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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Name: MetaSin, Loot
    Crew: HA!, TMU

    vs. Pivotal

    We went from 24 lines, to you editing that you were going to do 40 (which I never saw)... To PM'ing me that you were droppin 54 the day that the verse is do.

    We agreed on 24, but you stacked up the garbage
    Providing undoubtable proof, why the 64 line max is retarded
    I already called the cops, cuz theres no connin me further
    Cuz they gotta find the bigger victims…the readers, or the concepts u murdered.
    You're overzealous n u been forcin up the text
    Take notes from FOX,
    If u decided to sitcom, with 24, it would’ve been more of a success
    It’s Delahoya vs. Forbes; u don’t need to be remembered
    You’re facin a champ, without ever being The Contender
    But now I’ll knock yo scared ass out, with a force that’s quakin…
    You’re so yellow, ya face’ll be on the canvas like a Warhol paintin
    Of course you’re hatin, and alone, so ur a nerd in the end
    even with Pi…
    you can’t find the area of his circle of friends
    I got pals and dime bitches, but you don’t stay with hoes
    Cats only see Piven an Entourage, watchin HBO…
    I set the stage to show; ur pretendin that you’ll push me
    Like u starred in Cats;
    after the theatrics, in the end you’re still a pussy…
    but never get any.. internet hoes all in ya dreams
    n you suck at pick n rolls; you don’t got a shot to score off of the screen
    You ain’t a pimp, your just a perv at night
    Playin the field, you must got a scarecrow, cuz there ain’t a bird in sight
    but I regret knockin up bitches, cuz I skate
    like your mother… I gave it to her , n made a pivotal mistake
    I’d beat it and mistreat it; insults made that hooker frown
    Call her Eight Bells, the way I rode her hard n put her down
    She’s the type to deep throat cock and skedaddle
    With a giraffe neck;
    That bitch is bottom of the barrell like she’s bobbin for apples
    You lost in this battle… weak shots causin ya doom
    Those misfires got u in a hole; it felt like I was watchin Platoon
    You must be high thinkin ya faggot ass still has a chance
    So to see foreign O, you’ll need 28 grams of grass from amsterdam
    It’s a fact that Im better as long as choosers are sober
    If they think u won, then Ionno whats more bent… the truth or the voters
    I play my cards right, n I see that this cat’s wack
    U’ll never win… so u’ll ‘push’ for a tie like breakin even in black jack
    cats are readin, like “that’s that.” Cuz you ain’t beatin me dude
    n sneakin in 30 extra lines just gave u more reasons to lose
    I’m eyein this geek from a level that he’s tryin to reach…
    you got my skill peaking… to see that you’re no longer tryin to cheat.
    So, I’m pushin ya wig back; this problem ain’t solved, P…
    Cuz, that hair-brained scheme bout to have you rockin a baldy
    With doctors in Awe, weak… like you got battered in a war
    But this English patient ain’t winnin no Accademy Award.
    I’m a Savage, but I’m bored; Theres no money in this lesson
    Pound for pound,
    This Brit ain’t raisin interest since my countries in recession…
    I’m like fuck it, I’ma end him, since his jealousy’s bulked
    He’s mad, and green with envy, lookin like the incredible hulk
    Ur destined to sulk, cuz I’m electric, while you just try to be
    But u short-circuited ya mechanics, explainin wire weak
    I got fire speech, while u get burnt from the penis your ride…
    You’re a man’s whore, and winnin here is easy as Pi.
    U don’t get the easiest pie; even skeezers know that you’re gay
    n If she’s a brick house,
    The Three Little Pigs’ Wolf gotta better chance to blow her away.
    get broken today; His ass'll get ripped a new hole too...
    cuz this chaps a dick... worse than too much friction with no lube.
  2. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. E Tha Real

