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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Scientz

    vs. Saliva

    ya undefeated streak, is definately stopping now
    so watch sci get rid of saliva, like cottonmouth
    i know that ur frail, but ya fuckin boss is weaker
    mobb deep described shook ones,
    but ur a god damn walking seizure
    how are u 4-0? its just not making any sense
    cuz if wackness is being served, u catered the event
    im hoping to rule, steady putting holes in this fool
    i dont just bare arms,
    so many guns im considered totally nude
    stepped into the top 30, but in it just to fall
    im the best kept secret,
    but ur just not mentioned at all
    posed on ya album cover, thought its a pretty picture
    for that to play
    u'd have to be friends wit a DJ, like kimmy gibler
    dog ya wack as hell, why'd u wanna battle pal?
    in ya lines, i dont see any phat, like shallow hal
    saliva u mad soft, u just better watch ya back dog
    cuz u'll prolly get ya shine
    n then get that shit snatched back off

    vs. Monolith

    lets go!!!

    listenin to his cd i broke my radio, i hate it n dissed em
    so i guess its not true that mono stays in ya system
    body burnt up n charred, face filled wit tons of scars
    doc's play like board games,
    n guess who!!........the fuck u are
    to get ya girl i'll admit u had to be using ya charm
    but if she means the world to u, i'll be a nuclear bomb
    speak when spoken 2, i'll just whip this disgrace
    cuz if u throw in ya two cent, i'll buck fifty ya face
    left severly injured, if he gets up he'll be glad
    got earth slammed so hard, environmentalist were mad
    my sight is bad, but c'mon i bet u think im missin
    i'll put my faith in the beam, like dedicated gymnists
    after drug abuse u fuckin fool, ya past done
    on the block im known to crack-heads, ur known as one
    ya strange as hell, in school, u werent trained well
    its like retards r doin life sentences in ya brain cells
    when a chopper comes out, no band or man who dances
    jus helicopters, police, a news crew n some ambulances
    ya moms really ya sister, ya father sleeps wit daughters
    so thats why ur in-bread, jus like flour, yeast, n water
    im no pirate, but i will send my goons to fold fools
    i'll toss u out to sea,
    n make u watch torture ya parents go thru
    ya mom said ur related to pop bands, after 2 or 3 bottles
    she drops ya siblings n syncs,
    but the rest she usually swallows
    people like garbage these days, so often its not funny
    so text wise,
    u were never scared or right thurred into the top 20
    stories supposed to end happy, thats what u thought
    him beatin me's a ferry tale,
    wit the outcome of the 1 in New York

    oh yeah...i got finesse...match me niccuh!!!! g/l

    vs. Vadik

    somebody get him the fuck outta here...we dont believe u ya NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!

    sayin bullshit like...
    scientz is wack n a fake thug, i'll try hard to fight laughter
    truthfully u wanna be em, like stan does the white rapper
    some predicted u to win, but u must come a tad harder
    knowin u wont come thru for the kids, like a bad father
    fake clowns im wreckin, makin u taste ground in seconds
    now hope i ice grill u, jus to help take down the swelling
    i'll cock n lock it, ready to fire, dropping rockets
    bring more hurt to VA, than hurricane isabel n john muhammed
    wanna end ya life wit the biggest knifes, never leavin ya house
    u figure lifes a bitch, so deaths the man u been dreamin about
    u lack punches n wordplay, but u got ya flow down
    i'll bring clips to VA,
    like pusha t n malice doing concerts in they hometown
    skill very defined, my talents transfered, carried in lines
    not dressed to kill?
    razor's'll turn bags under ya eyes to burberry design
    i asked if loose lips sink ships, n this guy panicked
    he knows it wasnt an iceberg,
    his mothers head game brought down the titanic
    run up on him, makin this whore drop his figures
    or get left wit so many staples,
    he'll put the rival stores outta buisiness
    speakin silly shit, u n ya mans mouth gets smashed
    dik is nice?
    well u were always good at talkin out ya ass

    Game Over!!!

    vs. Cryogen

    this niccuh worships me...dont start gettin friends for votes n shit...tried to take my style...well u been a known biter...we all know ya past on !!!

