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  1. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    RBL Article/Overview By Oz

    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.
    I'm back. Going to try and resurrect this league. Nothing against Formal though. I put him on, he did a decent job, fact is, he was never really interested in RBL and would be much better in RSTL. Thats all I'ma say about that whole shit.

    Anyway, we gonna make this league the jumpoff again. We got some creative ideas, to get people back in. Next week we are doing a "double or nothing" week, to get people interested again. People who win their matches will get 2 wins, while losers will suffer no consenquence...meaning they will not take an L. I'm going to continue finding original ideas, and creative ones to motivate you, to motivate the league, and hopefully the league will regain its respectability and luster.

    Right now, browsing the league, I'm not seeing a whole lot of Talent in there. Which is what made me want to mod again, and restore it. There is a few good up and comers, Force, Ill William, and Butler have been impressive as of late. While 50 percent of the top 30, is heads that couldnt cut it in the bottom 30, and are just filling the spaces for doper people who left. So anyone who thinks they dope? Sign in, it wont take you long to get into the top 30 and find some real competition.

    I don't plan on making tons of changes, but there is a few I think need to be made immediately. RBL voting is now open to anyone. Since RBL battlers are too lazy to vote, I will let anyone who feels like it, go ahead and drop some. Obviously, I will be skimming the votes, and checking out reports of blatant dickriding/hating
    and group voting type things. When I modded, this always made the league better to me, because there is alot of experienced people who just browse and occasionaly vote when someone impresses them.

    I dunno if they been giving extensions or not. But anyone that was in RBL when I ran it knows they are unacceptable and will not be granted under any circumstances. There is no need with at least 5 days to write a verse. That means if something comes up Friday and you no show, its not my fault you waited until the last minute....continuing on this...

    EVERYTHING, once again will be done on Sunday night/monday. It used to be done on Sunday everyweek, but sometimes I work sunday nights, so it wont be possible 100 percent of the time. I will do my best, and things will never be done later than Monday. Thats means, ranks, threads and A MAG will always be done. I know people like mags, who doesnt? It motivates people to write on another level to try and garner recognition. So there will always be a mag...when i modded for 8 months, I dont think I missed more than 1 mag and I plan to continue running things like that. So step your fucking games up, because people will actually be reading and evaluating your steez.

    In closing, RBL is going back to the top. I will give you guys the motivation in mags, and having things done on time, also coming up with creative ideas to get people writing again, but ultimately I will need your help to help put RBL back on top. RBL has long since, other than PBA been known as the best league on the net, and right now there is actually a couple that could rival with it, but hopefully we will catch the eye of some dope people again, and get this shit popping again.
    holla biatches!
  2. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    RBL Top 30 Breakdowns By Super

    RBL Championship: 1. John Hensley (16-2) vs. 2. Ibeechu Farensquare (22-8)
    I was expecting a real nice battle from both of these unknown cats, but I was dissapointed in the end. Both had a couple of nice lines and the rest was utter crap. Ibeechu had his usual forced shit that really hurt him and probably costed him the battle along with some other things. He had the period, side show mel, and quicksand lines, but that was it, i wasnt lying when i said the rest was ass. John clowned Ibeechu because of his record, he had a dope name play and a champagne line going for him. The rest was a combination of horrible feeding and played ass lines. It was a close battle but John ended up winning by a couple of votes. Step it up next week fellas.

    RBL Contendership: 3. Shadows Edge (19-5) vs. 4. L.M. (9-2)
    On Friday at like 2 in the afternoon, neither of these guys had checked in. I thought it would be a double no show, but both managed to drop by the deadline. It was apparent LM actually put effort into his verse because he had a couple of nice lines like, "U dont need a digital camera, for you to get snapped online." That was dope. And his sun line was also good, cool verse overall. I was suprised actually. On the other hand, Shadow's verse showed he didnt give a fuck about the battle and competing for the title. All of his lines were played and were bad. LM completely shit on shadows to get to the championship next week.

