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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005


    All the drama this week was unbearable for RBL mods


    Just like looking at Yuppi lick that fat bitch is.

    This was one of the most bitching/swaying/drama filled week the RBL has seen in a long long time. I guess it’s a sign that things are finally going good again. People are actually talking about their battles in hookups and actually caring about losing and winning. Oz vs. Serge was packed with drama. First Jay Cee votes for Serge and Oz says he knew he’d vote for serge since in serge’s previous two battles jay cee voted for him, and always right after serge drops. Then after that someone accuses serge of biting a line from Pamela Anderson’s roast on comedy central about “having more black dicks than urinals at the appolo’s”. then after the accusation was made Oz made a thread about it in hooks. And well the bitching and beefing and drama didn’t stop till the battle was over.. Oz went in the sign out thread talking about if I lose sign me out. Pretty much swaying even in his sign out lol. But word.. The shit was neck and neck.. Serge ended up winning by a couple of votes and pretty much will become champ this week as he faces Sikabod Khrane.. Who defeated Phryme last week. Who sikabod kinda exposed flipping a butler line. He took the battle pretty easy.

    Georgia vs. Young Philly was another battle filled with drama, both were arguing like crazy inside of the battle. It was like annoying for me as a mod to try to stop them from bickering at each other, at the same time it was interesting to watch. Perhaps more than the battle itself was lol.. During the battle, after a vote sintro made claiming that philly flipped punches. Philly came and said he realized vadik had used a similar line that he himself used in the battle vs. current and he posted a link to vadik’s seasaw line which was pretty similar to philly’s and then from there, the battle pretty much went to georgia.

    Oneduh beat Revanon this week pretty easy.. Rev had some cool lines though, hope he stays in and continues to do his thing but yeaaa. Oneduh did his thing and came out on top.. But this week he faces John Hensley, they both been wanting to get at each other and this week I said come on lets just set it up so yeaaa, oneduh vs. john Hensley this week, should be tight and mad interesting. Scientz signed up for the league, so welcome back to scientz. Also congrats to Richard corey winning his first battle back to the RBL even though it was by a no show, same goes to Defcon_5.

    And as I've said the three two weeks its time for this league to get back up, its already hit rock bottom, heck. Its still here. But I am now a RBL mod and I will do whatever it takes to make this league the best its ever been, I will make sure the vets no longer talk about the past but be amazed at how good the present will soon be. Threads/battles will be posted on time, as well as the ranks and mags and everything else RBL related. So the mods will no longer be the problem. If they ever were. It is now up to you guys to play your role, to drop your best, to invite your friends, to be the best you can be to make this league a successful one. There are a bunch of heads in the top 20 that don’t belong there. Soon there will be people making it to the champ match that are super newbish and shit. But we can prevent, YOU guys can prevent that, all you have to do is drop to your potential and let the nice heads know that the RBL is getting back into shape. Shits gonna change around here. Some of these whack voters better start voting good or Im gonna be making fun of them in the mag, same for those dropping whack. I’m gonna try my best to motivate you guys, but I can only do so much. So please dudes, do your best to make this league the very best it can be. All you have to do is drop a decent verse, that’s all Im asking, just a decent verse, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for now is it??​
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    some of ya are doing some weird shit.


    even weirder than J-Nyce in that pic

    Phryme vs. Sikabod Khrayne
    This was a weird battle. It was really close and kinda weak. Both didn’t come hard and seemed like they didn’t really try at all. Phryme had some ok shit, just like sika did. What edged this people for Sika in many peoples eyes was sika noticing that phryme used a “butler” concept and quoted butler using the original one, thus making people edge the battle towards sika. But word, this shit was close, not much stood out here really. Sika is the new champ so props to him.

    Oz The Legend vs. Serge dot T
    both were as consistent as the other was and well.. Serge had some lines I seen before, maybe he recycled them. But if I hadn’t seen them before they would have made the mag for sure.. So yeaa. But both came pretty good and did their thing here, it was a cool battle.. overall in the end people just felt that serge came harder. Well not many more, since Serge ended up winning by 1 or 2 votes. One of the better battles the rbl has seen lately for sure.. Certainly battle of the week. This battle had a lot of drama, especially in hooks when someone accused serge of flipping/biting a line from a Pamela Anderson roast on comedy central and then oz decided to make a thread about it in hookups. It was the most drama the RBL has seen in a long time. Good shit though guys.

    Young Philly vs. Georgia
    Young Philly was accused of biting vadik in this battle, he was the first to post about it, so he basically accused himself kinda, but word. This battle was close. Could have gone either way.. Georgia ended up getting the win. Georgia didnt win because of the vadik thing. he won cause he got more votes, so plain and simply he won before the vadik thing even came into play.

    Mic Booth vs. Spit That
    Mic Booth no showed and Spit That got the no show win.

    headless verseman vs. theFRANCHISE
    Headless got this kind of easy, he got all the votes in the battle. Franchise had some decent shit, but it seemed like he ran out of steam this week. He still had some decent stuff though, just wasn’t enough. Headless came with some funny shit, and was original for the most part. Had some good shit. Headless took it.

    Noobie Ned vs. KempoMRK
    Both had some decent shit.. Not really a good battle. But yea noobie was just more consistent here and took it because of that. Kemp gave it a decent effort, he needed a lot more though.. Noobie ned was certainly the obvious winner here, he had more decent lines.

    Banned Name vs. Jersey Emcee
    This battle was weird.. Yet another weak banned name didn’t try and it was obvious, he still had some decent stuff that was enough for him to win this battle since jersey did have some played lines, only line I liked from jersey emcee was his facetime line, that was aight… but yea banned name dropped a bit better and fresher and got the win here, it was kinda close vote wise though.. Banned name edged it.

    Oliver Twist vs. Grand Champ
    Oliver took this pretty easy, grand champ had a lot of stuff that was played and sorta bla, he had a couple of decent lines though, but it wasn’t enough to compete with what oliver brang to the table. Bottom line is that oliver twist dropped fresher and better and that’s basically the reason he won. Oliver took it.

    Hardkore the MC vs. Hi...I'm Rusty
    Hardkore the MC no showed and Hi...I'm Rusty got the no show win.

