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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Numskull, Mr. Skull

    vs. Cryogen

    blah... fuck waiting

    I don't even gotta speak, but you'll hurt it's a promise
    You talking will dig yourself in a hole... worse than Sadaam did

    You knew you were dead, heard the guys say help they friend
    Your last note to self said, "Murdered, Friday... 12 a.m
    I feel bad tho, I ain't trynna escape I guess ya dying was fate
    But, I washed away tears, when I drowned 'Cry' in a lake
    Buyin a date with death, but shit fuck it.. lets make it public
    Losing sleep, with bags under ya eyes big enuff to pitch dubs w/
    I don't forget nothing, I'm beat you to a fuckin vegetable dude
    You ain't amount to shit... until I added the rest of your crew
    In this setting your screwed, kinda like a few carpenters do
    You got aroused when I said, "It's only getting harder for you"
    Your poor bitch this means, I'm famous you jus inch to cling
    You're a waste of thread, you should use em to restitch ya jeans
    Shit, it seems your nothing, & when you leave we're all dancin'
    Your so much of a drag... it's the reason that RuPaul vanished
    ... it's over..

    vs. Vyris

    I'll bring the storm, your shit looks dim on graphs
    I predict forecasts, one for every limb you have
    You look like someone with your boyish arrogance
    Your resemblence is striking.. you to avoid comparison
    See, I'm deadly with a punch, no money all in the war
    Cause my chin check bounced... your jaw to the floor
    I you.. it's okay if your at home askin' for help
    My verse got your panties in 'nots' like chasity belts
    I seen you on the animal porn sites, one of your head
    You're beating a dead horse.. hopin it'd come from the dead
    I just made cum line... I guess I've hit a bottomless pit
    So fuck it, i'll make another one... on the top of your lip
    He's a country boy, looking for a win so sorry clown
    If you bet the farm on a win... you'll starve your town
    You're a young buck, already a fag.. my bombs are scary
    A dildo changed your toon.. fetishes to tom & jerry

    vs. Smart Pants

    haha, I just finished keying it.. I did 30 match it if you want

    It's too easy for me, he's a pussy..bare and alarmed
    It's cool, cause if sex is a weapon your scared and unarmed
    I'm back now.. in a battle, you'll die with brute force
    Been a champ, so why the fuck should I even try with you for?!?
    I'm bragging, so what... I'm doing it because I'm bored
    Confidence won't carry you... you'll need dump trucks and more
    Relaxing time, I'll coast real easy cause it's over bitch
    Ya name speaks for itself... it's telling your dick to grow an inch
    What you doing here... see, your lines show no purpose
    You made it to 3-0 off of people not showing & ya no-show verses..
    I got pull so I ain't haveta show no verses, I'ma cocky fuck
    So you can IM your pals cause I'm an icon and your not me bruh..
    Shows how much I care, when it's cruchtime, pest...
    I'm STILL bullshittin' and ain't even thought about writing a punchline, YET!
    Skull the type that's hard to vex...
    Cause I could end your text career... when it ain't even started yet
    You'll be left on the curb, cause I doubt that you score
    Smarty writes his verses on old napkins from the house for the poor
    Retard, to ever spit what you write's a crime
    Rhyme is an artform...
    You have enough trouble trynna color inside of lines
    Thought daddy left you? you get suprised by the bundles
    Your not a bastard... your pops just came disguised as your uncle
    Funny, I'm dominant I bet this is hurtful news
    I'ma beast... I was even 1/3rd of Island for a verse or two...

    ...Don't be scared now
    ..fuck it I'ma go 6 more...

    Don't want none ya heard me? get off the net I'm taking a stand
    I'll grab ya mouse and dismantle ya click, like Puff did Making the Band
    Truth is your horrible... anything you write'll hardly hurt
    Sonning you cause...I wear the pants, so change your name to Smarty Skirt
    Shoulda quit 14 bars ago, blowout leave and it's time now
    And if you had listened to my advice you wouldn't be reading this line now..

