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    First off, Oneduh has an important message regarding the RBL so check it out:

    "Aight folks.. It's ya boy One introducing a new element to RBL competition. Well, not new.. More like a classic most of you prolly weren't around to enjoy. The Word of the Week.

    How this works is I choose a word or phrase each week.. Alot of times it'll be a current event.. & everyone has to use that word in a line.. Not jus say it, actually make a line out of it..

    Not all that interesting huh? That's why I'm adding my own twist to it.. Each week I'll choose the best Word of the Week line & add it to an archive thread.. If you win WotW... You get a free win OR a removal of a loss. The Word of the week will be added to the Rules in every battle thread, aswell as in an archive thread I'll be making that will also contain each winners from each week & their line.

    This could be the first of many twists I add to the league depending on how the league recepts the idea.. So make sure to stop in the Chat/Predictions thread & drop your opinions.. Or do it here in the mag..

    That's all from me for now.. Imma hand it back over to SPuL. Holler"

    ^word up to that, shit should be very interesting. Also, if you DON'T do it, you will get a loss added to your record. so do it up niggas!

    Moving on, a big topic of note from last week was feeding off your opponents verse. There were TWO battles where that played a BIG part in the outcome. From now on, feeding is only allowed ONCE. If you do it more than once, that is minus 2 votes from you for every time you feed. And don't give me that bullshit, about in live battles you can do it and blah blah blah. Fact is nigga, THIS IS TEXT, NOT A LIVE BATTLE!! I believe Butler said it best:

    "OFCOURSE, if you feed off of the person who posted 1st u have a better chance of coming off "harder"... as you just took wat the person said before u, and used it against him which is always adventageous in a battle. and for some reason, people on this site just overlook that shit.. like, i know Oz use to condone that typa shit.. saying its how a battle goes in real life.. "

    ^word, and that's that. Don't bother bitching about it, cuz that's how it will stand.

    Moving onto the actual week, it was aiight. It was a dissapointment coming from the previous week. Had a good amount of no-shows. Only one double no-show though, so atleast that is good. Voting still stayed consistent. Almost had some controversey in the champ match. But other than that, few decent battles, nothing too great. But I bet you'd rather see the review for yourself then hear me ramble on about it, so word. ​
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    This is what happened, and didn't happen last week.

    CHAMPIONSHIP 1. Oneduh 15-0 vs. 2. Young Flow 4-0

    Nobody'll vote for you.. that'd be stupid, cuz man..
    You think Oz's tourney killed the league? wait til you see it with you as the Champ
    The truth is dude's homeless, he jus fronts like he rich
    So you don't have to watch a Titans game to see Young on the bench
    We all laughed when TO tried to kill himself.. you think THAT was extreme?
    He did it cuz his fiance left him.. YOU did it cuz he was on your fantasy team

    he dropped 18 , like i said ima drop 16, im done
    oneduh gonna wonda how he dropped two more lines then me and still ended up 15-1

    Overall, this was onesided as hell. Oneduh verse wasn't as great as any of his previous ones, still was pretty coo though. Had some bright spots, and even lines I didn't quote were consistent. However youngflow, wtf @ feeding on like 2-3 lines. big no no to that. And your other lines were decent at best. Had some cool concepts, but nothing to special. I felt you came harder last week. But the feeding was a big minus on your part as well. Oneduh got this easily IMO


    In the end Oneduh won 6-2

    CONTENDERSHIP 3. N.Taverez 2-0 vs. 4. Quite Strange 3-0

    N. Taverez wins via no-show

    5. Butler 19-3 vs. 6. Meta-Syn 4-0

    I come out blastin.. U come out cock n all..
    im use to meta-syn behind the bathroom cabinet, not the closet doors.
    RM.. Im 19-3.. makin' this just another head i'll sever.
    Metas 4-0... makin this the 334176450th time he's reset his record
    Kiss the contership goodbye, theres no chance u culd beat me bro
    1 jab hav U seein doubles & the fuckn Open ended WEEKS ago
    So go plug in ya current event punches. n ya phony ass textin
    ^ill keep up, by handin u these meds so u can do ya terrell owens impression