    wanna be scientz? smart ass, get this line i drop within
    only lines of urs people say ohh too, is mentioning oxygen
    im a pretty mean person, n u thinkin that u tight, kid?
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! aint me laughing,
    it shoulda been the vote order, in ya battle wit hybrid
    shots float in this guy, tie cinder blocks n boulders to cry
    n dump gen in the river, like remembering homies who died
    stop talkin to fat bitches, cuz even ya whore knows
    that this battles curtains, n it reminds u of her warddrobe
    weeping when caught molesting, man i hope u die
    cant be sorry now, cuz only little girls r known to cry
    we can tussle, but first left hook's'll make ya chin move
    got put in boston crab so good, red lobster threw it on the menu
    the crowd loves me in action, n this dummy im smackin
    he's callin for the rangers, like kids when the puddies attackin
    fuckin hick, farming all day, driving that four wheel
    so of course its all ears, when flowing inside a corn field
    peeped ya crew on stage, i never saw weaker shit
    nobody doug u, n even ya friends blew, like skeeter is
    rainbow stickers, n a pink sweater, he fills it wit pride
    it's why cry's an example,
    of how to show a mans feminine side

    Its Done!!
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. I.deal

    lets get it on...g/l fam

    ya kidneys gone bad, from taking a look at the past
    when "u pee-in", the sight reminds u of nebs whoopin that ass
    im number 2 for the moment, n im stunning n sickening
    cuz scientz has the right to one, like a fucking opinion
    i dont fold for none, i respect that ya holding guns
    but tell me hows a 4 pound, stop a who rolls wit tons
    believe ya dreams, till ya hit wit the heater n weakening
    now u seeing pitch-black, like relievers in negro leagues
    transvestites stickin u up, gettin that cash flow
    they taking deal-dough, then shoving em inside his asshole
    u were destined to lose, ur dumb, n proving ya features
    im world class...n u got four in ya room, including the teacher
    ur retarted cuz ya mother played games, she dead wrong
    the bitch hopped skotch, to any liqour she gets her hands on
    when i mention ariz, i'll bet a buck u piss in ya dickies
    ever since u were catz food.....like whiskers n friskies
    the gayest thing, got a navel ring, eyebrows wit mocha trim
    but those studs in ya ear, r asking if u going home wit them
    fags must be the smartest, im telling u that they are
    cuz nobody "knows the deal"...unless mentioned in gay bars
    think this geek is amazing? tang'll get beat wit the stainless
    cracked his wig piece,
    but he just copped some more weave to replace it
    u'll get bucked down, n strapped to bricks, u better hush now
    then u'll leap into a bay...like lambeau players after touchdowns
    u winnings a fairy tale, but stop dressing in drag, niccuh
    deal's a cinderella story,
    that never returned the dress or glass slippers
    ya surrounded by flames, knives'll leave u shoutin in pain
    goin in ya memory bank, to open an account in my name
    if the votes go ur way, these fags just hating against me
    cuz i got the win mapped out, ur just navigating on instincts


    vs. Charles

    fuck it...droppin early i got shit to do this weekend

    went a lil more....fuck it match me...couldnt stop keying

    when u see the audience at ya show, u'll shit ya trousers
    cuz three's a crowd.....wit ya moms, pops, n the bouncer
    ^^^i take back what i jus said, nobody stopped in fact
    last time u seen a fan, man...he flew in inside a boxing match
    take u on top of buildings, i wont risk poppin at u
    u'll drop from stories, n be rushed to a general hospital
    ya family's fat n ugly, fightin over chips n bagels
    the guerilla warfare u seen, is them bitches beefin at dinner tables
    i'll merc u for dolo, making sure ya pain never ends
    i would go after ya home, boy...but u dont have a residence
    the bullets r seeds, sci's known to slaughter his targets
    plant a few in ya crop cut, n use ya blood to water the harvest
    if u think ya homies r tough, then im bangin them thugs
    n start taking-out more bitches, than the neighborhood stud
    wanna know how i found wackness? besides ya newb features
    u showed so many signs,
    all u were missing is mel gibson n a few creatures
    ya punches r more like slaps, charles u speak gay things
    this homo stay around woods, like davis love n vijay singh
    one of the worst in the top 30, n im being so blatant
    if u had a series of greatness, the show musta got no ratings
    cant fuck girls on the first date, maybe in a hot dream
    so ya one night stand,
    came wit a dresser, mattress, n box spring
    hope u understand sarcasm, cuz i'll tell u this gladly
    ur bout as good as a heart attack, or death in the family
    i'll creep wit pounds, n leave this fucka beneath the ground
    n brake ya face so hard,
    i'll smell burnt rubber n hear a screeching sound
    u look like firemarshall bill, dog im suddenly scared
    u'll need all of NY's electricity, to help the plugs in ya hair

    no need for a fuckin personal....shit would be too easy that way!!!!

