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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Oneduh

    vs. DamoSport

    Plep: just make another post with the rest?
    serge dot T: gahead n edit ya ish
    serge dot T: paste this convo for proof

    Aint close to me geek, your flow aint unique
    Sure the match is on the line.. but so are your teeth
    Get ya skills up.. you must if you gon try to test
    my lines are just too much for you,
    He thought gettin with the program was cyber sex
    You're fake, ya type's know to hate & lie.. clone
    I'll pull the wool over your eyes, then make this blind-fold
    Think someone knows you exist? face it man, no
    After readin my verses is the only time they say dam O
    Ya girl? her head game is lookin the best
    So she won't need a chiropractor when this crook's in her neck
    Fuckin junky, with his own name I'm scarin this thug
    Cuz he'll get shot up by d' amo.. like heroine does
    I'll run up in ya crib, let the lead stop ya breathin
    & give whatever room you standin in the red carpet treatment
    Noone rolls with Damo, this bout is done duke
    So you clouldn't take One for the team, tryin out for mud's crew
    When One's through, it's onto the next.. I'm smashin through several
    Three to his chest, now watch Damosport a black suit forever

    vs. Worst Enemy

    Kids wanna know,
    how'd you get to the top 10? you're poor with writtens
    Could with the Kentucky Derby the way you jockey for position
    In the hood, Worst gets beat up & often robbed
    His dollas be changin hands more than Doctor Claw
    My guns is not just props, leave you burned in an earn
    Clip full'a heat seakers that take a turn for the Worst
    The words in your verse? played & lack luster, see
    No major breakthroughs. so it aint all it's cracked up to be
    I'll scar ya throat.. dirty bitch, on a harder note
    I started dope.. while YOUR Worst Enemy, is a bar of soap
    N' I aint scared to clown you, cuz when ya moms water broke
    She largely hoped, she could put more in there to drown you

    vs. Scientz

    I was never ill? damn, you're gettin bolder with those words
    I guess the swaying rules don't apply when you post it with your verse?
    Sci's obviously overrated, < that fact has been known
    You're named after a subject & STILL aint in a class of your own
    Just lookit ya sad scripts, I'm tired of you thinkin ya bad bitch
    You needa learn the drill...hammer, screwdriver, and everything else im beatin your ass with
    Cuz your content is garbage, one thing I certainly know
    Is that the only things you're decent at is wording & flow
    I'm hurtin you though, kid's just too lame to be the best
    Sc won't ever be #1, & this time they can't blame the BCS
    You dickrode Serge in your verse, don't say it's a mis-quote
    Besides, I'm sure he'll come return the favor in his vote
    He needs a fuckin saddle, the level I'm on is much higher...
    So I guess for you that makes this an uphill battle
    But I aint into suspense, this lesson is for ya
    When I have you on pins & needles it's a method of torture
    It's sur5ill of the fittest & there's no time for denial
    ^Don't think that means you gonna win just cuz you bitin his style
    Why you fakin the rawness? this country nig's aight,
    But I'm over-Raw.. like the fuckin shit that hangs in his closet
    That forced wordplay is getting old, ya style's not bomb Sci
    So your whole verse was played before it was used like Sadaam lines
    Don't pretend to be ballin, you're bankrupt so save it
    Nig got a new lease on life.. but can't afford the monthly payment
    If I bust the stainless, this fake'll get merked
    I'll have his blood rushin so much you think it's late for work
    Startin to hate this twirp, I'd like nothin more than to say this:
    Ya verse is nothin to write home about like boring vacations
    Star qualities? even with acting school you still might lack it
    Plus the only Scientz guy on tv is that Bill Nye faggot

    Yea, it's like that.

