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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: John Hensley
    From: Seattle
    Crew: Syn

    vs. Premonition

    good luck, sorry about that.

    You got a death wish, yes bitch, i'm making it reality
    They say life is what you make it..
    ..Obviously you don't have a creative personality.
    You're taking a fatality, I’m erasin your nonsense.
    It’s the story of your life..
    ..you know, the one that doesn’t even have a table of contents.
    Beat your face till it’s gone bitch, and don’t confuse my fame.
    His Swaying replies haven’t worked, so he made a username.
    Going to lose in shame, fagot’s on the bottom of my throne.
    I was gonna take you out..
    ..but Monster had the balls to come out the closet on his own.
    I caught you in the dome, and you not dying’s out of question.
    Sway, two heads are better than one..
    ...but sucking dick doesn’t apply for that expression.
    Get a life, quit rapping, you keep wantin to fight those hints.
    See since you hit a Roadblock, u aint been on the right road since.
    And here’s a fact, sorry Prem, and man it’s revealing.
    Even his crowd looks down on him..
    …you know…that one fan on your ceiling.
    You’re all self rep, filler, and a buncha flipped schemes.
    …but you’re still the best a round………..out of fifteen.

    vs. Frame

    good luck.

    Mr. played, i'd say fuck nameplays, but let me flip this scripture.
    You don't understand illness..
    ...So i'll be breaking Frame for you to get the Picture.
    My clothes? you write like i'm standin in front of you when you rhyme g.
    But in a way that's true...because you're so far behind me.
    Just try me, fuck a black eye, my punches will make your face tint.
    I was tryin to reach your level, but my house don't have a basement.
    Just face it, i can see your nervous, you know i'm bound for the win.
    So nervous you're biting your nails..
    ...and it's taken you 2 months to get down to the skin.


    And now to begin, i'd speak about girls but you're lacking the game.
    Cuz we know you gotta bitch, but that's cuz you always have to complain.
    I'll take another stab at your name, and you'll go down with this statement.
    My crews ill...
    But I got my pic in a frame...only time i'm not surrouned by greatness.
    And seriously, i've seen most of those lines all over this damn forum.
    You want your two front teeth...
    ...but fuck askin Santa, just go look in the RBL mag's for em.
    I'd invite you to greatness, then you dropped that, so instead...exclusion.
    Meeting me was the beginning of the end, like a new years Resolution.
    Just quit frame, i'll take you on a trip to misery, and let fate guide it.
    And your praying for advice...
    ...so God gave you a sign....that was red, white, and 8 sided.

    vs. Dr.Cause

    You’re embarrassed of your looks, just a fucking disgrace.
    We know you became a doctor just for an excuse to cover your face.
    John won in this race, the winner, you’re declared the worst.
    Doc, you should use your medical skills to repair your verse.
    It’s cliché time, but you’re wack, you’re not gonna stop it.
    The truth will set you free…
    ..so be honest, then you won’t have to be locked in that closet.
    And C, I don’t speak to the wack so you’ll get ignored too.
    You aint got no riders…
    …so take off that bra, it aint gonna support you.
    You wan’t more dude? There aint nobody as wack as this stiff.
    Bitch, I’ll make you dance to Terror Squad with your back to a cliff.
    Watch this fagot get ripped, and my friend you’ll die.
    Cause Your Wack..
    …and that’s also the reason you’re 10 and 5.

    vs. Troublesome

    You're a shitty writer, and you're getting rocked in defeat.
    I'd attempt to reach your level...
    .....but my hands would get blocked by the street.
    I got you locked to your seat, no mystery that this fagot sucks.
    You're Troublesome and up to no good...elevated from wack as fuck.
    Watch me smack you up, with punches that'll make you retreat.
    Playa i'm known to Drop Nice....so expect to stay on your feet.
    You ain't the elite. Being compared to this kid? i'm double.
    And you got no fans....
    ....not cuz cats are goody goody...they just never got into Trouble.
    I'm subtle, anticipated, highly graded, and i'm rippin this up.
    And fans: the weight's over...
    ....and if you reverse that you'll find the type of bitches you fuck.
    I'm an extremist, and i'll pay a great price to see you drop.
    You might be scared of heights...
    ....but that ain't why you'll never reach the top.
    Just be a flop, i'll kill you for free, don't mention a cost.
    Cuz even if you aint on your way to LA, you're headed for Los.
    You sound wack, and the ground cracks at how hard he fell.
    It's ironic....
    ...my easiest battle was when i had Trouble in the RBL.

