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  1. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    Props to the top 30 for almost all showing. And BOO to the bottom half for being lazy and having like 13 no-show battles. Actually that made my life a little bit better because I decided I'd drop a review on every single battle in the RBL this week. Maybe you guys should've shown just to get some shine now huh? Let's start with the Bottom Half..

    Bottom Half Reviews:

    79 Krylon Strike vs 80 Suikoden:

    Krylon wasn't bad. None of the lines were really hard hitting though. I did feel the coast to victory line though, kinda .. for a quick second. Krylon should've really tried when he said he didn't. Actually the opener was pretty nice too. Two good bars. Sui was alot more focused IMO. I liked his verse more. His flow wasn't stretched or anything for those longer lines Sui used. I didn't really see any flaws in the punchlines either. This was a good slightly above average effort for Sui, and I feel that he won this one.

    37 Enemee vs 38 A.V.S:

    Heh, enemee dropped a slick verse. I wonder who all these aliases actually are, because if they aren't, where'd they come from? I liked pretty much all of enemee's verse. I didn't like one set-up line in the verse, and that happened to be the one with the best punchline. The pet sampson set-up is horrible, LOL .. it doesn't even relate to the punchline, which was the best line of the verse. AVS's closer and the napkin lines were hot, the rest was lukewarm really. You need to work on flow instead of telling enemee about his own lines. I think AVS basically won this one hands down.

    39 Risk SoOgod vs 40 Mc Big Dick:

    Big Dick, the multi style works only when one thing happens. The flow has to make at least some kind of sense. Really, "Ya style Old and dead like Bread with Mold on tha Spread," .. sure it flows nice, but what the fuck is with the corny ass set-up? Style old and dead like bread, lol come on. Besides Risk's weird closer, his verse was alot better and more polished then Big Dick's. The caveman line was cool .. but boo on the Ray Charles one. I'm sure i'll see more of them as I do these Reviews tonight. Risk won this one pretty easy.

    47 The Royal Penis vs 48 Lyrical Sorcery:

    I liked TRP's verse. He doesn't go crazy on the wordplay or multi's or whatever happens to be the cool thing to do now-a-days. He really just battles with an old school style of just belittiling his opponent. I don't really see any major flaws in his verse at all. But on the other hand I really didn't see any flaws in Lyrical Sorcery's either. He came with just the right mixture of flow / punches and multis. This will probally be a really hard battle for the voters to decide, as both of them came nice. I can't decide either. Good battle guys.

    89 Magevoice vs 90 Eternalpath:

    Mage dropped a decent verse. He probally could've re-worded a bunch of his punches to make them alot more funny. The one that I think could've used more work to be better is the William Hung one. It was witty just worded awful. Mage needs a little help before he can actually run with the big boys. Path was a bit more impressive, not because she quoted me in it, LOL .. but because the flow was shortened and most of the punches hit a little bit harder then mage's. The first impression line was a favorite. Probally should be in the top 10 perhaps. Eternal got this one, IMO and hopefully she wins.

    73 Iglos vs 74 Symphonicz:

    I wonder why both of these kids are 1-2 .. both dropped hot verses. Must be the voters fault. Iglos dropped a hot verse. Probally the best verse i've seen out of all the ones i've read tonight. Every line was nice and my favorite one was the Beethoven one. Symph's last 6 lines were fire .. really impressive. Unfortunatly I really wasn't feeling the rest of the verse. Perhaps you should stop rushing your verses man, because I really enjoy ya shit when you write good. You just faced a competitor who dropped a verse with no flaws at all. I think Iglos got this one, but the voters decide the fate of these two. This is the best battle i've read so far in the bottom feeders. Props.

    53 Fractured Flux vs 54 Spit That:

    Fractured, nice verse. The only line I really didn't get was the westwing one. I guess i'm really not an import car person. Besides that you dropped a good verse for it being a no-show one. I really don't believe you when you said that but still, good average verse. Wow, Spit That also dropped a hot verse. I really like reading the bottom half kids. They have more drive and fire to be in the top 30 or champ. While I don't think this could be a Championship verse, it is pretty nice. Only slight problem was the cut up bar in the beginning to make up for the line being long as fuck. I didn't like that. Either way, this is another hard battle to vote on because both competitors were good. Props kids.

