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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: -Oz-, Ill William

    vs. In Awe

    My name is Oz not yellow brick road....

    In awe..ya dont fool me,
    You wear make up, A fag...Thats why I duck your shit,
    Ya werent talking bout •••elry,
    When ya said ya had a Jacob, Watch while you sucked his dick!
    Ya never fucked a bitch, You said "fuck you" ..to me, Dude...
    The band had to get a restraining order, When I said fuck "u 2"!!
    I do win battles, My punches connect and you take hits,
    Since I can beat you with a post like Neo in the matrix....!
    ...Reloaded, Hate this and you'll croak you thug,
    Feel like Gary Coleman,
    When I hit ya, Ill use "different strokes" with my club!
    Lets talk about rankings, you will never be above me,
    Cuz Ill buck at you bud,
    And take you down a peg, al, kelly and the rest of the bundies!!
    Dont love me, Cuz Ill treat ya Like Joe Budden when you spit,
    Push ya to a cliff,
    Make ya "jumpoff" then "drop drop" to the bottom of that shit!!
    Ur at the bottom of the rich, ya sig prooves what I feel,
    The closest you get too #1, Is at work, serving mcdonalds meals!!
    U steal lyrics, ideas, concepts....its all your fault,
    Shit you even kick-flips, more than Tony Hawk!!
    Your lonely huh, ya bed see's no action at all,
    The last time your sheets-rocked, you were building walls!
    Reading my verse, but please pick up your jaw,
    Cuz I got fags following my footsteps, Amazed...In Awe!!!

    vs. NoShit Sherlock

    Now I aint Ashton Kutcher, But peeps will say you got punked,
    Ill beat ya with light bulbs, Cuz sherlock aint shit with out watts, son!!!!
    You aint hot dun, Dont smile cuz Ya mouth Just smells bad, shit.....
    Ya breath so Foul,
    Steve Bartmen Jumped out the crowed and grabbed it!
    Ya verse...Shouldnt have dropped it, Now Im fistin this geek,
    With punches that leave him like the mag, Missing this week!!
    Your mission is bleak, As for text, youll neva be a veteran,
    So please just take A-Lieve, And no...I aint talkin about medicine!
    Quit pester-in, Us with your text, Cuz Im killin that shit,
    Your verse was such an Utter failure, People are milkin that shit!!
    Oz's fillin this kid with lead,
    In his head, Cuz sherlocks a femcee...but she lacks,
    Skill, Still Sherlock birthed more Fe-Lines than slutty cats!!!
    You aint no Craig Mack, So do Me a favor you queer,
    Stop giving Wet Willies, You cant put the flavor in my ear!
    Bow down, your savior is here, To put ya in a grave, in hell,
    Cuz when my tired Screech, you wont be Saved By The Bell!!
    You must be deprived as hell, livin without a care he...
    Is such a Gothik-, A movie is being made starring halle berry!
    A tune, you can never carry,
    Ya tried out for the ROC, But dont hope you'll get it,
    Cuz I just heard Kayne "threw the wire"...Around ya neck and choked ya wit it!
    Dont ya get it?
    Ya have followers, but even they wont go get your spam,
    Cuz when your cd dropped, I guess SHIT really hit the FANS!!!

    vs. Inkwell

    Ink well,
    Nah your shit is bland....
    This isnt billiards, so Ink get out of the success pool,
    Ive got a stick in hand,
    To kill herbs with shots, then Ill scratch Cue!! (Q)
    Now this fool is bein held captive, Ill have him relax with...
    ....fishes, since lately hes been finding Nemo Attractive!
    His demo is wackness, And Ill be laughin in ur face fool,
    Your shit is comedy,
    So not only will you need a WILL to win, you'll need Grace too!
    Ill lace you wit classics like illmatic and taunt your mind,
    As for your Lost Tapes, that some shit nobody wants to find!
    Are you blind? Since your punches Neverland, They stay missin...
    Ur an accessory to crime, Now Michael Jacksons goin straight to prison!!!
    I think your christian, since ya have a girl ya dont get laid with,
    Infact..she has such HIGH interest in me, ull need a loan to pay it!!