    Revanon vs. Oneduh
    Revanon had some decent stuff in his verse. One line stood out from him, he needed more heat to compete with oneduh though. Oneduh had some hard hitting lines in his verse and pretty much dominated this battle. Props to both on showing and shit. Rev stay in dude and keep doing your thing, you’ve just had the bad end of the straw lately battling some of the best in the league, but yea Oneduh got this. ​
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Mr. Chaves vs. Sintro
    Chaves didn’t try much at all. His verse seemed rush and I guess it was, he prolly didn’t think much of sintro. Sintro had some decent shit, and some stuff I seen before but he still had more than enough to take this.. Yeaaa. This was kinda one sided. Sintro got it.

    Will Nevalose vs. ~*dAiLy-SiNs*~
    ~*dAiLy-SiNs*~’s verse just wasn’t good, he prolly thinks it was… but yea the truth is it just wasn’t.. he had some cool ideas and shit just didn’t word it right and everyone who voted realized it to since everyone voted for Will, some people didn’t even feel like they needed to explain anything at all.. But will nevalose took this easy. Just had a better verse.

    Defcon_5 vs. TeKneeK
    Tekneek no showed and defcon got the no show win.

    Stigmeta vs. Seph
    Stigmeta no showed and seph got the no show win.

    Willie Dickgood vs. -EGO-
    EGO no showed and Willie Dickgood got the no show win.

    The Gawdfather vs. Slant Wise
    Slant wise needs to stop bolding stuff, especially when heads at RM arent dumb, especially since we see all the shit he was bolding before, shit was pretty much all played in his verse, seen it all done mad times.. Lol, don’t bold stuff man for real, its an insult to the voters. You can bold stuff on ez boards but not here on RM, we aint idiots dude.. Lol.. For real though, gawd father was way better. This shit was one sided.. Gawd father got it.

    .SOBE. vs. CLEVER
    I thought this battle was kinda close. Both had a lot of shit I didn’t feel much but they had some decent shit, I really hate how clever posted his verse all to the right side and shit. I thought sobe had the better verse, only one other person thought that as well. Cause everyone else pretty much voted for clever. But even though clever got the most votes, clever didn’t vote on any battles (at least not until after I DQ’d him so his late votes didn’t count).. So yea SOBE got the win since clever didn’t vote. The rules are there for a reason, if don’t follow them then you pay for doing so.

    Pope Juicy vs. 5-0.cal
    Pope was way better here. Cal just wasn’t bringing anything to the table. Had a couple of decent thoughts but didn’t word them right and shit. Pope juicy had a couple of decent lines which was more than enough to win this for him.

    ReX™ vs. Tankerous
    This battle was really close, people liked Rex verse more. It was real close really.. Tank was a little better in my opinion. He just came a bit more consistent. Coulda gone either way.. Only 1 or 2 people voted on this which is ashame.. One of the better battles this week, this most def shoulda had more votes. But yea Rex ended up edging it.

    Meeks vs. ThaGrimiestOne
    The ThaGrimiestOne’s verse was pretty bad, I don’t think he’ll ever get a win unless someone no show to him.. But I don’t think anyone would no show when they know they’ll win as long as they show.. Meeks verse was way better and he pretty much beat grimiest one easy as fuck.

    Yung Impression vs. Twisted Flowa
    Yung impression no showed and Twisted Flowa got the no show win.

    43. effect 0-1 vs. 44. blackwell 0-1
    Effect no showed and Blackwell got the no show win.

    $3.17 vs. AxiomThaParagon
    3.17 no showed and AxiomThaParagon got the no show win. Although 3.17 woulda won if he showed since axion used a cum line.

    Richard Corey vs. COMMIDITY
    COMMIDITY no showed and Richard Corey got the no show win.

    Jacent vs. Hair Line
    Hair line coulda won against a lot of other people this week but he slept on jacent and payed for it, jacent had some cool shit and a consistent verse.. Props to jacent, hope he keeps showing, but yea jacent got this one.

    Dark-Vybe vs. Chrit
    Dark didn’t bring much at all to this battle. Chrit had some decent shit which was more than enough to take this shit easy.. Everyone voted for him and rightfully so.. Dark vybe needs to start dropping punches that actually hit and shit.. Chrit took it for sure.

    Venamis vs. emotions.
    Venamis just flat out came better here, actually had a cool line.. And took it easy, emotions had some cool ideas and shit but he needed more.. Venamis took it easy though. But emo should stay in and come harder next time, he could get good if he battles more and shit..

    Untouchable! vs. blaquest
    Damn I thought untouchable won this kinda easy but he ended up losing, whatever though, its just a matter of opinion. But yea nothing I really felt from blaq he had a couple decent lines but not as much as untouchable, and untouchable had some shit that hit harder, still in the end blaq more votes so blaq ended up winning.

    Everyday vs. Light Saber vs. Sheik
    Lol… this battle was crazy cause noone really voted on it… light saber voted for everyday which was the only other guy who showed.. But yeaa. Light saber posted a no show verse and everyday showed before the deadline and got the win.. He just had a better verse.. This oughta teach light saber a lesson.. Post good no matter what, unless your gonna stay up till the last minute. Everyday won this. ​
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    time to think about the past


    only God knows what KoMPLeKz is thinking about.

    RBL Throwback Battle
    Oneduh vs. headless verseman (5/28/04)


    Your name's fucked up, don't drop another horrible post on me
    Why Headless? you always seemed like more of a nobody
    You got killed by Ink, got some cheap votes to win
    & I'll prove it by beating you with lines I prewrote for him
    When approachin this bad seed, I'll move to the bottom
    Where I'll dig up his family tree & get to the root of the problem
    Your lines aint long for audio, face it your flow's basic
    & that gun talk's like speaking properly, you say it but don't spray it
    I'm a vet in the game, you know I'm a pro
    Holdin a "will rap for food" sign's your idea of gettin the show on the road
    Plus, you already know my writtens is nice
    So get right up next to your moniter,
    & I'll beat you within an inch of your life
    ^ Yeah I stretched my format, I know it's out of date
    But I didn't wanna make your verse look so out of place
    What's the point of a battle? if you try to clown me
    I'll expose chi.nks in your armor the size of Yao Ming
    My punches'll fold him, when a sweet left's landing
    It's the opposite of a dance off, you won't see Head standing
    After that, you'll find out I got the worst right too
    When I uppercut you so high you get a birds eye view
    I always get the last laugh, known to drop hot text
    You get the last laugh.. cuz you got the slowest thought process
    Thinkin it's over, but the light at the end of the tunnel..
    Turned out to be; just another flash of brilliance from OneDuh