    vs. Butler

    vs. I'm nice, and i dare you to find a kid that can stop me.
    You'll hit the Ground so much..
    ....cats will think you're addicted to Coffee.
    See, I'm not the only one who hopes that this cat leaves.
    You ain't good at rap Butler....so go back to Ask Jeeves.
    Nobody likes you, if they say different, they're sure to pretend.
    Homie, you're being Surrounded...
    ...which doesnt qualify as a Circle of Friends.
    Gettin merked in the end, before you even begun a sentence.
    Butler always wanted to do a Cavity Search..
    ..but never had ambition to become a Dentist.
    I'm ill with skill, always sick when i'm droppin a line.
    I think of tight punches...
    and you'll be a Memory once the Thought Crosses Ya Mind.
    You cant get pussy, could only seduce an animal with those gazes.
    Maybe that's why you're known to work the Calves..
    ...and haven't ever done Toe Raises.
    Ill at bboys, but on RM we just look at you in doubt.
    So bitch, take the sock out your pants...and put it in your mouth.

    vs. Premonition

    Yea, keep All Eyez On Me when i maul this snitch.
    And check between ya thighs...
    ...if you Wonder Why They Call You Bitch.
    You don't get talked to cuz i ignore the posers.
    Playa, you need to Hang up the Mic like ya jordan posters.
    You won 4 straight battles...but hold up bro, let's think.
    Oh yeah! 3 straight no shows...and one cat didn't post his links.
    Beyond that, there's somethin that we forgot to mention dude.
    The fact that i beat you while you were 6-1..
    ..then you lost to Chee, so how the fuck are you 10 and 2?
    You becomin one uh' my riders, everybody can see it ya trick.
    I aint even near an Orgasm....but i still got Pre on my dick.
    Stay on the sex lines, it's embarassin and now the fag is done.
    Cuz i asked Trap for an extension...
    ...and every night your girls Trap asks for one.
    Not only a fat bitch, she the type to neglect you on a date.
    You must be patient with the sex...
    ...basically cuz you expect alot of wait.(weight)
    Shit. we ain't wanna see ya, no way this hoe's the victor.
    Never had an urge to see an Ugly Stick
    ...that's why i didn't ask you to post ya picture.
    And as far as skills go, premonition is not a good thinker.
    Cat needs to put the Keys Down like responsible drinkers.
    Yea, i'll make you doubt, when i take you out ya minds feeble.
    No fans, only cats feelin stick is Nascar drivers and Blind people.
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Alpha Omni

    You can return, but still won't be any less of a fagot.
    Cuz AO was outshined...
    ...even before the Professor was added.
    Yea, you a pimp, got shit erasin ya flaws.
    Cuz those push ups got ya chest bulging..
    …but what happens when u take off the bra?
    ^^You a fagot, which is something we all will find true.
    But my nine’ll have ya boyfriend jealous…
    ..when it makes you give brain to the wall behind you.
    Let me explain, it’s JH-W….and to stir the confusion.
    You’re half is AO-L…just like the server I’m usin.
    Fuck a smelly ass pussy, so fuck your skank.
    But me and ya girls puss got things in common..
    …we both goin up in rank.
    And as far as skills, fuck the shit this kid is startin.
    Cuz bitch, I had Alpha mastered before Kindergarten.

    vs. Detailz

    *Sigh*. Another wack vet, no way this kid will prevail.
    Personally, I never elaborate...
    ...but plenty of guys go into Detail.
    Fuck ya dickriders, man we can all see ur...
    ...Not only Headless...but that u aint got any balls either.
    Considering you ill is somethin we regret, g.
    Cuz ya harmless, HV is still an I away from bein deadly.
    ^^Yea, kinda wack. Not clever, but ya still a hopeless queer.
    Sad thing is, lines like that resemble your whole career.
    Overhyped. Overrated, but fagot ya worthless.
    The bigger they are, harder they fall...
    ...so watch your ego crack through the surface.
    You just bitch. HV ain’t as good as he said he’d be.
    Kid ya Sway so much....you could replace him on MTV.
    You’re nervous, i’ll put fear in with the doubt.
    Cuz ya verses are a crack up..
    ...just like every mirror in your house.
    So it ends. Ya over, but I admit you had a nice stint.
    But just cuz your detailz...doesnt mean ya got the fine print.

    vs. Premonition

    didnt have alot of time.

    Fuck you stick. even tho u swear ya tough.
    I'd beat you into shape, but you're already square enough.
    So don't flex, u aint next to me fagot.
    Stickman aint a rapper...
    ..Stickman's another word for his sexual status.
    You're gettin dropped kid, you ain't half as mean.
    You'll hit the ground...like your girl when shes on a trampoline.
    I prefer average girls, and it's true what i write.
    My mottos fuck a fat bitch....but you really do every night.
    I'm grimey. somethin we all will find true.
    And my nine'll have ya boyfriend jealous..
    ..when it makes u give brain to the wall behind you.
    I'll stay standing, after i create the diss.
    And you'll be on your ass like when you take a piss.
    Make me miss? nah, and you won't get the podium.
    The only Real Monster ive known...
    ...was back when i watched Nickelodeon.
    And aint shit changed. watch me expose ya mind.
    And give you a change of heart...
    ...when i hit u in the chest with a roll of dimes.
    So i'm hittin you with more, rippin through this whore.
    And the last time i dropped somethin wack...
    ...this bitch was on the floor.
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Doc Richards and Premonition