    You sound cocky as fuck, so there must be somethin I don’t kno
    Cuz how impressive do u think u are with wack punches n no flow?
    U front like u dope tho; predictions constantly show your not
    If someone thought u’d win, that pic must’ve been doctored in photoshop
    U probably hope I’ll stop; I got memory loss, it’s true
    Cuz ya last dope verse escapes me; too bad u won’t follow suit
    This is the end of ya run; you’re lame and you’re wack to me
    If ya bars were as short as ya win streak, they might be able to catch a beat
    Girls say that you’re lackin meat, so when you’re givin it to hoes
    They’re like ya loss column in this match, they never finish with an O
    So they fuck me before u, asking to get my cock raw
    You’re just the reup man; they call u after they get their rocks off
    I’m givin bitches lock jaw, while this faggot is a mess;
    callin a maid-in, but couldn’t pull a damzel in distress
    I get the baddest n the best; he’s never tappin the hottest
    Call his bitches frodo… cuz the only one he’s baggin’s a hobbit
    Makin excuses; placin blame is somethin that u do
    But when u won’t even get a vote, it’s no Oneduh why you lose
    And if Demik hadn’t recycled, u would’ve lost n it was blatant
    That held you up in the ranks; You’re just a victim of a hostage situation
    They should’ve changed the challenger; people must feel you’re strong
    this is Chappell’s show; u get fucked up when keepin it Real goes wrong
    U lack clout; you should watch what you say from ya wack mouth,
    N close ya Trap, like Atlanta cops raiding a crack house…
    Ya face’ll get smacked now; you’ll try to win with errors,
    And lash out to the point, you’re reapplying your mascarra
    Usin my old concepts, but you lack the votes;
    Ironically, ya verse will make or break you , n I’ve had a hand in both
    I’m smackin folk, so u’ll see a hearse for free
    Your not hot…. so I don’t even need a thermometer when I merk-u-Re’
    Fuck natural barriers; an air strike’ll come to make u drop
    Cuz that attack that you’re mountain ain’t enough terrain on top
    It’s time to humble ya ass, cuz you’re just the wackest clone
    Now getting boulder just has u runnin scared like Indiana Jones
    N since I’m smashin holmes, this homo’s rennovatin
    He got a handy man usin calk to fill the hole in his foundation
    Don’t get ahead of yaself, trynna win, cuz you’ve never been felt
    n since you never buckled down,of course you’re not getting the belt

    vs. Oneduh

    Oneduh may not post; theres no doubt that he’s been writin
    But the faint chance he’ll beat his hero may leave him passed out from the excitement;
    When he awakes he may quit, happilly, praisin me quick
    So he’ll only blow a gasket when he loses if it’s shaped like my dick
    The problem with that is u need to be angered and undone
    Cuz Duh must be beside himself in the end, to be sayin that One-Won
    You used to be solid at text, but you’re declining linguistically
    Now cats are callin you watered-down to describe your consistency
    This guy isn’t sick as me; he’s hardly clever as a poster
    So he pretends to be me, to leave a dope ‘impression’ with the voters
    I got the top spot for a reason; you are not a veteran
    How the fuck u gonna knock off MetaSin as a knock-off Metasin?
    You even called me the best ever; you always felt me bruh
    Now bending over backwards to impress me will just leave u belly up
    I can tell he sucks; to get the belt he’s tryin a theft
    But if the title changes hands, it’s only going from my right to my left
    To beat my verse, forget name plays; scramblin and flippin shit
    You were Isaiah Thomas with ill-: barely managin to win with Nik’s
    Too pussy to fight fair; as the league’s boss u were actin hard…
    N if u ever had the balls to beat me, they spelled Mod in ya avatar
    if this weaklin can win, by infidelity, and cheatin with Sin….
    The only reason he’d sign out is cuz he knows Hens would eat him again
    U’ll see Peta with him; ya name plays repeatedly get forced
    Like Ridin 8 Bells; Jockeyin for position, has u beatin a dead horse
    still comin in 2nd… different skills show you’re rhymin as a fake
    Lacking the right combination, he writes like he’s trynna crack a safe
    This faggot hates that I’m a pimp, cuz he never gets dames
    sluts wouldn’t give O n-e, even if they were spellin his name
    forever a lame, but I’m someone people keep it honest with
    when I ask voters who lost, they’ll say Duh, cuz they believe it’s obvious
    n when the league sucked, u were champ, with ya hoe ass winnin streak
    With a screen saver record that only went up cuz of no activity
    One’s been in a slump, bent over to a point this whore spasms…
    So he can’t get the monkey off his back, ‘til his boyfriend orgasms
    Now, go back to huggin my penis, n my style after I beat you guy
    Cuz u been ridin under the influence so long, ya whole careers a DUI
  3. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. Exodus III

