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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Storm-G, Mister Gots, storm god
    From: Spring Valley, Illinois
    Crew: EXS (Ex-Saviors)

    “You wind up dead like the pitching ghost of satchel Paige”

    vs. Inkwell Q

    Once I saw this, I had to comment on it. Use mine if ya want. It's in the pro-filly.

    Let's go

    at first glance, I'd swear you was pimpin
    since you got asses for both of ya lips, and ya chin
    thinkin you gon elevate, but there's no flights to charter
    lookin like a fuckin backup singer for Aaron Carter
    kid's tryna look menacin, his eyes all squinted
    he's jus tryna hide the fact he got the right one tinted
    my lines hard as iron, Ink's jus known to starch words
    he cropped the photo jus right, to cut off his eyebrow archer
    . . . thinkin you could hide the results
    ya mom would pull you off the net if she knew you battle adults
    ya ear looks like it's tryna secede and fend for itself
    I guess you were the FIRST person they had in mind for "Elf"
    and ya fashion is fucked up, rockin a hooded cape
    lookin pissed cuz you late for your Dungeons and Dragons game

    vs. Dat Gangsta

    With that? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

    LMAO@ you tryna sway votes already. Nice try.

    Blastin in 3......2......1


    from the display you gave this week, there must be emotional damage
    "They wouldn't let me do rankings! Shit, I need the advantage"
    so don't say that Storm stole the win, you never had what it took
    you leavin 6-3 like problems in 'Sif's math book
    you wanna be hard; man, I bet ya muscles flexed
    how can you be DAT Gangsta when all you do is text?
    even if that wasn't true, you wouldn't be blastin teks
    you'd be on the street doin drive-bys tossin cassettes
    you gave yourself a supposedly easy win last week
    got more than you bargained for and then jetted the scene
    you started cryin cause the mods wouldnt let you rank
    but shut the fuck up cause you moved up thanks to Tang.
    you sittin tryna bitch cuz I aint choose to drop yet
    it's not good for you to whine with a typin impediment
    with a verse like that, you've no business tryna boast
    I shouldn't be 5-0? You shouldn't be tryna post

    there ya go.

    in awe

    vs. u cant see me, take a L, since nowadays it's medicine
    u should apply ya skill, maybe then you'll get Awe, In

    yep yep, here we go

    this kids' pitiful at best, he's like an RM hobo
    everything about him stinks and he was booted from the dojo
    tried to rearrange his approach cuz skill will trouble you
    but still battles like his name . . . 'e ain' get a W
    u only bring one instance of humor like Ben Savage
    do the math, even ya meanest shit is average
    it seems losin to me means ya future's seeming bleak
    so you should steal kids' baby bottles, & start a weaning streak
    I and everyone else here are amazed how you're meek
    so tell me, what's it like to battle yourself every week?
    shit, calm down! Stop bein so grabby, clown
    it's kinda odd how you're so adamant about your hand-me-downs
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Joseph Q Castro

    oh you've made a million graves? thats a simple issue
    u only kill in a simple way, busting at single tissues
    so dont act street, or ill crack the pavement
    with a sig and name combo attempting a fashion statement
    faggot stay bent, and in that position stay mute
    for putting that convo in like "hey guys, isnt this cute"
    this bitch is a fruit.. yet none of his rhymes are bananas
    cowboys should be the only white guys with bandanas
    ur not black... look how fake that ur game is
    and if u were in a past life ur a n.igga slaves wouldnt hang with

    vs. Label

    your sig says it losers are confidence boosters,
    the thing is giving yourself props is waht ur used ta
    ur styles generic as fuck , i can see it in every word
    to check this label out i think i need an aldis register
    u think u mastered text, man you dont even know how
    ur in a class of your own and im teaching it now
    dial 911 or show up and get rocked til u die slow
    cuz you'll be wishing that u coulda got to the 5-0
    from my state, claming he was born and raised, where?
    ur still being brought up, u stay at ur mommas like daycare
    lets drop the line limit to 12, we dont need no more labor
    16 lines from u is too much im doing the voters a favor