    vs. Vern

    The wack felt him, but his career will be fast gone,
    Like the black album, his first song will be his last song!!
    This is a past time for me, And you..dont dare to boast...
    I got you like Slow Wide Recievers, Ur Scared to post!!
    Ill play the host, We can listen to tunes when I slay ya,
    Too bad ya spinal disks dont play well in my player!!
    Ya da-re test me, but get scared when you faced me,
    Cuz like a good offensive line, Ill endanger your safety!!
    They placed me below you, so DG is best with ranks,
    Still ill leave this piece of shit underground like septic tanks!!
    Ive kept is gank-sta, when I put gats under your chin and spray,
    You'll be so A-Float, you could be in the macys day parade!!
    Get laid in the dirt, My guns play games...its has to be said,
    Ill fill you with holes, and play chinese checkers on ya head!!!
    But you learned a lesson instead, when ya felt hate kid,
    Prison dont make a man hard, but your cellmates did!!!
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. ill Nik-A


    Test Rap? Fucking Hypocryte

    Your my mentor, & I give ya Daps For All That,
    Now I realize, Why half of these RM Cats Say I'm Wack,
    This Cat Will Relapse, If I take away his Coke Addiction,
    But Ya already lost when Ya sniffed up ya HOPE's of Winning,
    You'll Croak, Im Grinning, & Tecks Wont Do,
    I'll shoot ya with a flaregun, Laughing when no one Rescues You,
    Ya Bet Its True, Ill Fight This Guy, GET HIT BITCH,
    Til You Gotta Ice Your Eye, Like Fucking Slick Rick,
    You Aint Sick Nik, I know Ill Be Seeing YOUR Worst,
    Since I'm The Opponent, Whos Fixin And Proofreading Ya Verse?
    I'm Bringin Hurt Til Dude Is Dead, I'm Starting To Dent This Whore,
    Ya Chest Blue & Red,
    Now Ya Gotta Purple Heart, & Never Been To War,
    I Mean It Whore, Ya Verse was Fake Personals, Believe It...
    Your Fresh Concepts are GREAT, ..If its Good To Be Needed,
    Your heated at me, Cuz I Dont Post On YOUR Site,
    But Hey...If you left....Most Of Us Might,
    Nik-A, You Aint Tight, Friends, Haters, Wack Kids...EVERYBODY....
    & ANYBODY will say your wack, Just ask ANY BUDDY,
    Now I'm Sending Dunny To Heaven, After This Sonning,
    When Ya See the Almighty ONE, Plz...Tell Him I'm Coming

    vs.. Type Nice

    ...If Brains Was Tissue? Huh? lol

    Hey Queer,
    My Transmission is for Switchin Gears, but this Fag Will Hate,
    Cause his Trans-Mission is clear, & It's to make him Ejaculate,
    My Straps Your Fate, so gimme some G's, & if this bitch flees,
    I'll shoot your Pockets, & Turn ya Cheddar Into Swiss Cheese,
    Bitch Please, You choose it, on them Country Anthems Your Stuck,
    Ya dont listen to Rapmusic, or you'd hear us Chanting "You Suck"
    My Bucks gettin me a Whip, a Six dude, W/The Seats Leather,
    Your gettin a 6 - 2, as Soon As Seq Posts next Weeks Records,
    You better get better, Your record won't be Playing Yo,
    Cause the FCC wont let even A little "fuck" on the Radio,
    I'm Slaying Foe's, The only "Type" People like, Oddly..
    Its associated with the Blood Im Donating From Your Body,
    Oz is Godly, So You'll hope for me to forget my Votes or...
    You'll be,
    Pullin so many Bitch Moves, Cats'll think ur a real Estate Broker,
    No Hope For You, Your Sooooooo Gay, Herb,
    HEADLESS Predicted A Blowout, I guess it was a NO Brainer

    vs. Super.