    31 Henry Flatfish vs 32 KonviKt:

    Henry dropped fucking fire, lol. That verse was crazy. I wonder who he is. Hot punchlines and all. I can't really quote what I liked because I liked it all. It's pretty hard to drop consistantly nice lines when you drop 20+, but Henry did it. I'm sure one of his punches will be in the top 10 for this side, no doubt. Vad? So Henry is Vadik? Anyway I really enjoyed Kon's verse. He played off of it pretty well and had some funny disses to go with it. He was very straightforward with his verse and didn't try any corny ass wordplay that most kids do. Another hard battle, but I think if Henry just dropped any 12 lines from that verse he still would've slightly beaten KonviKt. Good battle once again.

    109 (dude with a weird name) vs 110 alpengeist:

    LOL, weird name dude actually dropped a nice verse. I liked the LIFE line. I like personals that are actually true .. and dude got that one down to a T. Change your name name though man, LOL. Alpen dropped a nice verse as well. The opener was crazy, even if it didn't rhyme. I'm glad he dropped a diss about his crazy ass name, LOL. If he didn't I would've given the win to weird dude just based on that. I still think the weird dude barely won this one though, just because I thought a good portion of his lines were a bit more funny then Alpen's. The voters could think differently though.
  2. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    bottom half. (continued):

    65 FYIFB vs Rap Antics:
    FY dropped a good verse. Too bad only half of it was good. I really thought you started off slow. I didn't even get the opener, maybe you could explain that to me. The Relay Race line was blah as well. The last few lines were nice though. I just wish you would've came like that the whole verse. I probally would've appreciated it alot more. Rap Antics dropped a pretty average verse. The wordplay lines were cool, nothing really corny. I feel Rap came a bit more consistant then FY so he probally should get the win .. at least according to me. Pretty good battle.

    75 Dzyone vs 76 ShadowWarrior:

    Dz's verse was nice. Quick and to the point. I really can't hate on this verse. Nothing special humor wise, but a nice verse, no doubt. I didn't get the puddles and bathtubs line though. Perhaps someone can explain that one as well. I'd like to see a Dz verse when he has more time. I just saw this dude is 0-2, wtf .. kid's nice. Must not have tried the other 2 times either .. or the voters sucked. I used to know a shadowwarrior on an old site I was at around 1997 or so. I don't think this is the same dude though, because this RBL shadow isn't half as good. Corny punches .. especially the mime one. You need to work on not using played punches or just think before you write something. Dz got this one pretty easy IMO.

    85 Mystic Lyricist vs 86 Throwback:

    Throwback had a decent verse. Average at best really. At least there was a Beastie Boys reference in there, LOL. Props to those crazy ass whiteboys. Your opener and closer's were the best lines, which they really should be in essence. The body of the verse wasn't as good though. Keep building. I don't know what to say about Mystic's verse. To me, nothing was funny about it at all. I mean you tried really hard to throw some wordplay and shit in there, but none of it hit hard at all to me. You should probally get a new style, kill the multis and work on the basics. Throwback probally won this one just because he actually had a funny line or two.

    99 Pinnacle vs 100 Smarty Pants:

    Smarty's verse is either played out like fuck or bitten. Point blank. I can swear i've read a few of those lines, either from someone else or just crazy flipped. I don't like reading verses like this that have lines I think i've seen before because it just kills the whole vibe. It was an alright verse .. just played like shit. Pinnacle really wasn't any better. Nothing funny at all. Sorry I gotta do this to you guys, but this is the worst battle i've read so far tonight. I gotta vent on you kids. I really can't even get a winner out of this shit. Ehhh, someone flip a coin.

    61 Homeless Kid vs 62 Blackdef:

    Black's boo boo line was awful. Besides that I thought the rest of his verse was actually funny and refreshing. I liked the dancers line alot, LOL. Good shit. The sofa line actually made me giggle also, but I had to read it twice. Pretty decent verse. Haha, I didn't know Homeless was Klobb. You really should've kept the alias name under wraps man, LOL. Nah, but Homeless dropped a slick verse as well. It was a tad bit more funny then Black's. Plus Homeless didn't have any flaws in his verse, so I think Homeless got his one, but it was really close. Good battle guys.

