weak battle. No line really stood out. I didn’t feel like quoting anything, but I was in good mood ehh. But yea, Headless had the lesser of the two evils and got the win easily 4-0.

    WINNER: Headless Verseman (2-0)
  5. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004

    Was hard to pick one, but I think this was probably the most deserving out of the crop. Didn’t find too many others worthy. I would have given it to Burd.’s battle, but that would have included having to quote X’s verse too. ewww..

    11. BLUE BAYOU (7-0) v.s. 12. ROSCOE BABBAGE (4-2)



    Blue dropped hard and proved why he was the RBL champ a few weeks ago.


    So Oneduh said he finally did top 10 punches. I’ll wait for him to edit this​
  6. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004

    So courtesy of Quriosity, this is how the rankings look right now.

    Week 41

    TOP 10

    01) Rizpy 7-0
    02) Burd. 4-0

    03) -Sephiroth- 16-4
    04) Ooh Gots 3-1

    05) J. Luth 3-0
    06) Blue Bayou 8-0

    07) Hush! 4-2
    08) mAc Detroit 2-0

    09) Headless Verseman 2-0
    10) ExodusIII 5-2


    11) Smart.Alix 6-3
    12) Oliver Twist 4-2

    13) -Wordplay- 11-9
    14) Awk is dope 2-1

    15) Aloe&User 1-0
    16) Shh. 1-1

    17) I'm Deon 9-4
    18) Criteria 1-0

    19) Voodu 1-0
    20) Ovea 4-1

    21) Xquisite 3-2
    22) Marley 3-1

    23) Noble Soldier 3-1
    24) The Box 1-2

    25) Roscoe Babbage 4-3
    26) Gramur 1-2

    27) Murder.txt 1-1
    28) Diso. 1-2

    29) Soull 1-2
    30) Yung Money 3-3

    31) .Nightmare. 0-1
    32) ill Nik-a 0-0

    33) Gundam 0-0
    34) Worst Nightmare 0-0


    35) *Him.. 0-0
    36) *Darce 0-0


    T.a.C. 13-10
    Iontach 0-1

    Resin M-I-C 3-1
    Asulcard 2-2
    werf 2-1
    Grey Fox 2-3
    Muffffy 12-5
    coil grimely 2-4
    Island 0-1
    BlackDef 0-1
    Trapt Wit 0-1
    Worst Enemy 0-1
    EYE-Z 0-1
    David Lama 0-1
    U.N.V.I. 0-1
  7. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004

    SP: Yo what up man?

    Rizpy: nm whats good wit u

    SP: chillin' chillin'. So you won your first RBL title, well, under the Rizpy name at least. So what are your thoughts on that?

    Rizpy: haha yea all u know i may have won dis shit before. but its tight, tho i wish i'd had more comp to get it. was lookin' forward to facin' Q the week before, but he had to rush his shit n' couldnt put up a real challenge..

    SP: Word a lot of people in the RBL seem to be on that shit. So what are your thoughts on the RBL as a whole right now? What's good and what could be worked on?

    Rizpy: leagues not bad, decent number of dudes in it. *there could be more tho i feel like given this is like the only legit league goin' on 'round the net right now. voting needs to be worked on... quality of votes ain't bad, just ain't enough of 'em. i seen u tryna crack down on that shit, but dudes have bad habits cuz of the way Q ran it around here. Also theres some good dudes in here, but also some that are garbage, would love to see more talent

    SP: Word. So who are some of the good dudes you referred too? Heads that you think are helping the overall rep of the RBL as a league currently?

    Rizpy: Blue Bayou been droppin pretty tight, dude has a lotta original concepts. I mean theres a handful of other good dudes signed in like deon, headless, nick fletcher n' some others. i see nik-a signed in, hope he stays. but then theres a lotta wack folk like that J. Luth kid

    SP: lmao don't look at me if some of your votes start disappearing son.

    Rizpy: haha nah im just playin dawg glad ur in this shit

    SP: haha but on the real, you got Burden. this week in the champ match. What are your thoughts on him and how the match might go down?

    Rizpy: he's aight i guess, looks like he improved a bit, his verse last week wasn't half bad. i mean tho, i expect to win, u got to.

    SP: Word I feel that. So what about a little background on the rizpster? How long you been doing this shit and what's got you still into it?

    Rizpy:been doin' this for like 4 or 5 years or some shit? i got some time these days so i thought i'd give this a go.

    SP: Nice, nice. You ever venture into audio or is texting just something you do for fun to pass time?

