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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Dough Jordan, John Dough

    vs. Island

    I'ma save voters the breakdown since ya been smoked clear/
    his verse's content summed up: insert chin joke here_____/
    Above's ur chance for another chin diss, think of it quick/
    I can't care too much, I provided u with a link to the pic/
    and I don't need yours cuz ur considered a limited threat/
    posted my pic for u again, saw what good it did citizen x/
    there 2 differences between us, u get stamped wit ease/
    and 2? I never needed an alias to be champ of the league/
    people came online ta check ya verse, u left many bored/
    cuz ya dick's like the drug acid and nobodys on it anymore/
    get a fresh style, a fresh gimmick, and become new ta people/
    everyone knows that in ya field of dreams, i'm the root of evil/
    this battle ur sorta like a DJ vinyl, u gettin scratched and cut/
    they say u are what u eat, that makes u both ass and butt/
    thats whats up, wannabe net thug, let ya hammer tool spray/
    I'm one hard act to follow, ur more like a grammar school play/
    now I'm hoping u all understand just how this joker's lame/
    just pulled so many cards half the rbl could play a poker game/
    keep ya pics cuz women love em, I'll pretend at least/
    since his Mom, Nana, and all ya aunts got like 10 a piece/

    vs. Dsoul

    if laughter's the best medicine, I assure the stage/
    that one look at soul's mug and I got the cure for aids/
    sure ya daised, ya loss to cane was multiple signs/
    I'll predict your verse: 16 forced multiple rhymes/
    can't get the same shine, you won't see this lame climb/
    D's screen name's pom poms, u shook when its game time/
    so ashame I'm wasting bars, ya verse got barely a quote/
    battle's the iowa cauces, of course I'ma kerry the vote/
    ya mega nemesis, the hk gives the reddist blemishes/
    when I load the cartridge like playin sega genesis/
    no mercy, gotta leave ya hurt bad, you the worst fag/
    if you are what you smoke that'd make you a dirt bag/
    listen, you talk how you a hustler in all ya bars, please/
    you only pettle because you got no car keys/
    still undefeated chump cuz everybody got sonned/
    wins against you's a flight jacket, everybody got one/

    vs. Nu Sense

    Let's seperate the men from the mice...

    The mods lied to me ever saying this chumps trouble/
    two wack fucks above me, which one's the stunt double/
    we both 4 and 0 but you getting shook and torn/
    dont wanna be in ur shoes, u got athlete's foot and corns/
    if laughter's the best medicine, I assure the stage/
    that one look at Nu's mug and I got the cure for aids/
    can't get the same shine, you won't see this lame climb/
    nu's screen name's pom poms, u shook when its game time/
    no mercy, gotta leave ya hurt bad, you the worst fag/
    if you are what you smoke that'd make you a dirt bag/
    I'm wonderin which nu's wacker? 2nds worse of course/
    mtv boiling points could do a show with a verse of yours/
    can't stand it for more than a minute, save this drama/
    after this don't call me dough, just call me shift, comma/
    I'm just greater than anyone u name, think thats funny?/
    if u look like a million bucks its prolly in old Iraq money/
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. the fakulty

    the lady didn't wanna go first on valentine's day, that's a first...

    we're both undefeated but ur wins were cheap usually/
    so I got your winning streak looking like brief nudity/
    we not endorsin you so nobodys signen the check/
    know when I say "yes sur" it's not a sign of respect/
    its cuz u took his whole image, better fear the spark in me/
    stole sur's style so bad u might do a year for larceny/
    ur the idol of every geek, my chances never be bleek/
    ya verse can't diss me, u've voted for me every week/
    check the past unless ya memory tried ta block those parts/
    i've proven ya courage is today's date and you got no heart/
    no girl on the 14th, really sorry for exposin ya boss/
    u like spring training, got trouble hitting & ya closers are soft/

    hold on...

    vs. Vectore

    I see ya good at flipping concepts, since u dare provoke me.../
    gotta say that wasn't a verse above, it was text karioke/
    saying shit I said two years ago, u can't erase my dues/
    so above ya you'd need a ski lift just to lace my shoes/
    Lets be real, the Peeds are ass so you gonna fight with who?/
    check ur sig, Ray Charles wouldn't wanna trade site with you/
    now close down that link and ask which vet the nicest/
    when shit hits the fan u'll prolly get a case of hepatitis/
    cuz ur the groupie who gettin rocked ta sleep, u'll wake up slow/
    battles ya sway so much u get hate mail from the wake up show/
    hault the tactics, gotta admit u gettin served the fast way/
    I'm the pick of the litter, u just at the curb on trash day/
    plus ur mama's a fiend, askin how I know little man?/
    cuz her room got more needles than scribble jam/

    take a seat...