    holla at cha boy!!!
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Vyris

    lets go!!!!

    one blast u'll be leakin, leave ya ass gaspin n weazing
    fuck just elephant guns, i'll bring a whole african region
    ur attracted to semen, "ohh my god" not a cum rhyme
    got hit wit so many cannons,
    that this bitch started his own drumline
    ur fuckin wack, the proof is u constantly losing battles
    so there's not a good vyris,
    herpes, aids, mono, n yourself...r just a few examples
    this fag's really wack, how u gon hand me a loss?
    i'll just watch ya style unfold,
    into matching sets of panties n bras
    scientz gives it to lames, punches hit a few frames
    cuz im a knockout king, n ur jus real good at video games
    peeped who i was battling, how can i type with a grin
    i'd laugh my ass off, but i'd probably never find it again
    the best this site offers, try me? i'll attack u haters
    dont like my lines?
    but steady repeating....like pie keys on calculators
    he's scared of pussy, if a broad tried sex'n this herb's face
    he'd run home...before he could reach 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base
    this hicks into beastiality, i found out its true
    asked em to hold his horses, he proceeded to fondle em too
    when ur drunk u think ur signed, thats what faggots been told
    so ur just a lil sisqo away, from going platinum or gold
    i hope these lines hurt u, when testing me just bring it
    dont just take offense to my lines, add on special teams n defense

    holla at cha boy!!!

    vs. Charles

    u wore ya scientz lines out last time doggie...now pure skill comes in...somethin that u lack...what ya gon do!!

    scientz this, scientz that...come original when gruding me
    ya name plays so fuckin bad,
    they should be traded to another team
    u suck it seems, n with fat jokes, i can prove it hurts u
    ur so chunky,
    we could mix u wit veggies, n do a soup commercial
    get ya arms n legs broken, wit most of ya men killed
    u'll be left inside fourcasts,
    ...like temperature n wind chill
    this kids ill, n hotter of course, after poppin this broad
    i'll fill ya life wit so much drama, u'll recieve an oscar award
    goin a different route, no wordplay i'll drop, hardly
    just hit 'kid' wit more punches, than the bullies on house party
    teflon is nothin, when i pop it breaks, shit i can drop a tank
    so u better be wearing more metal gear, than solid snake
    please say thanks, u poor kid, what i delivered is viscious
    hoped i opened some whoopass,
    so ya fam could have dinner on christmas
    he'd dodge me, rather than fight...or settle wit words in court
    so when he sees me its a running situation, like 3rd n short
    ya skin must soak up lotion, or either u wear it wrong
    cuz ya body's filled wit enough ash,
    to air a damn pokemon marathon
    homo why dont u play sports? staying strapped to ya couch
    i admit u wear shoulder pads,
    but usually they're attatched to ya blouse
    my blows r viscious, mad damage when i hit fellas
    shits so on target,
    that walmart n circuit city get jealous
    ya mom got std's from hooking, men around the way, scared
    but if tricks are for kids,
    that bitch should be running a day care
    this "one time at bandcamp", nah but its the same system
    in high school i played the sax,
    n u were known for playing with them
    after a whiff of ya breath, im not sure i can get up
    fuck just scope,
    u need a whole navel base, plus the sniper's setup
    invest in karate school, cuz i find this real, funny
    even when times get rough,
    they r capable of taking ya milk money

    thats 30 lines....time to move up in the rankings!!

    vs. Oneduh

    This niccuh loves my style...

    u were never ill...time to be exposed clown!!