    Looks like we both dropping right on deadline, but we agreed earlier tonight to 20-24

    I Spit Ill Shit & I've Slung Raps, But Ya Future's Bleek Ya Know...
    You Bit Ill Nik Some Months Back, While I Beat Him 2 Weeks Ago,
    That Shit Was Weak But Yo, Wasn't Ya Shit Blowin Up?
    You Were Fourteen & Two, Then Opponents Started Showing Up,
    Your Flow, Dude It SUCKS, So Why Is This Hoe Flowin?
    U'll Lose When I Make An X-Sample Out Ya, Like Dough Jordan
    Ya Flow's Boring, So Take A Breather, Your Shit Aint Witty
    You Wont See Dissy, After I'm Done You Wont See Straightly Either
    I'm A Believer In Hope, So Maybe You Can See Me, Hey...
    We Both Got Cut From PBA, But At Least I Got Votes!
    Get Off My Jock Bro, I Rock Girls You Rock Guys,
    Super & His Man Take Things Too Far, Now He's COCK Eyed,
    You Can't Stop I, Your About Bitin, Quit Stealing Man,
    Or Get Four Blades In Da Roof, Of Ya Mouth Like A Ceiling Fan,
    We Aint Feelin Ya, Who's Gassin Ya Dude, They Should Stop It,
    Super's Named After A Comic, No Wonder We're Laughing At You,
    I'm Bashing This Fool, Ya Not Sick, Your The Worst
    I Said "Word Up" To Ya Verse, Cause I Thought It Was Nasif,
    I've Cocked It, & I'm Ready To Pull It, Yeah, I'm About Gunning Dun,
    Super's Faster Than A Speedin Bullet? Good, You'll Be Outrunning One
    Now I'm Sonning Son, Bet It, RM Will Have Ya Fleeing,

    vs. Lares Viales

    Headless Was Right ;)

    Headless taking bribes, & Tho I brag, I'm still betting fag.
    Don't care how much 'Dough' you have, you aint gettin in next weeks mag.
    You be gettin it in da ass, with ya bottom out, tongue filled w/ drought.
    But hey, I'll tell ya how to solve ya Cotton mouth, TAKE THE PILLOW OUT.
    Your skilled? I doubt it, Res dropped WF, Plz follow dude in his tracks.
    Since the crew's gonna cut you, for losing to me & losing this match!
    LV, the dude is wack, a fag who finds men & raids their beds.
    No Jewels, But you had a Jacob Watch, while you gave him head.
    Leave this gay for dead, his flows a dread, dude cant grasp it.
    Hey faggot, Ill leave ya alive & kicking, the top of ya casket.
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. William

    No showin?
    Yeah, I'm betting, since I'm bringing Out Lines That Hurt,
    William didnt Check In, He didn't want it to Outshine His Verse,
    I put Nines To Herbs, Not to mention I got the Best Millie,
    Spit in the Clip, Put the Fifth in ya ear, Just to Wet Willie,
    With no Regrets Really, An Idol was once Hailed, Then
    William Hung himself,
    After you jocked his name ... with half the Talent,
    Your Failing, Ya not Skilled Kid, Tho You Came Back Hard,
    Call Ya Bruce Willis,
    I'll have ya Layin In a Hole Ten Yards, In Ya Backyard,
    Around Men The Fags Hard, Just Demaning Some Beef,
    He's been playin a Pretty Toney, Like Ghost Fans This Week,
    This Mans A Geek who raps about his city, wishing to Be Me,
    I'll admit you got me Skipping "Town", And the rest of the CD,
    Be Re-Lieved with an L, all ya get When your A Herb,
    Lara Croft owes me cash, She bet she could find a Gem in ya Verse,
    Oz'll put an end to this nerd, & You know you'll Lose When,
    I leave Wil-Son'd, like that Faggot on home Improvement