    You ain't a champ, everybody knows this kid's weak.
    Cuz if AIM ever got stopped....so would his win streak.
    ^^True or not? either way you'll get murdered sooner.
    Cuz i'll strangle you with the grape vine..
    ..and confrim the rumors.
    No skills, no girls, it can't be shown any clearer.
    See, i got puss all over me...
    ...but then again so does your mirror.
    Mr. 'won every tourney'...what an accomplishment.
    Still the only check you ever got, came out positive.
    As for stick?
    Next line i'll list his skills, cuz i respect his rhymes.
    ....hmmmm wait a second......nevermind.
    Demik? harder to take down, but yea....he's bad
    But all i gotta do to get stick to drop is hand him kneepads.
    Demik loves himself, but he'll leave with ruptured health.
    You're ya biggest dickrider...so no point tellin u to fuck yourself.
    You ain't a problem, honestly, dude's a distraction.
    Whenever i try to sum up your verses...
    ...i wind up doin subtraction.
    Just give me the title, i'm a force that you can't stop.
    Stick just wants to take demiks belt....to see his pants drop.
    Enough of ya'll. i'm droppin this bitch, cuz you're through.
    Sorry for the ass rippin stick...maybe Doc'll stitch it for you.

    vs. Ibeechu Farensquare

    The skys the limit
    Caught me red handed
    Leave ya hangin
    Broaden your horizons
    No bones about it
    Read your mind
    Window of opportunity

    good lord dude.

    Mr. Cliché. Played lyrics. watch me fuckin blaze ya.
    N’ Beech’ll be fucked up worse than the ones in asia.
    RIP Reggie White; but i'ma keep clappin ya kid.
    And i'll be killin those Lines...sorta like sleep apnea did.
    You'll get wrecked and shot, fuck the respect you got.
    First time i read you...i thought i was playin connect the dots.
    You got hope for more, but don’t mention ya visions.
    Cuz if my window of opportunity got parkin tickets…
    …then yours was in a head on collision.
    So fuck ya rhymin shit, but i admit: you're quite the vet.
    Got the most wins in the league....but aint won a title yet.
    ^^HA; so I’ll drop this kid, till the prick is senseless.
    By the time I get 22 wins, I’ll already have 6 defenses.
    So fuck LM, muthafucka’s just a wanna be text geek.
    ...oh oops: sorry Beech...guess i thought it was next week.
    Word: you beat me once, but that typa shit is the rarest.
    So after this i'll claim Ibeechu...unlike his original parents.
    You got thrown in the garbage; how’s this fag respected.
    Cuz from the looks of that verse..……you haven’t left it.
    You’re poor as fuck; so I’ll talk in laymen’s.
    For Christmas I got a 50 inch big screen…
    …you got the box it came in.
    Look kiddo, I feel the win….when I look at this shit.
    I could probably reel you in, when I put a hook to ya lip.
    Fuckin knock ya head off, believe what I send.
    And notice your brainwaves….
    …cuz it ain’t ever gon’ see you again.
    So fuck ya riders, actin like they could stand his.
    You won’t do a self portrait….but you’ll face the canvas.
    You ain’t hurtin me. Ain’t got any shit I like.
    True, you’ll bring the champ pagne…
    …but not until midnight strikes.
    Title changing hands? Nah, be happy for makin it here.
    Cuz after tonight…the only thing that’ll change is the year.

    vs. LM

    thought you were better...

    You said you were Frac, i ain't done with the throne.
    But i will call you fracture...
    ...after i do it to every one of your bones.
    See i got a sixth sense for illness that'll make ya doubt.
    You're six cents is just the amount in your bank account.
    You ain't nothin man, you can't contend with me.
    You're just an Alias...
    ...that Jennifer Garner wouldn't even pretend to be.
    Seriously, that verse sucked, but i won't think to fail.
    I'll still leave you covered in blood...
    ..and laugh cuz it matches your fingernails.
    Lil scrawny fuck. you're just stupid and scared.
    Only time ya curling iron...is when you're doin ya hair.
    Ya gettin outpunched, outclassed, and outrhymed too.
    You know you're wack, when a Shadow nearly outshined you.
    After i rape you, i'll hit ya bitch and i'll be showin the world.
    That you fuck n' suck......but guess what....so does your girl.
    Won't be done for awhile, no less than a hundred styles.
    I'm known to unzip skirts....this net geek's known to unzip files.
    Been critics of the league since you entered the game.
    I see you wanted to put a stop to the wackness...
    ...so u put a period at the end of your name.
    Shouldn't be playin with John, cuz i'm stayin with bombs.
    And i'll put you in check.....like the way i payed for your mom.
    Your praying for advice, and you'll let fate guide it.
    So God gave you a sign......that was red, white, and 8 sided.
    I've graduated from greatness, i'll sell for centuries.
    But after readin you..
    ...i know why they call wack lines LMentary.
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Ill William

