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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Pharacane, Cane

    vs. Dsoul

    nice quote, it's hard to move with this kid on my jock
    so when he asked for a protien shake i just wiggled my cock
    you're seriously ugly as hell, and i aint just fuckin with you man
    you're like womens soccer..no girl will touch you with her hands
    personals? ok then, i looked at the stats and i saw
    that when your opponents actually showed up to battle you lost
    what another? ok, your punches just add to my growing boredom
    and you can't diss my verses, cause you've been voting for them
    welcome to thunderdome kid, i'm killing you legal and freely
    trust me 'soul, your next verse is as anticipated as a sequel to Gigli
    let's talk about my win/loss record, which, will probably climb
    cause it's sort of like sci-fi shows, bitch, i Odyssey 5
    you've resorted to Metheus lines, but you still lose when you should
    honestly what the fuck happened Balth? YOU USED TO BE GOOD

    vs. One's Abyss

    lmao prowlers? they'd never take you seriously any day
    dont worry about the outcome there, you got beaten anyway
    your multis havn't shown up yet, a victim of belated planning?
    i'm the authority...
    and this guy has more trouble with the Law than Peyton Manning
    here's one of your punches from last week, kid i'll fuckin grade it
    But you did drop a goodbar' once....i picked it up and ate it"
    what the fuck was that!? the fact that you deserve an F if the truth
    cause for real, i've battled people in the bottom 30 better than you
    u knew you'd lose right? well...your intellect is a little shady though
    cause i'd never lose to the text version of cuba gooding in Radio
    i'm an artist with bruises, i'll punch you black and swell to blue
    i've seen catholic prayer hymms have a better chants in hell than you
    man how the hell are you gonna diss me? you aint got nothing dude
    buddy...you lost to eyedill...even clay aiken's makin fun of you..

    edited for spelling since he hasn't replied yet

    vs. Tri Optix

    lmao fuckin geek

    the usual fake personals? you got nothin and are babblin free
    here, i'll show you how to get personal when you're battlin me
    you sat on the newbie side for years and enjoyed a suckers freedom
    your ass lost to DSoul...well guess what? i fuckin beat him
    i'm ranked higher in half the time..is that sort of a low blow?
    well if that isn't, then this is..your last 3 wins have come by no show
    ok i'll stop now, but seriously man, any mention of your skill is a lie
    i don't have any wood for the fireplace, but i can still give it a Tri
    and jesus christ dude, start gettin up with the times
    my fuckin moniter's not wide enough for some of your lines
    this battle's one sided, i'm the Porsche to your Ford Probe
    this guy's so gay..
    he thought a straight jacket would clash with his wardrobe
    and don't worry, Tri will get back on his feet..
    literally, i'll bend him so fuckin bad he'll have his back on his feet
    vegas had odds on this battle, and even Tri's mom is betting
    ..against him, cause he's so worried even his icon is sweating
    your punches are last year man, and your multis? you gotta better yourself
    i'll hit nebs so hard-oops, shit, i'm gettin ahead of myself
    i'll drop kick you as high as i can, so your effort was all for naught
    so there's two meanings when i say..
    it took him 18 years for his balls to drop ;)
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. The Nebulotic

    he wasn't describin our battle nebs, he was foolin you
    cause he was actually just describin what he thinks that i'll do to you
    and i know your'e a thespian, so you and i are never sad
    cause i'll unzip my pants and give you the biggest part you've ever had
    c'mon nebs, do i have a record that resembles a job shift?
    please bitch, your mind's like our first title match...YOU LOST IT
    but for real, your verse aint a job shift, almost nothin is wrong
    cause YOUR record resembles how long i was fuckin your mom
    when you heard i might no show show you were thankin heaven
    you've been here for 15 weeks? and you're only ranked at SEVEN?!?
    i could bend his limbs, resembling clay-mation
    so gimme a fuckin break..
    you lost to the text version of clay aiken
    wanna think about gun rap? i gotta be honest and frank
    cause it's like you trying to diss me, since you'd be drawin a blank
    nebs is talkin shit, but maybe i should explain the jist of it then
    i don't mean he's speakin smack, i mean it in the literal sense..
    ah fuck the battle this week, i'm takin the title belt in the next
    and VOTE=I.DEAL
    cause even a week away, he's gonna need all the help he can get ;)

    vs. I.deal

    sorta true, but i think you should know though
    if less is more, maybe you can win this battle with no votes ;)
    your mom's annoying man..cause if you don't know
    she points and giggles at you..
    and i hate people who laugh at their own jokes
    promised a win? what's that, a wussy and his word?
    so fuck your sig
    you're no tiger in the hood, just a pussy in the burbs
    you got no props to talk about, your verse was busted
    so forget the voters conversations
    we already know how much they disgust it
    the mods knew this'd be in the bag
    cause YOU'RE the champ
    and it's no coincidence they interviewed ME in the mag
    i'll knock out this redneck with the stiffest arms
    cause i throw haymakers, but thats just what it says on your business card
    we've never battled, so hey, i'm pleased to meet you
    bitch, Nebs no showed cause he wanted to see me beat you
    but i think you'll no show..i'm fearin the champ'll...
    know his last verse was pathetic, & here's an example
    "when it comes to you, call me a boxcutter"..alright kid
    i know you didn't bite this..
    but don't talk about his verse, YOURS LOOKED JUST LIKE HIS
    anything can happen, you might wear that belt with sutures
    cause for real, who woulda thought Sur could tell the future?

    i can see clearly now, the reign is gone... ;)

    vs. Tri Optix

    nice quote, ya fuckin bitch, i gotta grace this kid with lead
    if you wanna give the voters what they want, replace yourself with Nebs
    Tri thinks he's beautiful, and if he's not lyin since he's older
    beauty is like my fist..cause both are in the eye of the beholder
    i never play off a verse, but Tri has it comin and he doesn't even know it
    cause the fuckin guy's makin excuses for losin..before i even posted!?!?!
    and jesus christ, stop actin ghetto ya w.igger, you aint fuckin black
    this pussy bitch's never seen a real block like Arizona running backs
    phony personals and stale comedy, as weak as your last punch
    dude, how the FUCK you gonna pretend i didn't shut you out last month?
    Tri could get off on murder without Cochran..
    and what i said means..
    that this sick faggot sits and jacks off to death scenes
    i'll hurt ya feelings kid, cause i'm not out to please queers
    son, how the FUCK are you gonna sit on the newbie side for 3 YEARS?!
    i'll end this battle with a quote Sequel gave me
    and cause i'm honest
    i'll tell ya why he asked me back.."To Save The RBL From Tri Optix"
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