    105 Just Rich vs 106 Triphekta:

    TRi was alright. Flow was blah though, you really need to shorten up your lines. You also need to make them have a little bit more humor. I personally don't like a million lines talking about what you are going to do to someone. ie: those murder you, rip ya arms, stab ya face etc etc lines. Good start, you just need some work. Damn Just Rich's lines were just as long, if not longer LOL. Sorry I really can't read shit like this guys. But since I have to, I actually felt what Rich was saying a bit more then TRi. That's about it. Stop the long lines Twista Jr's .. seriously.

    93 MHz vs 94 Part II:

    MHz's first half was nice. I liked the first four lines, especially the Beneath the Surface one. That was probally the best line of your verse. The rest just kinda died down and wasn't hard hitting or even funny at all. I guess you are a little rusty but can def. get better with more battles under your belt again. Part II dropped a pretty slick verse. I liked the closer alot, and while the Ronald Reagan line couldn't been flipped better, I still think you dropped a better verse then MHz. But kill the way you write your verses with the ..'s and ='s LOL .. that shit is annoying. This isn't 1998 man.

    107 Cloud Nine vs 108 Damien Christ:

    Looks to me like the battle of the aliases again. Let's see if I can figure out who each one is. Actually I already know who Cloud Nine is, but i'll stay quiet and just review the battle real quick. Damien dropped a pretty nice verse. I really didn't like the beer line though. I think that's the second time this week i've seen the yellow bellied / beer reference. It's just kinda corny man. The fruit group line is ehhh as well, but besides those two lines this was a pretty nice verse. Cloud Nine started off pretty good then just kinda fell apart at the end. Kinda felt like he didn't know what else to talk about because he didn't know his opponent that well. I liked the Shaq line and the opener though. Still I personally think Damien probally edged this battle out.

    77 Suspended vs 78 Katalyzt:

    This turned out to be a dumbass battle. Suspended thought he was gonna get a no-show but didn't wait until the last second to write the no-show verse. I mean if you are going to do something as stupid as that please wait until the last possible second. You posted shit then of course here comes Katalyzt, probally waiting in the RM shadows to just post 4 lines good enough to beat you. Shitty way to win, but also a shitty way to win from both points of view. Blah.

    71 Craka Jak vs 72 djremedy:

    First off theres way too much bitching and talking in the start of this battle. All you kids need to shut up until the damn verses are dropped, it's pathetic really. Then to top it all of comes with a corny ass supposedly no-show verse. Didn't I just tell you guys in the last battle I reviewed?!?! Seriously, stop that shit and just write a normal verse. Who cares if you wasted time on it, at least you won't lose like this because of stupidity. Actually reading remedy's verse I almost wanna puke, then vote for Craka. At least Craka had the jenga reference, LOL. Pathetic guys, pathetic.

    103 Surface vs 104 Label:

    Surface really should've tried alot harder. Barring his internet problems, if he came half as nice as he did in his last 4 lines, he could've given Label a match.. Label is the man really. He ripped through a few kids in the PBA, but really didn't try hard enough over there to garner some praise. Seriously, Label's opener basically won it over for me. But both did drop good verses, Surface just didn't match Label and then also didn't come quite as consistant. Props to Label.
  3. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    bottom half. (continued):

    35 Carnifax vs 36 No Shit Sherlock:

    This battle is nice. Probally the best one in the bottom half this week. Both came with so much fire it's hard to even decide which one was better. Sherlock dropped a sick verse, especially that WestCoast Customs line, LOL. Sometimes I can never figure out how you guys come up with these ideas. Maybe it's because I don't have enough patience to come up with funny punchlines. That's probally why I'm a topical kid. Either way I thought the match was over when Sherlock dropped his verse, but carnifex came just as nice, if not better. The mag line was nice as fuck and your closer was flames. Hard choice here, but after reading it twice I think Carnifex's verse was a little bit more polished and he probally deserves the win. Props to both though.

    43 Nuro vs 44 Iye Wunder:

    Hmm, another good match. Both of you kids have similar writing styles, which makes it hard to distinguish between the two of you. Iye came pretty slick with the punches and Nuro had that mixtape battle style to me. Iye's puncture wound and the currency punches were the ones I really liked. The other were hit or miss or I just really wasn't feeling that much. I think Nuro basically came alot more consistant then Iye. Only line I really didn't like was the hammer on a tin cup one. LOL, that's kinda cheesy fam. But that was the only punch I didn't like from you, and I didn't like 2 from Iye so I basically gave Nuro the win here. Decent battle guys.