    You ain't a rider yet, but you'd die to be on this.
    Watch my verse pass Bills like i was in congress.
    You beat aces, but now ya in trouble for bluffin.
    Yea, you won't catch an L this week...
    ...Oz made it double or nothin.
    Don't mention guns, i'll bring some shit to your world.
    When i use a Magnum on you...like i did with your girl.
    See i stay organized, cuz i gotta earn my profit.
    I even keep a to do list...last night i crossed ya girl off it.
    Cats thought u were Super, but ya plan of attack'll fail.
    But you aint as nice as him and i think he's wack as hell.
    While you found greatness, you'll find trouble too.
    So I got IW this week.......but skillwise I double you.
    You'll wanna quit, so let's just make that an option.
    Cuz you'll be givin up...
    ...but this time it ain't for adoption.
    Can claim you got money, but i doubt it kid.
    The only change you've had....left you without a dick.
    You're overrated, and don't talk cuz i know it's true.
    I ain't even steppin...but i'll still be walkin all over you.
    Stop rappin, and stop talkin so serious.
    Truth is: Will.i.am nice
    ..if you don't forget to pause at the periods.

    vs. Al Murder U

    Don't know hip hop. fuck the shit that you saw.
    Even tho ya breakin. . .once my fist hits ya jaw.
    Al Murder U, ya ready, when i'm droppin ten, wait.
    Cuz when i Murder U., it could rival cops at Kent State.
    Go back to the South. it's time you be hatin me.
    Cuz my punches cause whiplash. .
    . . that could remind you of slavery.
    Fuck am i thinkin?? when ya flow's so worse.
    I mean, all that's too ill for a fuckin no show verse.
    I'm bored tho. i don't even care if you feel em'.
    Cuz if you show, Al. . .
    . . i'll just turn off the rerun of married wit children.
    When talkin 'bout ill cats. you should know, kid.
    That you aint even in the picture. . .
    . . .but you can go back to fuckin Zuch's opponent.
    I ain't tryin. fuck it, all it says is ya borin.
    So let me sun AM....since he'll be dead by the mornin.

    vs. Formal Logic

    Formal Logic

    -Line Limit-
    All verses must be from 10-24 lines!(5-12 Couplets)

    You can edit your shit man


    Kid, how ya gon' front. when john drops tracks iller.
    The way my verse rips Form, you'd think i was a contract killer.
    Now this is funny. fuck the fact that ya rhymes aren't tight.
    You once modded this league. ..
    . .and STILL don't know how many lines to write??.
    Coo. that's you. ya wack dude, so i'll son you wit text.
    Or uppercut you so hard your spine will come through ya chest.
    Fuck crews. fuck starving artists, you just had to test.
    But you've had that in ya sig for awhile now. ..
    . .so it's obvious that it ain't had success.
    So Oz replaced you. i suppose it had to be done.
    You had no success modding a league. ..
    . .so how expect to have any rapping in one?.
    So i'm confused with that. but i got you movin back.
    When i put the Heat in FL, which has nothin to do with Shaq.
    You know you'd have to steal the win to be killin the stakes.
    But this fuckin pussy doesn't even have a risk that he's willin to take.
    Say goodbye to ya chances, i honestly tried to respect him.
    The only reason i'm writin this line is so i didn't lie in my check in.

    vs. Demik

    So kid, quit this shit, claimin that you ball.
    I know..the only reason you wanna diss my pic. .
    . .is cuz ya girl got it hangin on her wall.
    Haha. prolly true too, and ya know i ball smart.
    Cuz while my looks is dashin. ..
    . .yours is gettin DQ'd for a false start.
    Who took ya title last? why ask, cuz ya know it's me.
    You'll be the 1st ex-champ to start a new league 0 and 3.
    I know that ain't the extent. sure ya have dreams for more.
    I'd talk about ya illness. ..
    . . .but i can't comment on somethin i ain't seen before.
    If you ain't scared of steel. i ain't hesitant to reverse those fears.
    Cuz the gat'll put you in termoil. like our presidents first four years.

    vs. J o o k

    good luck.