    headless verseman

    Oneduh's a patriot, and cuz of that i better be honest
    i duno whats being memorialized, veterans or those elderly concepts
    decided to settle with nonsense, ur try- u spent it w/ played shit
    verse writing isnt your thing Lyri-cold, corny alias making's the extent of your greatness get the fuck off my site, ill kill this bastard farill
    maybe u'd be signed Unsigned Hype if the HYPE part was backed w/ some skill
    ill beat this kid till the chair breaks
    then powerbomb him so bad his spine resembles a staircase
    and ill no show if the price is right
    if not, ill put a knife to this fags neck an give new meaning to a slice of life
    to spare his life, he better offer me cash
    or ill beat him so deeply they'll give my battle methods a philosophy class
    he's eager to win the title so this bums whore'n
    but unless he names that verse a disease there wont even be a run for it
    im the best an yet humble, put mirrors on ya chest an the bundle
    ya legs together, throw u into the ocean, now reflect on ya struggle
    your an emcee? ill back ur work so ur business can leap
    an give u a large Advance-
    thats not money its the name of who used YOUR lines ORIGINALLY
    this chump is king? dont front ya bitch
    musics so bad Razors wont bump yo shit
    please cuz, u being a millionaire seems dumb
    kids got about as much green as the fuckin middle east does
    see that ease of flow an wit, this man expected those
    instead i saw more predictable hits than last weeks soprano episode
    just let it go, its true, u gave it a try
    but failed, so long.....sign ya name on the line

    Winner = Oneduh
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    some cool punches this week



    but once again their not as hot as *Hott Chocolate*

    Top punches of the week

    Cuz bitches laugh in your face, don't wan't you to call at all bro
    Maybe u could get ur weight up.. if rejection wasn't so hard to swallow
    Oneduh vs. Revanon

    Fat fuck, say it ain't so because we know you offended
    Imma read you like an open book, then rip out the apendix
    Serge dot T vs. Oz The Legend

    Look, in hthis battle, e's too scrawny with his fuckin' punches
    that's why peepin' Mid's section got cats doin' stomach crunches
    Richard Corey vs. COMMIDITY

    If you ask me your imagery is pretty ass
    Get graphic.. I'll give it to ya in the paint like an entry pass
    Sintro vs. Mr. Chaves

    I'm respected across the board, I can see why you would panic
    Tek's g.ook ass' your only fan.. noone feels you unless their views are slanted
    Oneduh vs. Revanon

    But wait a minute, let me dumb it down for this bitch ho,
    We'll believe he made a name for himself once we find out that he's skitzo
    Georgia vs. Young Philly

    He doesnt bite, but what he writes ya might know
    its just added slang and a tight flow with headlines off of the tonight show
    headless verseman vs. theFRANCHISE

    Mention my fam again & you'll find me with a burna
    Then I'll pull so many strings, they'll never tie me to ya murder
    Oneduh vs. Revanon

    Ya aint gotta dwell on this battle, cuz ya doin not so well
    People going to Serge for a borderline bite, fuck a Taco Bell
    Oz The Legend vs. Serge dot T

    no passing the Plague, so stop your attempts to grab the belt
    heard your lines the strength of 100 men.....
    .....must include the 50 he asked for help
    Revanon vs. Oneduh

    he'd give me a challenge, since i was gone for a minute
    so he gave me HL, he just forgot to add the EL in it
    Jacent vs. Hair Line

    & that's real talk doggie, that's what One is about
    When I show up on his porch it's like mtv, Rev run in his house
    Oneduh vs. Revanon

    Notice: just because these punches are here, doesn’t mean there tight as hell, it means they were the best this week in my opinion (some of these lines I don’t even like, I just put them in here cause people really liked them in the battle), if you don’t like it do a fucking mag your damn self, oh and the punches arent in order.​
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    this shit was pretty good


    but it wasnt smoking hot like ghettoqueen69

    Battle of the Week
    Serge dot T vs. Oz The Legend

    Oz The Legend

    Ill post first....since your still a scared newbie.

    Claim to flip pounds? What a wretched thought
    When ya cant flip Resin without getting caught
    Ya aint gotta dwell on this battle, cuz ya doin not so well
    People going to Serge for a borderline bite, fuck a Taco Bell
    Recycle, flips & fake personals, your not a versatile emcee
    I Flipped ya borderline^ so u'll have an original personal on me
    I'll kidnap ya girl & when I'm done chokin ya boo
    My knife'll slice her throat into two
    & If ya 'egg' me on, u'll be breathin out her felopian tube
    Now im going to construe, a time line..>>
    RBLs doing well,with dope heads who's shit is felt >>>
    League hits rock bottom >> here comes Serge "TIME ta win the belt"
    Girls excited to meet Serge! Yah, he must maintain some wealth?
    Nah, they'd rather lock emselfs up, he'll make any girl contain-er self
    You fag...
    Ya set buildings ablaze, & pussy? Ya desire-ta take it
    Too bad...
    Girls wont get undercovers if ya got the only fire blanket
    Postin first cause I dont expect to beat this dude
    Play off verses ho, recycling & ghost writers...
    Fake personals & Ya aim for votes, I gotta beat these bitch moves
    & Ur a sp!ck too, good only for yard work, your hated
    Its why this Mexican rakes more than every casino in Vegas
    Ya gotta explosive sex life even tho your toying with fags
    A flamer screaming "Fire in the hole" while fuckin ya boy in the ass
    I aint been run off sites, but fresh lines are a far cry for you
    Manipulated? nah, these just fake personals ya might try & use
    Now its time to lose & sign out, yep Im ejecting this herb
    You aint shit, nowadays newbies aint even respecting ya Serge


    Serge dot T

    Speakin' of Resin....

    Serge dot T: Remember Oz???
    ResinMC: that loser still tryina to rap?