    5. Black Writer (5-0) vs. 6. Ill William (6-0)
    I'm still trying to figure out what all the hype over black writer is, he isnt that good. This battle shouldnt have been close but it was, and william ended up winning by a vote or two. Ill Will's verse was consistently nice, not one bad line and it could have been the best RBL verse if not for butler shitting on premonition. William had a sick Detox line and a couple of nice name plays and personals to highlight his verse. Black just kept rambling on and on, but in my opinion he didnt have anything good. His best line was the prowress refence bar, that was pretty hot. Black wouldve been a decent addition to the league, but after he lost, he signed out like a baby. William wins by a vote.

    9. Premonition (13-4) vs. 10. Butler (14-3)
    This was supposed to be an even battle, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO. Butler dropped a nice as hell verse and completely shit on premonition aka monster. It was nice from beggining to end. His xbox live line was ridiculous and he just kept clowning stick on his inability to win a title. Sick verse butler, props. Premo did his best but it wasnt enough, since all he had was a butler nameplay that was pretty nice. Completely lopsided battle. Butler wins by a landslide.

    11. Oliver_Thenet (7-3) vs. 12. Blackberries (4-0)
    Blackberries dropped horrible, no other way to put it. I'm not going to beat around the bush, nig came with the most predictable shit ever. Oliver had some creative lines, for ONCE. He also had funny lines like his opener, and poking fun lines. He started off good and fell off at the end, badly. But it was still enough for the easy win.

    13. Spit That (13-4) vs. 14. Aces Full (7-1)
    Spit That's opener was fuckin hilarious, roflz. He said that Aces Full's girl keeps him and I quote, "hard, gay." LMFAO. Cmon nig, at least make your lines non homosexual. Spit That definitely has the concepts down, but what really killed him in this battle was his wording. If you work on that, you should be fine but if you ignore it, shits gonna get harder. Decent verse though. Aces Full's opener was mos def hot, Shirley Temple line was nice. Liked the closer too, first time I really read Aces, and he has potential, he dropped cool this week. I thought aces shit down spit that's esophagus and the voters agreed too. Spit wins.

    17. Rhymenstein (7-1) vs. 18. Opshins (16-5)
    This battle was pretty close, and Opshins barely edged Rhyme by a vote count of 4-3. They both dropped equally horrible in my eyes. Opshins only had one line, and it was, "Kids eatin you up so much that uve literally become an inside joke." That was nice. Rhyme didnt have anything I liked, he was too cliche and corny in my opinion. Both had personals they couldve worked with but ended up wack. Liked I said, Opshins won a bad battle 4-3.

    19. Eternal Path (13-9) vs. 20. Quiet (4-0)
    Battles of the played lines right here. Quiet's whole verse was fucking played, from "knock your lights out like not paying the bills," to "i can put groceries on the bags under your eyes." PLAYED. A verse full of played shit is a bad verse to me. Eternal's verse was pretty much the same except for the opener, it was cool, only good line in the battle. Eternal shut out Quiet for the KO.

    25. D.A.N.G.E.R. (3-1) vs. 26. SevenBC (3-0)
    Another bad battle. I think if both spent more time on their verses, they wouldve been a little better. Seven posted his verse on the day battles were posted and Danger posted his right after. Both sucked, had played lines, and were overall horrible. Seven shouldve have used danger's age of 13 on him, but he only had one line that dissed that and it sucked. Well, since they both equally are ass, they tied and each got a win.

    27. Stigmeta (4-1) vs. 28. Riboclease (7-6)
    This was a wack battle honestly. Stig came below average, but aight for a newbie. He had an ironic line about how hed drop some played shit but rib was too heavy to life..roflz. Sorta ironic cause he dropped some played asssss shit. Rib was horrible though, roflz@almost all his lines. Nig is like the second coming of nasif, seriously. I quote one of his lines, "my nuts cover half ya face like the Phantom of the Opera's mask." LMFAO, word. Nig also said rib's lines show less growth than an art farm, roflz comedy. The voting was even more gay than rib's verse though, nigs voting for delivery in text, LMFAO.

