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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Island (account shared by alot of people, mostly User and Aloe though)

    vs. Dough Jordan

    Kanye broke his jaw too, n it was makin his chin long
    but Kanye spit thru the wire...youre rappin thru brick walls
    You’ve been on the net for 4 years…but damn the mans a bore
    Cus Lebron made the Cavs big…while Fat did that to yours
    the guesses on who I am have been fake, but it lingers
    as he counters my lines, makin his chin shape with his fingers
    Lets leave it to dough, use the mag n see what he knows
    I won best verse, he was runner up to me 2 weeks in a row
    We make fun of user…hes fat, but his lines are forceful
    N while he’s got 8 chins, you’ve got one bigger than his entire torso
    lets speak some more on user…not cus hes godly tho
    But cus he likes stickin the sausage to Dough, more than Somnio
    ill reverse the curse...lemme just lunge back
    And hit your chin so hard, the top a ya head'll resemble a dunce cap
    This hunch back wasnt felt for 4 years, n now i bet this ho’s lovin it
    Cus he'll keep his chin up....so the bottom 30 can limbo under it
    There ain't no doubts, ...i'm pullin this win off
    Chinchilla aint a fabric, it's the name of ur chin in a Godzilla spin off
    I tried to get over your chin, .....but fuck it, it's hard
    If i broke ya glass jaw all of Hartford would be covered in shards

    vs. Hybrid Angel

    Touched By An Angel, its a show?..nope...n try to accept this
    its really a porno movie, starring such fags as Hybrid and Headless

    your a hybrid,...meaning two?...im makin this dude stop
    cuz ya half Angelic...n the other half is takin the nude shots
    i dont care about ya riders, i overpower groupies
    now watch #2 get clowned...like an austin powers movie
    You goin further up shits creek the faster you paddle
    Angelfire isn't a webhost, It's whats gonna be left of u after this battle
    Think you got a chance? I stay bombin with slugs fag
    I'll make Angel Dust.... quicker than ya moms in a drug lab
    the way im beatin that ass, how you gon' stop and hurt me
    when your more of a fuckin no-name...than college jerseys
    The RBL’s dope…but believe the best in it’s me…
    N you hold the record…for most newbies beaten in consecutive weeks
    But ill let it just be, talk shit and get ya damn frame throttled...
    so its wise to put a cork in it just like champagne bottles
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. aura and Rhymeageddon

    God vs. Ghostwriter vs. Ghostwriter

    Im doin some rapin tonight…bets is off, n im sayin it like…
    Island stays with the hookup…yall stay with ladies delight
    get it yet?..ill hit a vet, n ya still wont see me brother,
    toppling Island?...how, when you faggots couldn’t beat each other…


    Island and Aura…were different, n screw it ya worthless
    but were alike too, cuz each week someone else is doin our verses
    See its my job to win...and you can tell theres losses
    Your only line of work is waitin for a check at the welfare office
    User this....User that....overused the topic and played it out
    ...hes just mad i got more pounds than his UK bank account
    this bitch gets bullied at school, n at lunch he pities the moment..
    when he's going thru Hall's running more than Kansas City opponents
    go ahead and reach for the title, you wont get it in time..
    cuz ya style is lending to wackness, more than the ppl givin you lines


    rhyme’s got ghoster’s too…he needs lines, so the bastard flips em..
    Cuz each week he’s prayin for Angels…more than disaster victims*
    U wont lose like a man, u'll say i got dickrode instead
    They say misery loves company, ..u must have a shit load of friends
    fags fall in the rankings...so watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks
    Poor bastard, im gonna burry you deep in sediment
    If money talks, then yours got a broke jaw n a speach impediment
    Rhymes wack as fuck…and this fag aint clownin on me
    Cuz the only time we’re proud of 2.5…is when nasifs countin to 3

