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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Resin M-I-C, Rev 9, Aven Brooks
    From: Matawan, New Jersey
    Crew: The Untouchables

    vs. Orbit

    Nig said 30 and goes 14. Couldn't think up of more lines huh, you wack fuck, check this..

    http://www. . net/tourney/mm2003/eq.jpg

    ^AHAHAHAHA Look. Your not prone to this here nation
    Orbit must love Arab men. Everyone knows Einstein was known for Equations.
    NOBODY LIKES YOU. He shouts to bore kids
    Even aspiring astronauts don’t really give a fuck about Orbit.
    So take a vacation to LA. Leave your boring text
    Kanye’ll change his name to East if he heard you were going West.
    Punches? You stored your best; & STILL got bagged & burned
    When I ‘take O out’…
    Kids in school rejoice cause it’s one less vowel they have to learn.
    Orb a wannabe Gots? Yeah, but he’s a born heifer
    He’s just mad Halle Berry played the role of Storm better.
    He’s also a Em wannabe; But aint shit just straight bile
    You have a ‘dreaded Future’ like Mekhi Phifer in 8 Mile.
    Just TRY & stop me; Get what I said indiscreet
    You’re a kid at heart. That was abused… and left dead on the street.
    This is where I draw the line; I strike hard in missions
    You only ‘Move Forward’ when ur teammate’s quicker in the guard position.

    THAT'S Finesse. You played mahfucka. Go to sleep.

    vs. Mr. Ego

    I did more but whats a line or two you pussy ass n!gga

    serge dot T [9:32 PM]: i heard mr ego's a ch.ink

    “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

    ^This is mother’s words. Suicide’s a hard stench to wallow
    At least we know he’ll never jump off a bridge, he has NO friends to follow.
    I’m a P-I-M-P; Now give me my crown
    Want head? Ask drug users, it only takes a sip of water for E to go down.
    You Asian bastard; E keeps me overly pissed…
    Duck, Duck, Goose aint a game; It’s this ch.inks grocery list.
    Voters, I’ma dead him & spill brandy on duke…
    You ugly. Halloween’s over but I still feel like throwing candy at you.
    This nig is Prude; Get off that liar stuff…
    He gets no Brain. His sexuality even got Pinky putting ‘Missing’ fliers up.
    I’m higher, tough; While you get smacked by hoes
    When Ego macks; He sees more Palm, Palms than Halftime Shows
    I’ll rap about how you’re poor then pass this medley
    Last time we seen E in a car was when our gas was empty
    Get on your knees. See the commotion over here
    Being a Nobody’s hard work… this nig must be Employee of the Year
    Got damn you choppy. But then again your whack
    Your style’s so Hacksaw it has a 2X4 & waves an American flag.
    Queer. We all know Rev’s prone to kill this bastard vet
    An E-P is an album,
    But the 10 letters in between’s usually what you fuck up in the alphabet.
    Yeah, look at you; You’re just a geek, bro
    Any woman that Watches you probably works for Seiko.
    So watch. Watch as this sinner quiver
    Yo moms a Bowling Ball. She Rolls with anyone that sticks their finger in her
    Take you for a ride as everyone busses the facts
    That you became a ‘cross-over faggot’ just to see Jesus’ ass
    Nervousness with broads highers his respiration rate
    But he’s desperate. He’ll even take milk out on an Expiration Date.

    vs. MCQuriosity

    ^Looks like you DID remember. Listen, ugly.. here's something quick..

    http://www.you-are-a-huge-nerd. com/public/freepix/Q.Gif

    C'mon, Let's Go.

    Step 1’s battling me, Step 2’s getting hurt as I boulder, bitch
    Step 3 is Death and it already has your name written all over it.
    Stupid. This nig aint a reformed swinger
    The Ring was scary in theaters;
    But it’s more frightening seeing it on his deformed finger.
    & with broads? Ha. I’m easily great and finer
    Look. A ‘Chin that Big’ only raises the obesity rate in China.
    Big mouthed bastard. I hope you bringing your best
    Heard Britney lip syncs to a beat. Your huge lip sinks to your chest.
    Difference between us; My slang’s rough on dukes
    While your such a loser even the dial tone hanged up on you.
    Plus that cap’s too big; Start to level the size
    Mahfucka’s hat so heavy it tilts his damn head to the side.
    & fuck Pen Pals. Your j.ewelry fashion filters doubt
    I’ll only give you a ‘Chain Letter’ to tell you that Silver’s Out.
    Get it? Fuckin VIRGIN n!gga; He’s just a silly nerd
    Truth is… the only girls that touched Q balls play billiards
    & we know he bit as an alias. Who you testing, shark?
    Nose so Why’d I should put a noun after it & end with a question mark.

    vs. Raphaeill and Idol Z

    Nasty Res is a rebel to America.