    83 Keynote vs 84 Looseleaf:

    Oz def. knows what he's doing when he faces people against each other. I forgot that Keynote was Jux. He's a pretty slick kid. I forgot which sites I remember him from, but he was good when I saw him. Ahhh I think he's the came Jux from the old h3 boards I believe. JuxCzar right? Could be wrong. Either way he dropped a nice verse. Short, sweet and to the point. I thought looseleaf would drop a lot better. From what I was told he was supposed to be a really good battle guy. I read his verse and thought it was just average. The closer was pretty hot but for the most part I wasn't feeling a good portion of the verse. Sorry man, but I think Jux got you this time.

    41 P Nut vs 42 Dark Nebula:

    I'll make this short. Dark had a good verse, props for showing. He got severly killed by P Nut though. I really hadn't read anything from P Nut before I joined the RBL and I'm really impressed by him. I see why kids put him up there in the top. He's the best. This verse proves it too. Quotables galore, I don't even want to comment on them all because it'll take up half of this entire Mag. P Nut is just really impressive. Old school style and all, he still keeps it thoro.
    Sorry Dark.

    49 xgtx vs 50 Blax Myth:

    Ahhh, the last battle I have to review from the Bottom Half. I can breathe again! I hope Blax came better then last week. I kinda dissed him for it and hopefully he takes that in stride and just comes with flames. Haven't really read anything from GT before so let's see what he's made of. First off, kill that Capital Letter style, that shit kills me. Faceless does that too and he's lucky that I actually like half the shit he does for me to even read it. Started off good with the closer, then just came really awful. Come on talking about a sofa LOL. Seriously .. For having no time Blax really did come with enough to get the win. Actually his opener was better then GT's whole verse. That's all i'll comment on that. Props to blax, he got the victory.
  4. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    top 30 reviews:

    27 x to the z vs 28 sifgod:

    First off X, work on those lines man. You got the punches, no doubt, but those lines are crazy long. I really didn't like the gangsta shit vibe you had going here. I wish you would've just dissed the fuck out of sifgod like most people do. Sifgod actually came nice to me. Of course he does drop some corny lines every now and then, but personally I think he beat X, LOL. I'm sorry I do. I don't see how X has like 16 votes. I just really really really wasn't feeling the gangsta verse X. Try something different next time because you won't get someone like sifgod next week. Stay up sif.

    17 Faceless vs 18 Dank:

    Dank came alot better last week. I really wasn't feeling the flow or even following a lot of the supposed punchlines. Maybe it's because i'm listening to C Rayz while reading you kids. It's like Night and Day seriously LOL. Anyway the Jerry Rice line was funny and the closer was hilarious .. but besides that I really didn't feel anything else, sorry. Face came alot better then his past two battles. Face's verse has everything in it that you need to drop something hot. All the basic battle skills. I don't really see any flaws in this verse .. last week's was alot different. I think Face won this one pretty easy. Good battle guys.

    15 In Awe vs 16 Scales:

    In Awe is one of my favorite kids to read in the top 30. I like his style and for the most part his punches are pretty damn funny. Good job on the Pawn Shop punch. You turned that into something hilarious. The closer was cool too, even though the "life's a bitch" concept is kinda played, you still made it work well. Scales didn't really drop anything impressive to me. I believe you are the Scales that is over at also right? The closer was cool and the slave line was alright .. but besides that I really didn't like anything about your verse. I honestly don't even think you tried that hard, because if you are actually 4-0 you must've killed the shit out of wack kids first. In Awe took this pretty easy.

    29 Phesus Christ vs 30 Himself:

    Himself dropped his normal hilarious ass verse, i'm surprised. I thought for sure you'd be bored with the RBL already man, LOL. Nah every line was sick man .. I liked this. Unfortunately for you Phe also dropped nothing but hot shit as well. This is a really good battle and it will be hard to decide who has the best verse. Both had mad quotables, and will probally each have a chance to be in the top 10 punchlines. LOL @ Phe's Tattoo line .. that's probally the line of the battle here. Good job guys.