    vs Hellbent

    My armor softens the blade you hold strong in this war
    Now your mad.. Losing ya temper along with your sword
    Ur a whore Prostitute fucking for lots of loot- I can tell ya gay
    Yesterday when I got bent is the only time I had hell to pay
    Well you stay a flamer forever looking lamer than ever
    Like casino quarter machines u should make change for the bettor
    We’re the same in two aspects, don’t bother to differ
    We have the same sexuality and fatherly figures
    ..Zeus made the storm many centuries ago
    He created you recently, formed your text and ya flow
    I reckon you blow judging how your whole style is winded
    If you want a good Finnish adopt an obedient child from Finland
    Smile and listen.. You cant even begin to see this king
    My fists are flying and you’ve gotten into the swing of things
    U don’t bring, u sing.. Claiming “hell aint dying out in this match”
    the moment u let the cat out the bag , u were lion out of ur sack
    Nobodies doubting the fact that in this bout I am first
    Removing my sausage, everything coming out`cha mouth is the wurst
    Ur verse is compliments to the judges, ur supposed to battle me
    Next to a plateau, your verse is the highest form of flattery
    That’s wack to me.. Nah actually its worse than whack
    So I go for the juggler when I’m killing this circus act
    From your first attack to your last.. I just gotta laugh
    Getting kicks out of your verse like it’s a karate class
    Quality over quantity trash, 401 kilobytes of text is tiring man
    You should stick to worrying about ur 401 k retirement plan
    I’m fire and damn.. You’re just fighting the obvious
    Ur career lies in ruins for picking bones like an archeologist’s
    Confidence is the fucking source of my wrath
    Too much aftershave is the only brut force that you have
    You best find a course or a path.. A good route for escape
    You’re not safe at home, you’ve been thrown out at the plate
    How I murdered this UA celebrity.. It’s hard to speak it
    Let’s say your rug is now the one getting the red carpet treatment
    Gave u a ‘brief’ death then hung your corpse by underwear straps
    My verse kills the whole crowd… only thunder will clap…
    Fucker it’s fact this is over.. Ur presence is now erased..
    Like good carpentry - you work, then leave the boards without a trace
    Now your faced with a thought deep in the back of ur head
    Trying to figure out how to live with the fact that you’re dead……….

    vs Double 0

    fucking with a storm who has massive rage
    You wind up dead like the pitching ghost of satchel Paige
    .. Ur out of this tourney, I'm bringing fact nerd
    I’m Thieving, round robbin’ like that singing fat bird
    Ur spat words are funny, laughs rumble the heavens
    If your word is bond im murdering double 0 seven
    ..The master god turning ya sunny days to massive fog
    If your allergic to pets I’ll make it rain cats and dogs
    Faggot mod, u were ok in the past now lose ya rep n disses
    And live in the present like pets for Christmas
    Listen, my flow bangs ya bitch I know it grows anger
    But the fact stays I ‘don’t suck’ , that’s a ‘no brainer’
    So Change ya plans, man ur ripped and its over
    You leave with a bag of Tostitos and dip on ya shoulder
    I laugh at you and ur bad attitude about losing this
    Anyone protecting ur verse is garden shit like manure is..............

    vs. Kingcity

    ur a fucking idiot.. and thats what i think son
    tried to hide it by naming yaself kingcity instead of kingdumb
    stick to riding my dick.. ur not a worthy contender
    ur a nut hugging smarty pants like erkels suspenders
    all ur shit is well.. well and i got them sick quotes
    u rely on returned favors weekly to get six votes
    ur shit isnt dope under any circumstance
    it wont enhance..
    stick to posting quick replies and go advanced
    you'd give anything to be in my crew, I oughta laugh
    asking for my signature youll get my autograph
    ur prolly wearing a fubu jersey and underneath is a chain
    and its as fake as that fuckin bling on your name
    im bringing the pain, easily leave ya torn up..
    theres no need for a closer, my pen hasnt even warmed up

    vs. doYen

    Im'a say it plain and simple. You're losin. Take a hint
    a match for me? Nah, n!gga you stones and flint
    so Im'a flip . . . and beat this bitch so bad
    he'll be expectin 2 L's like he jus bought a dime bag
    like Im'a really waste effort, this kid knows Im better
    a challenge just aint in sight, they only share two letters
    folks predictin me to lose, real results'll vary cuz
    we all kno a single Yen has little worth in America
    actually, next to none. 100 to half of one
    like infants to Jet Li in skills of scrappin, son
    you're not good enough to fall off, you need prehabilitation
    you're dead weight, we should title this battle Exfoliation

    yep yep
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