    lets make final bids, im the one to take the title kids
    n i'll be damn if i go down to a buster, like tyson did
    the crowd'll never cheer for him, we dont need this guy
    so they wont give "one love", we'd rather say peace, or bye
    when ask'd who's losin, if u mention muah, ur mistaking
    they'll be quick to say "a duh", like blond conversations
    u made WonderFlow garbage, how'd i ride wit a joke??
    before i row in crews wit u, i'll go off the side of the boat
    after shots wreck dude, bring the doc's next to u
    but last time u thought u had a serge-in, he fuckin left ya crew
    ur the laugh of RM, in attempts to raise this cats fame
    he bettered his EGO, by creating an alias wit that name
    im just 'stating the obvious, cuz its a fact ya losin
    winning was ur maine goal,
    n u were lost somewhere in massachusetts
    givin ya ass a brusing, u'll be right on the ground
    lookin up n seeing stars,
    like a romantic night on the town
    how r u 2 in power rankings?, oneduh's a frail, bitch
    u need a few more mussels,
    n any other fucking shellfish
    its isn't much to see, u were advised not to fuck wit me
    now ur shyner's so bad,
    they released the rapper, n took ur eye into custody
    i keep track of shots, n i know this guy is shook
    im sending some atom,
    just to add another page to scientz books
    get bruisings n welts, wont have a chance to shoot for the belt
    cuz u cant make one's nice
    wit nelly and the lunatics help
    u got the looks of a gremlin, so ur supposed to die
    i'd let the gun wet cha, but u'd just fucking multiply
    transvestite, u got ya penis chopped for a hotter, look
    so we know oneduh, woman...in and outta the comic books
    when we fight, i bet u'll lose in an awful, manner
    i'll give u sidewalk slams, till all ya concrete thoughts r shattered

    will u create another alias after losing this match MR. EGO???

    stop pulling bitch moves n signing out ya names after defeat
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Calefaction and Oneduh

    i coulda sworn the limit on 3-way battles was 20 lines...

    to oneduh/mr ego...and cale/killa blaze/mr. body

    i know yall heard bout cale's mom's pictures on the net...bwahahaha

    i got a riddle for ya...
    what do u drink outta?? thats found at any bar???
    the answer is A cup, like the size ya mothers titties are
    peep her breasts, i seen plenty chests that were curved
    but thats utter disrespect, cuz there r cow titties better than hers
    H20 stops fire, thats the realest phrase
    so ya moms broke her water 5 months early, to try n Killa Blaze
    net gangsta, talkin thug cuz it makes ya raps neat
    but u werent concieved in the hood,
    it was more like the back seat
    this aint monopoly, u'll be drowned n found in a bag
    somewhere close to the atlantic,
    like marvin gardens n ventnor ave
    oneduh's wack, but i guess heads feel the shit he yells
    but if i counted down-falls,
    he'd make the one in niagara look like a wishing well
    u kids always removing votes, n i'll stress that its foul
    but if gore had ur talents, bush wouldnt be president now
    cale's a disaster, i'll be quick to tell this herbs fate
    i'll shift the plates in his head,
    till his brain has a fuckin earthquake
    dont do drugs, or drink alcohol, n have the safest sex
    those damage the body over time,
    but he'll be murdered before they take effect
    i dont respect ya verses, everybody needs to know
    ya wack wack wack wack wack,
    ......like that ender u had a few weeks ago

    vs. Namix and Calefactions

    We all seen Cal's picture hahaha...and Namix is a joke all by his lonesome

    lets get it on!!!!

    cale please listen...
    drink protein shakes fam, or it'd help if u ate spam
    cuz if u get any skinnier,
    we could play a fucking game of hangman
    need to be made bigger, get a pure style first
    cale i've seen bigger calves,
    on any premature cow birth
    ur addicted to the rock, sell anything for a slight profit
    i'd lay the smack-down,
    but u'd steal it, when i take my eyes off it
    this aint a black/white thing, but ur so ugly n shit
    if any girls into ur race,
    she should be removed from all running events
    im sonnin clowns, i clap for real, makin u bastard's squeal
    so u better hope those hover-rounds, come in a package deal
    i'll aim for the baddest, nam...i was trained as a savage
    have u in ER so long,
    the next season'll be based on ya status
    goin out with a bang, when she's alone, i get at ya freak
    carrying 357 magnums,
    hoping they'll last to the end of the week
    cant move in my terrain, coward!! its guts before glory
    so watch me get thru 'nam, n come home wit war stories
    cal takin dicks cuz he choose too, panties under ya fubu
    so used to being rode backwards,
    he can't even be shifted in neutral
    are u a snitch or homo? for this i wasnt preparing
    u talk to the jakes,
    but mostly to ask him what is he wearing
    nam uses complex wordplay, n kids say "dude is flames"
    but half the shit he says dont make sense, like pootie tang
    if its 3:30 when i post, to show how much my shits buzzin
    i'll still take out 2 by 4, quicker than Hacksaw Jim Duggan


