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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: User, UserName, Island (shared Island with others)
    From: HA!

    vs. Rhyme and Aura

    God vs. Ghostwriter vs. Ghostwriter

    Im doin some rapin tonight…bets is off, n im sayin it like…
    Island stays with the hookup…yall stay with ladies delight
    get it yet?..ill hit a vet, n ya still wont see me brother,
    toppling Island?...how, when you faggots couldn’t beat each other…


    Island and Aura…were different, n screw it ya worthless
    but were alike too, cuz each week someone else is doin our verses
    See its my job to win...and you can tell theres losses
    Your only line of work is waitin for a check at the welfare office
    User this....User that....overused the topic and played it out
    ...hes just mad i got more pounds than his UK bank account
    this bitch gets bullied at school, n at lunch he pities the moment..
    when he's going thru Hall's running more than Kansas City opponents
    go ahead and reach for the title, you wont get it in time..
    cuz ya style is lending to wackness, more than the ppl givin you lines


    rhyme’s got ghoster’s too…he needs lines, so the bastard flips em..
    Cuz each week he’s prayin for Angels…more than disaster victims*
    U wont lose like a man, u'll say i got dickrode instead
    They say misery loves company, ..u must have a shit load of friends
    fags fall in the rankings...so watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks
    Poor bastard, im gonna burry you deep in sediment
    If money talks, then yours got a broke jaw n a speach impediment
    Rhymes wack as fuck…and this fag aint clownin on me
    Cuz the only time we’re proud of 2.5…is when nasifs countin to 3

    *yea..Angel admitted and so did homie

    vs. Macabre

    I see you like to use personals…ok

    see, I'm sittin back…kickin it, imma put this bitch to task
    there's Islands all over the world, but only one is about to kick your ass
    everyone thinks your wack…so stop talking ya homo
    even Jeff knows it…that's why your stuck moddin the dojo
    hows a wack motherfucker supposed to give advice on rhymes
    your as bad as everyone in there…it just took you twice the time
    blame Demik for setting up a match that YOU can't handle
    cuz ill give you the boot…while HE gives you a boot camp battle
    lookit what this faggot is under; for postin that wackness you'll suffer
    i'd impose my Will on you… but you'd prolly ask for his number
    you know when your close fam, stop tryna flow when your stoned man
    ill put a chi.nk in your armor...n watch Tekneek vote for his homeland
    heres where I say your gay, I got a reason to call you bitch tho
    1. your not in WF, 2. your wack n 3. …YOU ACTUALLY TALK TO KRYSTO
    There's a requirement to battle me, u should stop in my wake
    Imma champ... you cant even beat Xsample n make him drop in the ranks

    suck shit and die loser newbie scum
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Tony Elbow

    biters never prosper

    i see the sharks'll swim...i dont even wanna talk to him
    cuz fuck my next title run...i can set the treadmill on slow walk and win
    cuz basically skip, your a faggot, no 'maybe's or 'if's
    i think its funny tho...how Tony Elbow is more like Tony Labia Lips
    i bet your a bitch...n when your boyfriend is flexin his wrist...
    you do like any elbow would...n just bend for the fist
    the fight is done, listen, im not the type to stunt...
    but i fell asleep after your third or fourth recycled punch
    maybe you actually have talent...HAH!, fuck it im lyin'
    you did more biting in one verse then i've done on my diet
    i think the point shit is gay, but i need to get my actions talkin
    id buy some just for you...but jeff hasnt added the BAN FAGGOT option

    vs. Resin M-I-C

    ....B2K called....they need a stand in...

    As You Would Say...

    with the stamp on his part; its a symbol; im attackin his heart
    n’ that towel’s also a symbol...as to where his hair actually starts
    im slappin this shark...and fully equipped to target ya crew
    & if i hate blacks, id shoot the wall...cuz that shits darker than you
    your fuckin wack...and your not gettin repped that hard
    but since when did nike make sweatbands in extra large?
    that doesnt matter...your already set to leave impaired
    res aint got an •••••, he’s got the whole tree in there...
    lemme stop leading them on...so they can laugh at the jokes
    that aint his adams •••••...thats my fist in the back of his throat
    im slappin this bloke...and still remain snappin these fissures
    why sit and name the loser?...sime did THAT in your picture
    i wont just burn ya crew...ill shove em in a furnace too
    cuz you aint got no friends...even ya collar turned on you!
    enough with the retirement promises...your wearin it thin
    with proceedings more ‘drawn on’ than the hair on his chin
    this joints all danger...fuck the votes...pass the points out later
    first glance at his pic....and i thought Ginuwine joined Al Queida
    and with time to go, i got a rhyme to blow & the lines to gloat
    id knock you out the box...but the fuckin box is inside ya throat
    suicide?...find ya note!...or better yet, get ripped outta ya skin
    and yea ill hit the decline...when i smack the shit outta ya chin
    it just leads to a huge bump...and that lump’s cockin his head
    the reason im gaining momentum...is to ski jump off of his neck
    shits huge...made the shirt look small...like he raps in a speedo
    but it looks like it should...when attacked by a pack of mosquitos
    bold with his scripts...til this lumpy fuck gets folded with clips
    that aint just adams •••••...thats eve standin there holdin the shit
    you can see the bones in her wrist...now run and cry to master
    im not readin your horroscope...but that lump is a ‘Sign of Cancer’

    ...You Just Got It Heavy...

    vs. SOD

    Lesson 1 : How To Beat A Wash-Up

    you aint the talk of the town...city, or any scene that ive mentioned
    ...cuz hell, the only things your the talk of, are bulemic conventions
    see im fat…your skinny, so I imagine we wont be talking a lot
    the only thing we both relate to…is the likes of a count chocula box
    This mans a downer…I know you’re here, you’re the fag for hours
    …its like…Resin had a kid…and slapped his face with a bag of flour
    your face is imploding…its all fair if your whored with ya pic
    when ya got cheeks so in…Lil Kim would perform with the shits
    but see its fine…cuz your wack now, so im free with time
    its cool for an Ethiopian crypt keeper to have a chin longer than all 3 of mine
    believe that I snipe guys, cuz while it may seem that I might try
    he’s got people debating…what’s lazier: me or his right eye…
    who’s fuckin with that…skinny fuck…im just jumpin this fag
    it’s a 32 man tourney…but with you here its 31 and a half
    ive mastered my seeding…it isn’t over til this bastard is bleeding
    so im fat…your just jealous cuz I step on a scale and get an actual reading

    vs. Stickman


    Aha...You're kidding me...

    learn it fast, och..you can turn the laugh off
    ..lookin like the Redskins went for a more urban Mascot
    i dont care what you are, you look Native to me
    and while you pray to the god of it, Trap GAVE me a breeze
    see, you're fakin' to me..he'll stare a hole thru a dude
    when really, on top of his hat are feathers and ceremonial flutes
    and they named you stickman? thats such a bummer
    cuz ur dad had a cool name...like Chief FatRedHeadWhoFuckedYourMother
    he craves cock if its hard...and he gets lots at the bars
    cuz this faggots more light in his loafers, than his moccasin's are
    i could give a fuck if you're here..cuz ur quite up in the years
    plus you're idea of clothes shopping, is just hunting for deer
    lookit this guys seeding...and after he cries, bleeding...
    he'll be shouting 'How'...more than his tribes greeting
    he doesnt think he can beat me, get ya bib on son..
    cuz sticks having reservations..while his family lives on one
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