    11 ill nika vs 12 sirius lee:

    Nika dropped an alright verse. Didn't really say shit. Nothing special to me, and i didn't really see any above-average funny lines in it. Funny you dissed the PBA, but came with some nicer verses their then in this battle. OH SHIT SONG BREAK! Buck 80 by C Rayz is the shit. Epitome of punchline tracks. Okay, back to the battle .. yeah nika came alright but i've seen better. Okay s.Lee killed you with his first line, LOL. I love racist punchlines. The carjack your home line is fire as well. Good thing s.Lee is back .. i liked this verse man, keep 'em coming. I think s.Lee got this battle reletivly easy.

    23 AlphaOmni vs 24 lil hot sauce:

    This was a pretty well-rounded battle. Both kids came with fire, from my standpoint at least. I always thought sauce could step it up a little bit and he did prove that in this battle. Of course he was facing a good opponent in Alpha, so he basically had to. Alpha dropped hot. My favorite lines were the 11 L's one and the closer, but for the most part Alpha had a very good verse. Okay Sauce came out with a fire opener, then went straight to a corny ass line, LOL. That Beer line is horrible man. That And1 line was really hot though, that should be in the top10. Good battle, but I think Alpha came a little bit more consistant to edge this win out.

    25 Joey Donuts vs 26 Muti:

    I liked Joey's verse last week so hopefully he will impress me again. I have a feeling he's a pretty good alias person. Muti came average last battle and I have a feeling he will probally step up his game this week battiling an undefeated opponent. Yeah Joey's verse was once again fire this week. Actually better then last week's. He'll eventually run out of those punchlines and will have to resort to using personals against other kids .. so hopefully when he gets farther up in the ranks we can actually see what this alias knows about other people. Muti, your verse was alright. It didn't really have the exciting wordplay punchlines that I really enjoy. You tried hard to duplicate Joey's verse, but to me fell a bit short. That Paul's Bakery line really didn't need to be in there either, LOL. Not saying that was the downfall of the verse, because it wasn't. Just needs improvement. Joey got this one pretty easily.

    21 Aura vs 22 Sparx:

    Aura's verse was hot. The only stanza I really wasn't feeling that much was the gay lover shit, but for the most part everything else was nice. I really liked the closer. Actually the last six lines were really nice. Hopefully Sparx will come just as good to give you some competition this week. Sparx didn't come too bad. I thought most of his punchlines were hit or miss though. The relation ones never work out that well unless they are funny as fuck, ie: the donrell willis one. Plus years and years ago Sankofa did one similar to that on a song of his but with Satchel Paige. Anyway the best line of Sparx's verse would probally be the closer, but I still feel it wasn't good enough to beat Aura. Good battle guys.
  5. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    top 30 reviews. (continued):

    3 Synthesis vs 4 Island:

    This is one of the two battles I had been waiting to read. Should turn out to be flames, IMO. Hopefully the two of them don't steer me wrong. Although I have read about half of Island's verse before I even got to this battle, hopefully that won't make me biased. LOL, Syn's verse was hot, no doubt. I honestly haven't read any User / Fat jokes in a long time and Syn made them at least fresh enough for me to feel. The D&D one is actually pretty funny. I liked this verse Syn. It'll probally be hard to Island to combat this. First off the funniest thing about Island's verse isn't the verse .. it's his custom text under his name, LOL. Yeah this is a really hard battle to vote on. Both came really nice, I guess it all comes down to personal opinion really. Island's best line to me was the PhotoSynthesis one, BTW. Good battle guys.

    7 Henry Wadsworth vs 8 Eyedentity:

    Interesting battle. Eye told people if you don't get everything don't vote. It's not that I didn't get everything, I just didn't like everything I saw. This verse isn't half as good as the ones you wrote a couple weeks ago. I guess the best line would have to be the closer. That was a pretty cool play on words there. For the most part though I didn't like this verse. BTW, boo @ changing your custom text because of one of Henry's lines. That's foul. Only line I really wasn't feeling from Henry was the Horror Flick one. Kinda corny. But the rest was nice, which basically gives Henry the win IMO. Pretty nice battle kids.