    Rizpy: i've fucked around wit audio a bit, but i never audio battled, just recorded some shit for friends. i'm more of a text guy, i like to write so its fun for me

    SP: Word? Soundclick link?

    Rizpy: ain't got one, never been that serious about it. aint' had a need since the only shit i done i ain't posted online, just been to clown on dudes i know. besides, if i did...u'd prolly use that shit to get clues at who i be lol

    SP: LOL you know I had to try. Anyways, back to text. What kind of process do you go through when typing up a verse for an opponent?

    Rizpy:thats a good question man. i start out with personals.. just write down everything i know about the dude, not disses, just shit i know.. then i take those facts n' see if i can twist 'em into disses. after that i just try to think of funny words that i could use as concepts, sometimes i'll be like drivin' around and somethin' comes to me. i usually start out with just writin' concepts n' then i word the concepts into bars at like the last minute.

    SP:Damn, seems like a lengthy process. You put that much thought when you making a sandwich?

    Rizpy: haha sounds more complicated than it is. i mean if i'm facin' a wack dude, i just key up some quick shit

    SP: like J. Luth?

    Rizpy: yea like that dude haha

    SP: LOL word. So do you buy how some heads say they wait till last minute, then key their verses in less than 5 minutes?

    Rizpy: nah they're full of shit. take whateva they say n' u gotta multiply it by at least 3. kinda like that rule of when u ask a bitch how many dudes she been with.

    SP: Word I feel that. You speaking from some bad text groupie experience?

    Rizpy: nah nah lol

    SP: Word, that's too bad. I heard even the wack RBL heads got at least one groupie. Step your game up man. So besides text and shit, what else does Rizpy get himself into?

    Rizpy: girls, poker, sports. u know, like most dudes in da league. fuckin' blows nfl seasons over tho.

    SP: Pshh that shits BEEN over for me. Ever since those Jags notched that 6th loss. Who you got for the NBA finals?

    Rizpy: im thinkin' spurs / cavs... woulda said the lakers, but they just aint the same without bynum. n' i think the celts melt down near the end, but tough call there

    SP: Iunno, Kings def taking that shit. Anyways tho, why Rizpy? What's a rizpy?

    Rizpy: kings lmfao what a fucking terrible team.

    SP: Fuck you, and answer the question son

    Rizpy: ur worst nightmare lol nah i dunno son. Just some random shit. i just typed like random letters n' thats what came out

    SP: Word word. So let's say, hypothetically, you decided instead of random letters you'd use the first name you used when you first started texting. What would that be? ~_~

    Rizpy: oh. it'd look somethin like this. FUCK YOU. first name i used is what i known by so. I never had one of them names like lilsoldya0434

    SP: haha damn son. I'ma find out son, mark my words! So word let's end this shit with some word association. Aliases

    Rizpy: dope

    SP: Oneduh

    Rizpy: Corrupt mod

    SP: Q

    Rizpy: ehh not much better of a mod

    SP: SP

    Rizpy: best mod of the bunch

    SP: word, your best answer thus far son. Burden.

    Rizpy: Getting there

    SP: herpes

    Rizpy: ain’t got ‘em, do you?

    SP: lool fuck that... Obama

    Rizpy: muthafuckin change is coming

    SP: Rizpy’s original name

    Rizpy: dope as hell

    SP: Long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, or being serenaded by Barry White?

    Rizpy: ehhh. I’ll take the serenade, I just ain’t gonna stare at the dde.

    SP: Word,son. Well that's all the time we got. Peaceee

    Rizpy: who's we, u just 1 dude. but pz out​
  8. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    05. A LOOK AHEAD

    ALL TIME: 9-2-1

    Moving onto this week. Some good matches on deck. Let’s take a look.


    CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: 1. RIZPY (7-0) v.s. 2. BURD. (4-0)

    Hopefully this will be the first champ match to live up to it’s calling for a couple of weeks. Burd has been on a roll as of late. Rizpy has been doing much of the same for the last 7 weeks. All that patience has finally delivered him his first RBL title. Will he see more of the same in his first defense or will Burden pull off the upset?


    This will be close. Burd’s verses seem to get better as he goes on. Rizpy had a down week last week to his standards, even though it was still a pretty good verse. However, even though I’m tempted to go with Burd, I’ma say Rizpy will pull it off in a close one.

    CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: 3. -SEPHIROTH- (16-4) v.s. 4. OOH GOTS (3-1)
    This could be an interesting match-up. Seph seemed to take a step up in the right direction with his verse last week. Could be a telling sign that he’s motivated to make a run for the RBL title. OohGots got off easy last week with Resin no-showing, but he still produced a cool verse.