    *yea..Angel admitted and so did homie

    vs. Kommplexx


    Look at this kid's blood on my palms now
    Uppercutted so hard even meditation won't help put a Kom down
    I'm the champ, now go away, can't you see I'm busy
    Voters getting hit on the head is their only hope of feeling Dissy
    And that's the facts, its obvious your here to budge
    We only hear "Dis Honour Nice" when ch.inks talk 'bout a lenient Judge
    Im usually angry at rich whites…but be scared cuz im calmer
    Cuz if you’re the rich whites Komplexx…ill be the terrorist bomber
    Kom's just a punk that's gon pay and get severed
    Your creativity didn't run dry, it limped itself all the way to a desert
    Your weak in the knees, ..approachin me isnt smart b
    Cuz ill make ya legs give out... more than the salvation army
    You saw my Interview talking bout your hot losses
    N since i mentioned u in the Rundown, that movie has flopped at the box office
    I'm that gangsta white kid while you just a diddy fool
    My Blood's thicker than water while you just a crip at a kiddie pool
    My city's cool, I'll punch yo nose so cringe when we fight
    Make him so swole he needs to lie face down in a hockey rink for some ice
    He’ll never get black girls…he’s hurt and his type is known
    So in Essence......... is cum shots from nervousness and nights alone
    You don’t understand how serious this is….my crews all scary
    And you’ll get fucked up cuz a island…like New York ferry’s
    Fuck a Komplexx…ill be this PLUS next weeks winner
    Cuz the only Craft with ‘cats…is prolly just tekneeks dinner....

    I'm still on top
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. ARIZCATS


    Hes dumb if hes flossin'...n who the fuck is he bossin?
    Cuz bitch...only time you hurt me, is when cuttin ya losses
    Please, u think ya gotta chance? ..ya cant fair with the kid,
    When ya boss delivered ya pink slip...and ya been wearin it since!
    See island is fat and skinny...dont front if ya wack kid...
    Cuz we reppin both sides of the Scales...you just likin his back end
    Lets be real, Nobody reads ur shit... ever, you tard
    The only red lines in ur verses are the ones at the end of your bars
    But i`ve seen your shit before, u aint the best at text or flow
    Dog you got longer lines than a welfare office next to mexico
    I've ate so many emcees it`d make a cannibal swelter
    N i`ll blow up Catz quicker than a bomb at an animal shelter
    Your wack b, step to me n you`ll get ur ass beat
    Your skills come up short, ..like the rbl mag from last week
    No secrets anymore, we all know that ur wack man
    So lets just let the Catz outa the bag.... straight into the trash can
    See whore, i`ll take u to the edge of an open seaboard
    And push you to the point of no return, ..like a broken keyboard
    This shit is easy for me, ur gettin harmed n bled
    See me gettin this win is a snap... of ya neck, legs, arms n head
    N Islands swingin wild, ..equipped with bats n logs
    I`ma uppercut this faggot so high it`ll start rainin Catz... n dogs
    Your life sucks, i`ma push this knife all the way in
    The only suite life ya livin is in ur room at the Holiday Inn
    N don`t say ur pimpin.. cus nona you catz are
    The only Real Player in your life is the one in your task bar
    Don`t ever fuck with me, ..i`m eager n famous
    And i`ll make you hit the deck quicker than dealers in vegas
    This is Aloe here...id use more punches to bruise this sinner
    But i got bigger fish to fry....cuz im going off to make users dinner

    vs. Macabre

    I see you like to use personals…ok

    see, I'm sittin back…kickin it, imma put this bitch to task
    there's Islands all over the world, but only one is about to kick your ass
    everyone thinks your wack…so stop talking ya homo
    even Jeff knows it…that's why your stuck moddin the dojo
    hows a wack motherfucker supposed to give advice on rhymes
    your as bad as everyone in there…it just took you twice the time
    blame Demik for setting up a match that YOU can't handle
    cuz ill give you the boot…while HE gives you a boot camp battle
    lookit what this faggot is under; for postin that wackness you'll suffer
    i'd impose my Will on you… but you'd prolly ask for his number
    you know when your close fam, stop tryna flow when your stoned man
    ill put a chi.nk in your armor...n watch Tekneek vote for his homeland
    heres where I say your gay, I got a reason to call you bitch tho
    1. your not in WF, 2. your wack n 3. …YOU ACTUALLY TALK TO KRYSTO
    There's a requirement to battle me, u should stop in my wake
    Imma champ... you cant even beat Xsample n make him drop in the ranks

    suck shit and die loser newbie scum
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Doc Richards