    ...Are you still here??
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Ibeechu Farensquare

    Haha, here man..
    The mods are great, I'm so lucky I thank 'em
    I got the guy that lost and STILL moved up in the rankings
    That's pathetic, since you've gotten beaten down...
    And fell victim to Drugs, we can find Ibeechu in N.A. meetings now
    Watch me handle this guy, this is too easy
    How can you beat me, biting an old and overplayed Canibus line?
    Your a queer on the job, ya nothing in a battle or war dude
    But look on the bright side, there's a fag in Iraq that's rooting for you
    I shoot to score,you...just pose all sleezy tempting...
    You the type to put your boxers on backwards for easy entry...
    You post on Monday... think you rattle me, bruh??
    Shows you idolize me, I did it last week right when the battles were up
    Sonning you dawg, but I fuck it I will bomb him..
    Been on my dick since I fucked ya moms and nutted in the condom
    Now think about it... get it? Skull lines are rejected and played
    Here's a little advice..
    if you used a needle to try to take Drugs.. you should be tested for AIDS

    Think you'll lose and still move up in the rankings??

    vs. Orbit

    Here man, 24 match it

    I can't match you, I only got a 9 mm... see it's steady
    Cause you got more heat to your grill, just by breathing heavy
    Uppercut you faggot, until this punk's levitating
    Hit you so hard in your temple, it'll disturb monks meditating
    You done, better face it, before you dead people
    This homo's the type to get pulled over just to spread eagle
    You're not a thug or a killer, triggers.. just past mistaken
    Only time you hold life in your hands is after masturbatin'
    You talk tough, a very defiant fucker
    You're the biggest pussy since Andre the Giant's mother
    This'll be the 4th time I battled you, life's a scorn
    Either that or your mom had triplets, with you, precyse and storm
    You're a crying bitch, claims to be dope.. the punk can front
    He's likely to whine and bitch about votes at least once a month
    How can you beat me? You should stop whore...
    When your fucking RBL verse looks like a football score
    Don't doubt me dude, I'm an original.. you ain't worth of norm
    You're not prototype...
    ...You're just a carbon copy of the washed up version of Storm
    I'm an all-star... a legend I got all the cores locked;
    Silence is golden...
    With that being said, I'd like to offer you ALL of Fort Knox
    You're whole style is booty, point being... drop the thesis
    Talent speaks...and your voicebox, should be ripped out and chopped to pieces
    This is real shit, I'll rape you dawg... luck ain't shit
    So when I'm done...
    You can run to Storm and tell him Num said, “I fucked his bitch”

    vs. Resin M-I-C

    g'luck yo....
    Bound to be a star, or a lookalike with something to show
    Media like...
    This just in: “Swizz Beatz looks like he got punched in the nose!”
    nd I'ma keep bashing you, until this dumb fucker quits
    Then punch you right where your upper lip shoula been
    You're a homo fam, let's quit this kid's finished
    You only got cornrows, so s like Serge could pick in it
    New Jeru kid, dude it's pointless to start and say shit..
    Fact is, RM wants you off the the net, like Kenyon Martin's agent
    Lawful citizen Resin is, what he's wanting is beef
    So he can take a bite outta crime, just to say he has something to eat
    So c'mon RBL lets all chip in, conceal your hate
    And call... 1-800- letsgetResinanothermealtoday
    I promise Resin, with my help you will eat good forever
    You won't look like a toothpick...
    ...you'll look like two toothpicks pushed together
    And it'll be good for fights, in the midst of a shotty
    It wouldn't be hard to have a bone to pick...
    ...When you see all two hundred and six in your body
    I'll hit em where it hurts then sever this dude
    I'd give em a compound Fracture...
    ...But IMO the old one was waaay better than you
    The neighborhood dopeman still envies me
    Cause you the ugliest to pass the rock since White Chocolate on MTV
    ...shhhhh, listen... lower your head;
    Listen really closely and you can hear Res' stomach growling over the net
    Hear it? He got his meal ticket.. tho the checks worsen
    I bet this fuck is in New Jeru trynna make a mill off of text verses
    You don't smell fear, but as yo tries worsen...
    You're nostrils flare enough to flag down cops for roadside service
    It ain't a battle of popularity when you starting to fight kid
    Cause if I ever paled in comparison I'd haveta look like Marlon in White Chicks
    Resin is the premature Kanye... just living a crueling life
    So when College Dropout came...
    He said, “Fuck him... I did it in Junior High!”
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Creatical

    Hope you come better than you did last week...