    Claim to be street, kid. i ain't graspin those lies.
    I see jook's from the block....but this ain't madden 05.
    Ya can forget last week. now ya needin to brace.
    Cuz you took Strike out...
    ...but i'll be throwin the heat at ya face.
    I'm grimey, kid. somethin we all will find true.
    My nine'll have ya boyfriend jealous...
    ..when it makes ya give brain to the wall behind you.
    Don't need proof that you're jus' a flamin fag.
    When ya show ya face..
    ...ya got bitches runnin from it like a game of tag.
    So don't step to me, 'specially when ya have no clique.
    You'll be gettin hit by a Dis....like you was Castro's chick.
    We ain't hearda ya drops, so ya gettin murdered n' shot.
    Cuz i'm well known...
    ....this fag's more of a netzero than the server i got.
    ^^Dunno if it's played or not, but it'll drop this fagot.
    And you'll be on the ground like a fuckin coffee addict.
    Ha, yea i keep racist remarks to go along with the shooter.
    When i wet ya back. you'll have somethin in common with super.
    ^He's ya rider. he'll vote, and i know you expectin it.
    But i love blacks, whites and asians...
    ...so who gives a fuck if ya get a vote from a mexican.
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. John Nash


    You shouldn't be here...i gotcha shook and rattlin.
    Is this Guyill?....fuck nah, but that's who i SHOULD be battlin.
    I run this writers block..i mean damn, i'm a menace.
    Watch me turn ya spinal Column into a fuckin fragmented sentence.
    Gettin knocked flat when you see that i'm dissin.
    And you'll drop so quick...Super wouldn't even THINK about bitchin.
    If you think he’s straight…you’d be a moron, guys.
    Ya’ll some moron bitches….cuz ya know he’s moron guys.
    When I uppercut you…I’ll be stopping you here.
    It’ll send ya to the kingdom of heaven…
    … and you can forget about the box office premier.
    I ain’t an athlete man, but I bet you’ll get ate up.
    I came off the bench in sports…
    ..you do that whenever you wake up.
    You got no chance. i can't be talkin any clearer.
    So if worst comes to worst. . .you musta walked into a mirror.
    Haha, two no-names in a row..ima drop this hoe.
    Cuz if you’re The Contender…no wonder I never watched the show.
    It’ll be weird for ya…lookin back after this week is thru.
    To see a bunch of ‘’Vote-John’s’’…and not 1 of them be for you.

    vs. Ribonuclease

    1st off i'd like to thank Jook before i write these bars.
    Cuz he signed out....and now i don't have to try as hard.
    I don't know shit about you or what you're hopin to bring.
    ...except for the fact i got 2 votes before i even wrote anything.
    You're hungry for the win, but i know that ya losin.
    Cuz ya stomach's only hollow, cuz that's the typa bullets i'm usin.
    Ribo's a baller?...but you be ignorin a wife.
    Ya known for jumpin on the hardwood..
    ...but never touched a court in your life.
    I'll drop ya poor ass. there's no doubt you're a bitch.
    Ya ain't Jada Pinkett...but you still live in a house with a Hitch.
    I'm on that dope ish, and ya'll know i'm gonna win, right.
    Leavin ya w/ throat cancer..
    ...when my hollow's be smokin from ya wind-pipe.
    You're a FAGOT. i just laugh when you try ta be hard.
    Cuz this queers been in more fake squares than mimes in the park.
    I'll adam to my win list, an' you've gotta believe.
    I'ma make Rib look like a bitch....sorta like God did for Eve.
    Oz and Super are in the south, and now you can see.
    That if THEY got dropped...YOUR wack ass should be out of the league.

    vs. $1.50

    I’ve been in 7 champ matches..

    So ya know what i got in store'll be painful.
    You’ve reached ONE title match..
    .. and we all saw Jook break alot more than ya ankles.
    And speakin of him… we all know the guys ya hero.
    But what’s that make me?… cuz I BEAT him nine to zero.
    I kill fags, so yea, you're gonna see defeat.
    See dudes bendin over for 1.50..
    ...but they aint gettin money off the street.
    You can say I’m dishonest…but my flow is fluent.
    Just know my blade is a promise….and I’m gonna hold you to it.
    I heard that an’ figured there’s no way that you suck.
    Then I checked ya shit..
    .. and DAMN… Face must think I’m wack as FUCK.
    I’ll kill ya siblings.. and make sure this man’ll die.
    And then likea season finale…I’ma put an end to ya Family, guy.
    On the pimp shit there’s no way that this cat’d be equal.
    True, you’re a role model………for mothafuckin abstinent people.
    No crew’d back ya, so how ya gonna see me, g?
    When the only Friends you got..
    .. are the episodes you bought on DVD.
    It costs to live… so man I hope you like lists.
    Notepad: 3.00, AOL: 24.99…
    Bitch: 1.50….....Beatin that ass: PRICELESS.
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Purfeksion

    You got no show shine.. but i'll be droppin this fag.
    Cuz i'll be postin... so sorry, there goes ya spot in the mag.
    It's over for him. chances? you know that their slim.
    8-2 is a dope ass record...
    .. unless the South is where you got most of the wins.
    You can't hope to begin, no way this cat makes it through.
    Cuz it's a-parent you suck... like what your dad makes you do.
    I carry tech's. very wrecked is what this cat'll be.
    I hear ya wanted a 9-2...
    ... but then found you had to battle me.
    I never flip off an old concept, i don't think that it's tight.
    But if i ever do....
    .. i'll have my middle finger up at everything that you write.
    Now, you might wear bobby pins to tighten ya locks.
    But i KNOW you got bobby pinned cuz he likes you on top.
    I ain't gonna try in this drop, an' i'll stop your plans.
    Cuz Man U' ain't shit... and i ain't even a soccer fan.
    You're another example of a RBL wannabe morbid queer.
    It's obvious that Pur-puss...
    ... but i'm still wonderin what yours is here.