    no use spellin names right either when I point the glock at this retard
    i'mean its obvious everyone knows that but'l stop at the ER
    prolly feelin dumb as fuck with that verse - whats this bitch here thinking?
    butler'll turn into his activity icon reading this.. cuz he'll just sit there blinking
    sure Corey beat me in MugShots - but I was likin the verse
    n the only reason I didnt eat him up is cuz you took a bite from him first

    overal was decent battle. Not what I expected it to be. Butler came ok, not as hard as he usually came. Had some cool lines, overall pretty coo verse, but he's dropped much better before. Meta didn't come much better. i thought he had an aiight verse. Didn't come that hard hitting, but still had his moments. The bite shit wasn't really a bite at all IMO, but he played off it and the line was hot, so props to that. But other than that nothing really impressed me. I got butler taking this by a bit


    In the end Butler won 4-2

    7. John Hensley 14-3 vs. 8. Al Murder U 4-1

    John Hensley won via no-show

    9. Ribonuclease 14-3 vs. 10. 2triple0 3-3

    the waits over heres the truth about whos he lying to
    my watch reflects on him but even he aint got time for u


    stop tryin to rap everthing you spits wack bro
    this triple O couldn't even win in tic tac toe,
    bitch ass ho, my nameplays are past your prime
    but against this lousy fucker, I don't even have 2tri

    Overall, blah battle. Ribo obviously like he stated, didn't have to try. 2trip came ok, had one line that was coo, but rest was too simple and not hard hitting. ehh verse. Keep trying tho. Ribo still had some good lines in his. the tic tac toe was his best one, that was tight. Not bad verse for him. He got this easy.


    In the end ribo won 7-0
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    11. Agent Oranges 3-1 vs. 12. Untold. 3-1

    Untold dropped a no-show verse and AO didn't. So AO won.

    13. Spit That 1-0 vs. 14. Oddwirdz 1-2

    Oddwirdz wins via no-show

    15. Tien Lee 1-0 vs. 16. SupeRap 2-1

    SupeRap wins via no-show

    17. Mc Witha Temper 3-3 vs. 18. Linxz 0-2

    'll slap your gay ass up...just for that useless textin
    this queer passin on more bush than the houston texans
    & I ain't takin u serious, but voters won't think I'm worse
    cuz the weakest Kronik line in this battle's in Linxz' verse
    u a high calibur nerd..quit actin like you blast heat
    most of ur lines are pointless..like Pittsburgh last week
    HAD to quote this. JAGUARS!!!


    nothing really

    Overall, MC came pretty cool. Had some nice concepts thruoughout his verse. Some of the shit was simple or not that hard hitting, but he had more than enough in his verse to get the victory. Linx, man, your structure is one of your downfalls. Makes it like impossible to read, to see when a line begins or ends. Work on that. Look @ other people's verses, and try to structure it like that. Even if you had some decent concepts, the way you write your lines would take away from that. Iunno what else more to say, man, but just keep trying. MC got this tho.


    In the end MC wins 10-0

    19. Ivy League 0-2 vs. 20. Londo 0-1

    Londo wins via no-show

    21. Knowshun 1-1 vs. 22. Rhymeageddon

    Double no-show

    23.rex™ vs. 24. TheFRANCHISE

    theFRANCHISE wins via no-show

    25. ill-nik-a vs. 26. Bloodgang

    get beat up B, thinking you can hang with nik-A, please
    blood, you're full of yourself but I'm talking literally



    overall eh battle. Ill came decent. Had tight flow, and that closer was pretty ill. Had some other aiight lines throughout tho. But he def did more than enough to get the victory. Blood didn't really have much, and her lines were stretched beyond reason. So that took away a lot from verse as well. But other than that, ill did enough to get the victory.