    C'mon, Let's Go..

    Listen. You never, EVER handled a flow
    Fox heard bout this Idol & immediately cancelled their show.
    Fucka. My words getting mean now,
    you Dennis Rodman. You only interest girls on the Rebound.
    See clown. You can tell this hoe’s poor
    Diddy just left Bad Boy. He thought your hair needed Combs more.
    You as original as name. I understand why you achin’
    Nig only chose Z cause Idol A through Y were taken.
    And Rhyme? Ha! My game is ending it
    A Paternity Test just showed that what you say aint Relative.
    Bitch. Fake recognize fake and the weak sees you…
    Make a Movie bout ya sex life, it’ll be shorter than the Sneak Previews.
    Oily mahfucka. It’s a race to see this whore dead
    ‘The Shining’ was a Steven King novel based on your forehead.
    It’s a killing! I’m just so damn fine-tuned
    But C’mon. This too easy, even Dr. Seuss could drop a Rhyme too.
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Blackdef


    Yo Boi Curt: I don't know who you are

    This stench-filled bum can't even grope whores
    Fuck Daytime Drama. Networks say your body needs Soap more.
    Your hope's poor. So reflect when you see these hits
    Mardi Gras over bitch… Ain't no one feelin your B-D shit.
    Stupid! Now read it & weep
    Golden Gate aint got nothin' on the Bridgework u need for ya teeth.
    Def don't know Hip Hop. Nig got a vanity grip
    Only 'Black Album' he has contains ugly family pics.
    & in front of broads, he crumbles in fear
    Even if he finds a Smokin' girl.
    She'll prolly get cancer in a couple'a years.
    He said he don't know me? Get serious, nerd
    Madonna ß- There, I just gave you some more Material, girl
    Fucka. You only 6-0 'gainst timid people
    I'm throwin' nig.. Pitch Black so far it spawned the Riddick Sequel.
    Speakin of movies- Troy will be the last role for a sad lame
    Cause the odor from YOUR Pitt's just gave Brad a bad name.
    & fuck ya style. I laugh at the lines from this bitch
    Verse is a Whoopee Cushion. Just a funny way to remind me of SHIT.
    Forever a computer geek. THAT'S your placement in life
    But the only Gig u should worry 'bouts that solo act in ya momma's basement tonight.

    Shhhh! Now let me see some played punches & personals from ya ass.

    vs. Numskull


    3-0 'gainst you. Make it 4.

    C'mon, Let's Go

    Can’t, Didn’t, Don’t; THAT’S the luring words…
    Too bad these Contractions aint help ya moms pass ya big head during birth.
    That massive noggin must make you a groggy bitch
    Gettin u out the house’ll be a bigger ‘crane move’ than Karate Kid’s.
    So c’mon, dunn. Your clothes aint better
    Anchorman flopped once people saw the Burgundy on your sweater.
    Rap just aint working out fo nig. I’m telling you here
    Be a Pilot. That way, at least you’ll have a propelling career.
    & fuck ya Crew. Stealin rhymes is piracy
    Everyone saw the NBA finals. Mahfucka Pist-On Dynasty.
    That 3 line bar style is sooo original, Num
    It makes me wonder, hmmm.. I wonder who u got it from?
    Idiot. I can’t stand ya clothes. You must be grieving in debt
    If the Ozone had those Layers on it’d prolly start depleting itself.
    Bankruptcy is definitely something you fear
    You Quentin •••••••••. Your job goal was to make 2 Bills in 2 Years.
    Thought Jay-Z had some. But you have it more, queer
    You got ’99 Problems. Punches can’t seem to get out of that year.
    There’s cut teams & trainers allowing prizefighters to get savage
    But behind YOUR Boxer’s lies something below average
    Thas the truth. & while on this topic I’ll storm good
    Ya ceiling can’t keep a secret. It jus showed eryone ur deformed wood.
    Bastard. You bout as fake as can be…
    Skinny ass . That Iceberg shirt’s just a Snowflake to me.
    & you as annoying as a hiccup
    GMC Trucks are suffering. When he calls, people never Pick-Up.
    On tracks- this bitch’s just a mini cut
    & don’t blame it on illiteracy. Scales just can’t read this skinny fuck
    Listen. I’m the kind to get girls in bed with lovely talk
    While you couldn’t put more ‘bang to ya Buck’ breeding Al Bundy’s dog.

