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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Name: Serge, Manic D
    From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Crew: Hybrid Angels, EXS

    vs. ST_UC 9-4

    i just got linked to this. i forgot i signed up, so sign me out after this battle, my last in rbl.

    shit happens when clips clappin, serge still rippin shit
    but you known to leave a fake impression like my birth certificate
    stick to jackin off, you just a chump to me
    you dont handle business cause dicks ya one company
    yous a pencil dick bitch, kid im honest
    i peeped ya girls pussy wall n saw scribbles on it
    noone knows you...its a slaughter beatin for cattle
    such a fuckin netzero, the roadrunner beeps in his battles
    youre deaths judged here, no chance for retrial
    shit, even his blood cells got 911 on speed dial
    i noticed his ego trip from wich noone is stoppin him
    shit, hes been feelin cocky since he started pick pocketin
    by the way youre reputed, i could only deduce that...
    ...you're a son of a bitch...than didnt swallow when she should have
    he sucks dick like crazy yet he thinks his skills flawless
    but i saw generations go down the drain when he spit in the faucet
    you gettin shot up and i dont mean heroin fam
    cause the kids high on life and i pissed on his last gram
    a sick fuckin verse, disgusting like no other
    the 2nd nastiest thing I've been in...the 1st was your mother
    swear he pro black but im known to expose fake kíkes
    cause st_uc's sea of hope is infested with great whites


    vs. Joseph Q Castro

    the god said 30

    ''moooooooooooooooooo''- chelsea
    http://www.iownjoo.com/freeimghost/jqcastro/Cece copy.gif

    i saw the prom pictures n thought i'd seen a trend
    who'da thought enrapture would be datin netcee's again?
    its an assualt thing she did to you too
    when the senior prank was cow tippin, she threatened to sue
    wanna be black so bad, you'll never be african so stuff it, dude
    you KNOW youre tryin too hard when you feed a cow....n fuck it too
    i can tell her size, say if i scored good
    you'd say she's got 5 feet, looks more like 4 hooves
    she's a fuckin dog nígga, her beauty's minisculous
    ive heard of havin a leash for ya bitch but this is ridiculous
    http://www.iownjoo.com/freeimghost/jqcastro/4-joey copy.gif
    ^^that+ ya bitch doesn't make you a hero
    cause you aint 1 in a million when youre followed by 6 zero's
    they say you deliver, so nígga just tell me...
    ....why you aint brought home the bacon since yo momma met chelsea
    but when the great one's done, its quick so dont stress it dude...
    ...when i put my shoe in ya ass n then bring out the best in you
    i thought zoo's didnt let you keep pets
    i'll admit though...
    ya girl looks like a million bucks...couldn't fix all her birth defects
    to think, i thought you were one of gods seeds
    just the son of a bitch...that lets her children crossbreed


    stop whinin ya scrawny bitch, shes fat as a motha
    so yall only make a perfect 10... by standin next to eachotha

    *after everyone votes for god n dissy's whining has proven useless*


    get the fuck off my dick, release my kids with soft cough
    or serge'll leave ya chest danglin, i took angelics bra's off
    asi que tu te callas cuando sergio se asoma
    serge'll kill in different tongues, like a cancer melanoma
    now play off my verse with a taco bell menu
    the fact'll remain that noone'll ever respect you
    or google mex jokes, it worked for dip n i lossed it
    dissy still says he's a text monster...as an excuse to be in the closet