    vs. Calefaction and Scientz

    First 12 wins was all hype, the streak ends Friday
    The only O in your loss column will begin my name
    That roll you were on's over now, sorry it didn't last
    Now you resemble blacks in movies the way your body's in a cast
    I know, you'll cum & defeat me.. I should NOT test your text
    But still the voters'll say "O won", ^ like when those concepts were fresh
    Not yet a vet, so don't front like your lines are the best
    When they're harder to follow,
    then the ones drunks walk for sobriety tests
    You've won alot in the past, but I hope you're focused to win this
    Cuz lately.. your only win was makin the voters lose.. interest
    Forget Gucci or Prada, that aint where Cale gets threads from
    Shit, the only thing he ever seems to wear out's his welcome
    These other two won't bring flames, what would Duh lie for?
    So in the heat of the battle, well.. is just my verse
    I can't fault you for your frailness, see Cale.. it's cool
    If I let User smash for 2 months, I'd be that thin too
    Beat that shit? fool.. that's easily done
    He didn't bat around the idea of winning, instead I.deal beat him with one
    Got people believin in One, ^Sci was hopin I didn't diss em'
    But that cutting edge idea left him open for criticism
    Stop hypin him up like he's the best at this rap shit
    Cuz if Scientz is Raw I must be a whole semester of classes
    Sci didn't post his links last week, I coulda won on my own if..
    I stayed pullin bitch moves, like my other opponent
    I own shit, why you even show in the first place duke?
    Usually I got Cal more shook up than earthquakes do
    Back to the other fag, you winnin this is not in sight kid
    Aint takin risks, if I say here goes nothin.. he started typin
    Here's what it all boils down to, quit tellin kids ya shit's hot
    Your name's Scientz & you still don't possess the elements of hip hop

    Gimme my fuckin title.
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Fatal Words

    Beef with One?

    We can go hand to hand, or the lead'll consume ya
    Either way I'll put Word on the street, like spreadin a rumor
    Cuz Duh's thugged out, the type to pop your collar.. with five shells
    I won't just tell you to hit the road, I'll drop you on that shit myself
    Always talkin about your record, you're not a man of few words
    Shouldn't brag about wins so much when you're a man of few, Words
    Noone likes those old concepts, quit rushin wack bars
    ^That's just a sign of the times, like your fuckin flash cards
    You know the pain I got in store for you, I'll bring it for sure here
    I'm callin the shots, I guess that explains the ringing in your ears
    Your fears of losing are drawing near, just trust & believe
    Cuz me winning is as likely as seeing All Star Game punches this week
    What you frontin for, geek? the truth is I'm better
    Now get started on that 14 line suicide letter

    vs. Namix

    You got 13 wins, what would that worry me for?
    Last time a pro tested Nam, they were opposing the war
    Dropped a long verse full of wordplay, that's funny duke
    Cuz I got a verse full'a punches, & you're gonna catch 22
    It's a no win situation, there's no chance for you at all
    I won't just harp on your skills, I'll bring the whole damn orchestra along
    Got laughed off the site for biting, why you still writin kid?
    You'll never get an Oz. of respect, when your skills rival his
    All you did was take old wordplay & add a spelled out diss
    With that square format, no wonder your verse aint well rounded
    Sur did all of those lines years ago, tryin to make em' new now
    Is just digging your own grave,
    & that's the ONLY way you're breaking new ground
    Some may feel the played junk, & say you're almost sick
    You'll have the voters head over heels.. from readin all those flips
    This shit is no contest, I'll top his fame in growing margins
    'Til it's so far from a close call, he's gotta pay for roming charges
    You wanted to come back with a win, tryin to see your plan through
    But you got matched up with me, so see.. your plan's through
    Wanted to be the Champ too, so he blatantly sharked
    I'll give him the beating of his life, like donating a heart
    The extra lines didn't help, shoulda came more personal
    You're a part time job, I could have made short work of you

    Go back to bboys

    vs. Vice Versa

    The outcome is nothing new, I left your mentore bruised kid
    That verse'll recieve no votes, just like when Storm used it
    Your homie's concepts,
    mixed with a style that was Resin's first
    I thought Attack of the Clones was a movie until I read your verse
    Goin against the grain won't make you better or cool duke
    I'd tell you to go with the Flow, but I'd never recruit you
    He lies & says he's dope, such a scandalous herb
    But he says fag so much, I'm startin to think he's a man of his word
    Since his early days, Orb's been dying to caress guys
    Boys to Men aint just a group, it's the timeline from his sex life
    For kids that wanna rush a wack verse, I'm offerin losses
    So you just need to bide your time, like Nasif shoppin for watches
    Besides, you want me to post late..unless I heard it wrong
    Cuz waiting is the hardest part & that turns you on
    I'm top 5, most improved newbie's the only list you're makin
    Orbit's stuck on stupid, that's the gravity of the situation
    You need to either sign out, or drop some fire soon
    Lately your verses been on some bullshit, like your lines were shrooms
    Think that wack shit is witty? please, hell no
    This nig couldn't squeeze a laugh out of a tickle me elmo
    I'm not worried about losin, the threat is doubtful
    Trying to call me a dick? you just said a mouthfull
    To me, it's hard to respect your win last week
    When you needed help from bill collectors to get past Phe
    I'll blast a whole in your fuckin chest & move on to victory
    So when your heart goes out to someone, it's not sympathy
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Richard Corey