    In the end Ill-nik-a wins 9-0

    27. Master Peace vs. 28. Real Sick




    Overall, weak battle IMO. Real sick had nothing that was hard hitting. He just had some cool multi's. Seemed more a verse for an audio song than a battle verse. Wasn't that great. Decent at best. Master peace didn't do better. But he basically fed off many of Real's lines, which in my book is a big no no. So a lot of minus points for that. He had like 3 or 4. So besides those lines he didn't really have anything either. So I see Real taking this because he didn't have to rely on the other person's verse to come up with concepts.


    In the end Real Sick won 5-4

    29. Yung Impression vs. 30. LiMiTz

    Yung Impression won via no-show

    31.Full Deck vs. 32. Blackface

    Fukk Deck wins via no-show


    To be edited in...

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    No order..

    Oneduh v.s youngflow
    We all laughed when TO tried to kill himself.. you think THAT was extreme?
    He did it cuz his fiance left him.. YOU did it cuz he was on your fantasy team

    Full Deck v.s Blackface
    you wanna be Blackface? fine, ill still make ur ass turn red
    cuz Blackcock and Blackhand we're already taken...by his last girlfriend

    Butler v.s Meta-syn
    Kiss the contership goodbye, theres no chance u culd beat me bro
    1 jab hav U seein doubles & the fuckn Open ended WEEKS ago

    Meta-syn v.s Butler
    dude wasnt fed enough as a baby - and if you wanna laugh, cool
    Butler turned optimist at an early age always see'n the bottle as half-full

    Oneduh v.s Youngflow
    Nobody'll vote for you.. that'd be stupid, cuz man..
    You think Oz's tourney killed the league? wait til you see it with you as the Champ

    Again not many great battles this week, so this was the best out of the battles.


    I come out blastin.. U come out cock n all..
    im use to meta-syn behind the bathroom cabinet, not the closet doors.
    RM.. Im 19-3.. makin' this just another head i'll sever.
    Metas 4-0... makin this the 334176450th time he's reset his record
    so, ^i suggest u forget tellin me how you hot kid,
    n how u crack skulls; when last week u BARELY crackd-thetop10
    butler-tax ass on teh regular. I got the titties workin
    Syn-tax ass on the regular - in terms of his shitty wordin
    an he's hyped about 6th in a wack league. like HE so tuff
    yea, the top WOULD be cool
    ....that is, if ya girl wuld stop usin her teeth so much
    Kiss the contership goodbye, theres no chance u culd beat me bro
    1 jab hav U seein doubles & the fuckn Open ended WEEKS ago
    hoe, we've all heard ever1 of ya punches, n wannabe skill b4
    ur another clear copy - dvd bootleggrs on my block been killin for
    see, i arleady ate the rep, corny rhymes & this dumb mc
    only deadly syn here; is gon b my shortcomin of gluttony
    With ya gun lines. no wonder One needs u out the league dawg
    kill me wit gats?.. how, wen u cant even do it wit ya keyboard?
    to the bottom 30 wit U. YA shit rhymes r shit in a post..
    & beatin me is like pinchin the mob - Ur more like pinchin a loaf
    So go plug in ya current event punches. n ya phony ass textin
    ^ill keep up, by handin u these meds so u can do ya terrell owens impression


    "But both better vote because I expect this to be very close" - SPuL

    nah you aint on my level - fuck what this nerds ^ expectin, whore
    cuz if we're close at all its more like the first and the second floor

    funny I was plannin on goin more - ur obviously ripped tho
    but I almost didnt know how many lines to do since I stopped at ur intro
    that written makes em a oxymoron - dude is the lame type
    cuz all this time I thought butlers pick up trash.. not just leave it in plain site
    no use spellin names right either when I point the glock at this retard
    i'mean its obvious everyone knows that but'l stop at the ER
    dude wasnt fed enough as a baby - and if you wanna laugh, cool
    Butler turned optimist at an early age always see'n the bottle as half-full
    prolly feelin dumb as fuck with that verse - whats this bitch here thinking?
    butler'll turn into his activity icon reading this.. cuz he'll just sit there blinking
    PLUS he's the reason text is dyin - noone trys gettin ya steez
    hell I'd say ur lines brought Rhymeageddon long before he re-signed inta this league
    I even laughed at the thought that this heads respected
    but watch as reality goes into full swing like this motherfucker's sex prefrence