    This borin dude loves my style; he’s worthless when u read
    But if u see ex-citing parts, he’s crediting my verses from 03
    Dude should thank me, One, and Hens, when he’s droppin legit
    But without ‘us III, Ex-od’s on a buncha wack concepts to flip
    Start callin it quits, cuz takin verses is your stupidest bet, hoe
    Every 16-bit got you promotin Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo
    The truth is I wreck foes; bringin up Oneduh is foolish n weak
    the only time you’ll see Ex-Champ, is in the battles u keep losin to me
    U can’t get the top spot, cuz ya punches are too weak to be raw
    N ya text career’s playin hide n go seek, with no peaking involved.
    You’ll get outdone, and knocked out cuz u ain’t hot to the voters
    So they’ll only see this dude Excel-in a fight as a boxin promoter
    And in a prize fight, he’ll lose; u don’t gotta ask about it
    Cuz he only wants to win the purse if it’s gonna match his outfit
    You’re on your way out, prick, losin to the nicest when u show
    So before you get ya foot in the door, Exits time for u to go
    Ex tried to be a hoe, payin Cash Money to get some pie
    but when his sex life starts to Wane, its no wonder he’s kissin guys
    this fag devours meat, and he gives head like a savage
    n his man delivered overnight everytime he fedex a package
    see, he could be raw, but I would have to say that this rook is soft
    His verse is such a bust, it comes with a corset, and a pushup bra
    So he’s consistently pussy; his style is geometric deprived
    This bitch is so one dimensional he only has a feminine side
    get ready to die; u can’t test ya chin, or heart with me
    cuz peace and unity’s hard to see, esepcially when I’m harmony
    you’ll start to see you’re not on my level, n u can’t say that I’m lyin
    you’re just trynna hit the top-tier, like cats punchin ya face when u cryin
    I hope you’ve designated the drivin in any battle where we meet
    cuz you’d fail a sobriety test, after each and every staggerin defeat

    vs. Bartender

    this is his time to step it up, but since this hoe is soft
    BarT chokes under pressure, like he was pissin Homer off
    i'm on another level, but that dont mean Im fit as ya father
    I may raise the bar, but I'm still not convinced ur my daughter
    n customs got u pissed; its obvious i'm smashin ya verse
    when it'd take all day to give the holes in ya game a cavity search
    watch this faggot get merked, cuz u'll be broke when I spit
    I'm winnin bar-none... and thats exactly all the votes that u'll get
    this bastard is hardly the man that can battle and harm me...
    cuz not even the cats at ya homesite are as wack as you R B
    n with that suspect chin, he'd get wrecked with a jab
    but he wants to trade punches...
    cuz thats the only way his verse'd be the best in the mag
    makin drinks, this pussy gets moist when tappin males
    so when he got a mouth on a fuzzy naval,
    he's movin down his boyfriend's happy trail

    good.... bye.

    vs. John Hensley


    dude must've hired the "brat pack"; Hens is more bitch than you think...
    as far as John-Hues, his true colors show he's Pretty in Pink.
    I'm witty, you stink... a hypocrite dissin me, but don't bother
    cus when the pot calls the kettle black... this boil be in hot water.
    and yea your undefeated cuz 'Duh left after textin legit
    only reason ur loss column don't got One in it, is cuz you begged him to quit
    plus i don't like chinese food, because this chickens not that great
    n hens wack in general-tso he proves he's got bad taste
    plus ya sex life's funny as shit cuz John you're never hittin tush
    u could work for Comedy Central the way u get such Lil Bush
    I thought u'd leave on ya own last week... u should've got the boot
    but since you took sine-out, it's about time you follow suit
    this punks never on time, in fact he's such a worthless texter
    that the only time an extension's a shock, John forgot his surge-protector
    we faced the same dude for the title, he'll face one of us again in sequence still...
    next week, but in this match... u got wordplay, and generics... n i dont find ethareal
    yea, I halfassed, but fact is the dude aint much of a test for me...
    why would I need my A Game, when even drunks can tell that Hen a C