    vs. Island

    Oneduh Aim = Anthraxspits...
    Blah, Oneduh is the other half of Island

    You've been blowin up, but your flowing sucks,
    Fat fuck, you should quit throwing punches & try throwing up
    Your nursing an addiction, be online til you die homie...
    & ya Roadrunner ran SO long, its preying ya get a pet Coyote
    I wet phonies, & now I'm having burying flashes,
    Users funeral & 6 Pall Bearers.....to Carry his ashes
    They couldn't carry a casket,
    As for Island, Your's flows is failing kid,
    I've got Anthrax spits, & I'm about to 'Expose' this alias,
    Oneduhs Islands better half, Just ask to know,
    & Hey, Its no Oneduh we thought User grasped a flow
    Your on Blast now ho, RBL mod runn-in the league,
    Ironic aint it, How I just ended your run in the league

    vs. Hating Mantis

    Sup Mantis? I Just hope you aren't done with your Praying
    Fuck Vember & Omega, & Watch Oz Overcome another 'Hating'
    No debating you were champ, ur reign didn't Commense,
    A ghostwritin Johnny Cochran 'couldn't win you a title Defense
    At your expense I'm letting you know
    We got battles, no votes, battlers, no hopes, ur a rook faggot
    Since your the Face Of The League, No wonder no-one looks at it
    Now your shook faggot, all them Alias' & you Got No Hype
    Since Demik has more Gay Accounts then a Homoerotic site
    Ya got no life, so ya look to the sky, & Ask Whyyyyyy?
    Your only 'friends' went & cancelled on you last night
    Your ass tight? Nah,
    W/ Verses watered down, you aint Bringing No Heat,
    Ya Jacked Lloyds Track 'on fire', and Extinguished the Beat
    I'ma finish with heat, & tho my Writing has had Blockage,
    Ill still Embaress you in this 'Battle', like an Iraqi Hostage
    Got It? I gotta be Honest, you dont write Tight, so dont Brag,
    Your My Boy..
    So its funny ya never got mentioned, Til I started Writin The Mags

    vs. ill nik-A

    Yeah I beat Resin, I wasnt braggin bout shit B
    Since it's wack voters like YOU who got me the victory
    Ya voted for me, now let me say this in slow mo
    You've battled for 5 years a n d s t i l l h a v e n t N O S H O W E D
    No life, & on mics you be sounding gay
    As for list punches, them shit is paused, rewound and PLAYED
    You showed me the ropes, That I won't deny yo
    But why the fuck you think I've changed my whole style??
    Your right bout Hov & Budden, I do fit that bill
    PARDON ME for actually liking an Ill nik a with skill
    Peeps opened this thread for me, your the worst cuz
    No one reading ya lines, so Ill let em know the verse sucked
    Im not trying, your not winning, too proove that...
    I have to advance, we don't need Scientz to proove this dudes wack
    The truths that, all you do is cry, now go die with some hope
    It's kinda sad dog, not even Senator Kerry would cry about votes
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Eternal Path


    You can't have sex, you'll hurt the fellas
    With a snapper so green, it makes turtles jealous
    Can't keep up with my style, how the hell you been lagging
    & If you follow-in my Path, you're probably dragging
    Guys tea bagging this whore, aint hard to tell you smell
    If ya saw ya reflection eternal, ud know why talibs cd aint sell to well
    I can tell ya fell off, phony & fake, this bitch is a hoax
    Fuck seeing the slit in ya clit, I'd rather see a slit in ya throat
    Bitch is a joke, so just end it tonight with yo knife
    Even god is mad that he promised eternal...life
    I'ma expose ya, alchoholic, I'll let the flaws fly
    AA aint just where ya go mondays, its also ya bra size
    Now bend over, & i'll be raping this philly
    This match is the only time you actually gettin a Willie
    Ya feel me? I dont feel you, you resemble a cow
    So when I leave ya wet, its nothing to do with being arouse

    vs. Black Writer

    30 huh? I'll just start typing, & i'll stop when I feel like it.