    Bullets will make you dance, but this one kills Cre
    You'll get 2 shells on your feet like the Reverend Run series
    You're no gangster, there's no hoping you're stuck
    Last time this crip walked...there was a metal stroller holdin em up
    Cre's no masked-murder, he's just fucking dumb
    W. a Jason mask, over the Michael Myers one just to hide his ugly mug
    It's okay about falling off, you can't get skill back dude
    Cause if my quotable line was a Mac/Rockets line.. I'd feel wack too!
    You talk to much shit, this fags a disgrace;
    You got way too much lip... shit, it takes up half of ya face
    It's funny, duke's hoping. Dickryder fool's moping
    Cause he's a 'Rhode Island' fag.... haha Aloe & User told me
    You're a daily whore, faggot dies with straight knives
    It's not a show, when Cre has a queer eye for the straight guy
    ... it's true shit dawg, the net will have to see
    The worst is yet to come, which explains you posting after me
    NO one wants to see your text just the sight is borin'
    I'm violent... I'll play a beethoven tune off ya vital organs
    Cre is a fag freely, you can tell as he brags
    The type to go to England just to be associated w. teabags
    Were similar in ways, but he's getting a spare
    I keep clips on my waist, and he has clips in his hair
    This fuck's a homo, and probably a drug addict too
    And if I was being a dick for pay... he'd probably suck at it too!
    they can call you dope all they want, but Ima little better
    Last time you got 3 cheers...was watching nick at nite triple headers
    You're no figure for females... ain't a subliminal diss
    If he was a sex symbol....
    It'd be a question mark and something silimar to this...


    vs. Serge

    24, lets go..

    Sorry Serge but...
    Didnt you lose last week?...its obvious your drops're feeble...
    There's lotsa people...but you been fuckin with #2, more than Dr. Evil
    its been long since we played, a little too long the streets say..
    Since then, fuck sellin oranges on the street...manics moved on to Ebay
    Now I'm stuck in a bind, and inside my head and mind
    I'm having trouble picking which one I should let do my hedge designs
    I mean on one hand... Razah, careless and pissy
    But, Serge is a true Mexican, rocking plaid, hairnets and dickies
    You'll never drink an alcoholic beverage.. I'm serious dawg
    Only time you'll ever get plastered, is when doing my interior walls
    I know your whole vocabulary's fake.. I got this in the bag
    Cause “esse” and “homes” are something you've never written or had
    I'll knock your lights out dude, these scales'll foil ya
    Last Mexican to get a belt for his punches was Oscar De La Hoya
    And let's be honest, the hoes you fuck are true tramps
    Serge's version of splurgin'... is trynna eat out with food stamps
    I got a lot of memory on my computer, and mind you're past your prime
    But, you got even more 'megabytes' via Resin and Fracture lines
    You may be good, but in style he's lacking
    Cause all this work and no respect by the greats, like the new Calefaction
    Difference is he'd eat you.. he's kinda ill you're worthless
    Cause when ideas come and you run with em...
    ...Most of the time it's you stealing verses
    You're a sinner, bet you'll have fun in your corpse
    Mexican renames himself 'Jesus' in attempts to be a son of the lord


    vs. Blackdef

    You didn't win last week, but it's still equal opportunity sonnage...