    hot fire.
  4. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. E Tha Real

    wow pussy…

    you already admitted that winnin was hopeless for you guy…
    so with those quotes,
    you must be trynna set the record for how many votes u can lose by
    with a long way away to go to be an equal, he’s hopin to try again
    so E is far from a-rival... unless he's on the road to retirement.
    u've had two previous title pleas... I'm belligerent instead
    so if the third times the charm... u’ll prove that chivalry is dead
    I hope you understand dissin photos is your best retort, man
    get the picture?… without one your verses look like sfsportsfan's
    u cant diss the fact I beat ya; complainin with a sad demeanur
    n since you couldn't pic ya opponent... u wished Nasty hadn't either
    E been talkin like a hoe; he’s really fake, n often hatin…
    So gettin Buck made him look bitch, like 50 taped the conversation
    but you got no friends to phone up, cuz u got no shit to say
    so the only time folk call ether ill is bumpin Nas's diss to Jay
    in the ring Meta's punches'll leave him broken and damaged
    while easel leave himself in a position where he'll be holdin the canvas.
    now this fag super hero's so shook he’s wantin to vent
    but E halve no fear... cuz against me it's closer to a hundred percent
    call me cocky, Meta's brash... yea, you got me gettin gassed
    n the way I set the bar so high above E, you don't gotta check the dash
    you ain’t ever beat noone dope with that low Calibre spit
    cuz when his biggest win was Revanon, atleast he won the championship
    so yea, you bagged on his pic, which I guess Rev wasn’t poised for;


    ^n ur so good at abusing images it only took you one thread to destroy yours
    Mr. “Meta’s wack… I mean, dope… I mean shook and a loser”
    You’re a grave dissapointment, cuz cats wish I had u put in one sooner
    See, when they read ya verse, I’m stunned by how they react in general
    With so many awkward stares the league ain’t handicap accessible;
    They’d love u to sign out, like u promised, cuz ur wack n stupid too
    N the reception u gets so iffy it comes with a red flag n booth review

    Good…. Bye.

    vs. Exodus III

    u’ll bob n weave… n bite; hooks and uppercuts will hurt
    n your defensive stance helps you ‘slip’ all my hard punches… in ya verse
    any team you’re ever on will suffer n fold
    Cruise’ll get rid of Ex n move on, like Tom w/ Katie after dumpin Nicole
    Regarding verses, most’re saying that ya lame
    u knocked Dough’s off… but then reading your tired raps made me do the same.
    Let’s relate it to ya name, since irony suits it best
    Cuz Exodus, III only describes how many times that you’ll lose to Met
    Facin Atlas with no strength didn’t show you’re a rival
    So last week proved that ya verse's brawn’s only getting you close to a title
    I beat the Real, n against u, I waste no effort to shine
    I battle w/ ease… and against both of yall I win a hundred percent of the time
    Jesus and painted eggs reflect how this shook punk may dress
    When I make E-stir in his boots, like he’s at church in his Sunday best
    You should stop talkin stuff, and then try to come better
    Cuz when it comes to ranks, u’ll see X-O on the bottom like a love letter
    Its magic; I’ll put you in a box wit ya trash
    Cuz when I saw ya body of work, it looked like u could use one to chop it in half
    now u’ll mimic Celtics cuz you want the title this season…
    But the only big III in this battle, is Ex when he’s full, after bitin and feedin

    vs. Defcon_5

    Sorry buddy...