    [insert pathetic bullshit that isnt lyrics here, this to counter exactly what dissy'll do]

    vs. idol eyes

    imma punch you down boy, it'll teach you to respect first
    i'll lump you so bad, you'll look like a brailed text verse
    i'll leave you with more holes than your fuckin addiction
    n make the idol-eyes bleed worse than jesus' crucifiction depictions
    the needles ya fuckin daddy, track marks are ya family
    n the skill that runnin through ya veins has a talent for anarchy
    dad left..back to H n crack, a tandem you had after abandonded
    watch idol get stoned again...just call me moses with the commandments
    you mistook ''hi'' for ''whats ya bio?'', the fuck you kiddin dude?
    loser poured his heart out quicker than john ritter ever could
    whine like a lil bitch, wah wah n boo hoo
    go peep my archives, i got 3 times the verses that you do
    you got dip n username, the rest past they prime
    meaning the best in HA right now are fuckin students of MINE!
    n yall seen his pic, iigh my parents was drunk
    least you dont see me cryin cause simon cowell said that i sucked
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Scientz

    overshadowin you, serge-gods in the sector
    bout to cast more fuckin darkness than ''amistad''s director
    youre borin, the sandman textcee's beatin who?!
    funny how ya name ends with the same shit ya readers do
    you aint loved like me son, ya just a fuckin queer
    bitches call you 'deer' cause you horny n make 6 bucks a year!
    ya aint dope, thinkin ya hard n at best standard
    the same son of a bitch....that let retards gangbang her
    you fellin bad? i bring the good along with a hell or 2
    serge the killa bee gonna make it all swell for you
    every week the same shit, ya spits aint worth a fight
    broken bars aka ''my lines stretch n i suck too much to wordem right''
    seriously, that style ya sportin
    makes me feel like im facin resin n nasifs ghostin for him
    n imma be the first textcee to get a real job in history
    as a dentist, n STILL wouldnt want you to fuckin spit for me!

    vs. Resin M-I-C

    imma drop less, goin outta town till sunday night

    addicted, resin so wtf is you stressin?
    ya like shaq jumpin, cant stay off the boards for 2 seconds
    you suck elsewhere n i hope that you note that
    ResinMC his aim so you see the only place hes dope at
    ya fuckin addiction is a cellphone in the makin
    see, i press n call you on it before n after ya shakin
    fuck a 12 n 0 nígga YOUR time is done
    like daylight savins is over, you goin 11 to 1
    i heard ya one audio n you aint really witty
    plus ya flow like ya mouths fartin, too loud n sound shitty
    i'll shoot ya head off, cheerleaders'll sadden
    next time they see ya brain it'll be a fear factor challenge
    ya verses?...
    without mex jokes, or cliches his flow is a fable
    now resin needs more j-pegs than foldable tables
    cliche after the other, you aint even clever
    i liked them shits, i just thought ''SNAPS!'' books wrote them better
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Numskull

    heres the rundown, get set for a rippin
    im bout to 'take a #1 down' like pissin while im sittin
    just like head so why you tryna stunt mines?
    like the last skull i got, you suck alot n got cumlines
    youre a Customs bloodhound, that shit is a given
    since youre a bordeline-bitch that coke sniffs for a livin
    i pack stacks of gats to clap n i bring beef like cattle
    oh my bad, theres already a fake thug in this battle
    you shook, so start divin for ya safety
    outta pussy comes a Dash like if Damon had a baby
    sliced up n diced tough, bitin steelo's kid?
    you'll be rollin' with the Stitch's just like Lilo did
    he aint funny with the latino rippin n shit
    just leaves a fake impression like our citizenships
    quit rap, we seen ya pic n you know that its no win
    if flow's ya bread n butter it's no wonder youre so thin
    drugs dont motivate so back it up n see
    i'd hate to see you sober if that's what ya cracked up to be
    goddamn you stretch shit on for ages
    if you jacked resins style, this thread' have 4 pages
    you got no sexlife with chicks, youre such a hypocrit
    losins a bitch, no wonder you cant come to grips with it
    fuck yall for sayin he'd win or thinkin he good or hard...shit
    serge stay steppin' on star's, rbl's a hollywood beulevard...bitch.