    for those that dont know BlackDef=Conceptz

    This battle is a fable, shit's fire in great detail
    I'm half man half amazing, you just pose as a shemale
    So many bright points in my verses, droppin some bombs, kid
    But asking what's the pros of Con, is oxymoronic
    Get shells on ya back, like ninja turtles gats are in ya
    And girls? You been running with a rat thru gutters like master splinter
    You suck, and been ryding me you ugly dude
    I'm your idol's idol... so my dick must love me too
    I've been champ 3x's how can you say I'm not a winner?
    With me, you'll catch more shells in ya mouth than pasta dinners
    You'll do anything to win, whatever's fairest to him
    Last week you suede so much, it looked like a pair of my timbs
    I'ma baller, dawg.. you're one dimensional can't shoot the ball
    And in two weeks J'll be dropping, since you couldn't do it all
    Think about it dawg, shit it's my time now...
    Face it the only reason you gotta title shot was because I SIGNED OUT!!
    It's funny, you'll have a Dynasty punchline true in it's form
    Well, it was the same one-week crew, you wish I'd recruited you for
    But, i didn't and I'm glad because of those actions
    You were stuck rocking Cc like you came with closed captions
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Dr. Knockboots

    Remedies? I got that... when these folks done..
    You're a joke in general;
    ...So I'll take needle and poke fun
    No thuggin', embarrassed with fool's raps
    Knockboots got 9 millimeters in his pants leg...
    ...Thought only your girl knew that?
    You're not chiseled of hate, you're innocent
    Cause if you're coal-hearted
    I'll add lighter fluid and start roasting ya limbs with it
    Wackness is not good, I pity you brother...
    I'm an animal...
    I don't need a vet to know that I'm sick of you fucker!
    Make me go back to the old me for the weak whores
    Num has had it on lock, at all times..
    ...Think I'm lying? Look at your keyboard!
    You like shrimp? I have an analogy to go with..
    My shells fish...
    For an organ to run and explode in
    You getting a big head? Don't act frantic kid..
    You'll have an ego trip...
    On a boat around Bermuda and sink like the Titanic did
    I'm just now started to get into speed
    Fucking with me you'll die on a roll... like Christopher Reeves

    vs. Scriptures

    When you breathe YOU go bald, need more hair you see
    You should start to treat mints like its chemotherapy
    Putting a halt to your bitchin, don't stall when you listen
    Nose flares enough to be a road caution and call for assistance
    Dawg if you listen, thinking too hard.. not the man to play with
    The weight on your brain'll leave ya Head Sprung more than Cool J hits
    I'll gag and smear your blood over the ave for years
    Tournaments fulla sweet 16...
    ...meaning every #16 slot is filled with 4 fags and queers
    What number are you? That's right... me, you can't stop
    Cause Num is #1 on top of you, like pissing raindrops
    If I was #2 then you'd get shitted on, already top heavy... pain stays
    Fuck food for thought, hopefully you'll eat my words just to gain weight!
    You can't hate... battling? Ain't no messing with skull
    You exercise your right enough to have one arm looking like the Incredible Hulk!
    My words are huge compared to yours, it's hard you think?
    You're all small talk like, Mini Me and Danny Devito arguing


    vs. Young Lac

    here, going 16 good luck

    I break necks, now's too late to practice safe sex
    Cause the last positive response you got was after an AIDS test
    A beating? this shit is free... watch, kid will bleed
    I'm on point... every n!gga with a computer has to click with me
    As a friend... you're wack... everything write is foul to me;
    Maybe, a little constructive critism will help you build a personality
    Us collab in audio? why do this shit for free
    Just because you're a bitch, doesn't mean you'll exchange spits with me
    Never get pussy, so this ho's finished
    Practice abstinence so much... next week you'll announce you goin pro in it
    Listen dude, don't bother with a verse cause damn it's shitty
    This addict won't be able '2 walk' off of '8 balls' like Ken Caminiti
    Punches are 2000 versions of me... verse is all shot
    Heard he needed to get with the times.. and started hittin on a wall clock
    You ain't real in raps, let's spill the facts
    You'll never be B.I.G.... just RM's version of Guerilla Black
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Opshins

