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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Nebs, The Nebulotic

    vs. Rhymeageddon and Cryogen

    fuck it's late as hell

    I lace the ammunition in my verses with class.
    So put on ya thinking cap...then get another one burst in ya ass.


    Seek representation with Cry, no jerk does it better:
    He somehow manages...the best ranking & the worst fuckin record.
    You so garbage, the other guy's still fucked if he tries.
    Cuz I just wasted a Rhyme by devoting a couplet to Cry.
    Cry's record says to me, he's over with text jaunts.
    You been panned enough n*gga...go open a restraunt.
    You ain't the favorite, so I'll help in the end.
    I'm postin late with fewer lines...how the fuck else would YOU win?
    Battlin me takes BALLS, so you two homies know.
    Too bad I'm award-winning...my scrotum alone got 2 Golden Globes.
    Plus y'all gotta be smokin some thai or some sage.
    User's my best critic, n*gga sendin me the highest of preys.
    Phonetically speaking, Rhyme's a tard & fuckin screwed.
    Elmer Fudd spelled out his name, and still couldn't make R a W.
    Last week Charles RIPPED you, it's no shocker.
    I'll just get votes docked, & you'll get more of your votes doctored.
    & ya dope drops're muted with mine, when spit in a booth.
    This is the proof: all ya vocal shots, are reduced to a wine.
    Gettin raped is ya work & ya feed from commission.
    You can start today, then work your way into a fetal position.

    hoobida hobbida

    good luck

    vs. Calefaction


    Exactly who's clownin' son? ^^^"That line's dope new shit!"
    ...that's what I said when Dough used it...back in 2001.
    You the product of sexual methods perversed.
    Caesarian or the dumpster...either one was ya section of birth.
    Came ta the conclusion that you ARE just excrement, chill.
    Fuck sight, I only C when my large intestine is filled.
    You just shit, and I swear ta God that it's true:
    Nobody would've given a YOU, if Epimetheus' shots had hit YOU.
    All these actor disses wear thinner with time.
    "The world is a stage" mawfucka...where nobody remembers your lines.
    Ya streak is endin' here. This a take over, freeze.
    My skill been raised over C's like it was from the Eastern hemisphere.
    Fuckin bitch, don't even stare at N wrong.
    Else get ya "panties in a bunch" like...oh nevamind, ya wearin a thong.
    You prob'ly a gross obese bitch whose throat could eat bricks;
    You'll be a dead C to rival the size of the one on the coast of Egypt.

    Don't even give a fuck no mo...

    pe@ce homo.

    vs. Strike


    When ya throat's revealed, you can't adjust & cope for real;
    You'll be cold & stuffed in a box like a fuckin Stouffer's meal.
    Ya blood'll profusely squirt from ya veins when N just kills you.
    Ya wounds'll be shootin purple rain, like Prince's film crew.
    & with a name like Strike, it's ironically simple ta talk shit.
    Cuz you got a fuckin battle record, that resembles a job shift.
    Ya regarded as hard? N!gga read how garbage ya are.
    Dis, make this thread a sticky, called "How ta Martyr Retards."
    When ya rap you suck. Can't erase the facts kid.
    All the wax you drop...just clogs the pores on the face of wackness.
    I kill hunger, you...should chill son & lose.
    I'm pullin this verse out my ass, & somehow ya verse is STILL #2.
    Ya character's through.
    Fuck a closer, I'll just reflect on how I half-assed & still ended up embarrassin you.
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