    This Black heads....
    A crackhead, saying "you going to rehab, just not today"
    Infact you've been putting off Detox longer then Docter Dre
    Glocks'll spray at this fad, you'll duck when I spark beef
    Only Permanent Black Writer I know of is a fucking Sharpie
    My verse is shoveling ya grave, lord knows it's easy to dig
    Who can't beat a kid with lines from another textcee in his sig?
    Still he's really sick, a canine fucker, you should be vexed for it
    Got a policedog so he could lay down the Law & have sex with it
    Test me kid? You're 5-0? You aint been toasted yet?
    Know you'll lose, that's why you say post early & aint posted yet
    Now girls got insomnia, how can they keep sleep intact?
    When everytime they close their eyes, their FUCKING SEEING BLACK!
    We can see he's wack, I'm wondering why, you would rhyme
    & Ya wanna go 30? When you're best shit has two good lines
    They say with age comes change, then we retire, right?
    But this virgin will keep the SAME 'lifestyle' his entire life
    Why try to write? You're not Hova, you just be a laugh
    As for a Black Album? Yeah, "Your first song" will be your last
    You'll need a casket, this verse is murder, this man will see...
    His death, and when the "Will" is read, it'll kill your family
    Damnit B, you know you suck, another over-rated head...
    Who floods threads with enough shit to leave 100,000 asians dead
    Your fake I said, RBLs future? It must cause the mods more stress
    If this is 'the new danger', well then I feel sorry for Mos Def
    Coke leaves you broke, so you just say no to boasters
    But this G Unit rider still spends all his money on Yayo...posters
    You got to stripclubs, but you just sit & you stare
    No! You aint gettin a dance, unless lured into an electrical chair

    looks like a no show for you huh??

    vs. Aces Full

    Holy....NM I won't sway. Anyway...

    Know how he got his name??
    Lets talk jacks & kings, he wants guys folding faces
    Wishing they'd give up a queen, just to be holding Aces'
    You blow, now face it, & ya flow aint normal kid
    If you had any 'Logic', you'd leave the league like Formal did
    Obsessed with poker, now you live in tents, no doubt
    Ya ripped the siding off ya crib, just to play against the house
    Lets talk backshots, stationary & doggy, see what ya missing?
    Last time you were in some pussy, was in the fetal Position
    Listen, ya fell off, now you're a flamer known for swallowing
    Nevermind text,
    When ya flame went out...you just followed him
    I feel sorry for you're dad, watching him lose his ends
    Since he'd sooner fold, than show Aces to his friends
    Then Oz fucks up ranks, I wish the kid was brighter
    Beat Black last week, now I got another shitty writer
    I'd say I aint wasting more lines, but I never try, WOW
    John, this is the truth so you'd better sign out
    & save yourself.


    vs. John Hensley

    Sorry about the breaks in the verse...it's just too easy. Thanks to the guy who sent me this info too :)

    John Hensley
    Last Activity: 01-15-2005 04:27 AM
    Viewing User Profile Ill William @ 04:27 AM

    John Hensley
    Last Activity: 01-15-2005 04:26 AM
    Searching Forums User: Ill William @ 04:26 AM

    Its time to write,
    Sorry im late, its friday night, I was out searching for bitches, you see
    Meanwhile you spent the night at home, searching for verses from me
    Loser. Stay in my shadow, I know you can tell I'm ill
    You piggy backed your way to the top, like 50's album will
    In a shell concealed, 26, living in ya ma's cellar, wonderin where the days went
    It's pretty sad man, even Big Tigger got his ass up out the basement
    It's fate when you do ya audios, you know you're a dumb loser
    When ya put ya C Disk in the stereo, and break that and your computer

    Here he is practicaly biting, a good indication of when ya weak
    C'mon! This man is flipping more Jay lines, than fucking Memphis Bleek
    Ill's king of this shit, you're broke wondering how I get bling on my wrist
    Yeah, I had a thing with ya bitch, LOOK...NO MORE RING ON HERE FIST!
    I'm bringing a clip, fucking running ya over...just bet that I'll get ya
    When you hear "Beep Beep", that's me bitch, coming through metal detectors
    To wet ya, The pressure got ya rhymes tired, yeah you drop ya shit weary
    Been in 'The Game' 10 plus years & still have no material for a 'Documentary'

    Now I hate to waste...
    I warned you, and you know that you're chances are funny
    Wasted a line last week, and now you got me wasting an additional 20?
    Dunny, stay away from my venues, unless you arm a mop
    You're show will have ticket scalpers looking for jobs in fuckin barbershops
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Catchphrase