    Ya lyrics suck...Explain where the props due...
    When the only place you have in the archives are fuckin' verses you lost to...!
    Punted off UPN for thinkin' that he's hot
    You're not even pussy....
    A 'bundle of nerves' like you is more like a g-spot....!
    And look at ya damn quote, you're such a hypocrit fake, bitch
    You went into the archives while lookin' for shit to flip...so props on the rakes shit
    So stfu, I'M a legend, younger and done shit beyond belief
    You lost to Nasif......thats the punch nigga YOU FUCKIN LOST TO NASIF
    A year ago you loved the kid...
    I cut ya ass off and you know it's a tough fact
    But white men can't jump...so he's STILL on my nut sack..!
    Fat fuck, say it ain't so because we know you offended
    Imma read you like an open book, then rip out the apendix
    He could use some excersize, a jog kills a fat layer
    But you wouldn't see Oz runnin' if he was tryna be mayor...!
    Look at ya damn verse, dissin' you ain't a tough angle
    Changin' his font so the lines don't stretch like his love handles....
    Look at ya fuckin' name...I'm sayin', this chubb's wild
    Oz the LEGEND...about Kong and the blondes love child
    He likes dark, I'm not talkin' 'bout funerals
    I'm sayin'...
    He's had more black dick in him than The Apollo's urinals
    Gay porn freak, you and ya dick live a set strife
    He rented 'Man on fire' thinkin' about a gay guys sex life
    Ugly as a fuck, not even the date to ya prom, shit
    I wouldn't fuck Oz's pussy if I borrowed his moms dick

    Winner = Serge dot T
  7. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    no shows are retarded


    and Defcon_5 looks like he is in those pics.

    no show shine (x4)

    Richard Corey


    I ain't no joke. And still this homo's aroused at my jeans
    yeah, Commidi's hard...but only cos' he sees me poundin' the keys
    You brought gayness with you! The entire game's in shambles
    so when I say fags get on 'via Com'..I don't mean cable channels
    Look, in this battle, he's too scrawny with his fuckin' punches
    that's why peepin' Mid's section got cats doin' stomach crunches
    this fuckin' punk is...so tiny, it's like he'll die any second
    arms so flegmsy... fuck a battle, I'll kill him with a sinus infection
    What a waste, and cats gotta read e'ry quote this homo writes
    And afterwards you'll be 0-1...big apology to each voter on this site
    Is that played, fuck it...I ate him, now I'm shitting out this geek
    looking for where it's 'safe to pee 'Dity'... just like Jadakiss' dreams...


    Why do u suck so bad?

    i aim and bang quicker while Tek claims bigger
    said he's hot on wax..now watch this flame flicker
    I could sneeze better than ya last verse, my sinus' kill
    yeah ur bringing about the revolution..just minus the skill

    Ur damn skippy the shit's deader than Fred Astair
    ya verse was definately 99...and u shoulda left it there
    he was a topical giant..one of the cleverest guys
    to bad..now a days he fuckin suck at whatever he tries
    let ya neglegance rise..Tek ya menstrals enabled
    when he loses he can blame old schemes and members who hate em
    u elderly bitch..it's predicted i'll topple this dude here
    how's he the heart and soul of RMC when his will stop in a few years
    i'm 21 ur 19 years older..his frame'll fold ya'll
    now watch me drop this 40 like Kain and O Dog
    i'll reitterate ur old..ya pay days deaded
    now watch me drop this 40 like i'm J.J. Reddick
    it must hurt ya heart when u hear that i'm better bruh?
    don't feel bad..u haven't been good since the year that u registered
    i'm helpin' ya..7 years and runnin there's no stoppin TeKneeK
    i used wack verse and age disses so there's none droppin next week

    Hi...I'm Rusty

    On or off line this pussy could never hurt me
    Ill have him lookin like he's in a carolina panthers jersey
    The truth is your chances of winning are a little slim kid
    I could go half of what u post, and drop hardkore like litttle kim did
    This is a battle nigga so I wont hold back clownin...
    Fuckin homo, If u ever reach ur peak itll be on brokeback mountain
    Your girl still on my dick even when I told her no
    That bitch stay watchin me like im the oprah show
    Yes ur still a virgin, u dont ever meet the chicks u meet
    That was a battle, no Jai-z doesnt count as a bitch u beat

    Willie Dickgood

    Know why im clappin deez mags???
    just to leave ya white tee...lookin like da japanese flag
    and ego might buss guns but if i see dis n!gga brag
    ill leave him scattered so much cops scoop him in nickel bags
    dont hate me cuz im rich,i made it all from bricks
    and feens dat dust off rocks for a livin..like archeaologists
    and i heard u wanna battle, u been dyin to get at me
    heard all ya songs, every line u spit at me
    but when i seen u in da club, u was tryna friend wit me
    so in all....u a perpndick...like lines of symmetry
    ego doesnt have much money,so washin is a rare occasion
    dats why his teeth in a golden state...like baron davis
    had to lay ya crew out, jus for playin wit mines
    now look at em, all stretched out like a hr before gametime
    yea i talk greasy,its cuz im always palmin da gat
    so i wont hesitate 2 take shots at ya, ego,like i was callin u fat
    go ahead n try 2 diss,ill put heat to dis fuck,
    and leave him walkin with a cane like the planters peanut
    ill split ya neck from ya shoulders,rip u up in sections
    so ya spirit'll b dancin on da soul train...up 2 heaven
    no shit im greater than u,no need to give u a score
    i hear ya good at math,so this is my verse>..& heres yours ​
  8. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    this shit was nice


    almost as nice as *Hott Chocolate* getting her face licked.

    Dopest Verse of the week

    Quality over quantity.. Lets go.

    I'm sure ur pops is proud when he admires his sons physique
    You look like a chip off the old block.. hit you right in ya fuckin beak
    Now u claim that you pullin broads? this fraud's a ferry
    That runs from pussy so much, his life resembles tom & jerry
    Cuz bitches laugh in your face, don't wan't you to call at all bro
    Maybe u could get ur weight up.. if rejection wasn't so hard to swallow
    This faggot aint worth my effort, put a sock in it money
    I'll treat this battle like ur Rbl rank, just drop a quick 20
    2 weeks ago you were champ, sittin on the throne, an idol....
    & then you lost it, to the wackest ni.gga ever to hold the title
    I know Rev don't want my daughter, theres no question in my mind
    See.. Boys 2 Men's more than a group, it's his sexual timeline
    Mention my fam again & you'll find me with a burna
    Then I'll pull so many strings, they'll never tie me to ya murder
    & that's real talk doggie, that's what One is about
    When I show up on his porch it's like mtv, Rev run in his house
    I'm respected across the board, I can see why you would panic
    Tek's g.ook ass' your only fan.. noone feels you unless their views are slanted
    I didn't need to match 20 lines to trump you
    Like a car with a governer on it.. I can put an end to Rev anytime I want to

    Hold that. ​
  9. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    someone tell this kid to stop


    and tell J-Nyce he cant be in the matrix.