    vs. Super Dooper

    this is all it should take kid...move me up in the rankings

    at ya show...
    all types of shit was thrown in a rage
    thought they were eggin u on,
    but they tossed em to get u off a the stage
    what r u 14 now? be careful when tossin verbs
    cuz u might see the belt,
    when being disciplined for sayin naughty words
    think ya reachin the title? i bet losing this hurts
    take it one step at a time,
    lets just try to reach puberty first
    shots'll have u holdin tha ground, im foldin u clowns
    im like a tour guide,
    cuz i'll be quick to show u a round
    lets battle for money, u'll be roasted for fans
    but u might crush me for a g,
    just to prove that u'll fight over ya man
    think u can stick me? chump u'll be injured so quickly
    i keep a 4 pound, kid...like premature children r wit me
    i put u on top of billboards, not charts 4 rappin or singin
    its ur picture n phone number,
    asking has "anyone seen him"
    we know supers a flamer, this mans a pansy, faggot
    he always seems to turnover,
    without tha flashy dribble or fancy passes
    erase it from my grocery list? i'd have to be fuckin nuts
    to pay for lipton,
    when i can teabag ya mother for a couple bucks
    u better duck, cuz when sci's clappin tha tool
    i'll have u leaking so much,
    the doc's'll pour some fix-a-flat in ya wounds
    try n pull out ya heat, but i'll aim first n slay ya top
    n end this fools day,
    like april first at twelve o' clock
    how r u top 20? ur really wack u know that
    i guess ur whats in...for now
    just like fitted caps n throwbacks

    somethin quick for ya...match me

    vs. Serge

    dog i seen ya picture...n lemme tell u this

    go to a barber serge, ya wigs gettin me angered
    u passed up the clippers,
    kinda like kobe did for the lakers
    im not gon get on ya pic, thats not what im targeting
    but if ur cream of tha crop,
    its been a bad year for harvesting
    dont wear bandanas, or a buncha tatted pics on ya arm
    i still see a bigger cow herd,
    than any kid who lives on a farm
    this battles for money, that wont stop this known fag
    the purse is 5 thousand,
    but somehow he'll cop that prada coach bag
    ya whole styles played, coward u'll bleed in seconds
    so serge call it quits,
    n if nobody answers, please just leave a message
    i can snatch ya jewels, or i'll aim at ya chest n clap
    n u'll be writing chain letters,
    asking me "please can i give ur necklace back"
    if u talkin shit serge, niccuh ya chin'll get rocked
    makin u fly up,
    like jeans that r zipped to tha top
    serge u suck dick, always targeting the wood
    more niccuhs placin shit on ya grill,
    than any barbeques in tha hood
    had a good time in jail, thats why u act so thug
    cuz u wanna be lead to oz,
    kinda like the yellow brick road does

    thats it...good luck dog

    Super Dooper

    this time show up...fill-in champ ass niccuh!!!

    yo, im tha reason that sons disappearing
    guns that u fearing'll make u lose kids, like a custody hearing
    i'll go wit played shit, this way i can confuse yall
    list punches are gay,
    so supers richard simmons, elton john n rupaul
    only hear that ya wack, and never "supers so sick"
    if anyone's raving about u, i'll remove tha extacy n glow sticks
    that niccuh sci's an animal, dont ever test his patience
    i'll leave ya eyes so black,
    the rest of ya face'll be accused of segregation
    handjobs r cool, but im into gettin brains, brotha
    so if u catch ya bitch red-handed, her mouth is the same color
    cant make em housewives, but u decided to wife hoes
    if copping feels r counted,
    every male in the hood is considered 5-0
    ya boys pumpin u up, sayin that ur nice, battling
    if ur a carbon copy of greatness,
    we need other elements to describe talent
    ya styles bitch, on beaches wit ya two piece showing
    n i know ya heated now, faggot...ya mood rings glowing
    i aim well, i'll never miss when i blaze shells
    n give some slugs a couple of life sentences n ya brain cells
    punches'll hit his mouth hard, so ya teeth'll crack within
    givin a couple fill-ins, so maybe u'll be the champ again

    that should be all i need...hopefully i wont have to waste a verse again
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. EYE-Z

    i guess niccuhs dickride anything these days huh...