    Originally Posted by Richard Corey vs UserName
    But maybe you did. I heard you trained and ate healthy for Corey
    and dropped the diet once you heard two sides come with every story


    Originally Posted by Butler vs Calefaction
    but he love the bitches big & tall. this ngga stay tryna git a porker,
    theres 2 sides to every story.. an usually 'bout 4 on his girls dinner order

    sure Corey beat me in MugShots - but I was likin the verse
    n the only reason I didnt eat him up is cuz you took a bite from him first
    and all a sudden ur verse changes, forget who said he was nice
    cuz who the fuck posts days early and goes back to edit it twice?!
    I'm just surprised I read that shit.. all those homo lines
    yeah, heads were expectin battle of the week - I'll be lucky to get no-show shine

    RUNNER-UP: Oneduh v.s Youngflow



    16-0 is the real record? the truth gets revealed in here
    I got you this week & Taverez next.. so beating Rib basically sealed the deal
    You only won cuz AO halfassed.. this week you best be prepared more
    For me to lose,
    .. It'd take the worst Agent impersonation since DMX at the airport
    Tried to namejack Young Dro, the FL looks overly foolish dog
    So I'll let you borrow one of many d/r's so you can pull it off
    This shit's funny to me.. but it'll hit this nerd serious
    YOU'RE the one named Young Flow.. but I was your bitches first.. period!
    Nobody'll vote for you.. that'd be stupid, cuz man..
    You think Oz's tourney killed the league? wait til you see it with you as the Champ
    I'm considered a god in text & the myth of the savior's true
    Cuz I took Rib out last week.. & you're the bitch that I gave it to
    The truth is dude's homeless, he jus fronts like he rich
    So you don't have to watch a Titans game to see Young on the bench
    You don't belong here, we'll set a new low for a champ matches views
    Only people that wanna see Oneduh/Flow.. are askin me to bring back my crew
    We all laughed when TO tried to kill himself.. you think THAT was extreme?
    He did it cuz his fiance left him.. YOU did it cuz he was on your fantasy team

    RUNNER-UP: Butler ​
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    We had TWO interviews this week


    ItsDaKidSPuL: yo what's up man?

    imahuStlahomiey: not much, just relaxin, u?

    ItsDaKidSPuL: word, just chillin' and shit. But uhh so lately with some no-shows, no show verses, half-ass verses. I gotta ask you. Do you just not care about RBL or have you just been too busy?

    imahuStlahomiey: lol between school, my relationship, and football games on friday nights.. its either half ass or no show. I figure i need to write within the week before the last minute though

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word. Gotta start writing earlier. Can we expect more from SupeRap in the following weeks or will we still see half-ass verses and no-shows?

    imahuStlahomiey: i mean you know how it is.. eventually if i need to do good or w/e, then of course i'll start writing at the standard that i'd write if i were batlting a big head. btw, i'd like to take time to apologize to hensley for the no show the other week, had a rough game friday night

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, it's all good. So I know you've had other names in the past. So what are they, if you feel like sharing and what other sites have you texted on?

    imahuStlahomiey: i've texted on ••••••••, ••••••••, and bboys. not •••••••••••• though. As far as names go.. i'll keep it on the down low for now

    ItsDaKidSPuL: word up, I feel that. But what were your experiences on those sites? Like what do you think about the different styles and shit?

    imahuStlahomiey: i think that different sites have different styles.. but i feel that actually mc's have styles of their own. so if you come to a site like •••••••• from rapmusic, you dont have to adjust your style to make someone like you. eventually they are going to feel it anyway. it overall just helps everyone elevate really. As far as experiences, on •••••••• it was cool.. some what. •••••••• was probably the site i liked the best. i really felt at home there, but that ended abuout 4 yrs ago. RM had been around for ages.. the league dies, comes back, dies, comes back. it has the ability to stay for however long it wants. just battlers have to make it that way. I know i got off of topic, haha