    You can
    Get leveled bastard, obese and I sever rappers
    ..Moving you.. is a crane move that the karate kid could never master
    I'm the better factor, son.. I'm fine with a shotty
    ..You could be picture perfect too, play dead when chalks outlinning ya body
    And if you got jewels.. I'm takin it, pardon the flesh
    ..You rock karats that would have rabbits starving to death
    38 bars in one day.. ask Aven for advice 'n avoid thanks
    ..Cause any hollow tips he gives you'll just get you hit point blank
    I'ma nice spitter.. Skull has been a master with dope lines
    ..You're a dope head too, stay trippin off of acid and coke lines
    At least you stuck on pussy.. there are rules when I drop men
    .. After this match Nique will cry, there's no one else.. she's losing her Opshins
    Faggots can claim shit, write exotic shit and explain it
    ..You'll write a book... Men Are From Mars, And a Dick's From Uranus

    vs. Aven Brooks

    I'ma get the ball rolling son 28 bars... g'luck

    Originally Posted by ZuChiE
    after i drop, ill give you a week ta answer
    as long as you stop flipping Quagmires shit offa Eurekas Castle

    Originally Posted by Aven Brooks
    ..ya fads wrong.. I aint stressin this geek..
    look at da quote.. wats next, lines bout Elmo in Sesame Street?

    Peeps say.. you're nice, but we need a replacement
    ..You're style summed up is 1 good line and flips from the people you facin
    You're not wack so plz stop your grieving
    ..You aint losing your touch.. just gaining symptoms of a quadraplegic
    Been on a streak.. but n!ggas ain't hardly froze
    ..Only dude named Ave people wanna see only comes for audio
    The man is savin' verses like he can't display them
    ..All his writtens are N BC like it was TV for ancient cavemen
    You're feeble to greatness, I love animals, 'n truthfully
    ..All it takes is to rip out your stomach to bring the Zu to me
    It's math, 2 negatives leaves a plus, stop your clout, son...
    ..But, me telling you you're wack and garbage won't leave a positive outcome
    Thought it was a big feat last week, cats are just fearin me
    ..People cared more about Zu lu's when it came to African history
    I get n!ggas excited to battle me, these hard boys flop
    ..When I tell em to just curb their enthusiasm next to their cardboard box
    This fuck ain't Natureboy, shit, this n!gga's poor
    ..You won't make it past rd. 3.. so how in the fuck could you ever figure four?!
    Clearly no investigation is needed, it'll take a while
    ..Cause Aven's skills are so suspect, the fucks went straight to trial
    See, I like you.. nah I'll lying it's my cynnical intentions
    ..You're mind will take after ya body when thinkin of critical conditions
    Now I'm charging in.. I see you're verses
    ..And think, "Aww, another fuck with Resin's style writing in 2 bars again"
    Laying songs down.. I stay rappin I love clout
    But I ain't Roc-a-fella.. I'ma stick to Knocking Aven The Fuck Out
    I'ma end it all.. you're mind vs. mine it's intensive dawg..
    ..Really it is when the 357 is at the side of ya head you're against all odds

    vs. kyza soza

    You wanna meet death.. well I'll hold your fate
    ..An arm breaker'll make you slit your throat w. ya shoulder blade
    To eat me, you'll have to get on a plane that emerges 'n
    ..The rumbles in your stomach make folks buckle up thru turbulence
    If you nervous kid... don't be scare you haveta face it
    ..Cause here's your life in a nutshell... pre-ejaculation
    Skull will smack you.. are you doubtin that I'll rock you?
    ..Plant my foot so far in ya ass.. my laces start sprouting from ya nostrils
    You hate on me... then I'll stop ya bid..
    ..You'll have to AIM for as many votes as Opshins did
    Fuck fuck ain't displayed in war..
    ..Blowing gas outta his stomach by Naval Force
    I'm great? of course.. n!ggas fuck you up.. gotta hate it
    ..You don't drop hot shit.. them dicks in the ass got you constipated
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Aven Brooks and Main Event