    lets get it poppin

    we'd never use em in site battles, oz please ban his raps
    cuz on and offline, having one eye means ur handicapped
    he was arrested at his show, try not to act surprised
    there's no way he killed the mic, his whole verse's an alibi
    acting tough's just a cover up, for all the men he's dating
    just ask em to share his thoughts,
    n he'll act like a dick about the situation
    i respect joe buddens, n supported his hits
    everyone's lookin for a jump off,
    but hopefully u'll find urs near a cliff
    when u go out, im betting the jokes r so flagrant
    wit a hair grade so bad, it should be on academic probation
    im tha type to smack ya moms, fuck ya sis, n check ya bro
    just to ruin bobby's world, like Uncle Ted left the show
    u'll be dumped in a casket, once knives cut em in fractions
    n have the world seeing four-eyez, like brothas wit glasses
    u claim to grind, loser...well even despite rumors
    this kid aint really much of a threat, like benign tumors
    bobby this is somethin to stress, cuz ya bitch loves lieng
    u can smell the nut on ya breath, like a chipmunks diet
    ur a hopeless talent, face it kid, nobody's feeling u
    but u cant change the obvious,
    unless that butterfly effect shit is really true
    trust me i'll spray the thang, cuz when the nines on
    i'll leave ya time gone, n u'll be called for a delay of game

    this muh fuckas done...get em the fuck outta here

    vs. Resin M-I-C

    fuck waiting...lets get it on niccuh!!!!

    i'll admit it, u were dope once, now he rhymes trashy
    that's why when speaking of illness, im the topic like Eli Manning
    ima put my knife in the freezer, not cuz im on some other shit
    its to give resin a cold sore, to match the one on his upper lip
    c'mon r u bastards forgetting, tha macks that im spitting
    have gangsters taking the square route, like mathematicians
    him thuggin's a trick, got his grill smothered wit dicks
    Nick at Nite aint just a program....
    its who this niccuh's cuddling with
    dudes givin u golden showers, got ya face all drenched
    but u were happy to be pist-on, player...like tayshaun prince
    i could see if u wore pumps, when hoopin or to bleed blocks
    but resin's have a 6 inch heel, n not manufactured by reebok
    went n grabbed an ugly broad, to show ur not a true fag
    everyone wants a cover girl,
    but u settled for the first bitch with a news ad
    im like wine, gettin better wit age...ur just grown n shitty
    my shits the bomb,
    mcveigh planted all of my verses in oklahoma city
    at the sight of my guns, kids be often shook
    cuz they'll move ya chess pieces,
    n i aint talkin bout no pawn or rook
    rapmusic promoting illiteracy, thats not a nice, gimmick
    he's good at talking real cursive,
    but the niccuh has trouble writing in it
    sayin im gonna beat resin, its facts, but i aint poppin stuff
    why add fuel to the fire?...ya bones should make it hot enough
    res im from tha hood too, im not too proud ta knock it
    slum village is not a group, its the name of ya housing projects
    ya building's filthy, resin's living wit all sorts of garbage
    so u got rugrats,
    but it aint tommie n chuckie runnin across ya carpet
    u better get ya ass in line, cuz when i blast tha nine
    ya team'll need a few life savers,
    n i aint talkin bout tha candy kind
    battling me is a gamble, so tighten up ya writtens, dude
    the crap table aint in casino's
    its u n ya crew's gatherings in ya living room

    shit is over...put me in tha fuckin title match

    vs. Blackdef

    u swayin ass muh fucka... stop instant messaging for wins niccuh!!!