    vs. X Sample

    I hope u dont come at me with some picture disses, chin jokes, or "dough" name flips...

    jay brushed his shoulder off, it never dealt with u/
    cuz when u brush yours it's cuz you need selson blue/
    now I got ur whole fan club like this vet's hot son/
    guns are like wins vs me, no one on the net's got one/
    stop all the tough talk, admit u get no love/
    inf beams'll have your house lookin like a techno club/
    dont worry about your verse, glare at the lines left/
    when I say fix ya face it's not repairen ya timex/
    u getting gored in two, this win is more than due/
    haven't seen a 5 this bad since the retro jordan shoe/
    u came horrible in 2003 but still ur new here fam/
    got such a ugly mug sales dropped for the rootbeer brand/
    ya face is that bad, plus ya girl's a pretty low dame/
    she proved double dribble aint just a video game/
    its what her mouth do, feel free ta lie see.../
    I'm the real sample cuz everyone wanna try me/
    u still get made fun of and we choke on this laughter/
    call u laffy taffy the way I got jokes on this rapper/
    onta ya moms who pussy stinks, I'ma stop the verse/
    since even the homeless stay from that box of hers/

    stop playin...
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. I.deal

    http://www. .net/tourney/pba2/tangible.jpg

    We all know what this clown looks like but if u need a reminder, just put the addy above together...

    pics are worth a thousand words and tho winnen this is lovely../
    yours is worth about 40 cuz I ran outta synonyms for ugly/
    ur bars are pussy so ur far from causing linear harm/
    this kid looks like nick cannon, just with skinnier arms/
    I do this for fun but to Tang its clear text is a hustle/
    not sure whats weaker, that verse or u flexin ya muscle/
    we win at about the same rate but u wack, I'm plain great/
    he tried to bite the hand that feeds him, just to gain weight/
    edit ur verse like last week, I'll give u one chance more/
    Tang slacks so much he could open a chain of pants stores/
    now back to ur pic, its about time u get over the lies/
    knows he cant see me so he kept that hat over his eyes/
    look at the crowd's faces in ur pic, it's bug when/
    everyone but u realized ur mic wasn't plugged in/
    I'm dope, dont need lies ta make up or fool ya/
    evidence wise, I got more links than jacob the jeweler/
    thing is Tang's wack, dont gotta doubt the witness/
    I got enuff proof to put cuervo and henny outta business/
    understand fam that there's nobody sick as me/
    and I'll show u a liar if u show me someone who disagree/

    someone call this guy a cab...

    vs. Elliott Best

    I edited before he edited his in for the critics...

    Ur a disgrace, get sliced from ur vitals to your head/
    ya records so bad it was left out the title of the thread/
    they say victory's suite so this clown should know well/
    that Dough takes up the top floor of every hotel/
    I'm the net's ben wallace when I stop the next fan/
    cuz all I do's pull misses and block the next man/
    so ur from harlem? who cares what u pushin me for/
    not sure whats more pink, cam or that pussy of yours/
    we'll truly see, shells leave u wit a gooey tee/
    its funny, all ur verses sound the same like lumidee's/
    how u battle so much and lack that many quotes/
    this kid lives in NYC and has that many posts/
    leave ur crib, when I rhyme every dude respect it/
    or I'll give em a cut quicker than cube or cedric/
    so save ur clown lines, we know ur past weak/
    & if u bring up ideal, u voted for me last week/

    it's a rizzy...

    vs. Doc Richards

    doc rich gotta battle cuz he got no hands or skills/
    he put his best foot forward and kept standin still/
    u can't really win, I'll show u how ta properly kill/
    times money, an hour of yours is six monopoly bills/
    doc ur pussy, the WF squad could hardly tell/
    ur resime reads loser and mod of the rbl/
    everyone stand back when I say stop speakin clown/
    he's so gassed I cut his throat, it made a leakin sound/
    yea the records match but ur talents not john's rate/
    checked doc's yearbook, he had a laptop as his prom date/
    brought it a soundcard, no flowers, ur number's drawn/
    bullets are like re-runs, u'll catch em all summer long/
    made my moves, ur a rookie while I paid my dues/
    this verse came with glowsticks cuz it got rave reviews/
    with punches that weak look at ur tense ass.../
    fuck verses, ur posts look like a women's self defense class/
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Absent Minded