    vs. Serge

    http: // www. geocities. com/verbalsylense/noname2.bmp

    http: // www. geocities. com/verbalsylense/noname1.bmp

    Serge aka manic D. Stop flippin Meth lines foo.
    & I did too much to match you. I'll cut a couple tho.

    Rockin wife-beaters eyday. Ya styles the worst kid
    Manic hated the NBA Draft.
    … Look like his fingers had other ideas with the First Pick.
    & when thirst hits. Accept it, don- you bug me
    Your ‘dashing looks’ just entered a marathon for ugly
    Plus his house too tight. It’s a good thing u aint taller, crab
    Broads on periods are ecstatic. No ones EVER seen a smaller Pad.
    & that shack has no bathroom’s. It’s a very-damn-shame
    So his fam’ll vote Bush.
    …They jealous of the 2 John’s in the Kerry campaign.
    Just admit you wack. Hairy fucks shouldn’t lie now
    HOLY SHIT! Cousin It died & got buried in his eyebrows.
    Manic aint a pimp. Otherwise he’d train with me
    WNBA’s the only time you’ll EVER see a bitch on D
    Get tricked with ease. Over here you shredded
    I’d give you the finger but I can determine where it’s headed
    Nig thinks he suave? Man, please
    Peep top. Moose in his hair look like it’s gon stampede.
    Your face is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at gays
    Plus that speed-bump chin can back up traffic for days
    Listen nig, you aint gritty by far
    Only drive a hard bargain… if ‘hard bargain’s slang for “shitty ass car”.
    So I’ll bury you alive. That’s what I do to trash, kid
    Fuck work.
    The graveyard-shift’s a move you do tryna get out the casket.
    You’re a flipper, a loser. Your flips are rigid in distance
    Only Crew u seen with’s the type of sweater ya grandma knitted for Christmas.


    *User gave me the ok to edit the pics in*
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. headless verseman

    You DEFINITELY not seein' me… Quick…

    You KNOW that I'm a youngin'-that-scares…
    Uppercut like a LL vid… All you see is 'Head sprung in the air'.
    ^Now check that line. Cuz on his way down is forever rough
    Gravity prefers Sprite. It hates to see this 7 Up.
    & I seen that Chino line. So stop testin, shark
    Plus ya nose so Why'd it should be punctuated with a question mark.
    I'm the best to start. Middle finger up as a nice gesture, dunn
    Everyone seen ya pic. Bitch, you Uncle Fester's son.
    Plus controllin UPN archives aint help with broads
    We all watched the Simpsons. Only Ned Flanders has sex with Mod
    Don't respect ya odds. I'ma bout to pull-&-rip-you
    Face it. You couldn't be a 'stand-up guy' in a room full of cripples.
    Its simple. Get hit, my shotty's straighten'd
    Ya hype like Deion Sanders. Difference is, aint NOBODY ravin'.
    & you aint from Jersey with that gay clout
    Made Jim Morrison mad. Just so 'the Doors' hits u on the way out.


    vs. Oz

    Say I fell off, make fun of my lines, throw in a Fracture..
    Reference a Rudge, a skin tone diss, no-one’s in laughter… /
    Tryna get personal, weak punches, rhymes are nursery..
    Just gimme the title, shiiit.. I just summed up eyone’s verse to me… /