    First, you post a verse, then you edit it & make it worse?
    Your actions tell more than your fronting could
    So next time you edit, replace it with something good
    I'm from tha hood, ya'll know I knife 'Cat-sup'
    I'll stab 'Catch-up' til his shirts the same color as Ketchup
    Check it, this cat Shops' alot for a cloutless whore
    I got slugs-n' you'll get 'plugged, in' an Outlet store
    Keep ya fake personals loser, ur a hopeless emcee
    This week I aint ghostin for super,
    Your so wack, I'ma have him ghosting for me
    Rev stays doped up on crack, snow and blow, B
    Now ya sniffing 'Comet' in an effort to keep ya nose clean
    My flows be sick, haters hate what the brothers droppin
    Still they'll vote for me, when they see their other option
    I hate to play on a verse, but urs is boring and lame
    L Dogg, Super, Hotdog stop it
    Get on topic, you namedropping more than the Game
    Ya fundamentally retarded, so ya never started shit
    Since no government would fund-a-mentally retarded kid
    Now Rev, we know he raps
    But did you know he acts? yeah! I smiled at clips
    Of Rev in "Jurrasik Park", he played that big pile of shit
    I wanna torch ya with gasoline, look inya face and laugh
    But anyone with a car knows, Rev's just a Waste Of Gas

    But you'll win, I dunno why ya demand I try?
    Since most of this sites too stupid to understand my lines

    vs. Label

    You spit tight? Nah, no one tryna see this kid fight
    Unlike Star Wars, no one trying to see ya shit at midnight
    This kid might just be a bitch ass muppet
    Ya won't be a Triumph, but ya still my bitch ass puppet
    Take my clip & stuff it in my pistol, I'm deadin cowards
    Only Pistils you seen was in a fuckin bed of flowers
    You'sa inbread faggot, yeah...tattlings what im bout
    Ya love 'Dick In Ya Mom', but not the battler in the south
    This AINT rap, I breathe hate
    Make ya bleed mayne, and as for the leak rate?
    Ull leak fast, but ya hospitol wont give ya an early release date
    No girls in ya life, no dates'll be on ya dick
    Aunt Jemima bottles, the only time ya see Label on a bitch
    Its drastic when I put saps in caskets
    Fuck plastic bottles
    I reverse the situation and have label wrapped in plastic
    Youll NEVER be good, Even I cant help this kid wit his range
    I cant make no 'Chump change'
    Like I refuse to work for minimum wage


    vs. MCQuriosity

    'Peep how my setups blend with my punches, the way they should...mufuckas'

    Or they can Bury Ya Ashes
    As for ya Bars & Hooks, no-one will 'Buy Six-teens'
    We'd rather ya Carried in a Casket, held up 'By Six Teens'
    Ya can't ride a beat, I hope you aint Spittin 4 Checks Herb
    I HATE bad Dj's, but love the ones thats Skipping Ya Records
    Ya fidget trying to get digits, this Dudes Just Reckless
    But I'll hang this fucking Midget right from Luda's Necklace
    Claim theres chicks on ya dick & Pretend Your The Shit
    Sadly ya got more geeks lining up then Revenge Of The Sith
    Chill wit ya cockyness fool, why I Pop Shit At You?
    Cuz the guy who ranked us
    Is the same biter that left you Dropped From His Crew
    Ill Stop on this Fool
    Let my Car rest on ya chest while you Strive For Breath
    Position ya under the 'shocks', ta try & Revive ya Chest
    This geek aint know bout hiphop, he likes Fads Like The Rest
    So if ya picked up a 'BE' this week, ya just did Bad On A Test

    Now all you retards that couldn't write an original line to save your life, start hating...

    vs. Purfeksion

    Quit looking at all my old verses, and studying my posts you pathetic loser, and just post a fucking verse....shit aint that important.