    vs. $1.50

    no show ish

    Who have you beat?.. claim ya destined for fame.
    Oh yea you sonned Omen…^^but still, the question remains.
    I beat you once… no need for bein hesitant.
    But fuck history repeatin itself..
    .. I’ll beat you enough to give it a speech impediment.
    I swing blades, cuz wackness is what ya shit borders.
    An’ I’ll chop ya up to the point everyone starts callin you 6 Quarters.
    Think you’re a thug, but all I see in this bitch is doubt.
    Cuz the only thing you reel in…………..are fish and trout.
    Don't mention women, you ain't ever gettin a wife.
    Ya live ya life like a chicken...
    ... no wonder ya never seen a chicken ya life.
    Ya won't post, cuz this fag is only so-so.
    But ya such a nobody.. it won't even matter if ya no show.

    vs. Guile

    yea i can explain it.


    check the dates mr. smoove

    but can you explain THAT^^ ?!

    fuck you. i ain't ever flippin ya raps liar.
    i never read a dictionary..
    .. but i'm sure that'd be in the definition for BACKFIRE.
    Ya might not remember my lines, this cat's a clown dude.
    But if my punches don't ring a bell, my fuckin bat is bound to.
    As far as ya ex girl... i'm not the type to lie in a battle.
    I sweet talked her, and next thing ya know i was incider like a.pples.
    Love is blind<---that's what i consider a common and good cliche.
    While you use it as an excuse for why bitches never look your way.
    I have respect.. and you don't wanna see me spray.
    I'll crack ya neck so bad, the autopsy'll be performed by the DEA.
    ^^We'll watch your head split... cuz this cat's more than wack.
    Then i'll hit him with a Leftwitch.. could KO the Jag's Quarterback.
    Ok. enougha that, i wanna talk about your lines.
    (checks quotes above)
    ... but as we can see, it's kinda hard to talk about YOUR lines.
    Haha.. had to neglect this fag with the best attack.
    I'm talkin straight forward...
    ... and it's no surprise that you're steppin back.

    vs. Dukane


    If you got a win streak goin on i'm gonna stall it.
    You ain't got a lifestyle with money..
    .. you got a 5 year old condom in ya wallet.
    You can hate me. but listen, here's the facts, kid.
    I'll leave a crack in ya lips that can't be cured with chapstick.
    You want some nice punches, but look like your out.
    So while you're fishin for lines...
    ...you'll just catch a hook to your mouth.
    Listen man. i'm offensive, my lines are more than a weapon.
    They say D wins championships... and well, you're the exception.
    You're not that nice. and you ain't got much to show.
    How do you expect me to reach your level...
    ...when i can barely reach down and touch my toes?
    Never find me ridin ya dick, so why you even tryin to spit.
    Shit; even ya verses are considered freeposts...
    ...cuz ain't nobody buyin that shit.
  7. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Known Rapper

    I'm back in the league, but i heard votin was stupid though.
    I didn't believe it at all... and then i saw this guys record was 2 and 0.
    Forget ya girl. fans EXPECT me to be rippin this up.
    And fans: the weight's over...
    ....reverse that^^ and you'll find the type of bitches he fucks.
    Your shit is hillarious. it's makin me laugh till' i fall.
    Do i got a bone to pick? ..hell nah... i'll be snappin em' all.
    Act like you got cash, but that's not what i'm observin dude.
    Cuz ya damn bank Statement hasn't ever said a fuckin WORD to you.
    All this stretched wordplay from you's a distraction.
    Everytime i try to sum up ya verses.... i find myself doin subtraction.
    You're the underdog, and dude he is the worst.
    You lookin for an upset?
    .. check ya dad's face in the home movie of your birth.
    I'd ask about ya career, but i know what they'll say.
    That ya record ain't the bronco's, but its always leaned toward the eLway.

    vs. Os1ris


    Dunno if u blaze. but check that geeks verse.
    Forget cleanin the resin out ya pipe..
    .. you needa clean the Resin out ya teeth first.
    Biter. you got issues, you can bet he needs help.
    I'ma beat you so Swift.. i'll prolly get an applause from the rest of D-12.
    Just quit. there's no way this clown's contendin.
    I was gonna write you a reality check..
    .. then i realized ya wouldn't know how to spend it.
    You suck dick for a livin.. and don't even try stoppin this.
    Got enough pole through ya head, ya first name should be Ryn, Osiris.
    ^Get it? i know it's clever, and it'll fuckin rip ya rhymes.
    And it's goin wayyy over your head like...oh wait, you already bit that line.
    This guys droppin quick. i'm attackin when i mention you.
    Forget usin a Guard for ya face, you'll need both tackles and the center too.


    vs. Phryme

    johnrussell20: we can go 20 if you want
    xeropyroprime: i dont even know if i'll write 20 since i KNOW im gonna lose due to obvious standards

    What are the obvious standards?