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Lol it's all good. Different people and styles coming to newer sites is good experience for everyone. Back to RBL, what is your opinion on how it has been progressing over the last month?

    imahuStlahomiey: its really been going slow honestly.. it gets cool, then lame. people just need to put forth a valid effort to make it what it used to be. if not, then oh well. it'll fail, like it has in the past.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: What do you think could be done to help it progress faster?

    imahuStlahomiey: participation.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word up, I feel that. What are your opinions on the current heads in the thick of things? Oneduh, Hensley, N. Taverez, Butler, etc.

    imahuStlahomiey: don't really know Oneduh.. he's a cool guy though. i know Hensley is hot and hes a pretty cool dude. butler's arrogant it seems, but he's got reason to be. Tavarez, eh.. i'm not feeling his work

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, so do you see yourself in the title hunt in the next few weeks?

    imahuStlahomiey: oh, definitely. that is my goal of joining anyways. I mean, i joined for fun.. but of course after a while the hunger for more is there

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Yea, I feel you. So what are some text accomplishments you achieved over your time of texting? Anything you're "proud" of?

    imahuStlahomiey: some people tell me i'm a underachieved legend. i just consider myself a breath of fresh air. I'm really not a battler. i'm just a writer in general. poetist, battler, whatever. My accomplishments have come from outside of the net when it comes to battling. i've been in the Open Mic Hall fo Fame on certain sites, w/e.. you know

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Yea, I feel that. Breath of fresh air. word. So I see you been doing some audio as well. How's that going?

    imahuStlahomiey: i dont even have time much for it anymore. but when i'm free, i'll record a track and what not. i usually write or practice football plays in my spare time though

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Nice. So I heard you thinkin' of playing football in college? If so, would you still put forth any time for rap?

    imahuStlahomiey: not even lol. football is my dream. rapping will be put on the BACK BURNER FOR EVER. lol I'd fall back on it if i had to

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, I feel that. Good luck on that shit. But now, uhh what is your opinion on the state of texting as a whole?

    imahuStlahomiey: texting dying. Simple as that. it is what it is.. its been on the verge forever. we've just been breathing life into it by twisting up different matches, pic battles etc.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word up, you think it is possible to keep it going, or are we just prolonging something that will eventually hapen?

    imahuStlahomiey: with fresh heads it can be prolonged. It's death is on the way

    ItsDaKidSPuL: damn son. But before we go, any last words you wanna say? Shout outs, fuck yous, etc?

    imahuStlahomiey: thats just how i feel honestly. shout outs to everyone still holdin they own in the league. numero uno, off.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: word. peacee
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    I personally think this is one of the better, if not the best interview we've had so far in this new era of RBL. peep...

    ItsDaKidSPuL: yo what up?

    Meta Syn says: not much, just sorta chillin

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, so what are your thoughts on how the RBL been lately?
    Meta Syn says: well at first, it came off really slow. people werent doing much, no-shows everywhere. All a sudden its been picking up lately with tons of votes and feedback, good show rates, shit like that. But unfortunately, we got quantity and not quality in our votes section. I'm a lil bit upset about that, as are other heads im sure.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Yea, I can feel that. Shit happened with the championship match almost. But so do you think you def won your battle with Butler then and that you got "robbed?"

    Meta Syn says: honestly, with Oneduh - it was an entirely different story. Like, I respect both heads, they've contributed more than enough to text and their personal status's as legendary heads. Me and Oneduh both were trippin on somethin with our verses, I dont take the loss as much of anything as we both would have done better, the league was at its worst at that point I wont front, doesnt matter tho, he's still ma nigga.

    Butler, i'm not gonna front and be all text politically correct. I think it was pretty obvious who the winner was, and I honestly believe people were just flat out ridin after all the hype about his LBL appearence.

