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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Name: kungfugrip
    From: RL, UPN, RM
    Crew: STFU, Precision

    vs. Commizzle


    your site is a joke. forreal. it's tragic to me
    that u an RB heavyweight.. & won't win a match in this league
    & i beat you on RB, not cuz i'm a veteran dude
    Commitment that i'm dedicated forever to being better than you
    there's only one RBL. you're disappointing ur click
    cuz you chalked up another RB L just by joining the shit
    and i got a rep to uphold because i drop forums
    you got a rep of flipping 10 cliches & still getting props for 'em
    & it's ur debut in the ranks. i'll see u ain't there a second
    cuz i'm makin ur Premier go Pop like a Christina Aguilera record
    & you ain't got shit on Castro, cuz u stupid b
    this 'Mizzle crisis more like a kid with a watergun on a cuban beach
    plus that new name can't help u from suckin g
    u kept Mizz in' the middle.. like why ur girl started fuckin me


    vs. Magus

    i understand dog, but you might as well forfeit the shit
    cuz no offense, but you'll probably come fourth, fifth or sixth.
    so hold up. you wanna wait for Oneduh and Meta to own it
    then turnaround & drop 30 tired lines against a better opponent?
    whatever buddy, you'll see that i'm the most tighter
    everyone'll throw thier vote to mag-us, but i don't work with ghostwriters
    you ain't never dropped hot, you stay suckin the wang
    anyone thinkin Mag neato is a mutant that ain't up on their slang
    i heard you been around, dropping that tragic crap
    & nobody's read a top shelf mag, with or without the plastic wrap
    i caught your site battle loss, Mets merced this guy early
    your shitty ass verse made project rhyme look nobel prize worthy
    & that proves you suck. so stop with the threats
    cuz you got swept by a dude that i forgot that i swept
    but forreal, u set an example, it's nothin to you
    your verses always give pointers.. & laughers somethin to do
    I could maim you, but i don't kill faggots for fame
    violence isnt the answer, unless the question's 'how does magus get laid'
    & as far as skill goes buddy, i stay smoking bastards
    the skill mag Hasbro comes with instructions and a choking hazard
    & stop clowning Rev's pics. his rep ain't tarnished
    he look like an african Oscar, you look like the one that chills in the garbage
  2. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. M-Famous

    i'ma give you a chokehold and speedknots cuz
    & you'll get released around the same time Detox does
    that garbage shit. you must be high, geek
    glad Nasty came back, so i know who to thank for the bye week
    it's cool tho. i take this stuff as a bonus
    usually moving up in a league involves tougher opponents
    i'll just finish off this mf soon
    got voters puttin on backpacks way they're watchin M-F Doom
    you write like a chump. not greasy or wild
    it sucks when even ezboards call urs an ezboard style
    so catch the scent of the vapours
    styles been in construction so long it got apprenticeship papers
    u impotent fuck, ur prolly a kid
    you catch Static in hummers like the lollipop vid
    & ur lettin her down so often it's sad
    ur dick's such a Wii Fit u could shadowbox in her vag
    u can't match me. & i hate sore losers
    if u got a Shred of my skill it'd end up a skateboard blooper
    i don't need Kate Hudson to murder ur hopes
    cuz this ain't Almost, Famous. u weren't even close

    vs. Medichi


    i didn't mean to scare you, u bitch
    but that's how much thought, time & effort i'll use to bury you with
    i don't think you know who ur dealing with guy
    when ur style's made up of Hen's 'nah, i ain't feelin' it' lines
    me vs you? that's a problem any dummy can solve
    ur strugglin on BRL..
    ..& i went 20-0 when there was money involved.
    & your opponent last week alone made u flatline, g
    you barely took out Tony, like the 'Say Hello to the Bad Guy' scene.
    if kids say u ill, then them faggots is wrong
    you rollin with more fake-ass support than Kim Kardashian's thong
    see i can choose defeat. but the thought of it hurts..
    so i'll pick XL over Med., like User shoppin for shirts.
    you ain't nothing but a slight hassle to dome
    the Herald'll be so about me, Kumar's eatin' white castle alone


    vs. Rap Antics

    what a gay name.