    INCLUDING YOU: Predictable fuck.
    Now. On with the show…

    …C’mon, Let’s Go…

    Ya parents only take Summer & Winter trips to loft-in-with-friends
    Cuz you so ugly: They vowed to ‘never have an Offspring’ again… /
    So stick with blind dates. This dog’ll get no bone..
    Movie said it all.
    Once the bitch saw Oz all she wanted to do was GO HOME… /
    Fucka. You live in a shack that’s seeping with shit..
    You got a one-story house moms wouldn’t even read to their kids… /
    See-me-in-this? Please. You kno my buzz’s rare
    & If ‘shoe’ means go away- then here, bitch… take a dozen pair… /
    Make a fuss & tear… I'll see you perish dude…
    Your toilet bowl face’ll start flushing when I embarrass you… /
    Now ima put a grip on this hoax & start rippin this joke
    You smelly ass nig.
    That Oda-may cause trouble like Whoopi in Ghost… /
    Ya shook & opposed. It’s no shock this pain went queer..
    & If Oz is Raw. All that means is he’ll be owned by Shane in ten years… /
    Ya aim handle wrong so I’m a start dishin ya next loss…
    It should read JayGood-HowManyTimesHeWishedHeWasRes-Oz… /
    Plus I seen ya pic, kid. It looks like you dead..
    Only the Eiffel Tower rivals the tilt your ears puts on ya head… /
    No one cares what you sportin so don’t bother..
    Fuck nuclear weapons.
    Your arms race involves one slightly shorter than the other… /
    & if you ever went to a dance hall, man… ya spirit’ll flubber..
    He’ll definitely beat out Mr. T in Rocky III as the ugliest Clubber… /
    Sucka! Eyone can see that this geek fails..
    Ya granny’s obese; Her fishnet stockings can pull in a beach whale… /
    You just a Tiny Toon. I’m bound to injure & recline ya
    & overall.
    The ‘Max appeal’ to ya verse wouldn’t even interest Elmira... /

    C'mon now, seriously.

    *Edited to add lines: went 30*
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Skull and Trombley

    .. to Trombley .. :

    it's like..
    ..u poutin in tears ..he doubtin in fear..
    i guess da startin QB’s injury made da second string come outta ur ear
    ..devour this queer ..ur shape-up is off measure..
    his damn facial hair looks like a map to find lost treasure
    ..u soft pressure ..crap’s whut u have n planned..
    skiers died on da slope’a ur nose when ur forehead avalanched
    ..so when this gay’s in sight a crimes due..
    Cutoff ur power n let Jamie Foxx act as da Ray of light behind u
    ..u don’t rhyme too ..jus stay calm, doof..
    incest got this needle dick sewing shut his moms cooch
    ..n in card games ..hah ..I’m a pro, bitch..
    prefer Poker but its obvious ur hat wants to Go Fish
    ..this ho’s shit.. sex? ..he quick with lessons..
    he a minuteman..
    ..when trombones he can only hold a note for 60 seconds
    ..i’m swiftly wreckin.. while Trom don’t live it up..
    his right eye’s lazy while da left look like it doesn’t give a fuck

    .. to Mr. Skull .. :

    ..i can’t describe u ..this enemy lies..
    explainin ur ugliness is more beyond-say than destiny’s child
    ..ur whole steez violatin ..get locked in citation..
    the V of ur eyebrows inspire birds how to flock in migration
    ..n in my station ..this’ll be a tutorial night..
    da mole on ur head gon fight a groundhog for territorial rights
    ..get a memorial, ight.. as i bring hell with da gat
    stache so Slick it wants an eyepatch n storytells when it raps
    now check ya sig.. then wake up.. get some fresh brew..
    Go to school.. look at da girls.. then realize u rep a text crew!
    ..U LOSER.. the names Brooks, dilly ..
    ur concepts so late 90’s it makes Hawaii climate look chilly
    ..this rooks silly.. he stoops to dumb levels..
    idiot peeped my pic n challenged me to thumb wrestle
    ..this bum settles ..ur siblings are a bad slew
    ur birth was such an Accident ur mom caused Traffic when she had u