    Seriously, I respect butler, but I'm sure even he knows i got him that time. but im sure he'll make a good match with hens anyway, and im glad we're finally getting the fine tuning portion handled with the RBL. we did have a buncha random ass names, now it seems the top ten looks really good.

    all will fall into place im sure

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word I feel that. So you do plan on staying in RBL then? and if so, how long for?

    Meta Syn says: yeah, One keeps naggin at me to stay, so I guess I could just keep moving. My biggest focus lately has just been school and partyin + paintball (shit is dope by the way). But I'll be able to stick around and drop some good verses for a long time to come.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, that's what's up. So other then RM, what other sites have you battled at, and how'd you do on them?

    Meta Syn says: well first and foremost has to be ••••••. Thats where I pretty much was forced to mature, I'd goof off and match heads way better than me, talk shit and stuff, that was a few years ago and I was a lil bit immature.
    Big Controversy over at PR, which is pretty much •••••• - MugShots tourney had a big craze about me Ghosting for people writing lines and stuff. Where I was doing really good. And yea some bits were true, and some bits were ClasSick talkin out his ass to find more dirt on me.

    In the end I got the short end of the stick and ClasSick had me banned, Class said i could come back as an alias, but Diode doesnt want that to happen - so i've pretty much left the site all together.

    I played around on ••••••••••••• lastly, but it got boring - sorry Lama. Now I just pretty much do my battling on RBL and I've had more success here for the most part.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word I feel that. You mentioned Classick and some other names. So who are some of the names that you think are overated, underated, and who are the ones who deserve the praise they get?

    Meta Syn says: in the league or just, the net entirely?

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Net entirely

    Meta Syn says: for one, I think Diode is a douchebag over at PR. Period. ClasSick is a mexican whore, who I happen to love so thats all good.

    All retardedness aside, I'll point out that everyone says Butler is overated. But in all reality, aside from last week, he's been dropping dope almost every time, and winning by large margins. thats not being overated, thats just being better, and anyone else saying otherwise is just hatin. Same thing with Hensley, they say he's fallin off, no - nigga is just like the rest of us. He doesnt give a fuck untill he gets someone worth the effort. Its pretty obvious.

    As far as underatings go, I cant be of much help, because I underate heads as well. If anything I'd point out Spit That, thats what sticks out in my mind so far. I'm sure Ribo deserves credit as well, as well as KungFuGrip, Impulse and a few other heads you wouldnt notice untill you went to some tourny's.

    All in all tho, I find it a lil sad that most people just develope their opinions based on what other people say. Its when you actually read verses do you figure out whatsup, not when you read verdicts and match/tourny outcomes.

    Lastly, gotta give credit to you and oneduh. Yall so-far are bringing back what was concidered gone and forgotten. Props for that.

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word up, thanks. and lmao @ classick shit. But uhh if you had to do create a top 10 for text since text first became something to do, whenever that is, what is YOUR personal top 10? Not what others consider, but in your opinion what is the top 10?

    Meta Syn says: well, in no particular order i'd say: Timevirus, Richard Corey, Fracture, Dynamix, Shake-Zula, Lieutenant, UserName, Resin MIC, Butler, and Sur 5 ILL i'd say Tyson, but thats a gimme

    ItsDaKidSPuL: Word, good list. Back to RBL. If anything, what do you think should be added or taken away that could really help this league progress quicker?

    Meta Syn says: special matches, shake shit up. i had an idea. about taking BlackDef and that other dude and pairing em up for a biters only match. they get 12 line setting. only 12 and they gotta bite the best lines they can find

    ItsDaKidSPuL: lmao... that'd be pretty funny

    Meta Syn says: can do a concept thing with hensley and hwoever i dunno (jk hens)

    ItsDaKidSPuL: haha but yea, I wouldn't mind that shit, but it's up to Oneduh whether or not that shit will pop-off. so maybe if you keep bugging him to do some shit like that, it could happen who knows. Lastly, anything you want to get off your chest? Fuck you's, shout-outs, I love you's, etc.