    1 Dough Jordan vs 2 Silentt Lyrix:

    Now this is the battle everyone has been waiting for for a long time. The top 2 kids in the RBL facing each other. I heard this was going to be a picture diss round also, and i've read the way Dough does picture disses so this should be pretty interesting. LOL Silentt always comes hot. For the most part he drops half hilarious ass punchlines and the other half is that thinking man's shit that I always enjoy from him. Silentt never faltered in this whole verse, which I basically expected from both vets anyway. Dough came really funny with the picture diss, but I expected that as well. No real flaws at all. A good sold verse. Once again, it really comes down to who you were feeling the most in the battle. I'm kinda edging towards Silentt, but we will see what the voters think. Excellent battle.

    5 Vern Acular vs 6 Aerophobia:

    Vern came pretty good for being a Topical and Battle head. I actually felt a lot more of his lines in last week's verse then this week, but that's alright. It seems like this would probally flow well in audio also. I still think he should've came with a few more personals on Super in order for him to grab this victory. LOL @ Super's verse. Everything he wrote was hilarious, pretty top notch. I didn't like the Paul Bunyan line but I think that one is just a matter of personal opinion. I kinda thought Vern was gonna win this one pretty easy on paper, but Super stepped up his verse from last week and came even harder. If the voters don't kill him, we'll probally see Super in the Contenders Match next week. Props.

    19 Tony Elbow vs 20 Stoopid:

    This is probally a must win for both of these kids to even think of getting farther up in the ranks. Hopefully they both know this and came with fire against each other. Let's see. Hah, Tony Elbow really stepped it up this week. I liked this verse alot more then the others ive read from Tony in the past. Actually this is probally the best verse I've read from him since i've done the RBL Mag. The multis and punches on every line were pretty slick. No real problems. Feeling the verse. Hmmm, stoopid dropped nice as well. I guess both of them really stepped it up this week and felt like they did belong in the top 30. But eventually someone has to lose, and it's too hard for me to make a decision on this battle. It's real close in every category. Props to both for making this enjoyable to read.

    9 Idol Dot Z vs 10 Torch1:

    My final battle to look at in the top 30. Ahhh so glad it's this one. Demik was trying so hard to dig up some information on Idol before this battle even happened. I'm not sure whether he got what he needed, but I guess we will find out in this battle. Demik dropped an average verse. No real filler, just some average punchlines and such. The best line was the accomplishments line. Besides that nothing else really hit me off as above average and hilariously funny. Heh, Idol dropped a much better verse then last week. He actually shortened up his lines, which was cool and made for a much more concise flow. I liked his verse .. had a few personals in it i enjoyed, especially the closer and the aim convo with serge. The only line that was ehhh, was the second one, basically because it didn't rhyme, LOL. But that's just me trying to at least pick on something. Close battle but I think Idol will slightly edge this one out .. I thought he did.
  6. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    Oneduhs Top Ten Punches​
    (Top 30)

    10. Stoopid
    and im too tipsy to rip, but I’ll roast this ugly fag
    & leave Tony besides himself.. cuz that’s the closest he’d get to ass

    9. DANK
    [insert bad setup here]
    16 lines is chill with me, when i said drop 20, i meant ya rbl rank

    8. In Awe
    so just give up and leave the net, get a new hobby
    the only time scales go outside is if we're talkin reptile bodys

    7. Joey Donuts
    Dishin out abuse, fuck your group, this player sucks
    Especially now, cause your ‘solo’ career is making paper cups

    6.Torch 1
    And i wanted a link of your accomplishments I, not to be mean see
    The shit's impossible, threads only date back to 05-14-2003

    5. Phenomenon
    well one good thing is the crowd is on your side
    no literally..you could tattoo the whole crowd on his side

    4. Synthesis
    this fagot got popped, back the fuck up, your a kiddie ta' me
    look homie, u got more fuckin chins, than wins in the league

    3. Island
    Ya sigs bullshit..Life Saviors is dead…try and control ya hormones, ape..
    Cuz I haven't seen such a shameless plug since your mothers porno tape

    For 1 & 2.. There was alot to choose from this week.