    Writin battle raps makes him an acrobat that eats to shine
    I’d flip Con’cept that’s wat he does anytime he has a decent line
    I won’t feed on that garbage, tho I saw at LEAST two that were mine
    if u wrote lyrics u shoulda torr m up,
    Instead it looks like u got that fag reviewin ya rhymes
    Ya text is wack, and ya even more worthless on a beat
    Fuck “Kick, Push”….
    When I wanna loop a fiasco, I’ll put all ya audio verses on repeat
    How in the fuck is there ANY way u can believe that ur hot…
    Noone listens when detox… even if theyre waitin for dre’s cd to drop
    Even simply spellin ya name can show that I’m too high
    Defcon underscore 5 only shows the minimum votes that u’ll lose by
    Did u think u were nice? That’s so hard to stomach it hurts…
    I don’t know which struggle was worse…
    Trying not laugh myself to death, or find a punch in ya verse
    Dudes delusional… Im thinkin Con must snort lines
    So if Deon dope, that explains why u lost to Trombley 4 times
    I know he’a ugly, but don’t remember seein this brother
    I could be mistaken…
    but at first look… most decide theres no need for another
    trynna get in my crew… HA! Maybe if he’d actually win
    n sadly, the letters here ^ aren’t initials…
    that’s how we reacted when he asked to get in…
    im the champ for a reason, ur just a bitch that im textin with
    Meta in the winner's circles garaunteed, even tho there isn’t a definite

    thank you aaaaaaaand.... good night.
  5. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. E Tha Real

    As an MC, u lack skills… truthfully you’re the worst kind
    You’d only be a triple threat... warning the league you’d lose to me for a third time.
    With Q at the head, you’ll no longer be close to the peak
    His ranks will have you dropping one spot for every wack line u posted this week…
    Including the filler… regarding girls this dude isn’t iller
    With the rep he’s building, he couldn’t column up if he was using a pillar
    In fact you’re a bitch, never ever baggin no chicks
    With such a weak approach, you couldn’t hit the sack with a quarterback in a blitz
    Ya pimp games like The Shining… this faggot is void
    Regarding girls, u don’t know Jack… but your sex life makes him a dull boy
    I’m bored with this guy, even just textin this verse
    Is so much of a chore, I should get a raise in allowance, and extra dessert
    Ur some type of spanish, but Im not the curious type…
    The only E-race that matters, is the verb u should apply to every verse that u write
    You never improve, so I’m callin this fate…
    A choired skill will only be w/ you, when a group sings gospel songs at your wake
    So in a war of words, I’m bettin you can’t shine…
    Cuz you’d only be above the rest of the field… if you had just stepped on a land mine
    I’ll use baseball to show it, cuz of the way that u blow it…
    Battlin you is a walk in the park... tie game in the last inning, n the bases are loaded
    I felt bad, cuz I know it was hurtin this fag…
    When Quriosity killed the cat… and his rep, when he clowned his wack verse in the mag
    Then u didn’t wanna be included, and placed blame on ya boo…
    But out of the whole mag, the only bitch she’d see, and be ashamed of is you
    theres no way to prevent, your hasty descent
    so if the third times the charm... the clasp must've broke off of ya chain of events
    your less than a rival, and your entire focus is lame...
    cuz E-Quality doesn't do anything but prove that we're not even close to the same.

    vs. kungfugrip

    This fag'll get a right hook that'll leave his gayness done
    so when u see K-o'd, it wont be cuz his boyfriend made him cum
    He jerks n he slobs, n has faggots workin his rod
    No wonder dudes try to score with Foos Ball's taking a turn at the knob
    He can pop off, but cheap bullets will stop this kid tonight
    Because getting gassed'll make this holo-caust a Grip… his life
    I got a solution for the win; ya rank will sink to the bottom
    Because you'll get rectify even start to think you're a problem
    riders helped u out on B-Boys; you cheat when ur winnin
    so when that supporting cast put the fix against Fracture, u aint need a physician
    Your claim to fame is beatin Resin, but I ain't fearin u, fellow
    cuz truth is Resonate you sooo bad u should be hearin an echo
    so put the riders away, food for thought got u mindless today
    cuz you're steppin up to the plate expecting second... like a buffet
    the way I'm sonnin Kung explains how I be tappin up his mom...
    fucked her once... and I re-lay her when I pass her my baton
    n not only me... I can't even count all the dudes ya mom been hittin
    her pussy's a grudge she doesn't hold, cuz she says its all forgiven
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