    If Rich thinks he deserves this match, he must have been mislead
    So I'll raise Cane with my verse, since I should be sonnin him instead
    Quit rushin the text kid, I'm nothin to mess with
    Your verse has alot of hangups, no wonder none of it connected
    Don't expect it to be close, there's no hope for stoppin this
    Check the predictions, you cant even get a vote of confidence
    His losses speak for themself, & tell why the geek's boring
    Tri beat Corey, so I don't even need to try to beat Corey
    Your topicals are boring & fake duke, just end the saga
    To cut a long story short.. I'd pay you a billion dollars
    Now diss me for studying your work & sway votes you wack liar
    I only put your verse under a microscope in hopes it'd catch fire
    We can take it to the streets, now this shit is gettin personal
    I got cats that'll get Rich quick, like pitches for infomercials
    Heard this freak's into fisting, son's the gayest clown
    See I got punches out the ass, he likes it the other way around
    Thinkin he'll make it in rap just makes this brotha look dumber
    You're scared of One, that's how I know you'll never push numbers

    vs. X-Sample

    JayGood259Oz [9:09 PM]: I honestly didnt like 1 line
    JayGood259Oz [9:10 PM]: I think X owes me a public apology for reading that

    I bring the bombest text to battles, you're not a threat duke
    You'll never get an oz. of respect, when not even oz respects you
    Kid stacked garbage like trash compactors.. damn, it's wild
    Last time he actually dropped a verse, Calefaction had the title
    But the Champions match is elite, the place to show the best lines
    It separates the men from the boys, so there goes your sex life
    Just stop with the threads in hookups, tryin to hype your shit
    The swaying is getting out of hand, unlike your dick
    They say a X marks the spot, but is it lies or foreal?
    If it's true, my punches hit the spot just like a good meal
    I read your resume & check it, you aint a lifetime thug
    But it was a bigger list of fuck up's than the mile high club
    Can tell you tried, it's not your fault that you can't be sick
    When the topic's illness, you don't fit the bill.. like your avy pic
    Noone'll come to your defense, although I'm often subtle
    My lines are delivered with such conviction, even Johnny Cochran's puzzled
    Don't pretend to be ballin, you prolly got 3 jobs
    & still stay strapped for cash, more than bodyguards
    Now calmly dogg, step the fuck back or you might get popped
    My guns get fired for no reason like they were Byron Scott
    Nobody's feelin ya shit, there's no changin it son
    So the odds would still be against you, if my name wasn't One
    Samples are given away, it just doesn't sit right with me
    The name doesn't fit you at all, cuz the best things in life are free

    Hold that.

    vs. Zhangliao

    When you drop a vote on my battles, I usually panic
    One look at your eyes & I can tell your views'll be slanted
    Alone.. you could never win a match, you garbage
    So you draw on others for support, like tattoo artists

    vs. Imperial

    You don't deserve the belt.. the fact is, Dough should have it
    I'll take it out of the loops, until it matches your social status
    Now you're claiming that this'll be be my second defeat
    You never ate One, that's just what your record should be
    When he tries to get laid, his girl's like "get away, scram"
    While I get her into more positions than a good resume can
    The only way to describe Duh is sick & disturbed
    I'm known to lose my head in a battle like Nicholas Berg
    All of those fake personals will be get beat for sure kid
    You got nothin but lie ability, like cheap insurance
    That shit won't work this week, Duh's endin ya streak
    I'm not bein greedy when I read your verse & ask what's in it for me
    Flippin is gay, no wonder you mastered the task
    But those old gun lines won't make you a blast from the past
    I called you lame from the start, an internet geek
    & Imma stick to my guns, like the infa red beam
    Honestly,you've gotta be the dumbest guy yet
    I could capture your imagination with a butterfly net
    Everyone wants to know why they gave the title to Imp
    This league's blunt.. so the more you suck, the higher you get
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. headless verseman