    Whackest verse of the week

    Grimeys that big nigga bitch you jus a little sprout
    Meeks like BK food...I eat you up and spit you right back out
    By the look of ya name ya WHACK and prolly ya whole crew/
    Nigga H20 got more Structure than you/
    Im tha steak motha fucka you jus tha lean cuisine/
    Grimey Like windows when I Spit so dont fuck wit my blue screen/
    You gotta be a chick...Get some Midal cus Grimey recommend it/
    Kid you like baby wipes nigga you always moist and always gettin into some deep shit/
    Ima nice nigga....I measure my sexyiness wit a measuring cup/
    You like my old computer...when you get nervous all you do is freeze up/
    To much power when i fuck...I get fucked more often than not/
    Bargain store speakers have more energy than you...nigga they only 75 watts/
    I Hate readin bookz but write verses in'a quick min-ute/
    No sense postin ya lyrics No comparison that Grimey gonna win-it/
    Ya Im that smart one...Straight A's 5 classes and shit/
    God damn I take more classes then the size of ya dick/
    You full of Bugs nigga... I BREACH Rapmusic to REACH-EACH-LEECH/
    Ima IMPEACH ya BLEACH ass, you got no right to FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH/
    Some people fearless, Ya hearts weak like Sanford and son/
    The Shit you started just begun and ya name is already out-done/

    You full of Bugs nigga... I BREACH Rapmusic to REACH-EACH-LEECH/
    Ima IMPEACH ya BLEACH ass, you got no right to FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH/ Let me break this down for the less educated....

    Breach = Take over
    Reach...self explanitory...
    each---slef explanitory...
    Leech - Type of bug...notice how i said full of bugs
    IMPEACH - Remove him
    Bleach ass - Sayin he bleaches his skin
    Freedom of speech - self explanitory.

    That whole line makes sense..so dont get at me and be like...ughhh i cnat understand your shit... ^^Right there....

  10. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    wtf is up with Numskull


    even Selph X Playned wants to know.

    Interview with Numskull

    David Lama: sup num, first of all did you ever have any RBL aliases?

    Numskull: I was apart of Island that's it

    David Lama: damn everyday someone else tells me they were a part of island lol

    Numskull: na, me, user, and aloe. that's it

    David Lama: Oneduh said he was too.. And I heard fract and resin were too

    Numskull: Oneduh did Island for about a week.. Fract or Resin were not… their styles are too noticable

    David Lama: word.. well.. Why arent you in the RBL at the moment?

    Numskull: I won the title for the 4th time like a month ago, so I laid off for a while.. My life is real hectic right now, I got a deal and shit so I don't have much time no more

    David Lama: oh aight.. do you know some guy named feeble minded from rap battles?

    Numskull: yeh i heard of em why?

    David Lama: he brags about beating you

    Numskull: lmfao word? It was a 3 way in a finals on ••••••• or some shit.. some dumb ass board like that. With me him and Equation. I did 3 bars about him and focused on Equation cause me and him have history..lol ..Every kid has their day. I should be easy to beat.. I been around since 2000 I'm a vet..lol. I've been doing it consistantly for 6 years. first title in RBL was in 03. I won the title again in 05. I beat Resin, i've been frac, I've beaten Metheus, I've beaten AOL aka Mr. Professor, I've beating, Equation, I've beaten Relentless Fists, I mentored Inkwell, Def_5, USER, and a list of other people.. so consistency is the thing. I should be washed up by now dont you think..lol

    David Lama: ha yea I guess. but experience plays a huge part in battles.

    Numskull: Not with a whole new line of battlers, everyone is a wordplay battler now.. everyone is Hens and Butler type battlers, that's what's appealing now. I'm just an asshole.. that's what one things for me.. I said shit people were scared to say.. I turned a cum line into a joke after it was "played"

    I seen you on the animal porn sites, one of your head
    You're beating a dead horse.. hopin it'd come from the dead
    I just made cum line... I guess I've hit a bottomless pit
    So fuck it, i'll make another one... on the top of your lip

    David Lama: you said everyone these days is a butler or a john hensley type battler. do you think people sit down and actually mimmick their styles? do you think its even their style? and do you consider them nice?? but and hens that is

    Numskull: First, no it's not their style people get attached to a certain style and adapt themselves to it and if it fits for them they rock with it. I think a lotta cats noticed the style from Hens and Butler, but I also think that Namix had a lot to do with the style being put out there. And the first person that I ever seen that packed a verse with wordplay with Sur5ill, a looooonnnnggg time ago, so just history repeating itself in a new form… And yes hens and butler are definitely nice, very witty and creative. What up to hens by the way.. Syn 4eva..lol

    David Lama: cool.. the RBL at the moment.. how do you see it?? in what condition is it in? ​
  11. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Numskull: I think it's rebuilding itself with new big names per-say.. what draws people to the league is when you have those top heads on the net there. So now with a breeding of new top heads its becoming more entertaining to see what will be said next. For a long time there was a drought, between the days of, User, AOD, Resin, Fract, myself, Metheus(R.I.P) until now.. everything in between then was average, which made for a lot of your no shows and etc. No names for people to attach themselves to. But right now it's looking up for RBL. Like we came right after the Dre-X, and the Ferrocious Fists aka Sinister, and Aloe, and people like that.. so there was really no drop off.. when we decided to stop texting and move forward to other shit, there was a drought. You had nice heads but they were scattered all over the net

    David Lama: word... who do you think thats in the RBL right now will be dominiating the RBL in the near future?? is there anyone that even seems like their gonna do that at the moment in your opinion

    Numskull: I don't really see anyone dominating the RBl cause the only person to ever do that was Calefaction, but I think the person that will be around for a long time is Young Philly. Oz is nice but he will be in and out of the league. Young Philly will prolly be the new breed.. he beat me for the title my last match so he has my respect

    David Lama: word Philly been doing his thing lately. and hes only 15 years old lol.. were you text battling at 15? lol

    Numskull: lmfao yeah.. I'm only 20 ock I'll be 21 this year and I been around since 2000 so I was texting when I was 14.. I wasn't as good as he is now when I started though..

    David Lama: haha word. thats a long time though. you've pretty much seen RM go through it all. what do you think about revanon and tekneek being in the RBL?? do you think their style will do well in the league or na?