    not feelin it kid. not even a little bit
    u sound like a website that covers Foxy Brown nipple slips
    i don't lose to stooges cuz i'm better than that
    & u got a bad name. like the league if u reach contendership match
    see i'm a great. i'm violent with clout
    but when 'Tics Talks, i can't help but think his time has run out
    you ain't nothin, stop borin me child
    if RA the rugged man, fags aint' look that hardcore in a while
    take a holiday jack, might as well forfeit ur try
    cuz i'll bea stunning Array more than the 4th of July
    ur whole style is wack. ain't astoundin' at all
    concepts so dead their lookin for brains & surroundin the mall
    who sent me this homo? cuz ur pal is a fuck-up
    i can't Behr ur shit. so u need like 417293473 gallons of touchup
    step ur game up cuz this isn't scary man
    shit. i'll put an end to Antics like i'm a disciplinarian
    and i ain't runnin, & i ain't stoppin it there
    anyone that Flees Anticks is describin what he got in his hair
    verses so played. that accounts for the stench
    got everyone sayin ur name prounounced like it's French

  3. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    vs. Light Saber

    let's go

    first of all, fuck ur contender achievement
    beat me? HA. u'd need 4 LightSabers like General Grievous
    see he was sick, but u must be slower holmes
    if Luke pulled u out, he better pray Storm Troopers are homophobes
    with that name winnin's somethin u don't have a chance at
    i can name myself somethin' fictional too
    ..& show up next week as 'YouInAChampMatch'
    cuz ur verses are trash. can't lie on the fact son
    kid's sorry display could knock a murder one to bylaw infractions
    most improved? ha. u can't spit with the best
    just cuz u went from 'he sucks' to 'he sucks a little bit less'
    u need waaaaay more improvement. ur open to start
    even when Lights On his shit looks like it was wrote in the dark
    dude's homo. but i shouldn't mention that part, right
    LightSaber's pokin so many guys he's comin close to the Dark Side
    u ain't dope, ain't sick, ain't the scariest or good
    & if i Shed some Light, then the rest getting buried in the woods
    ur whole style is trash & ur lines won't be felt
    shit, heads Shrug off ur shit til it starts defining their Delts
    u emulate me, but cats don't feel it or get it
    ur such a Fake Grip ur shit advances the field of prosthetics
    u can't match my swagger, cuz ur a sucker dude
    and let's just say talentwise.. cuz it would never fuck with you

    vs. MetaSin


    the real champ's here, laughin at how silly u been
    Sincere now, but i'm lying if i say he ever will be again
    i don't need science to tell me what u write'll be dense
    one punch & Synapse so long, he'll wake up on my 3rd title defense
    see. nameplays aren't hard. ur whole style needs a revamp son
    i'd drop a million more. but noone wants to relive your champ run
    that shit was a crime. u ain't ready to be flexin' with mine
    & ur verse shows u ain't cut out for more than E or Exodus lines
    quit phonin' it in faggot. Metasin's such a wack learner
    i'ma fry his ass on the front since his verse took the back burner
    yeah we both rep Precision. don't be stressin' the joint
    we got a voting circle, but everyone considers you the decimal point
    i was lookin' for an easy win, and i'm gettin' it steady
    MetaSin's more like placebo. i saw u & i'm feelin' better already
    i'm smash you kid, clobber u and watch this dipshit drop
    so u can kiss the belt goodbye, & cry while i wipe the lipstick off
    you beatin' me? stop lying, beggin' & wishin' u geek
    when i T.a.C on the win, he'll prolly be ur competition next week


    vs. Medichi

    sorry i'm late, i had alot to attend to u geek
    like sortin' through all the fanmail i got from the contender this week
    partner with you? what were u thinking, guy
    sorry Med, but i'm more used to being on the winning side
    i teamed with Resin. & i'm wrecking you, tyke
    remember him? he's the guy whose style you can't execute right
    you're a worthless groupie, it's showin my man
    i'ma call for an Ichi ban, like you do at my shows in Japan
    i won't be losing the belt. man u can bet it
    especially not to a no-name i already ran through to get it
    oh you forgot? lemme tell you somethin my friend
    if your record is picture perfect, then i'm that one on the end
    & you tryna diss Muffy, it's less than accepted
    shit, you had beef with Muff ever since u chose a sexual preference
    your bitch'll prolly be naked when she sees me tonight
    cuz she won't put-on her clothes if they had street cred & media hype
    & you got kiiiilled last week, that dumbout's a lie
    you already got Wash'ed, i'ma see you get rinsed & hung out to dry
    your writtens are trash, u got the shoddiest luck son
    i tried a Play off ur verse, & got a 1 star off-Broadway production
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