    fuck waiting...lets go

    Richard Corey is Living Proof, that def u havent fooled me
    those r two that shoulda had blackbelt...
    like Chuck Norris n Bruce Lee
    nobody feels ya tracks, stupid...im tellin ya blacks useless
    ya skills so in question,
    they've added an interrogation room to rapmusic
    i get crowds going, but for def, its a haphazard to cheer tho
    everything about em has to be negative,
    like counting backwards from zero
    u cant get outta this fight, cuz i know ur shook of that
    death's the only outlet,
    thats why all the cords n machines r hooked to black
    ur overweight, at this rate...soon u'll be gettin buried
    ya body has no definition,
    forget the gym, get this muh fucka a dictionary
    told u ya sloppy, so yea u'd eat me in a few seconds
    if nordic tracks were real cuts,
    i'd request u make about two records
    its not u were in the army, its cuz ya grill suffered
    people call u private,
    cuz they dont want ya ass having their real number
    this pervert works in a zoo, dog they shoulda banished u
    goat-tease is not facial hair,
    its a strip show u have wit the animals
    yeah u got a win last week, but my bars are iller
    im more than double the proof,
    thats comparing whiskey to bacardi silver
    ur easy game man, im quick to fold a target
    if wackness was 'weeded out,
    u'd have more roaches around than Joe's Apartment
    stop poppin shit, tryna impress wit fake rhymes man
    if u talk before the nine, it'll cost u, like daytime plans
    i watch chappelle show, n whites were sayin this wit me
    when it comes to rap,
    i hate all blacks shit like clayton bigsby

    gimmie tha fuckin title!!!!

    vs. I.deal

    lets go...

    if u were a computer major, u'd be living lavish, man
    but ur idea of soft-wear, is pink silk tops with satin pants
    sci is dope, but thats only if this lame did not know
    so ideal will die from an over-dos, like tres n cuatro
    he aimed at me, n yeah i was preparing to run
    but he forgot that his only clip,
    is busy holding his hair in a bun
    wit that smell u giving off, noboby could ride wit chu
    some need odor eaters,
    u should put an actual somalian inside ya shoe
    im the secret weapon, carrying a tech with tha beam
    so i can get my shot off, without nobody setting a screen
    before death he wasnt stingy, people'd take em for fortunes
    was very free-hearted,
    which means u wont have to pay for his organs
    ya whole team's scared of me, they all will get slaughtered
    cuz im know for startin, shit...i never been a bench warmer
    deal's not on my level, n definately not gettin there
    so when they ask can I C you,
    he'll be getting checked into intensive care
    even tho he rides ya sack, u still aint next to dope
    this battles a no-brainer,
    thats why u'll be counting on a headless vote
    check ya complextion, he's black as hell, skin is rediculous
    if kids came out n seen this shadow,
    they'd swear winter was ending
    peep the hit stick n playmaker control, on the new Madden
    EA perfected the freestyle, but its a shame that u havent
    drugs ruin appearance, but ya moms swears she hot still
    if cocaine is nose candy,
    she'd be the first bitch wit cavities in her nostrils
    admit that ur illiterate, cuz deal u'd do better wit help
    judges should sentence u to death,
    cuz u cant put one together ya self
    i'll kill u for playing that wack shit, deal c'mon try me
    n the only tape i'll listen to,
    is yellow ones surrounding the crime scene
    i never gave rap my all, dont be gettin misled
    he'll know i went 80 percent,
    but thats when the four-fifths to his head

    He's Done!!!!!
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. eyedill

    aight bobby digital aka eyedill

    i see i gotta beat chu again huh?? lets get it poppin!!!