    Numskull: Wow, hmm, I mean it's just being able to be appealing to the readers, if they can find a way to make their style appealing then yeah. Bottom line is if you're good, then you're good. So it'll show if you put it out there

    David Lama: word.., your in the current RM tourney, clash of the champions. do you think that tourney will affect the RBL? like it'll cause no shows and shit, or will it be the other way around? I mean sure its for money but Im sure some people know that they wont make it too far so they'll prolly figure why show at all for it

    Numskull: most won't show truthfully, I didn't know about the tourney until two days ago with Def_5 showed me..lol, but my advice would be to put the RBL on hold cause most won't want to write 2 verses a week

    David Lama: word I'd say the same.. but history has shown me that putting a league on hold will only hurt it more than any amount of no shows ever could. to me a never ending league should be just that NEVER ENDING, and with me as mod it wont end at least not as long as Im a mod, no more restarting records (i mean yea peeps can restart their recs when they want but I wont force everyone to go back to 0-0) and shit like that.. I plan on doing pay per views and shit, since shit will get boring after a while.. but word.. Im sure some will no show, not as many as others expect though...

    Numskull: Nah won't be many but a lot won't be at their best

    David Lama: word.. well. I'ma name a few names and you tell me what you think of them one by one .. cool?

    Numskull: sure

    David Lama: Richard Corey

    Numskull: great topical head, great imagery.. nice battler too

    David Lama: Quriosity aka Voltron aka Georgia

    Numskull: good battler, cool dude pretty much.. gotta mean streak or assholeish streak in em but still me homie

    David Lama: headless verseman

    Numskull: One word.. Steroids!! … lmfao nah I'm bullshitting cool dude, good battler.. we have a lotta histroy

    David Lama: Serge

    Numskull: My homeboy, never got the respect he deserved in my opinion.. very good battler in his time

    David Lama: Scientz

    Numskull: innovative.. very creative I dug his style cause he is different

    I got time for about 2 more names, godda be in the studio soon

    David Lama: word…. Demik

    Numskull: Doc is nice, cool dude as well.. creative when needed to be

    David Lama: Oneduh

    Numskull: Duh was nice as hell, coulda been a champ for a long time but he stopped doing text. another cool dude

    David Lama: word.. well since you gotta go.. lets close this interview out.. if you got anything else to say say it and close this out for us

    Numskull: big shout out to all the people in the RBL it's a good league stick around for a minute. Be on the look out for the upcoming LP the prequel to A Star Was Born called, "Tha Mill Ticket" ..

    David Lama: word.. good shit man.. thanks for the interview. and hopefully you'll join the RBL again soon

    Numskull: I'm out though, get at me dawg.. maybe after I finish this LP

    David Lama: word

    Numskull: 1ne up​
  12. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005




    Sikabod Khrayne


    1. Sikabod Khrayne 6-1 vs. 2. Serge dot T 4-0
    I don’t think this will be close at all. If Sika wants to have a chance at even making this kind of close hes gonna need to drop the best verse hes ever dropped in his life, and not best rap capital wise.. Which is his homesite. But his best really lol.. If that makes sense haha. But word. Serge is gonna win this, not only is he better than sika. But he also has a bigger rep and name, so that’s a deadly convo. Lol. Serge will not lose this and if he does I will be shocked as fuck. I’ve never bet on anything in my life but if I had the chance and someone wanted to bet against me, I’d put everything I have on Serge in this match. Serge will be the next champ, naaa. Serge is the champ already.

    3. Georgia 8-2 vs. 4. Spit That 3-0
    Spit that hasn’t done anything worth mentioning lately. If this was a year ago maybe I would have predicted spit that to win this, but times have changed, and I don’t know if spit that got fucked up in the process or what. But he needs to start dropping good. Lol.. He better not recycle too. Georgia should win this, I don’t see spit that beating him, plain and simple. Spit That could beat him if he actually dropped up to par somehow I doubt he will. So yea georgia should get it.

    5. headless verseman 3-0 vs. 6. Noobie Ned 3-0
    Noobie ned is decent and cool at times, pretty inconsistent. Headless likes neds name, lol.. Hes been saying it a lot ever since hes seen his name. So Im guessing headless is gonna have a field day with the name plays and shit here. It should be interesting to see. And noobie ned claims he hasn’t tried much, well.. Not really claimed, it just seems so. Headless should win this though.

    7. Banned Name 3-0 vs. 8. Oliver Twist 3-0
    Ummm if banned name drops very half assed he might lose this one, but I got a feeling he respect oliver twist a little bit, at least more than his last two opponents, so Im pretty sure hes gonna drop better against him and if he doesn’t he may pay for it. Oliver has dropped decent and shit, he seems a bit rusty, prolly could go either way depending on who tries more. But yea Im pretty sure banned name will win this.

    9. John Hensley 11-2 vs. 10. Oneduh 2-0
    This will be the best match the RBL has seen in a long long long time. I hope both show and both go like 20-30 lines, 30 would be nice. They better not do nothing less than 20 though, not in a match of this caliber, especially since they both got something to say to each other. This is seriously a toss up, I can see anyone winning this. And Im sure that if they battled 10 times one would win 5 and the other would win 5, that’s how close this is gonna be. John Hensley hasn’t been dropping up to his potential in his last few battles, hes still better than most but If hes in a few leagues he may be burned out, oneduh has the upper hand, only league hes in is the RBL, and every week hes been dropping harder, seems like the rust is almost gone it may be completely gone for this match, not to mention oneduh has stated he hasn’t tried yet, so if he tries here who knows what he’ll drop.. But it will be close, Im gonna go with Oneduh edging it though, and hopefully if hens does lose he gets pissed enough that he lost that he stays in the league just to get revenge lol. This will be hot though. The first battle I’ve looked forward to in the RBL since Oz was modding the league.

    11. Hi...I'm Rusty 2-1 vs. 12. Alamo IV 6-3
    Hmmm this may be close. Rusty is rusty I guess. Alamo may no show. I think hes no showed the last two times hes signed up. Lol.. He better show this time.. Anyways I got a feeling Alamo should win this, he dropped better than rusty does. So yeaa Alamo takes it.. Alamo’s a former RBL champ too right??? Yeaaaaaa. Alamo got it.

    13. Sintro 2-1 vs. 14. Young Philly 11-6
    Hmm this will be close. Sintro claims philly flips, and well.. That vadik line last week didn’t help philly’s case at all.. I got a feeling philly will win this, although I could see it going either way. I think philly feels he has something to prove in general so sintro is gonna feel the pain here. Philly will prolly drop the best hes ever dropped, or so he should since Im sure hes pissed about last week. But I can see sintro taking this as well, Im just gonna stick with philly winning though.

    15. Defcon_5 5-3 vs. 16. Seph 3-3
    Defcon will take this easy. Seph has been getting better but I doubt he has enough to match what defcon will bring to the table. Deffy will take it for sure.