    I know ya have
    Lavish dreams of makin playgirl's faggots cream
    He even got nude dudes plastered on his guns magazine
    I'm ranked 3 ur ranked 4, that mean you be weaker
    Won't be a 'Fantasic 4' until the comic hits movie thearters
    I'ma boss when I rap, your at a loss for a dap
    "Pop goes Purfektion'
    Aint a game, s'what peeps say bout ya crossova from rap
    Dunny got no money, fuck off w/ that weak thug crap
    I'd loan ya a twenty
    But ya whip would like like shit still havin 3 hub caps
    I'd teach ya rap, but U suck & ya spitting is lame
    Plus I can't make no 'chump change'
    Like I refused to work for minimum wage
    When have ya killed some shit? Face it ya not skilled with spits
    Labels putting out hits for ya, not music...they tryna kill this bitch
    Ya past is bleak with chicks, ya don't seek a bitch
    Girls aint been 'hollerin back' before Gwen released that shit
    You got no appeal, I'm done writing for this lame, fuck this
    Ya need an appeal since ya records not doing ya name justice

    Kill Urself, and take ur garbage ass cliches with you

    vs. $1.50

    Da win ya seek is meak & bleak now that ya' met ya fate
    The geek I beat last week's better than ANYONE ya EVER faced
    Yeah, I'm blunt with lines, STILL cat's front on mines
    On a scale of 1 to 10, I ALWAYS score higher than one point five
    Yeah, 1.50
    Alchohol got ya wurds slurrred, even ya lisp is dragging
    But let da 'Jin' continya to influence ya, and quit wit rapping
    Wack fucks on ya dick nicca, they think ur a hero in rap
    But 1.50 AINT gettin bigger, no matter how many zeros attached
    Curtis Jacksons lyrics is wack son, still abort ya deal
    Cause ur three times his value, and not even a quarter his skill
    Ya record? if my verse aint leave ya dead, you'll be hurt
    7-3? That shit looks like my fucking schedule for work
    I aint the best, so I hate to brag but ur just ass chump
    For the first time in months 1.50s enough to get me gassed up
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Unexplainable and MC Solar

    You aint rated nice, guess it's why ya hate to write
    Shit, I dunno if ya line is a bad flip or a blatant bite
    Ya lame bitch, another plain kid spittin the same shit
    I was gonna flip ya name
    Coming after you, no-one wanna see any name flips
    I'm lettin heat blow, with that...I'm deadin peeps yo
    Check ya sig, congrats on being better than 7 people
    Guns burst with shells bitch, thatll hurt ya pelvis
    & Give you some fuckin 'side burns' worse than Elvis

    Mc Solar
    Ya CDS won't sell, cats is buyin-ya-rarely
    Only MC on top the charts, is fuckin Mariah Carey
    I got heat seekers I blast, ya not seeing remorse
    Facing me
    U'll need a streetsweeper...to clean up ya corpse
    You could hurt me, but I won't go there
    Cause Solar aint shit
    Unless I stand under the hole in the O zone layer
    South champ moved up huh? Queer you a dork
    Like hurricanes, you aint fucking feared in the North
    Only the south..

    vs. Tropics

    LMFAO @ Digging up a quote over a year old. Fucking loser. I like the way you edited your verse in too, YOU WAS PRAYING I'D NO SHOW.

    Ive never reset my record, I don't fail at this ya fluke
    Another thing Ive never done is hide behind an alias like you
    Reject, your social life proves it, like when ya went to balls
    The poster boy for losers, you always hung against the wall
    You won'tbe missed, thats why my teks is spittin
    Cause even your own fam hates you like Meagan Griffin
    Text is ya life so Ill end it, I pop at fake kids
    Ill put a bullet in each of ya hands like ya had pocket aces
    Hick, you dont live the high life or speed in porches
    But you do keep bail money, How else would ya feed ya horses?
    Faggot, you suck cocks, I know that you and guys tangle
    More men disappeared with Tropics, than the Bermuda Triangle
    Dont get pussy? But you love porn & do nothin but look at tramps
    Every publication you own is sticker than a fuckin book of stamps
    Ya bitches clit smells like fish, how ya spread her legs?
    I guess ur such a fish fucker your kids will be mermaids