    So…Me vs. Demik….ehhh

    AkA DeMiK 416: dude, i work at mickey ds
    AkA DeMiK 416: and im Canadian

    im fat, and i have a lot of money, but the problem with this..
    is he'll diss those alot, when i keep his minimum wage job in business
    im the boss of yall...fuck the records, i havent lost at all
    so u can watch ur career go down the drain; AFTER u wash the stalls
    Said I wouldn't get personal but I lied, this bastard's adopted
    & now your luck ran out almost as fast as your pops did
    congrats, WF made you a battle head...but when u lose to me
    youll go right back to being the piddly ass fuck piece of shit u used to be
    no skills, in Wf cuz you & Ink are dating on aim so..
    when i whisper sweet nothings i'm just saying your name low
    imma focused vet...im bored with u, n u aint even posted yet
    wanna do something for the voters? sign out, and gimme Dough instead
    the title is mine, im takin it right offa your chest, see....
    n dont get it twisted; cuz i need to strangle dough with it next week
    im the face of the RBL again, im the best ya know, fam
    so really...your not even needed as mod anymore, let alone champ

    here's your W-2, pal...gimme the title

    vs. Tony Elbow

    biters never prosper

    i see the sharks'll swim...i dont even wanna talk to him
    cuz fuck my next title run...i can set the treadmill on slow walk and win
    cuz basically skip, your a faggot, no 'maybe's or 'if's
    i think its funny tho...how Tony Elbow is more like Tony Labia Lips
    i bet your a bitch...n when your boyfriend is flexin his wrist...
    you do like any elbow would...n just bend for the fist
    the fight is done, listen, im not the type to stunt...
    but i fell asleep after your third or fourth recycled punch
    maybe you actually have talent...HAH!, fuck it im lyin'
    you did more biting in one verse then i've done on my diet
    i think the point shit is gay, but i need to get my actions talkin
    id buy some just for you...but jeff hasnt added the BAN FAGGOT option

    vs. Synthesis

    Ya sigs bullshit..Life Saviors is dead…try and control ya hormones, ape..
    Cuz I haven't seen such a shameless plug since your mothers porno tape
    yearbooks, his parents, n plants share somethin w/ this timeless bastid
    they all had to PhotoSynthesis...but the first 2 wither'd up n died the fastest

    now listen...

    I hear you like people, well I do too, lets get on the sexual tip…
    ...you big into culture?...then you can have what your girl left on my dick
    I'd say your ugly as sin...but i dont think thats a felt perception..
    But when syn lost his job.......it finally passed its Health Inspection
    Dudes verses are wack, u oughta be socked sucker
    With no new shit, the only Original Syn you'll find is at Block Buster
    You'll never be a perfect fit, 'n kid i seen ya outfits
    You got no kinda rep, tryin to earn stripes by shoppin adidas outlets
    Listen kid, since your all up on my dick handelin
    I'll leave ya with more clear white shit on ya face than Rick Hamilton
    this is a fools bout..listen to the bullshit comin thru dudes mouth
    theres 7 deadly sins, but ugly isnt one, so your ruled out...
    think imma lose?, keep sayin that shit out ya mouth, then look its fair..
    ...that u slide Idol's cock to the left, so you can put your foot in there
    'YOUR FAT, YOUR FAT'...watch this hoe get hurt...
    when he finds out those disses dont do shit...cuz aloe wrote this verse

    I. am. NOT. in. your. FUCKING. crew.
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Ill Nik-A

    Who u scarin, honeslty dog it ain`t even worth preparin
    You cant rock me with old faded lines... unlike that shirt your wearin
    I mean please, who the fuck you think you are
    When you lookin like a flame broiled muskrat trying to act hard
    U losin, N nobodies commin to rescue you cuzz
    Whys ya face-skin look 20 years older than the rest of you does?
    Ill Nik-A? man please, u more like a homo Nsync
    Cus the blackest thing in that fuckin picture is the photo shop ink
    Forget disses, maybe u can explain instead in jest
    Why ya nose is goin east.. while the rest of ya head is goin west
    See Islands a fuckin beast, dudes set to cry now
    I`d say we see eye to eye, but ur ass has 2 sets of eye brows
    Now i like Luda lots, but this kids hysteria prone
    Holdin up 3-0-5 to let me kno i got hoes in different area codes
    N you shouldnt be actin like nothin but a bitch man
    Especially when the only ice u rock is a neon orange wrist-band
    You suck at this rap shit, i wanna inform ya with urge
    So dont quit ya day job.. sellin oranges on the corner with Serge
    N battling me? if u ever think ur by some grace worthy
    Just remember the fact that ur refugee lookin ass got some face Herpes