    17. Willie Dickgood 2-0 vs. 18. The Gawdfather 2-0
    Hmmm close one… could go either way. But I think willie dickgood should be able to take this shit.. Word.. He will. He just drops better and is more consistent.
  13. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    19. theFRANCHISE 2-1 vs. 20. .SOBE. 2-0
    Close one.. Neither should sleep on the other. I think franchise is gonna no show and sobe will get the no show win. But if franchise shows franchise should win.

    21. KempoMRK 2-1 vs. 22. Jersey Emcee 4-4
    Hmmm this will be close. I wanna say kem will win but I doubt he will. I mean he seems to be having writers block or something lately, and jersey has been dropping better lately so Im going with jersey taking this, it may be close though, depending on whose on and off week it is.

    23. Pope Juicy 3-4 vs. 24. ReX™ 2-0
    Rex will win this. Pope hasn’t been dropping like I remember him dropping when he first registered.. He seems to be going through some writers block or something, Rex will take it pretty easy.

    25. Criteria 3-2 vs. 26. Richard Corey 1-0
    This match could be cool, unless RC sleeps. Criteria isn’t bad. Hes Black Dawn from UPN and hes been around. Hes hosted some tourneys and shit from what I hear, if RC knows whats up he better drop good here. Criteria knows about RC so Im sure he wont sleep. This could be close. Im pretty sure RC will take it pretty easy though. But if RC half asses it will make it close and criteria could possibly win because of it.. But yea RC should win.

    27. Meeks 1-2 vs. 28. Twisted Flowa 1-1
    Meeks should win. Twisted flowa gotta come harder than he has been coming. But word.. Meeks will take it.

    29. Revanon 3-3 vs. 30. blackwell 1-1
    Revanon will take this pretty easy, nothing else to say here.

    31. AxiomThaParagon 1-1 vs. 32. Mr. Chaves 2-2
    Mr. Chaves will take this for sure.

    33. Jacent 1-0 vs. 34. Chrit 1-0
    These two know each other. Both from RB, both got personals on each other. But plain and simple Jacent is just straight out better than Chrit, and I don’t care how many personals he uses if he doesn’t drop the hottest verse hes ever dropped I don’t see him winning this, unless I‘ve only seen chrits bad verse but I seen a couple and wasn’t impressed. Jacent will take it

    35. Venamis 1-0 vs. 36. blaquest 1-0
    Hmmm should be close, I think blaquest should take it

    37. Everyday 1-0 vs. 38. Tankerous 1-1
    Everyday should win, could be close, and will be close. But everyday should get it by a little.

    39. ThaGrimiestOne 0-3 vs. 40. Dark-Vybe 0-1
    Anyone can be TGO, dark vibe will win this for sure.

    41. 5-0.cal 1-1 vs. 42. Hair Line 0-1
    Hair line will take this easy.

    43. emotions. 0-1 vs. 44. Untouchable! 0-1
    Untouchable! Will take this pretty easy.

    45.dizthachozen1 0-1 vs. 46. Who Kares 0-0
    No idea here. Don’t remember anything from either, but I’ll go with dizthachozen1 since hes from 2001 and experience is a big factor in battles.

    47. Scientz 0-0 vs. 48. Bliksor 0-0
    Scientz will take this easy, hope he shows.. Now Im not sure if easy is a good word to use here since I don’t know who bliksor is, but Im pretty sure scientz should win.

    49. FaceLesss 0-0 vs. 50. *Montgomery* 0-0
    don’t know who mont is but FaceLesss is pretty good, so yea faceless will take it.

    51. Drugs 0-0 vs. 52. P-Mizzle 0-0
    Drugs got this. I don’t know who the heck p mizzle is but Im pretty sure drugs is better than him. Drugs is better than a lot of people I know, so yea Im pretty sure hes better than someone I don’t know.

    53. Mic-illaH 0-0 vs. 54. Daubs 0-0
    I wanna say daubs will win, but from what I hear mic-illah is old school and is supposebly good or something,. Ive never peeped him but Im’a go with the hype and say mic-illah will win.

    55. Ex-Kal 0-0 vs. 56. TyrantTMABM 0-0
    Hmmm ex kal is usually good. If he doesn’t fuck around he will win this,

    57. Meta Syn 0-0 vs. 58. ULegend 0-0
    Syn should take it, I don’t know legend but I like syns name more so yeaaaaa

    59. Gerald Morgan vs. 60. PraVerbs 0-0
    Umm no idea, but Gerald had a cooler name so Gerald.

    61. merc 11 vs. 62. Second Skin
    Second skin is a cool name so yea he’ll win lol

    63. .ReLL. 0-0 vs. 64. Ancel. 0-0
    Who??? Ummm.. Rell I guess

    65. Kryptikal 0-0 vs. 66. Uzi_'The Fam' 0-0
    Again who???? No ideaaaaa. But I guess Krypt

    67. Wesley Snipes 0-0 vs. 68. IDol Handz 0-0
    Ummm seems like aliases. Im guessing Idol Handz

    69. Annihilation 0-0 vs. 70. Antrel 0-0 vs. 71. Merkin Off 0-0
    Merkin off will win. Since he has a weird ass name.. don’t know anyone in this match though lol​
  14. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    look out for these


    especially Fanthom and his girl since they look related. so if your into incest glance at them for a while.

    Power Rankings

    16. Sikabod Khrayne - sika is the champ.. But yeaa a lot of people don’t think he really earned the belt, its not his fault, he beat everyone he faced.. He just didn’t really face anyone good and the ones that were good didn’t drop good against him.. So yeaaa hes champ for now but if he don’t step up his game he wont be champ for long. He needs to stop doing so many Similies too.

    15. Spit That - he hasn’t been dropping up to par, then again he hasn’t had to. He better drop way better this week or hes in trouble. I have no idea how he is gonna drop, don’t know how rusty he is or nothing. But he better drop good.

    14. Banned Name - he should be power ranked higher, that’s if he were dropping up to par. But I don’t blame him since he has had some easy opponents lately. Still hes pretty nice when he tries. He better start trying though, if not for his opponents, at least for the mag lol..

    13. Defcon_5 - deffy is back and does seem a bit rusty, he says hes gonna go back to his old self, the way he used to drop and shit. Hopefully he gets back into form real real soon. He woulda beaten tekneek whether he showed or not. Plain and simple and this week he should win again, watch out for deffy people.