    First off..
    You don't play football 'n no pussy, a famine disguised
    ..Aven just gets passes at him.. due to the slant in his eyes
    See, now I'm confused so I tell my friends..
    .. I can't diss Aven.. I cant tell if he's a asian or one of Supers relatives
    I found a hole that fits a needle dick.. truely men..
    ..If hookers don't work... Aven can always stick his dick in Main's booty chin
    Question.. Aven really got a n!gga baffled..
    ..Honestly, what faggot actually poses for a picture battle?!
    I tote the clip-pers.. flip words..
    ..How you talk about my eyebrows..
    When Super makes his living off of mowing your shit, herb?
    The thing is you dream..
    Posting two pics..
    ..So cats won't clown you for looking like a scene from the Ring
    And I knew Trombley was faggot, I think he's happy
    ..But, now he's mad.. his pic caught em in the process of winkin at me
    You got some dope clothes Aven.. massive shit
    ..Cause after I beat you, blind and deaf all you have is a fashion sense
    You ain't hot, 'n it ain't hate, I'm at you cuzz..
    ..Tromb has enough earwax to have 20 songs in rotation at the club
    You branding me?
    ..With that fishing hat on.. should be searching for Elan 'n the rest of Aven's family
    It's no contest in life you lose
    ..Aven's mad cause he found out he's super's cousin twice removed
    But, anyways you ain't got no hope dude..
    You posted 'n dissed my pic last week...
    ..So anything you say is old news
    You so screwed, I know it ain't fair you hostile..
    ..So you better start calling for help using Trombs flaring nostrils...

    vs. J.Q.

    well, I dunno what's good I tried to see if you'd post but whatever

    "Ain't no stopping this duo.. the new 05 Bonnie and Clyde" - JQ rd. 2 Tag tourney

    ^^Now listen to Q - him and EP was rippin thru dudes..
    Look at em gettin soft..
    ..Now we see who was the bitch of the two
    And if you want more in-depth.. well picture me..
    With a razor slicing ya head to get to the thick of things
    Hot as an oven dude.. and guns is what it's coming to
    You can be covering magazines, til insides of a magazine covers you
    Seriously, fam just lose your gassed hoax..
    Let's put the jokes aside
    ..Here's Q: behind knife lines on Sif, and User's fat jokes
    I don't play man, I'm that dope and you used to be hot..
    Now you're looking for the detox like crazed Dr. Dre fans
    I been a three time champ, only top 10 damn it's the truth
    ..I will admit it I am falling off.. but I'm landing on you
    Ya mom's has a face of a bulldog, pops a shitzu.. fool it's
    ..No wonder their children come out as utter bullshit
    In the tourney you were a wildcard.. battlers are left speechless..
    ..You werd the best kept secret... that shoulda been kept secret!

    vs. Al Murder U

    five minute key...

    I got fame kiddy - I jus battle for the sake of it..
    Make a list of the top 3 champs that ain't have my name in it..
    Take a hit? U damn right!.. yeah see the flow official..
    And I won't win by a landslide - it'll be more like playgrounds in the solar system..
    So hold your writtens - just so your soul don't hurt kid..
    I'ma be like you and win 3 weeks straight from writtin no-show verses..
    Yo flow dirt, and ya chick? nah she don't play fair..
    The bitch keeps swallowin my kids - her stomach's a daycare..
    I get fan mail - you got hoodrats lookin for trim and the goodies..
    When I say that..
    ..I mean Splinter looking bitches wearin' timbs and a hoodie
    Since I gotta fluid flow - I can lay text witta pen..
    With ease, on the way to the 'tidal' like the mexican trend

    vs. ill Nik-A

    MYYYY was your title reign short..

    if i say your word inspire i guess its not what i mean
    yea your verse moved me...to the X at the top of my screen
    I'm here and I go.. for you it's the end of the road..
    ..One week champ? u ain't ill-nik-a you just a bitch with a cold
    Stealing styles, but you can't so you try actin..
    ..Rubbin Aloe, gotta UserName, smoked Resin 'n is hairline Fracture
    I shoulda known punk kids, try 'n what they come with..
    ..Is another sad ass excuse for namplays with a Num diss
    Yeah you got a dream, beat Num? nah not to me..
    ..Cause hollowin' ya pumpkin got kids thinkin it's Halloween
    ..who did Num destroy on his return?? im givin u lessons
    and congrats..your now the answer to an RBL trivia question

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