    Anyway I look at it I just see -Sephiroth- taking it. He really stepped it up last week, and I look for that to continue onto this week. OohGots can make it interesting, but he might need another no-show to advance.

    5. J.LUTH (3-0) v.s. 6. BLUE BAYOU (7-0)

    This’ll be fun.


    Good luck son.

    7. HUSH! (4-2) v.s. 8. MAC DETROIT (2-0)

    Hush has been a little inconsistent at times. But when he seems motivated he can pull out some pretty cool verses. Being one win away from the contendership match could provide some huge motivation for him. Or at least it should. With Mac, sometimes some of his lines don’t really hit. Then he has those that are KO blows. If he can input more of the latter this could prove to be a walk in the park for him.


    I don’t really see Hush! winning this unless he pulls off the verse of his life. No hate to him, but I think Mac Detroit is a little more polished then Hush. Hush could always pull off the surprise though if Mac is caught looking ahead.

    9. HEADLESS VERSEMAN (2-0) v.s. 10. EXODUSIII (5-2)

    Headless had an off week last week. Luckily for him he really didn’t have to try. Exodus got here with a no-show. Both heads are coming off weeks where they weren’t tested. Now in the top 10, they need to get ready to step it up to another level.


    This is really pretty close IMO. Could go either way. Headless can be ruthless at times, but I haven’t seen that side lately in him. Exodus seems to be a little more motivated. So I give the SLIGHT edge to ExodusIII
  9. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    11. SMART.ALIX (6-3) v.s. 12. OLIVER TWIST (4-2)

    Smart is pretty decent. I’m yet to really see a verse of his that has really impressed me though. He has potential though, just has to work on wording those concepts a little better. Oliver can come with some heat. I think it was him who had that Abu line that was sick. His only problem is his consistency.


    I mean, unless Smart really pulls something out of his ass, I think Oliver Twist has this easy. Hopefully Smart can prove me wrong and make it an interesting match.

    13. -WORDPLAY- (11-9) v.s. 14. AWK IS DOPE(2-1)

    Could be a cool match. I’ve seen some pretty cool wordplay verses. Awk has a lot of good concepts, just poorly executed. Match up of two battlers with potential.


    They both got the ideas, it’s just about working them the best. IMO, I think -Wordplay- will show off a little more.

    15. ALOE&USER (2-0) v.s. 16. SHH. (1-1)

    Believe it or not I really think this can end up being one of the top battles of the week. Aloe and User are known to be able to drop tight. I mean, the King himself said it when talking about the “GOAT”: “Some will say Aloe.” Then shh who has surprised some heads with some nice punches. Should be a good one.


    Shh could definitely make it close. But I still see Aloe&user pulling it off.

    17. I’M DEON (9-4) v.s. 18. CRITERIA (1-0)

    So Deon has like 94390439034 battles in the RBL this week. So I don’t know how high up his to-do list this particular battle is. Criteria has had a past in the RBL, so he should make this an interesting match-up.


    Will be a close battle, but I think I’m Deon pulls it off riding his momentum from previous verses.

    19. VOODU v.s. 20. Ovea



    In order.


    3. Blue Bayou

    2. Burden

    1. Rizpy​
  10. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004

    So word that pretty much wraps it up. I was able to do top 20 reviews and top 20 predictions. Hopefully makes more people happy. But yea, enjoy this shit. And I’m too tired to give a fuck about this outro, so word. Peace.


  11. Blue Bayou

    Blue Bayou The Sothist.

    Jul 16, 2005
    Very quality Mag dude.. LOL at the title and some of those "The Music" pictures

    Anyways good shit... props on the effort & g'luck this week.
  12. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    wow, I seriously didnt think I got under your skin that bad...lol I feel bad now. Its all good homie....let it out
  13. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    and good lookin out oneduh wit that voting shit
  14. Voodu

    Voodu New Member

    Jun 12, 2008
    so who the fuck won the roast/cypher..?
  15. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    ^lol Resin did.

    Not you homie. Can't say the same about that nigga Burden tho :))
  16. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    damn oneduh get those punches up already son
  17. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    deon needs to drop a name from the ranks. i've been inefficient lately. and wow at you/burd.
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    too many rules.
  19. Burd.

    Burd. #1

    Jan 6, 2009
    burd/who ?
  20. I'm Deon

    I'm Deon the guy who fucked ur mom

    Jan 30, 2005
    why wasnt this said last week?
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