    i'll admit u were dope before, u'd show up tight for battles
    but u havent been nice in ages,
    that are now old enough to buy tobacco
    better grab ya heat, u'll need a new glock kid
    or i'll leave digital, underground...faster than tupac did
    whether guns or tha mouth, what im spittin is damaging
    i'll send so many shots in the male,
    Bobby'll be charged for shipping n handling
    stop sprayin ya wig wit moisturizer, ya hair is not dry
    if i spent that much time on the curls,
    i'd have bigger forearms than Popeye
    his gay voice makes me question the balls on dis niccuh
    it's pitched so high,
    its left the strike zone and purposely walked the hitter
    dill's supposed to be good? yall were so misled
    he was projected ill, but it was my film in the overhead
    my blade game's viscious, dont gotta put tech's to u
    u'll die from a razor's edge,
    then i'll proceed to hit u wit the wrestling move
    all ya peoples obese, taking away ya next meal'd hurt
    hopefully it runs in ya family,
    cuz yall can use some treadmill work
    u dont really need to meet Simon or Paula in person
    if u wanna be the next eyedill,
    just use some weak punches wit horrible wording
    ur mad ugly, u'd make the average broad frown, man
    u've taken enough mase hits,
    to put the preacher on top of soundscan
    u try intimidating crowds, they're gettin bored n wreckless
    n we finally stand up for ourselves,
    then start walking towards the exit
    i knew u were snitching, the jakes tryna stop my flow
    claiming this is pre-meditated murder,
    cuz i thought of these lines a while ago
    dont be comfortable in ya crib, i keep a pound wit me often
    n slugs can turn a living-room, into a house full of corpses
    Dill now wears extensions, to try n get his wrap tighter
    what yall aint know?
    bob-n-weave go together, like the strategies of fast fighters
    i only carry automatics, when i clap yall pricks
    n the bullets go three n out, their like a bad offense


    vs. Doc Richards


    are u fuckin serious????

    i'll give u props, before u start blatantly dissin me
    cuz last week u mocked my style perfectly,
    .....minus the creativity
    but thats besides the fact, im still rippin this jerk
    cuz in my eyes,
    u caught a savir beating, so i'll just finish his work
    he has a lotta things i dont got, i know ya shocked, huh?
    like periods, menstrual cramps n mood swings
    .....but talents not one
    c'mon dog ur fuckin wack, i'll tell u simple n plain
    i'll admit richard's nice, when corey's at the end of ya name
    listen niccuh, i dont be gettin worried
    cuz if ya k's clap,
    i'll bring a gauge back, like the father on pet semetary
    the jeans u wear, only bad bitches or faggots rock em
    an a day keeps the doc away?
    hell nah...this dude loves some bottoms
    sorta like a rock group, when droppin u bastards
    got guns n roses,
    but the flowers for the top of ya casket
    shots flippin ya team, blood'll drip on the scene
    just peep my record,
    thats the ratio of heat...to the niccuhs i'll bring
    u dont use firearms, said that u poppin?...u damn liar
    just bats some of the time, like daily cycles of vampires
    they wonder if me n nelly crossed over, were hot targets
    cuz i got my eagle on,
    n used it so much...im now considered a pop artist
    seen the stains on ya shirt, n i thought the tool sprayed
    but kids from the ghetto know,
    u cant rock white tees..when ya heart pumps kool-aid
    start choking ya throat, till he begins to slob n yell
    n leave doc's body so blue,
    that he starts getting chased round by gargamel
    stay rockin girl gear, now u wearin ya best thong
    but he's still considered mail,
    cuz he gets sent to niccuhs house wit ad-dress on
    kids endin up in the river, thinkin they flow harder
    n put a dock in the water, like most boat harbors

    it's over!!!! match me

    holla at cha boy

    vs. Opshins

    lets go!!

    he looks like seabiscuit, bad teeth make a shit grin
    n even resembeling horses,
    wont give this dude a stable place to live in
    u dont wanna test, fam...cuz even if the tech jams
    i'll let my knives cut-in,
    like they wanted the next dance
    if i clapped u, i'd earn a grip...but i dont need a burner, since
    i can punch u so far in the air,
    that u'll recieve some turbulence
    stop suckin cocks, wit all the dick that goes on his lips
    i know kid-knees horrible,
    like the result of always holding ya piss
    been in drag the longest, rockin dresses wit tha earrings
    so ur the real king of queens, fuck the television series
    wanna meet superstars? i'll grab heaters n use the tool
    so tell me if ya angels look as good as Cam Diaz n Lucy Liu
    tryna act gangsta? were gettin bored wit it, cuz we know!
    he stays a remote distance from violence,
    no matter whats recorded on his TIVO
    this niccuhs a born sucka, u stay shook, clown
    so i'll get rid of the opshins,
    like the cornhuskers playbook now
    i carry the heat, when my missions to torch a brotha
    u keep a strap-on,
    but urs come in different inches n assorted colors
    yea looks can kill, so bitches'd love to shank u
    they say fuck shins,
    u make em wanna amputate everything above the ankle


    thats all i should need
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