    Meta Syn says: I like cheese with Jalapeno's. pz

    ItsDaKidSPuL: word. peace

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    This week Oneduh doing predictions

    CHAMPIONSHIP 1. Oneduh 16-0 vs. 2. N.Taverez 3-0

    Obviously I think I'm gonna win. Should be more interesting than last week atleast. Well, Maybe =). Tav can bring some hotness.. Hopefully we get a few more educated voters than last week. Or should I say.. A few less of the un-educated variety.

    PREDICTION: Oneduh

    CONTENDERSHIP 3. Butler 20-3 vs.4. John Hensley 15-3

    Honestly, noone can call this one. It's gonna come down to who wants it more.. Plain & simple. Hens has been droppin better lately but I got a feelin Butler will step it up this week. Lookin foward to facing the winner.

    PREDICTION: Butler

    Ribonuclease 15-3 vs. 6. Agent Oranges 4-1

    Rib should take this. Both can bring flames, Rib just does it more consistently. AO has a chance.. But he'll have to bring his A game.


    Oddwirdz 2-2 vs. 8. Young Flow 4-1

    Young should take this pretty easily if he continues on this trend he's been on, of improving each week & adapting to RM style.

    PREDICTION: Young Flow

    SupeRap 3-1 vs. 10. Meta-Syn 4-1

    Meta is REALLLLLY pissed over that loss to Butler. SR can drop solid.. But I don't think he can handle a very motivated Meta.

    PREDICTION: Meta-Syn

    Mc Witha Temper 4-3 vs. 12. Londo 1-1

    Mc gets the nod here due to his creativity. While Londo can come with some solid disses, they don't stand out as much.

    PREDITCION: MC Witha Temper

    13. TheFRANCHISE 1-0 vs. 14. Al Murder U 4-2

    Potential to be a good battle. Al has been slackin lately.. But if his mind is on this battle he could make it close. Franny usually drops dope.. Aslong as he finds time to write.. I got Fran here.


    15. ill-nik-a 1-0 vs. 16. Real Sick 1-0

    Nik in a shutout.. Unless the same two that voted against me vote on this.. But I think RS was one of them, so Nik's safe.

    PREDICTION: Ill-nik-a

    2triple0 3-4 vs. 18. Yung Impression 1-0

    2 up & comers with potential.. Tough one to call.. If I had to pick someone I'd say 2triple0 cuz YI just signed in.. Not sure if he's rusty.

    PREDICTION: 2triple0

    Full Deck 1-0 vs. 20. Untold. 3-2

    Full Deck had some pretty interesting lines last week. Untold is more focused on wack leagues he can champ with ease.. Lol.. advantage = full deck.

    PREDICTION: Full Deck

    21. Linxz 0-3 vs. 22. Bloodgang 0-1

    Could go either way.. I look for Linxz to pull off his first win here in a close one.


    23. wilmer deryou vs. 24. ski mask

    Wilmer is Roger Glocks I think.. If so, he should take this easily & steadily make his way up the ranks.

    PREDICTION: Wilmer deryou

    25. Jack The Ripher vs. 26. VladTheInhaler

    JTR is like a legend on RV. Time to show if you can hang with the big boys. Vlad is an alias & I've never seen either of his names battle. I give the edge to JTR.


    27. Out Writechas vs. 28. -Kontext-

    Not sure who Kontext is.. But Outwritechas is pretty nice.... WHEN HE SHOWS. Barring yet anbother noshow by OW, he should win.


    29. Exon vs. 30. Lucian'

    Exon.. I wanna say you're Booga? I could be wrong.. Either way I remember you being pretty decent. YOu get the W


    31. Supa! vs. 32. slay-eddie..

    Supa? As in my favorite mexican?!?! If so, he takes this with no prob.


    33. _SMG_ vs. 34. C-FAL

    Never heard of C-FAL.. I still give him the edge cuz SMG won't show..



