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Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Brown Jesus, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    Round 1 is in the books.

    Crazy week if you ask me. We almost had the upset that wasn't an upset with Siege vs Syn, some drama from smashal0t and yet another proof that explaining your verse will only get you laughed at. All this led to some very interesting (and dubious) situations; some of the front runners to win are matched up this week and...


    Highlights... I thought you guys did well last week and it will show in the Highlights. I haven't made up my mind on BotW or VotW; Silentt will probably be offended if he didn't get both. I mentioned earlier that we have some really good matchups this week, so expect me to fail this week on predictions. I don't think much has changed on my outlook of the tourney results, but this week will definitely change that; I'll try to take into account the matchups this week when I do that.

    That's all I got. Remember to show up for your battles :rolleyes: and vote. O course, we all hope you enjoy yourselves this week.

    RBL Staff
  2. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Round 1 Recap

    1. Ski Mask vs 24. Kriminal

    This was a really good match up. It was back and forth with Kriminal keeping it interesting with lines like his opener, but didn't quite have enough to top Ski Mask. Ski Mask did his usual thing and advanced to the second round. Will be interesting week for him.

    2. Eggo vs 23. T R A P

    I expected a closer battle here; or, at least a more impressive battle. Neither really came with memorable verses (no offense, guys). I think eggo took it with more creative punches like the bear hunters line (not the cave in ya chest line lol). T R A P was alright, you guys seemed to like his snapshot line, but just not enough. eggo advances to a very tough matchup this week.

    3. T.a.C vs 22. Lyricalpriest

    LP came in doing his usual thing... lose to T.a.C that is. Thanks for participating, though, brotha! I liked the opener, but wasn't really feeling the rest. T.a.C had the zit and prison for sex lines that were nice. T.a.C took this one pretty easy and advances to the second round.

    4. EKGenius vs 21. Lizmangsta

    Well, this one was dramatic. I don't think these type of things can go down without something like this happening. I won't go into specifics, but, if you have to explain your punchlines, you're doing it wrong. It's usually a sign that your concepts are to much of a stretch. Paradoxically, while less is certainly more, EKG had more and that, is in fact, more. I liked the NO2 and Liz Taylor lines. EKG advances to round 2.

    5. SiegeSupreme vs 20. Orange407County aka Synthesis

    The upset that wasn't an upset that almost wasn't an upset... wtf? I thought it was close, Siege did his usual array of multies that may/may not work and Syn tried something different. I think it was a good battle, though. I didn't think Siege's punches were hardhitting enough to win this battle, but he did have some nice lines; the break up county line was cool. Syn had lines like the wilson one that won it for him. Syn advances to the second round.

    6. PharCyzE vs 19. A.S.B

    This one was the first clear battle imo (aside from the no shows). I thought PC was just too much for ASB. PC had the red bull line that was pretty nice; ASB did have the opener that I thought was cool. ASB had a nice flow, but nothing really direct. PC advances to the second round.

    7. EyeurnMic vs 18. Ra illy

    This was a lot like the last one, Ra had a nice flow and Eyeurn had the hard punches. Nothing was really standing out to me in Ra's verse and Eyeurn had the air RAW line that was good. Eyeurn will have to bring more this week against PC and coil.

    8. Coil grimly vs 17. The Mage BTM

    No show gets a no show verse... :cry:

    Hooters line was cool.

    9. Smash al0t vs 16. Young Philly

    Double no show... :lux1:

    10. SluggerK vs 15. King Nicholis

    Another no show, but I will take the time to let Silentt know how awesome he is: I think this was VotW tbh.

    11. SonnyDaze vs 14. Split Eight

    I think this was another clear cut battle. While I don't think SD had the best verse he's ever posted, it was decent. I couldn't really get down with Split's verse, it wasn't very hard hitting and the flow was choppy. Sonny isn't exactly known for his flow, but some of his concepts are nice; his opener is a good example.sonny wins and advances.

    12. Allen Knight vs 13. Storyteller

    This was one of the easier battles to call; AK had much better execution. Some of AK's concepts might not have been great or were kinda played, but he put them together effectively. Storyteller had the pissing his balls line, but it wasn't enough, AK put together a verse that was just more consistent. AK moves onto the second round.
  3. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Round 1 Highlights

    Top Punchlines

    Fed to the shark so I get why he always stallin' to brawl,
    Cause when it comes to standing tall when natures calls he just ends up pissin' his balls.

    u run from conflicts, i pulled out the gat to put a stop to ya bum
    my cannons like a opera n ur the fat bitch screaming at the top of ya lungs
    Allen Knight

    When you dead, deceased, i'll anoint myself the Godly victor of the crusade,
    don't take the shame too hard, your Sunny forecast was doomed to fade.
    Split Eight

    Ruining his 8 mile dream, Pre-battle over a toilet for thinkin’ he sick
    Killed him in the first round, before I could say “Lick-a-D Split”

    Treat battles like Blackjack, I’m known for dismantling kid’s schemes
    And split Eight’s cuz it’s hard for him to stand on a 16.