    edited stunt mines for srunt mines**

    vs. Creatical

    peep past threads or the 9 relapses
    cause the fact is i only lose in title belt matches..haha


    iono if i can still drop, thats in cre or oz's hands, here i go

    you never been decent you hopin' maggot
    when i say ....
    you sucked ass for years, i aint talkin bout ya smokin habits
    serge gon kill, raised for splintin bitch hoe's
    cause in light of my skill you need shades n tinted windows
    now ya wanna go audio? please son
    funniest bar's youve ever recorded were cheers reruns
    seriously, that shit'll be misery
    ya tracks are like Burguer king, the lines suck n no delivery
    to the rm community, ya styles the silliest
    and like Adrian Brody youre The Village idiot
    jacked off to Collateral, you a hopeless whore
    that wanna pleasure Cruise....n i aint talkin bout boat resorts!
    serge'll ruin ya best days n straight bring you to tears
    cause im a Savage influence n these are ya Wonder Years
    ya peers dont even like ya weak style
    serge dot t: cre?
    Anthraxspits: he sucks now, you can win with a keystyle

    vs. Replica

    you aint funny, gangsta or even urban
    straight comedy? ya more like will n grace with nasif's wording
    you like a chess knight n i can prove it
    ayetime its ya turn, its an L, no matter how you do it
    he sucks dick like crazy yet he thinks his skills flawless
    but i saw generations go down the drain when he spit in the faucet
    you a pencil dick n the fact is that it makes me giggle
    cause i checked ya girls pussy wall n saw a bunch'a scribbles
    every comeback you slippin, im thinkin its gay
    how you always bringin weaker Style's like aye ruff rydaz mixtape
    dead nígga, serge-god stands alone
    ya passin'll be the greatest since stockton to malone
    by the way youre reputed, i could only deduce that...
    ...you're a son of a bitch...than didnt swallow when she should have
    shit happens when clips clappin, serge still rippin shit
    but you known to leave a fake impression like my birth certificate

    vs. Tha Talent

    stfu n crawl back into ya corner, the king is back

    im godly, but not elite, like big, hov n pac's spittin
    so i doubt competitive story-telling'll put you with charles dickens
    n by lookin at ya girls pics, i see you a gimp
    you look like the son of a bitch....the coupled her son with a chimp
    you know that bitch's an ugly hoe, loser
    beauty's a fading flower, you CAN see right through her
    iigh verse, but my style is a caused rythm
    cuz my rhymes make such waves that teks fam'd get lossed in'em
    serge is a tree hugger, so what you spittin, be?
    id hug YOUR family tree, if a gorilla wouldnt shit on me

    nah really, def/super, gimme a challenge.

    vs. Troublesome and J Dot C


    u wanna be me, cuz ya bars got nothin bitch
    u hopped on my fuckin dick soon as Smart stopped suckin it
    yall faggots better dig graves, u shoulnt put it past T
    cuz without a dope meth line ull lose, like yall woulda did last week
    im whoppin troubles ass, u better pray for me to quit dawg
    LOL i kicked the back of Ts neck...n' tore AOD's dick off
    Jay u fuckin arab..what? u thought id step with nothin on him?
    call immigration on me... i'll just tell em u helped the london bombins
    you look kinda retarded and ya stuff should go harder
    T's a son of a bitch...that mustve fucked her own father

    vs. Promises

    Fuck'a 20.

    Who the fuck?....

    You ain't lost yet, lemme pop ya cherry
    I'll fuck the Prom up quick like in Carrie
    Bitch get the fuck up off this
    I'll break Promises like I was runnin' for office
    You leavin' in shambles, the man just levelin' hoes
    'Cause it's Ludacris how ya loss record resembles 'Area Codes'
    I'll shut this newbie up, you get bashed though
    Usin the same shoe mc 2hott2looze used to put in ya asshole
    Stop lyin' to yaself, this chick is NOT type-fighter
    Bitch says her futures 'promising'....'cause she swears she'll be tighter
    Lil' lady IONNO why you tryn'a act tough at all
    When Serge'll beat you at ya own game AND break the Barbie dolls
    You have no talent, none to ask about
    In light of your skill...this battles a blackout
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