    play off my verse, i dare you

    vs. eyedill and Super Dooper

    Aloe & User Present: The Final Island Verse

    Islands got riders, n why would newbies win where vets've failed
    ...cuz i can have yall pushed by 50 groupies, like Banks' record sales
    Dill’s a known biter...and all ya bold dreams.. leave that
    Plus he’s hittin’ the same old lines, like a coke fiends relapse
    See dill...i can drop the subject, but the laughter hurts him
    N we can see eye to eye, but he’d have to look up from the fracture verses
    Ur gonna get clowned quick...here, look what i found kid...
    Combined?...Island's won more tourneys than ya lost the first round in
    Just cuz he steals lines...he thinks a vet wouldnt hurt him..
    But dill....just cuz you over-bite...doesnt get you dental insurance
    N dooper..
    Look at this girl, I’ll hit u so hard you’ll wanna squeal
    The only Super worth mentionin is the size of my last McDonalds meal
    I’ve never seen cheeks so big...but i guess its fine if you let him
    U can tell he bit off more than he can chew...hes doing his eyedill impression
    Fuck this jerk, I’ll leave this kat ripped n suckin dirt
    You can tell this beaner works in the fields.. he even picked his fuckin shirt!
    So I’m battlin a pinoy n a mexican, its clear that they rattled
    Fuck Taco Bell... i got a 2 course rice n bean meal right here in this battle
    I dont wanna clown the pic anymore, but i cant get past it yet..
    Of how super looks like a shaved lightskinned hamster with a fashion sense

    Island = 3x Retired Champion

    vs. Richard Corey

    no this isnt a pic round, you wont have to bitch none
    ..you can keep being ugly as Sin, while next round he submits one
    no cheating either, no disputing your loss, queen...
    Richards got more backdoor tactics than swat teams
    and dont compare me to him...im god... this kid is garbage
    my style is more than one persons; ur's was like that since u started
    here's a favor...ill beat you badly, youll drop and then laugh
    ..then lose in votes, n write a poem about it to become topical champ
    so just give up here...your nothing but bad help
    n u can use imagery/description/emotion...of how my foot in ur ass felt
    christmas is coming...and im good so ill hold on most curses
    but i wanted s in a barrel...not ONE thats old & posts verses
    your lines dont even make sense, call most of em back
    cuz im Island...your Richard, and your just all over the map

    you have potential...ur timing sucks tho, take one slow
    i have no doubt you can raise the bar...first u gotta learn to make one flow

    vs. Stickman aka Monster


    Aha...You're kidding me...

    learn it fast, och..you can turn the laugh off
    ..lookin like the Redskins went for a more urban Mascot
    i dont care what you are, you look Native to me
    and while you pray to the god of it, Trap GAVE me a breeze
    see, you're fakin' to me..he'll stare a hole thru a dude
    when really, on top of his hat are feathers and ceremonial flutes
    and they named you stickman? thats such a bummer
    cuz ur dad had a cool name...like Chief FatRedHeadWhoFuckedYourMother
    he craves cock if its hard...and he gets lots at the bars
    cuz this faggots more light in his loafers, than his moccasin's are
    i could give a fuck if you're here..cuz ur quite up in the years
    plus you're idea of clothes shopping, is just hunting for deer
    lookit this guys seeding...and after he cries, bleeding...
    he'll be shouting 'How'...more than his tribes greeting
    he doesnt think he can beat me, get ya bib on son..
    cuz sticks having reservations..while his family lives on one

    vs. J Dot C


    Internet geeks made millions. I was a bit curious
    But the Dot-calm era ended
    When no gay marriages made this kid FURIOUS.
    Listen nig. Your losing hard
    Ya style so 'off-center' it'd be better off at shooting gaurd.
    So yeah. I'm fuckin fat and over fitness
    Room so door-to-door it traded knocking tips witha Jehovah's Witness.
    Muthafucka. Don't let me catch you spittin ration
    Even Cochran can't defend ya OJ colored shirt for killing fashion.
    Fuck the line limit. Don't go by what a User said
    16's the number of lipstick colors you tried on before choosing red.
    So face it. Your a bogus jerk
    Buying that 'yellow shirt was such a rip off' it made Hogan smirk.
    I look at you & my laughter cores
    You 'rose to stardom' only to be rejected by all the Bachelors.
    So it's over. This fakes in shock
    He so ugly his 'key features' got girls tryna break the lock.
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