    12. Sintro - I almost don’t wanna power rank him lol.. Na just playing. But yea I don’t know what this guy has against me. Last week he says he hates me in the mag, I don’t even know him really. Just seen him on hype and bboys a couple of times, and on blunts. But yea I don’t really know him. Besides him being the first person to ever mention mud foot. Well the first I heard mention him.. that’s about all I really know about him. He wasn’t impressive in the WBL or the HBL, but it seems like hes elevated since then, hes been dropping better lately. Although that mood swings line he dropped last week is played as hell lol.. But word.. Sintro can drop aight i guess.

    11. Jacent - he dropped prolly the best verse I’ve ever seen him drop last week. But I hear hes better than that. Jacent has been around for a while, I’ve bumped into him in a few leagues around the net and his name does ring bells around the net. All he has to do is show, cause yea this guy is like another mic booth when it comes to not showing lol.

    10 .headless verseman - hes pretty original in his verses, not really the type of punches people really be feeling these days, but he does his thing. People need to start opening their mind to other things beside the same old style and shit. Headless will make sure they do that. Open their mind that is. Watch out for this guy. Hes been beating everyone that’s come in his path and I don’t see him losing soon.

    9. Revanon - Im pretty sure hes disencouraged, hes lost 3 battles in a row. Anyone would be. But I hope he doesn’t sign out or no show. Rev has been dropping better each week and pretty soon he could be doing some damage. I hope he stays and stays encouraged. Hes just had to few some pretty good heads lately, well… besides calibre lol

    8. Young Philly - he needs to not worry about what heads think, as long as he knows he doesn’t flip/bite he should be good. And well, yea last week with the vadik line accusation, it did look bad.. All he has to do from now on is prove heads wrong and drop creative as fuck and make sure something like that don’t happen again.

    7. Drugs - drugs is nice with it, sometimes he gets disencouraged and no shows or signs out after a week or two after signing in. hopefully he stays in for a while this time. I’ve seen this dude drop some tight verses in the past, he can hang with the best of them. He just needs to get the motivation to go through a couple of whack heads before he gets to face someone good lol.

    6. Scientz - hes back. As long as he shows I really don’t see more than 3-4 people who could beat him right now. Hes prolly a little rusty, I doubt it though cause I hear hes been making moves on the streets with audios and shit. Scientz can beat anyone on a good day. If he shows a lot of guys are in trouble.

    5. Richard Corey - he didn’t drop up to par last week, but he pretty much knew his opponent wasn’t showing, dude didn’t even check in and had like 2 posts lol.. RC is nice though, people who have peeped his shit in the past know that. He just needs to get out of his topical zone and into a battle zone. RC will make it to the top soon as long as he doesn’t underestimate his opponents, especially criteria.

    4. Georgia - he just came off a victory over philly, and considering philly got verse of the week last week, that is a pretty big win. Even if georgia may not think much of philly, especially after the vadik line philly used against him lol. But word.. Georgia’s usually good with wording and flow. He just may be in the champ match next week.

    3. John Hensley - he was missing in action lately lol. But now hes back. He heard oneduh saying hens wasn’t to nice and now hes here to prove him wrong. I know he can do it as long as he isn’t in 20 different leagues at the same time cause that’s when he gets burned out and doesn’t drop up to par, still better than most heads even when he half asses though. People know what hens can do. Hes champed pretty much every league.

    2. Oneduh - oneduh has been dominating his opponents as of late, hopefully he continues to do so regardless of the result of his match with Hensley this week. Oneduh is easily one of the best heads to ever drop in the RBL and as long as hes in the league he will continue to show heads why. All he needs to do is keep showing, dudes always fresh and nice with it. He may be a little rusty but hes still dropping better than the heads that arent rusty lol.

    1. Serge dot T - hes gonna be the new champ this week as long as he shows, theres no question about that. Serge can do big things in the league, very few people that can beat him. This man can drop fresh.. Lately he seems to be recycling or being a little lazy but at least hes still winning, after winning the belt he might have to step it up a notch if he wants to keep it, but serge will be beating heads.​
  15. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    The RBL is now getting better. Scientz, Headless Verseman, Serge, Oneduh, Georgia, demik, Drugs, John Hensley, Revanon, Richard Corey and more are in the league. Theres still some nice heads hanging around hookups and shit that haven’t signed up, they need to sign up soon. Come on dudes. Lets do this. Its not over till its over and Im not waving the flag, I don’t know about you guys. But come the fuck on and lets get this shit popping.

    its like me and the RBL is competiting with the tourney RM currently has, its like my job to make this league dope and the tourney whack, so I guess thats what Im gonna do. hopefully ya still motivated to drop for your RBL battle. and if you decide to no show something, its the tourney and NOT the RBL lol..

    As you can tell there isn’t much to talk about these days when it comes to what people post. Verses havent been even close to impressive lately. For real its sad. And I really hope you guys start doing something about it cause what this site needs is this league to get back on its feet and in order for that to happen ya gotta start posting good. Theres no more excuses as to why you wont join the RBL or why you signed out, its either you join or you don’t, stop making excuses, if a couple of nice heads sign up others will follow. I know cause I’ve seen it happen before. So If your nice and your worried about there not being any challenges , don’t worry about that just sign up, and people will notice and wanna sign up too. Be an example and be one of the many that will sign up for this league again, but sign up and start the movement, this get this league rolling people. And to those already in the league ya people need to step ya game the fuck up, oh and if I offended you in this mag, guess what?? I don’t give a fuck, this is a text league, mags are suppose to be entertaining, so if I used your pic or some shit don’t take it personal, just laugh it the fuck off, post lol and be on with your life.

    if your good sign up

    and if your text skills is ugly looking just stay away



    especially if your just plain ugly like MISSKEYdaQUEEN
  16. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    your power rankings suck.

    behind rev? stop doing these shits randomly, and have a system. i cant name but 3 people in your top 10, wow.

    here are the TRUE power rankings

    1. Sik- he's champ period
    2. Headless Verseman, cuz i will be champ
    3. Hensley
    4. Oneduh
    5. scientz
    6. serge
    7. georgia

    quit disrespecting me by putting people who dont even battle well, 1. rev, 2. corey, people ive beaten 1. scientz, 2. oneduh 3. rev, and no names- 1. drugs, 2. jacent

  17. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    lol it wasnt random. I just put them in there by where I feel they belong man. just my opinion. but yea maybe you should have been before rev.. lol
  18. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    yea, cool mag

  19. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    headless vs rev special match: battle for the power rank :D
  20. Text45

    Text45 Jock 9mm.

    Jan 24, 2004
    dope mag

    props once again
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