    go rename this battle since u've been stallin away/
    here's an idea, why don't you just call it a day/
    no beat but my text's a rare joy of music/
    HV tied u and he didnt need a steroid ta do it/
    that was last week, this aint nearly a flow bout/
    this battle's ben wallace hair, clearly a blow out/
    ur only opshins ta lose so watch the best star/
    half ya verse's forced multis, other's stretched bars/
    can't pretend u dope, what u given me is babbage/
    ya attitude's mean cuz u the epitomy of average/
    thought he was in the lime light and his raps got on/
    until he realized he just had his caps lock on/
    i've heard u try to rap on the mic, dont waste time/
    ur Jordan on the beat, u fadeaway on the baseline/
    when I snuff ur eyes you could watch me total.../
    the bruises, itll have more rings than the new tmobile/

    guess I showed this week...

    vs. Vice Versa

    guess i'll do u a solid and meet u half way between ur 10-30 lines

    I know all about this guy, nobody needs ta warn me/
    he's named orbit cuz his life revolves around storm G/
    now check his new alias, another way he sounds.../
    is vice versa cuz he likes it the other way around/
    if thats over ur head ya lines aren't fire at all/
    no dentist, he'll need electricians to wire his jaw/
    claim u got some tricks but ur reigns prolly over/
    since the only thing u got up ur sleeve is body odor/
    white harlem? I know heads from St. Nick ta broadway/
    while u look at ur girl and think "How much this broad weigh"?/
    guess she's fat, check the mags, I'm the quotable king/
    how u got that record and never done a noteable thing?/
    ur not a rapper, u got too many singer traits/
    this the art of war, orbit brought some finger paints/
    I seen ur picture and your gear was just a sad tale/
    u should start a clothing line, call the shit tag sale/
    thats the vibe I got, honestly he needs a rest/
    ur not a gangster, u just got beads of sweat/
    I know u dont got much money, just stay amish/
    cuz here u've paid the price, after u'll pay hommage/

    thanks for coming down...

    vs. headless verseman

    I'm expecting a lot of played pic disses and fake personals from u, wanna prove me right?

    verseman's washed up, these days ya whole pull is lacking/
    ur the worst thing on the net since sandra bullock's acting/
    who cares about ur muscles, ya pics just homo proof/
    that ur a flash in the pan, I'm more like a photo shoot/
    save ur two cents and perhaps the crowd'll cheer em/
    cuz opinions are like ya audios, I dont wanna hear em/
    I really annoy this guy so he tries to avoid people/
    only thing under his skin more than me's steroid needles/
    I know ur game pop, ur chances are startin ta wilt/
    not ta mention ur neck's still on every carton of milk/
    nobody found it yet, ya fake son.../
    he the net roy jones, he throws punches but can't take one/
    turned on Jerry Springer to learn ur certainly fryed/
    cuz headless looks just like the head security guy/
    Steve I think it is, u were boring from the first spit/
    ya jaw's leaned, u got a grill foreman couldn't work wit/
    dont forget ur mom's a fiend, we know dawg/
    she takes more bricks to the head than deebo dawg/
    I'd say u lost ur edge just as laughter ta use/
    but u need something to jump off after u lose/

    vs. Necromancer

    marc go edit that picture of me back in ur verse I got yours working...

    You seemed shook but were on time wit a battle script/
    he's not a marine, he just plays alotta online battle ship/
    j-kwon's in the service? I was hopin for a sick battle/
    till I found out thats not a mustache, its his lip's shadow/
    I heard all marines are given guns well I'll bet son.../
    you should roll those sleeves down till you get some/
    Dough's vile so please I'll destruct ya style with ease/
    that outfits good in battle if u blend in with a pile of leaves/
    or maybe paintball, thats it, theres none of this punk left/
    its go hard or go home, u should be on ya front steps/
    I knew marcus changed alot but it wasn't a slight thing/
    till I found he had a dark arm and the other was light skinned/
    taken lives lately, here I was hoping ta spare one/
    so I'm debatin what line's worse, his closer or hair one/
    cuz ya edge up's dumb crooked, u'll take no bout/
    call him a broke atm cuz he can't take dough out/
    all ur aliases aren't cool either, I'm scorchin this thug/
    no points, here u need ta get donated organs and blood/
    on his road to success he heard from a car device/
    cuz even the on star told Silent he was far from nice/

    call him a cab...
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