    .. next rd plz .. : ]

    vs. Doc Richards

    Demik aka Day aka Doc Richards aka Choppa Style:

    it’s like..
    ..ur fecal n gritty ..he reekin in pity..
    if ur Day ..then I can already predict da rest of da week’ll be shitty
    this geek’ll be giddy ..get gassed n parted..
    1 sniffle from ur church bell nose indicates that mass has started
    ..ur last to start shit ..i’m sodomizing this queer..
    peep headphones ..it look like 2 anthills colonized on his ears
    ..da bottom line is in here.. i stoop to test..
    don’t get excited ..ur tourney fever’s easly cured by soup n rest
    ..lose instead .. even Ill-Nik-A gotcha with tricks
    learn from Ewing’s career ..it’s only downhill afta da nick’s
    ..laugh at dis dick ..i cant stand da wind of u..
    aisle seatin in planes increased afta seein ur window view
    .. i own u son ..i’ll take ur life strifin wit eagles
    one look at ur saddled chin made horseback ridin illegal
    ..so suck my dick ..bitch ..I’ll buck ur shit..
    an NHL caliber slapshot’s due next time u puck ur lips
    ..cluck u bitch ..now u have to fight..
    nostrils so big he looked up n 2 craters got picked up on satellite
    ..got me laughin ight ..u stall when u see
    penis is ur kryptonite ..its quick to make u fall on ur knees
    ..so poke fun of my hand ..ur jokes fail cuz..
    on aim he complimented how well cut my nail was
    ..ur pale cous.. da end’s where ya fates leadin..
    8, 9, 10, Jack .. see, u’re da perfect Queen for this str8 beating

    : ]

    vs. Exit Eight

    Exit Eight:

    http: //img. villagephotos. com/p/2004-6/750125/fatn igga.jpg
    ^get rid of da spaces

    ..u werent even spose to be here.. then u couldnt match me.. i'll meet u halfway tho..

    .its like..
    ..peeps afraid to fly ..not cuz of altitude n metric..
    scariest parts when da stewardess introduces passengers to Exit
    ..tell u whut.. fuk findin love.. make recent oaths..
    to accumulate all da singles in ur town n buy some decent clothes
    ..u seemin broke ..thank god Ciara only had da 1,2 step..
    cuz if she made it to da 4th this troll woulda looked up her dress
    ..n omg at ur shoes.. jus blast urself wit a shotty..
    kicks dat bad wouldn’t even earn u a white belt in karate
    ..greasy nerd ..do u really think this coward's hard?
    dude got enuff shine on his face to move a solar powered car
    ..i’ll shower bars ..claimin he carries guns n sells u see..
    he’s great at spittin da A-K but has trouble recitin L thru Z
    ..it’s hell fo g .. u cant handle my power well..
    ur elbows ashier than da outcome of when da towers fell
    ..went ova da limit.. so whut ..its a must i go wreck..
    only gave u two-more ..so it'll evolve into a cancerous spread

    .. yep ..

    vs. Zuch

    .. ^shutup ..

    .. u have GOT to be kiddin' me ..

    ..u gotta..
    ..call me an activist.. u appauled i have a knack
    cuz afta destroyin Zu I’ll put da animals back to their natural habitat
    ..hit da lab in fact.. think u wild.. that scams gone..
    goin Ape-wall just means ur da interior decorator for Bam’s mom
    ..ya fads wrong.. I aint stressin this geek..
    look at da quote.. wats next, lines bout Elmo in Sesame Street?
    ..& u won last week.. but thas easily prevented..
    stopped Knox.. big deal, so did doorbells when they were invented
    ..c’mon n!gga.. u have no tendency to challenge..
    u couldn’t get brains sharing the backseat wit Kennedy in Dallas
    ..da remedy is malice.. fag.. u can’t do wat my bars could..
    ya mouth’s a b-ball rim.. jus a hole dat opens up above hard-wood
    ..the scars should.. make ya cells rot..
    n!gga I’m so nice with da 4-5 MTV gave me TRL's slot
    ..now ya situations worse.. watch as the lead severs..
    stupid bought a Fantastic 4 comic PRAYIN fo ‘Thing’s to get better’
    ..& yea I’m unsportsmanlike.. all chivalry’s doomed..
    fuck jobs.. bitch has a hard time findin labor in delivery rooms
    ..da energy looms.. as my punches stick with da force..
    eyo Formal.. havin 4 seeds jus means mo stress & a higher risk fo divorce
    ..ur jewelry’s shaky.. feel the vibration..
    u rock Canaries da south wouldnt even welcome durin migration
    ..Zuch's eyes dilation.. blinded by alotta strikes..
    he wets da bed so much his mattress can sustain aquatic life

    ..de nada..
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