    You don't work at hooter's, but 'owl' still off this jerk
    one shot.. it's like you work at hooter's, ya chest pops out ya shirt
    coil grimely

    T.A.C., why you do this to him? He ain't ready for a fight.
    I'll air Ra-w out now, fuck Monday nights.
    Eyeurn Mic

    But me? I'm a true spitter learn your place Ra
    Because when that thing clap it'll lift your spirits up - round of applause.
    Eyeurn Mic

    u been text'n this long n still on a decline... u need space just to compare it bruh?
    as the fastest downfall in history...... now let that sync in...... w/ the red bull jump

    PharCyze this isn't a smart decision/ I know you didn't have a part in picking/
    the opposition is given/ but when you pay with a loss take it as the cost of living/

    When “servin shots” I’m the illest here! “Potent bars” leave this fake fuck “drowsy”..
    Punchlines equivalent to “re-districting” the way they “break up County”!

    but dont think cause i lost my will, son, I cant still blow the cast away..
    mash his face, see i got punches u could dance to, cassius clay

    put these kleets to ya skull, watch u fuckin bleed,
    so I aint gonna need Steven Segal to put you Under, Seige..

    rex voice, "hes fuckin dead"..he was never on my level
    since u thought u had a 'chants against syn'.. i hadda send u to the devil

    cringed my teeth peeping your battle vids getting fed wackness
    next time Liz Taylor a video.. I rather watch a dead actress

    Lyrically your wack, your whole delivery is trash
    take Justin Biebers style, kill ya self, and give it back

    Ugly motherfucker, gets none, even if the trick paid
    He went to prison for sex…not a rape charge…I mean he went to get laid

    Priest is pink, lumpy, annoying and brings on disgrace
    No I’m not comparing him to a zit...
    …Those wait ‘til you’re a teen to come on a face

    Ya Body'll be declared ruptured N you suck it's not fair buster
    Dog Ill put trap on the ground faster than any fuckin bear hunter

    i'm bout that life, you'll never live it 'cuz ur raps aren't vivid
    a Sinister villain, known to kill within a snapshot image
    T R A P

    Punchline of the Week

    Verse of the Week

    Battle of the Week

  4. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Round 2 Predictions

    This is where I pull out the Magic 8 Ball... so don't blame me.


    1. Ski Mask vs 20. Synthesis

    First in a lineup of good battles; between this battle and the next, we have the 4 best battlers facing each other. Ski Mask has been signed in for a couple months, and with his win last week, carries a little momentum into this round. Syn had a good showing dispatching Siege last week, but will have to do better to win this week. I really want to go with the momentum that Ski Mask built up over the last couple months, but I really think Syn pulls this one out.

    2. Eggo vs 15. King Nicholis

    Eggo has been on a good run, but unfortunately, it is probably over. Does Silentt post from his bathroom as he take his morning shit? Or does he do it as he drinks his coffee? Does it matter? I hope eggo brings his A game, though, since Silentt has actually lost before; maybe he can prove me wrong.

    3. T.a.C vs 12. Allen Knight

    I still haven't really seen anything from AK, and T.a.C seems to be motivated lately. From the little of AK I have seen, I think he will make it interesting, but I think T.a.C will advance.

    4. EKGenius vs 11. SonnyDaze

    EKG is on a nice little streak and SD is 1 week into signing back in. I think this will be a good match up, though. In the end, I think Sonny continues to shake the rust off and drops a nice verse this week... don't make me a liar, please =).

    6. BarZ. Vs 7. EyeurnMic vs 8. Coil grimely

    I like the match up between Coil and PC; I think that will be really good this week. Not to say that Eyeurn has no place here; I think he has good chances to advance this week. Eyeurn has won a few straight and has momentum; coil has shown potential but is relatively new; same with PahrCyze, but he is a familiar name. I'm going with PC on this one, but coil is a close second.
  5. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    I'm going to open the Mag, but I have a little spiel I want to edit in here. I completely forgot it was midterms this week, so I'm sneaking this in as I can.
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