    .. i could guess, but i wanna see what you think is true.
    If it's bein outshined, outclassed and outpunched.. then yea, i'd agree with you.
    It's the truth that you're broke and i'm exposin this cheater.
    Whenever you reach for cash..
    .. the pocket's empty<-- kinda like when Vick can't find an open receiver.
    Watch me hit you kid.. and it'll make you retreat.
    See, i'm known to drop Nice...... so expect to stay on your feet.
    I got goals and a future, and cats love when i diss ya.
    But i know i need to change my LifeStyle..
    .. or you'll wind up with another brother or sister.
    I admit you're not bad.. and that's a lasting statement.
    And i tried to reach your level... but my house doesn't have a basement.
    See, i laugh at the breakdowns.. and it's not a lie when i mention.
    You get enough 'OK's to put the fuckin Sooners back in title contention.

    You're going to lose, cats won't give you half a glance.
    But hey, keep this shit up:
    .. then just MAYBE you'll have a chance.


    vs. Alamo IV

    Alamo IV.
    Check ya name.. you gotta learn to back it up.
    Cuz you're the 4TH ONE... and Alamo is STILLLLL wack as fuck.
    You'll fall to me fucker, an' get ripped and clowned too.
    I'd call you a sucker..
    .. but no bitch'd put their lips around you.
    I got my style, and my lyrics influence the world dude.
    But it's all good, you do you...... since ya can't get a girl to.
    Alamo<--look at the words, drop an A then rearrange it too.
    Then you'll know what the thought of your skills always makes me do.
    LMAO. ya shit is laughable. and i'ma beat this clown.
    My nine'll light up ya head so much..
    .. it could be used as a decoration a week from now.
    We ain't cool.. so expect to see this bitch get rattled.
    But word, i DON'T diss-like you.. cuz i actually wanna win my battles.
    If you can see it, hear it. then you know i'll move through.
    Cuz your fashion sense looks like it's blind, deaf, and mute too.
    Quit with the played shit. i know son, i bet ur scared.
    But you got enough old lines to rival the ones for medicair.
    You and the champ match, i hope you noticed this.
    ^They both share a link.. cuz you wouldn't be here if E had posted his.

  8. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Ribonuclease

    So, Rib recently won the title.. thinks his rappin is clever.
    Think he had a breakout year? ha, nahhh... dudes had acne forever.
    I ain't dissin Nik.. it's just reason i don't fear this hoe.
    It's obvious you suck..
    .. when you're losin to the same Rib lines that beat you a YEAR ago.
    Still causin static kid, everyone loves my lines too.
    An'tenna ya verses can't get the same Reception as ONE of mine do.
    Ya act fresh, but voters ain't sayin that you are.
    The way they give you a Scion every line..
    ... you could prolly make a downpayment for the car.
    Acts like he's got paper but this cat is really poor though.
    Ya personality is a total Giveaway... like how this fagot got his wardrobe.
    The personals aint fake, nothin in the world is stoppin me.
    Only way i'm an underdog... is whenever your girls on top of me.
    Man, i'll make her take a seat then i'll bounce her.
    And she'll be screamin OH BABY more than the StreetBall announcer.
    Honestly man, there's no chance this kid is winning.
    You need to TAKE some advice..
    ... cuz your wayyy too wack for me to give you any.
    I'm sarc.astic, and it ain't nice to call ya rhymes stupid.
    Rib, you're #1 on my list...

    ... and i keep posters on my wall of those columbine students.

    vs. Demik

    I won my 1st title when i was facin this herb.
    Used to think it was my biggest win..
    .. now i just realize how fuckin overrated you were.
    All the alias'.. but whenever this vet is writin.
    He drops with his REAL name..
    .. just to make sure all his dickriders recognize him.
    Quit actin thugged out, and don't ignore the hatin.
    Dawg, we all know UBISOFT... like fans of game corporations.
    Ya could be athletic, and ya luck isn't soaring.
    But you prolly come off the bench...
    ... just like whenever you get up in the morning.
    Ya friends like USC over Texas in their vicious little clash.
    But you like the Trojans over their Longhorns...
    .. cuz you don't want them to finish in your ass.
    You're a fag, and take the dick, just face it, shit.
    HeHe..... i ain't laughin...
    ... that's just you stuttering about your last relationship.
    I got dope shit, ill shit, and nice shit when i'm mentioned.
    While you just got.. the 4th, 6th and 9th words in that sentence^.
    I didn't make a mistake you fuckin' text geek.
    Yea, i posted Num's verse..
    .. just so you'll know what you WON'T be facin next week.
  9. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Young Philly