    29. Exit Eight (5-1) vs. 30. Word-Scape (3-1)
    A total of 8 lines in this battle, 4 by each nig. I would've liked seeing each go more because they both brought hot lines to the battle. Word had a dope play on eight's name. Exit had a selling crack line that was hot too. It was pretty much the voter's choice on which line they liked more, and the voters decided that Exit Eight edged Word by a little, thus giving him the W.
  3. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    RBL TOP 30 Best Punches By Oz

    Disappointing mostly, so most of these going to come from the same heads, there will be mags every week now, so yall might want to step it up.

    I'm not sure who thinks this heads hot.
    but if the dood played live.
    i'd sell my controllers, cords, games and xbox..
    From Monster, to Premontion, to Stick?.. To beat good.
    kid if two wrongs don't make a right.
    What the fuck would make u think 3 would??

    I remember you breakin the top 10. An thinkin, "damn, this guys hot"
    then i signed out. Came back. An this idiots STILL at the 9 spot?
    Butler vs Premonition

    the newbies got you gassed, just playin you n stuff
    Butler's supposed to serve me?
    shit, I guess someone's not payin you enough
    Premonition Vs Butler

    i taught u a few things, but ur stupid fueds got dumb
    when this n.igga thought Bench Press, was a news channel for bums
    Rhymenstein vs Opshins

    Even on the net, u'll still get cracked, ull find..
    U dont need a digital camera, for you to get snapped online
    LM vs Shadows Edge

    I forget to comment...CONGRATS...on winning the title from Doc Rich
    ur officially the first one STILL considered a noname after u got it
    Ibeechu Farensquare vs John Hensley

    This Black heads....
    A crackhead, saying "you going to rehab, just not today"
    Infact you've been putting off Detox longer then Docter Dre
    Ill William vs. Black Writer

    A Minute With Shadows Edge By Super

    x 1 Hazmat 1 x=Super
    x0rbie=Shadows Edge

    x0rbie: k
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: aight
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: ill do an intro later
    x0rbie: word
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: as of right now, you are one of the best in the league, if not the best...who do you think is your biggest obstacle in your quest for the title/
    x0rbie: whoever has it when i get to the champ match, i guess
    x0rbie: but i would say demik prolly
    x0rbie: of the people who might have it
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: why would you say demuk?
    x0rbie: he gets votes.. he comes pretty dope as well
    x0rbie: or can anyway
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: lol@he gets votes
    x0rbie: meh
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: do you know that aven brooks signed in last week, and is in the league right now?
    x0rbie: yeah i see him now
    x0rbie: got a tough match against roddy
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: hes a faggot bitch
    x0rbie: lmao
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: but..what do yo think of aven?
    x0rbie: i dunno
    x0rbie: never felt him as much as other ppl
    x0rbie: to each his own i guess
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: word
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: how long ago did you start battling?
    x0rbie: not too long
    x0rbie: like april this year
    x0rbie: but i sucked.. real bad
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: word lol, uve elevated a lot since i saw you on RB
    x0rbie: that was like two weeks ago :-\
    x0rbie: but yeah.. im not really consistent
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: roflz
    x0rbie: so it might seem like im elevating from week to week
    x0rbie: but im not
    x0rbie: i just try harder sometimes
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: i feel you
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: you had that sick as fuck table line last week, do you have a certain way you write ur verses or think of concepts?
    x0rbie: i was surprised at the table line
    x0rbie: i didnt think it was that good, honestly
    x0rbie: like.. i thought "this is cool"
    x0rbie: but to think of concepts.. whatever comes to me, comes to me
    x0rbie: although.. it depends on what im trying to think of i guess
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: yeah
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: that ~~~~~ last week looked like g baby from hardball
    x0rbie: lol
    x0rbie: frame cool
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: *g baby
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: on a scale from 1-10, how high would you rate RBL right now and why?
    x0rbie: hmm
    x0rbie: id say 7 compared to shit thats out there
    x0rbie: but lower than that compared to rbl when i first joined
    x0rbie: its still got good people, just not as much obviously
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: wtf
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: what other shit is out there?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: b-boys? ROFLZ cmon..
    x0rbie: RCN?
    x0rbie: plus my home site, rb
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: lol rb sucks
    x0rbie: if you say so
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: only ~~~~~s that are good from RB, are you and macabre
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: anyways..have you seen my pic?
    x0rbie: who hasnt?
    x0rbie: and lmao @ macabre
    x0rbie: but yes continue
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: what do you think of it, rate it from 1-10
    x0rbie: lmfao
    x0rbie: this has taken a turn for the homosexual
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: how i do
    x0rbie: put it up on ratemypic.com
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: im afraid
    x0rbie: i give you a 10 on the LOL factor
    x0rbie: but thats probably not so good
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: nice, nice
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: what about users pic?
    x0rbie: which one?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: the one where he isnt fat
    x0rbie: eh
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: oh no wait..roflz there isnt 1
    x0rbie: lmfao
    x0rbie: but that more recent pic .. pretty generic
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: nah not that one, that one is gay
    x0rbie: lmao
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: the one where the face on the karl kani shirt is licking his tittie
    x0rbie: then i guess thats not such a great pic :-\
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: what are your thoughts on it?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: the whole league would like to know
    x0rbie: lmao
    x0rbie: the pressure
    x0rbie: is too much
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: its okay
    x0rbie: will that do?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: ROFLZ
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: yes, the masses are pleased
    x0rbie: word
    x0rbie: the masses = user?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: lmao, nah, RM
    x0rbie: word
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: final question
    x0rbie: joke = merked by super
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: is shadows edge, the ~~~~~ that looks like a wolf
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: gonna be the next rbl champ?
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: in say 2-3 weeks
    x0rbie: i dont see why not
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: nice nice
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: thx for the interview
    x0rbie: word
    x0rbie: peace
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: i appreciate ur homosexualness
  4. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Great Job!
  5. Ill William