    NOTE TO ALL HALF ASS RBLERS.. This is what a Title Match should look like. Props to both Silentt & Dough

    2. Dough Jordan
    You seemed shook but were on time wit a battle script/
    he's not a marine, he just plays alotta online battle ship/
    I heard all marines are given guns well I'll bet son.../
    you should roll those sleeves down till you get some/
    or maybe paintball, thats it, theres none of this punk left/
    its go hard or go home, u should be on ya front steps/
    all ur aliases aren't cool either, I'm scorchin this thug/
    no points, here u need ta get donated organs and blood/
    on his road to success he heard from a car device/
    cuz even the on star told Silent he was far from nice/

    This kid changed everything...that's what worries me..
    Cuz dough was rocking the big face...long before currency..
    Then you act like a gangsta...but you just playing yourself..
    Cuz you switching red and blue...like you aiming yourself..
    Talent written all over you face, well no more than me..
    but there's still enough room for original war and peace..
    face it you suck, you fake, im something great..
    cuz magus has got hot keys.....dough's got copy n paste..
    and if you copy n paste...it's word i'll beat it..
    cuz that just makes you a bitch...and me an adhesive..
    this is for all the newbies that ride this fag..
    this'll be one for the record....on the right side of the dash..

    Oz's Top Punches & More

    Dope Week Fellas, Lots Of Punches Too Choose From, Ima Try & Narrow It To Ten, Without Rechoosing Any Oneduh Chose, & Limiting It To 1 Per Battler
    In No Particular Order...

    Fuck a simile, no use for any like or as lines
    cuz none of the people here like ur ass rhymes
    since when do facts lie, that’s right, Lee’s by design
    so this is not the first time that u’re left behind
    --Ill Nik-A vs Serious Lee

    yearbooks, his parents, n plants share somethin w/ this timeless bastid
    they all had to PhotoSynthesis...but the first 2 wither'd up n died the fastest
    --Island vs Synthesis

    Said I bit lines from the screen, I've flipped some U mean.
    Cuz last time U said "eye bite".. U were just coming clean.
    --Eyedentity Vs Henry Wadsworth

    vern does topicals to gain rep but his tries fail
    any story this bitch tells is obviously a wive's tale
    boxin with super will prove his fighting sucks
    yall will see a flying V like watchin Mighty Ducks
    --Super Dooper Vs Vern Acular

    Your spit aint fire, so you might as well switch states liar
    Or else I’ll have to mirc(merk) you faster then mixtape pirates
    --Joey Donuts Vs Muti

    Phenom gonna need Copperfield arms just to move me
    Magic wont help you and it supported Shaq's Kazaam movie
    --Himself vs Phesus Christ

    Your name makes me 'oneduh', what were you thinkin asshole?/
    Why would you Torch One?...without him, you'd never win a battle//
    --Idol Dot Z Vs Torch1

    I’m certainly tough, only 4-0 but still I’m hurtin these fucks
    And if Top30 WAS based on skill you’d be the first to be cut
    Every line you drop is cliched… played… or flipped poorly
    Your just an actor playing an actor like DeVito in Get Shorty
    --Alpha Omni(props, whole verse was dope) vs Lil Hot Sauce

    I heard when It Comes to ThreeSome's Danks far from a Rookie
    So if he Cut out tha Middle Man..he'd Finnaly Get some Pussy
    --Faceless vs Dank

    cuz you gonna be dead...all types of bugs near you
    and we no you stick to wackness like you some kind sticky glue/
    --Nasif vs Xzerious

    Overall a dope week, I could easily do top 30 punches, I was very impressed this week, this is what RBL should be about. Plus only 1 match with no shows in top 30, great job and effort fellas, I think we have finally put RBL back on top.
  7. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    Oz's Section. (continued)


    Sorry Bro, But Ima make an example out of you.

    Take your fake links and use them in RSTL. You of all people should know how important voting is to a league, since JUST THIS WEEK, youve been begging people to vote on some shit in RSTL. Then to go and post fake links like your someone fucking special....sets a real nice example. This WILL NOT be tolerated, and it cost you your match this week. It was close, and you prolly would have won had you voted, but oh Well.