    YoungPhillyBoul: i wasnt on all night
    HENSizaking: word
    YoungPhillyBoul: i played monopoly while drinking lmfao


    Seriously man, you know I do it the best.
    Up playin games..
    .. and left any Chance ya had next to the Community Chest.
    Look at the backdrop, ok now just stop.. pause it.
    Check the surprise on his face..
    .. dude just got caught on cam. comin out his moms closet.
    Don’t think the baggy clothes make the kid look tight now.
    That only works when it isn’t pajama’s and women’s night gowns.
    What a fag. don’t get tricked an’ think P is the hardest.
    Dude just wears the long shirts to protect his knees from the carpet.
    You're aiiiight, not dope, i said you're okay.
    Might be headed in the right direction..
    .. but only cuz my left hook just sent you that way.
    See, i swing knife blades cuz i'm crazed in my mind.
    I'll hit ya.. THEN take ya handoff.. like rushing plays in rewind.
    Ain't a horror flick, but that explains why P is the worst.
    Cuz Jack Nicholson prolly can't find a Shining thing in your verse.
    Look at ya left shoulder.. yea I noticed, I caught that.
    Shoulder responsibility?..
    .. nahh, It looks like all you can shoulder is bra straps.
    Forget the ranks, there’s no way this dude is beatin me.
    Cuz in this battle.. you’re not better than no2.. like Creatine.
    Ya lines ain’t fresh.. and dunny I bet that you knew.
    Ya good ones are recycled Orbit..
    .. and I don’t mean gum that’s already been chewed.

    YoungPhillyBoul: i got a early christmas present
    YoungPhillyBoul: carebear slippers
    HENSizaking: haha who got you it
    YoungPhillyBoul: my moms

    You’re gay bro, I hate to call you it tho.
    Don’t worry about comin out to ya parents ..
    .. based on that shit I think they already know.

    vs. Mets

    remember this...

    I'm surprised,
    Not about how fast you get your verse done.
    But that ya dropped another ball line..
    ... after you already fuckin bit my FIRST one.
    7-1. luck at best, this supposed to be a fuckin test?
    Dude, you're jackin my lines..
    ... so it's understandable you've had so much success.
    Battle my own ish? I’ll make ya world end, cousin.
    Now I gotta beat myself…. and usually ya girlfriend does it.
    She told me ya sex life was like a big morbid joke.
    And that it was more of a humerus bone than the one of yours i broke.
    You'll get hit inta altzheimers if ya talk to Hens.
    ''1, 2 step'' ain't a dance..
    .. it's ya physical therapist teachin ya how to walk again.
    I'm bigger lyrically but physically my ass is outsized.
    Shit, fatso's wifebeaters could KO the whole cast of Housewives.
    I wanted ta pic battle cuz you're so fat and bland, kid.
    Talked to Jeff and got turned down due to his lack of bandwidth.
    Man, i stay swingin.. an' i hate to expose ya fella.
    But once i give a body shot..
    .. it'll have ya torso arc enough to make noah jealous.
    2 lines a bar is the style that you used ta be choosin kid.
    Funny cats said they hate the 3 line ish.. right as you started usin it.

    vs. Voltron


    LOL, that’s you?

    Nooo joke ya’ll, take a look at this damn guy.
    He didn’t let me know this was a pic battle... now I understand why.
    If ya check the fake grill ya know this vets hopes’r slim.
    After I knock out his teeth i’ma use em’ to wrap my leftovers in.
    Expect us to think they’re real?.. so damn fake it’s a crime.
    It’s easy to tell when the flash on the cam barely creates any shine.
    Look at ya puffed up cheeks, it’ll be easy to murder you early.
    Got game retailers goin wild. the black, ghetto version of Kirby.
    Fuuuck.. 8 lines on ya face.. I seriously have ta stop it.
    .. Okay, I’m back now, sorry for the pause ya’ll.. I had to vomit.
    Been readin up on my shit so I know that you fear it.
    Quriosity killed a cat?.. too bad folk tales don’t convert over to lyrics
    Ya disses?.. man, you really think they can hit me?
    Cuz when I start swingin...
    ... you’ll spin Outta Control.. and you don’t DJ for 50.
    You got a nice attire it’s sad all my lines require gore though.
    Cuz I’ll connect with a clothesline that’ll dry your entire wardrobe.
    Made the champ match, but I gotcha rhymes in doubt.
    I don’t deserve an Oz. of appreciation..
    ... but you should probably give him some for signing out.
    ^Lines a bit played, but I dropped it to connect the two.
    Too bad I didn’t post 1st.. voters woulda known what to expect from you.
    I was with ya bitch, and straight up murderin the game.
    It’s why I’m droppin a late flow..
    .. and uhhh.. don’t be surprised if your girl does the same.
    Pay attention, I ain’t listin’ goodbyes for you dumb geeks.
    But Bye the time I’m done.. Q won’t be leavin in.. One, Peace.
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