    Your name's fucked up, don't drop another horrible post on me
    Why Headless? you always seemed like more of a nobody
    You got killed by Ink, got some cheap votes to win
    & I'll prove it by beating you with lines I prewrote for him
    When approachin this bad seed, I'll move to the bottom
    Where I'll dig up his family tree & get to the root of the problem
    Your lines aint long for audio, face it your flow's basic
    & that gun talk's like speaking properly, you say it but don't spray it
    I'm a vet in the game, you know I'm a pro
    Holdin a "will rap for food" sign's your idea of gettin the show on the road
    Plus, you already know my writtens is nice
    So get right up next to your moniter,
    & I'll beat you within an inch of your life
    ^ Yeah I stretched my format, I know it's out of date
    But I didn't wanna make your verse look so out of place
    What's the point of a battle? if you try to clown me
    I'll expose chi.nks in your armor the size of Yao Ming
    My punches'll fold him, when a sweet left's landing
    It's the opposite of a dance off, you won't see Head standing
    After that, you'll find out I got the worst right too
    When I uppercut you so high you get a birds eye view
    I always get the last laugh, known to drop hot text
    You get the last laugh.. cuz you got the slowest thought process
    Thinkin it's over, but the light at the end of the tunnel..
    Turned out to be; just another flash of brilliance from OneDuh


    vs. Super Dooper

    I hate dumbfucks, so I'm not very fond of this kid
    He got a learning curve that even Barry Bonds couldn't hit
    We don't run with the same folks, check it.. I ball more
    I was in Wf, Stc, La & Td.. you were rejected from all four
    Basically cause in text, this man is doo doo
    Aint complimentin your ass, but I gotta hand it to you
    This fucker looks like a mutant, with skin so green
    Genuine or Master P couldn't tell you what's in those genes
    I'll finish by sayin sorry, it's just beef.. you know it won't last
    (But really I just don't wanna have to mow my own grass)


    vs. the fakulty

    Tryna act like a hustler, you shook when ya near herb
    The only crack you see, is when you look at a mirror
    Type'a n1gga to talk bout bricks before movin his first nick
    That's hustlin backwords, it's like you doin reverse sprints
    The dirt's where cowards that speak about me'll be kid
    So death's right around the corner, by the alley you sleep in
    This loser never had the chance to pimp the ladies
    We all know perms haven't been big since the 80's
    Words can kill, & thats nothin to doubt
    My shit will make ya jaw drop, so I can put a gun in ya mouth
    I aint the one to fuck with, my shells be fatal
    Beef with One, you'll pay the Price like Kelly's label
    No DJ's want ya album, you aint collectin ya bread
    So I guess I'll leave a scratch on ya battle record instead
    This verse proves that you can't see mine on this board
    There wont be pants lyin around, when I Levi's on the floor
    Wanna brawl with a giant? listen, ya crazy
    Of course I get under ya skin, s'why you been itchin to face me
    I got this shit in the bag, why would I try against P?
    He lost soon as I said he couldn't recycle my lines this week

    .... & that's werd.

    vs. Richard Corey

    here's a verse, see it, learn it, emulate after reading..
    see the difference?..mine mentions the fag it's beating..
    youre a generic punch artist..so this lame'll die..
    cuz dick is short for richard..........all nick names aside..
    this trick names lookalike...this faggot annoys..
    why hustle...when you could sling the crack in voice..
    write me a story...depict it, hope i listen..
    meanwhile..i'll cast this fag, like queer as folk auditions..
    you can't afford to drop...i was born this hot..
    i'll break every bone in your body......yours or not..
    this whore has got to lose...i'll bury ya verses...
    cuz i know you take to guys....like courier service..
    these lines is ending you...cuz i could see off beat..
    but richards off the record like private interviews..
    i'll break in your chest, fuck it...i'll bring the toast,
    only votes to count for you..are the six links you post,..
    i'll just post 18...pardon the slip up..
    but the 20 one up'll get hammered like carding for liquor..

    vs. UserName

    Guess you aint showin, fuck it. Here's 14

    Just leave the net already, it got worse cuz you stayed
    You've done text so long, ALL fat punches are universally played
    Said you can beat me easily, please that's hopeless
    How can you see me, when you can't even see your own dick?
    I load clips in the AK & they spray often
    3 rounds leaves USER spread out like his namechange option
    When comparing the two of us, peeps failin to like you
    I'm better, far & away like females would describe you
    Don't claim you been huggin the block all your life
    Hefty only seen on the streets when it's garbage night
    Son's hygeine's an issue, bitches? try showerin first geek
    You know it's a problem when your face value is dirt cheap
    & your girl's no prize either, but her ass..
    Can be considered one, since every night it's up for gra
  5. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. Demik