    To the rest of RBL. It might be a bitch move, but feel free to check your opponents links and make sure they are real, if they arent, I will knock them votes. It only makes the league better, voting makes the league go round. I personally got 110 people in here, and shit takes enough time as it is, so I obviously make no attempt at checking links, but if everyone is checking up on the other person, it should keep the voting numbers up and make the league ALOT better.
    Thanks for letting me use you for an example tho Vern. :)

    I was gonna do my top prospects, but I think Trap put together alot of shit, so I will hit ya'll off with that shit next week. Thanks to everyone for showing and making RBL the best league on the net, now that we're there, its just a matter of keeping it there. Last week 29 people showed in top 30, with NO EXTENSIONS, so I think I made my point on that. More and more dope people sign in every week. The only thing that plagues the league is egos, as soon as people catch 1 L they wanna sign out or no show the next match, it fucks the league up, just take the L and keep working to the top.
    PLZ stop bitching about everything too.

    Closing. (Trap):

    I'd like to say props to the kids that showed. Even the ones that got their victories by no-shows. I'm sorry I didn't get to review your battle, please blame it on the loser that didn't show for you. Maybe you'll get a review next week. Thanks to Oneduh and Oz for doing the punchlines for me .. perhaps you'll agree with them, maybe you'll just bitch again. Either way at least it isn't my ass, LOL. PCE FOLKS.
  8. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    last second entry .. sorry i was busy trying to get my computer to work and get this in on time that i saw Vember dropped off his bottom half top 10 punches in time .. thank you vember.

    Bottom Half Top 10 Punchlines (by Vember):

    10)nobody's even taking the time just for reading that shit
    recycling lines that were "fresh" when Kool Moe Dee was a kid
    -Lyrical Sorcery

    9)Duke u was first up....u gotta nice record ya spirts up---
    Plus...i can see u yellow bellied like Jackie Chan with his shirt up---

    8)duke da whipping aint done, Reality, better revisit it son
    odds of ya beating me is like Amigos in 10 vans a million to juan
    -Noshit Sherlock

    7)your deaths at random..I shoulda been top 30 weeks ago
    you got money on ya mind? so im just here to keep a check on your ego

    6)Had this battle in my palm, so I guess you given me handouts kid
    Decent rhymes are like even numbers...
    .............................whats Nine got to do with it
    -Damien Christ

    5)And You can try to advance all you want...but it ain't gonna matter...
    Cuz like a fat roofer...Flat stay's holding down the end of the ladder...

    4)so quit with the rap game, stop tryna fake it dude
    cause even an eskimo can make Ig-lose

    3)You keyed that shit? Wow, freestyled, I ain't talkin' for nothin',
    You'd only be spontaneous if it involved ya body combustin'.

    2)get it...you simplistic fuck, you thinking you drop the hard shit
    ...ya style’s so unsure that it never shows its armpits

    1)carni spits the style you'll probaly want to go piss ya pants/
    sooo shock have you c-walking...look more like a river dance/

    Wackest line of the week:

    iont even need punchs ta make ya see stars,
    Bitch, Pussy, Ass, Dick, Fucker..
    ya mommas censor controls jus made my verse look like mars//
  9. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    Trap the man -- Oz
    I switched posts around. Shit was annoyin me lol
  10. Vember

    Vember New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    personally........why do we need 2 different sets of top 30 top 10 punchlines?

    why dont we just get 5 people to put they opinions in
  11. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Who cares? Whats it hurt? If you dont like reading it, then don't. Everyone has different opinions, 2 people can showcase that. I think there was such a large amount of great lines this week that it made it work too. Some weeks we lucky to find 10, this week...was great.
  12. Island

    Island Guest


    props yall
  13. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    vember you find a problem in everything don't you? lol..
  14. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    hot hot hot
  15. Lucifer Rofocale

    Lucifer Rofocale New Member

    Jun 11, 2001

    thanx 4 reviewing the battle
  16. Solar~Eclipse

    Solar~Eclipse New Member

    May 21, 2002
    TRAP, Thanks For The Honest Critique, Much Respect

    OZ, Thanks Man Much Respect
  17. in awe

    in awe solo

    Sep 16, 2003

    incredible mag

    thanks for the mentions
  18. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    perfect except for this needs to be added....

  19. Residual

    Residual I'm Gay

    Oct 27, 2002
    wow awesome mag,
    i made the PP, hooray!
  20. Metallic Inferno

    Metallic Inferno New Member

    Aug 23, 2001
    damn, can i get a comment on my verse even if my opponent no-showed Trap? I had a few lines I was proud of. Fucka skell quo, go peep the battle if you didnt people...tell me what you think.
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