    Ill William New Member

    May 30, 2002
    Nice read. League looking nice. Thanks for the effort.
  6. .LM.

    .LM. minds better than urs

    May 18, 2003
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: is shadows edge, the ~~~~~ that looks like a wolf
    x 1 Hazmat 1 x: gonna be the next rbl champ?

    guess not...

    nice mag though, cool to see oz as mod
  7. Ill William

    Ill William New Member

    May 30, 2002
    Thanks for the props too. I can't edit for some reason :(
  8. oatmeal lungs

    oatmeal lungs I have the drip

    May 3, 2003
    time for me to rape
  9. Still Nameless

    Still Nameless Money Motivation.

    Mar 5, 2003
    Ight mag .. consider this our first week under construction, things can only get better from here.
  10. montana Grimey

    montana Grimey tony montana's crackbaby.

    Nov 30, 2004
  11. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Nice mag. Im always around for an article if you need it.
  12. Yung Impression

    Yung Impression RBL Finest'.....

    Sep 18, 2004
  13. Gam30v3r

    Gam30v3r New Member

    Feb 21, 2004
  14. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    pretty good read but I thought my trey kaze line was aight and my opener could of been in the top punches..since u say u could not find anything...

    thanks for the read

    and thanks for bringing order back to the RBL...

    lata fellas :)
  15. Gummo

    Gummo New Member

    Jul 22, 2002
    pretty good read, supers whole interview was wack tho
  16. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    rstl mags are pitiful, at least we dont need help from 10-16 people to finish ONE fucking mag since he mods are so lazy.
  17. shadows edge

    shadows edge Red Sox, bitch

    Apr 22, 2004
    i wish i had spent more than 4 minutes on that verse...

    wait no.
  18. this mag was wack, those top punchlines were fuckin horrible

    stop bein lazy and go back to doin the bottom 30 mag

    at least cats in the bottom 30 have good punches
  19. ThePeoplesAlias

    ThePeoplesAlias Life In The Trash....

    Jul 9, 2003
    super: since these people that battle in LLL [rbs league] were ALL in top 30 yet you say rb sucks.. wouldnt that say something about this league as well ?

    shadows edge, jacent, chrit, me, macabre, meters, smokajoka [who is above average on rb and undefeated here might i add], kapitolins, quill, kaze, replica

    There's at least 5 more..

    btw to the idiot above me - Mags aren't easy to do, I guarantee you couldn't put together a halfway decent one.
  20. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
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