    vs. Yung Impression

    Now your back on text, but winnin for you isnt plausable
    With records that bad, its no wonder you didnt make it in audio
    Your a net whore, & you know your a loser...
    When ya go to a pet store
    & The mouse-n-the-wheel reminds ya of your old computer
    Look at your verses, its obvious you got some troubled bars
    Nobody heard 'Yung Won', since that wack dude who ran with double R
    No one wants ya advice, but ya sucked how many dicks?
    Fags everywhere 'pick ya brain', over that of any bitch
    This idiot did audio for 2 weeks, now the dudes finished
    Why'd it take ya 2 weeks to figure out what ida told ya in 2 minutes?
    Nobody likes you, infact your despised as a dork
    Since its Christmas time I hope Santa Claws out ya eyes with a fork
    Do you even know why ur alive? Why do you thirst for breath when...
    Ya mother gave ya a brother
    Cause she realized she made a bad first impression
    I aint seen ya battle, that might be played^, truth-full-ly
    But I guarentee it wont be worse than the nameflips youll use on me

    vs. ClasSick

    B_Boys is ya life, maybe cause no other site would be crownin you
    U'da committed suicide when it went down
    If you weren't used to boys going down on you
    & Don't act like I'm wack, remember when you was annoying me?
    Through AIMS, PM's and Emails, "Plz Oz will you join my league"
    I don't like nerds & geeks, but even they won't fuck ya ass
    It's pretty sad even bookworm bitches are passin up on class
    I hear your a queer, yeah your loving the stick
    Men say ya heads hotter.. than if Ghostrider was suckin they dick
    Ya provoke faggots, just want em to love you
    So when ya diggin ya own grave
    Its cuz ura known gay hopin ... a necropheliac'll fuck you
    I try to be kind, but ya raps should land you in a hospital
    So when I 'beg ya pardon'
    Its cause I want you as far away from bars as possible
    This aint WBL, so just know your in trouble dude
    Difference between WBL & RBL?
    Well, You R gonna be missing that double u
  7. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Resin M-I-C

    Plz, I dont come with that played shit like everyone else.
    I would diss your pic, but I don't wanna look at that shit...bia


    Fuck killing you, I'll run up on ya crew with the Tek or an Eagle
    And leave your dogs looking like the ones from Resident Evil
    Please ho, Your a legend, & what I'm writing is a fact
    All I need is white out, to take this legend right off the map
    Ya live life as a scrap. a 'boy' cant flow stronger than me tho
    As for being a man?
    Your 'B-Comings' been delayed longer than B. Sigels
    See He Still wants that thug rep on the net, whats dunny snorting
    Only time you 'clean ya system', involves you running Norton
    Ya not important, ya know I'll wet kids when
    I got a plan thats 'bulletproof', just as long as your vest isn't
    I'm not just kidding,
    It's Empty at ya shows, everybody goes when he flows
    If I wanted to record one, best believe I'd need a TiVo
    Yeah you got guns, as for me tho? I never leave lingering foes
    I gotta hammer 2, I'll use to remove the nails from ya fingers and toes
    Ranks? You'll linger in those, it's gonna be hard as hell
    For you to survive, when you got sur5ill next week in the R B L
    Think about it bitch
    Thing about this prick, your looking real bad as a thug
    But you'll have perfect skin,
    When I lay ya down for a permanent bath in the mud
    Named after some drugs, you & your negro complexion
    When votes are in, this blacks FUCKED, like the presidential election
    Resin will be detecting his fall, ya mad cause this loss sucks
    I'm MADDER, wishing I faced ya when you WERENT washed up
    Gettin hoes, and bro dont floss, what? I'm doubtin ya respect
    Bitches is goldiggers, with eyes fixed on the mountain on ya neck
    Ima mount an attack, I'm dope, so your in luck stoner
    Cause you been 'under coke', more than a fuckin cup holder
    Flamer, you suck boners, just look at ya attire ya queer
    NOW We know Denzel aint the only Black 'Man on Fire' this year
    Ya tired of fear, get spit from clips, I'll take ya dro and money
    Dont worry, When I take ya 'chips, and dip', you won't be going hungry
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