    Knowshun- Ok, first you ask for an extension couple of weeks ago, and Oneduh told you, if you DON'T show you are banned from RBL. What happens? You no-show. So then you come back saying "oh, I had a funeral" or something blah blah blah. and oneduh was nice enough to give you one more chance. And what do you do then? NO-SHOW AGAIN!! Fuck you nigga. Don't even bother signin' back up again.


    1. Oneduh v.s N. Taverez

    2. Butler v.s John Hensley

    3. Ribonuclease v.s Agent Oranges

    4. Meta-Syn v.s SupeRap

    5. Full Deck v.s Untold​
  8. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest


    Full Deck- He came pretty nice last week. So if he keeps dropping hard, I can see him getting into the top 10 real soon.

    Jack The Ripher- Can drop dope if he tries. If he tries, I see him making a run for the title. That is if he shows up constantly.

    Meta-Syn- Comin' off a match he thought he should of won, he will be extra motivated this week. He can bring that fiya when he drops his hardest though. But he's looking to make another title match appearance


    5. Ribonuclease- He seems like he wants another shot at Oneduh's throne. If he keeps it up, he very well can find himself having another shot for it. Only thing is, dude has GOT to vote. Cuz if he continues not too, he might end up losing due to that.

    4. John Hensley- Has had 2 no-shows so far, so this will be the first time he has an opponent most probably. He has been dropping dope as fuck on other sites though. So I expect him to continue with the dopeness this week. He can easily find himself in title match next week.

    3. Butler- Didn't drop his best last week, but other then that, he usually comes with fire. Has a match-up against a formidable foe in John Hensley. If he drops fire like he is known to drop, he can find himself in the title match again next week.

    2. N. Taverez- He has found himself in yet another league title match. He's got a tough match though against Oneduh. He's seen as the underdog by everyone, so now is his chance to prove everyone wrong and show that he is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath of the rest of text's elite battlers.

    1. Oneduh- Dude has his hands full with NT this week. He is on the verge of breaking Cale's RBL record. If he wins, he'll be the sole owner of that record. He hasn't had to really try for 2 weeks, so this week he will be letting loose with a ton of flames.


    Overall, not bad week. I hope it gets better though, and the match-ups look like it WILL be a lot better. Practically ALL the top 10 matches have the potential to be dope as fuck. Dope champ match, dope contendership. Word to that. We also got some dope nuccas who just signed in, so they'll be comin' up closer to the top 10 soon. Shit is starting to look good. Sign-ups are increasing each week. I'm real optimistic about this shit. Plus, with the addition of the word of the week, I think shit will get more interesting. So just make sure you show, and make sure to vote, and drop links in your thread, and all will be good. ALSO, GO SOONERS!!!!! FUCK TEXAS!!! OKLAHOMA GON SMACK THAT ASS THIS SATURDAY! YEA!!! But uhh.. till next week, peace out.​
  9. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    word niggas :)
  10. Meta Syn

    Meta Syn New Member

    Feb 1, 2006
    a few funny parts. lmfao @ oneduh still
  11. 'Pulse

    'Pulse Go die.

    Aug 12, 2005
    you buggin
  12. N.Tavarez

    N.Tavarez .....

    Feb 11, 2006
    who the fuck is a superap?
    oh well..........
  13. ill nik-A

    ill nik-A Dirty Sanchez!!

    Feb 22, 2002
    another keystizzy week, thanks yall
    i be breezin like wind
  14. ski mask

    ski mask The Don

    Jul 19, 2005
  15. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
  16. KroniK

    KroniK R.I.P. U

    Nov 27, 1999
  17. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    tight shit nice interviews.
  18. KempoMRK

    KempoMRK The Don Corleone

    Aug 2, 2005
    nice mag.
  19. Rufus Griffin.

    Rufus Griffin. New Member

    Aug 26, 2004
    i don't remember word of the week havin that great of an impact the first time around.....
  20. Butler

    Butler New Member

    Dec 6, 2002
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