    You're so easy to clown, I don't where to start or end
    Beat me? you almost lost a fucking PIC BATTLE with bubba sparxx retarded twin
    On top of that you needed bitchmoves, had to give him the shaft
    He waited so long for your pic, it was like watchin the nfl draft
    Oz fucked up in the rankings, this shit is backwords
    I beat Hensley, Franchise & Scientz.. just to get to this wack herb?
    I already know your approach, it only proves you're weak fool
    So go ahead, diss the generic punches that I won't need to use to beat you
    & I know about Users ghosting, I would say that shit's cheap
    But he's writing for me too.. since he already knows who he'll be facin next week
    With a name like spencer, you aint wild'n out.. forget it dork
    If he's makin a racket.. it's so he can take it to the tennis court
    Better flip the guy with the semicolons; otherwise ur fucked kid
    ^ That's the only time anyone in this thread'll say spin-sur 5 ill punches
    If stoppin his winnin streak's not enough, I'll slaughter this punk
    First I'll take the wind outta your sails, then move onto your lungs
    This is the champ match pussy, you cant get with me here
    Vers-a-tile in this battle? call me grout, I got the victory sealed
    Even my girl Shakira knows it's over dude
    & the hips don't lie, so you better hope the voters do
    Remember last time we battled? you got fuckin destroyed ock
    You'd think he protested boxing with all the punches this boycott
    Noone'll give you props for dissin my precious daughter
    Droppin a bunch of seed lines won't get you anything but some jealous farmers
    Criteria & User came dope this week, I don't wanna steal their shine
    I'd post your pic, but it'd get more laughs than both of theirs combined
    Trust me fag, peeping your whole verse would make even your flunkies gag
    That's why anyone who read leaves in the middle, similar to your countrys flag
    I got mixed feelings over the fact that I broke your streak
    This makes the first time in 9 weeks that you won't vote for me

    vs. theFRANCHISE

    When I told Oz to gimme the light, I wasn't referring to competition
    I was gonna use it to blaze philly, but he got votes docked for bitchin
    & that's the ONLY reason you're here, on top with your idol
    It took you 7 years, 5 websites, & countless bitchmoves just for a shot at the title
    This weeks rankings left some mysteries for folks to decipher
    Like how I got a free win without making a single post in the cypher
    You were hoping I'd be too busy to write or peep this
    But the only thing I won't be showing is any signs of weakness
    I'd tell you to stop flippin, but that's your plot in life
    For a franchise to make it big.. you need to ©opy,right?
    We're not on the same level, I'm provin it gramps
    I'm compared to legends like Cane, you have use one to stand
    Geek when you die, even your fam sees no reason to cry
    Shit, the ranks is the only place your death'll lead to a sci
    You never got any sex, for than you'd have to get off'a the net
    So if a bitch ever gave you the greenlight.. it was positive rep
    This freak's into sodomy, likes bein sandwiched by 2 gays
    When franchise in the middle of dem boys, it's more than the groups name
    Anyone who said I'd have to try was lyin
    This week was study hall.. just extra time for me to write for scientz

    vs. Spit That

    Don't bother recyclin, at any point in your career you'd get ripped bitch
    Your lines been played for so long they've developed a fear of commitment
    That unoriginal shit makes me doubt that you're ill
    To make it even.. I'll cum 2 de-feat you using only an Oz of my skill
    Your name has me puzzled, that's something you're gonna need to fix
    Why would you spit that? when we don't even wanna read the shit
    You'll never get in the game, even with the hottest promoters
    So when ya career goes down the drain, I'll hit the garbage disposal
    I'm eatin this newbie, he's just a victim now
    The champ match is cliche, cuz after I chew you up.. Spit, you out
    Priorities fucked up, your life revolves around gettin net fame
    I'm sure one day you'll come to your senses.. if they get a webpage
    Your whole crew some pussies, buncha broads that act threatened
    If we're all products of our environment... you must be monistat 7
    Don't brag about the title like ur the the king of this shit now
    You hadda post 60 in order to get it like a senior citizen discount
    Your 15 minutes of fame will stop with this L
    After this week, you'll only see Spit shine when I polish my belt
    What's worse? that I voted for you despite your horrible talent
    Or that I did it cuz even DEMIK would give me more of a challenge
    I'll do the league a favor & not post his pic
    Noone wants to spit'n image, unless it's the Olsen twins
    Crossdressing is just one of his truly disgusting habits
    But you won't need the lingerie this week to lose in stunning fashion
    If you think you'll get a vote.. honestly slow ya bluffin
    If anyone puts ST in front of Oneduh.. they gotta be SToned-uh somethin
    A little stretched but hey, you still aint close to me dude
    That last line was just to insure that bboys vote for me too
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