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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Inkwell, Hybrid Angel
    From: Boston
    Crew: Lost Cause

    vs. Island

    Fuck it ..

    People sayin Island this, Island that, Islands wack, quit ya bitchin
    Cause User came outta the closet, and went straight to the kitchen
    Win? he’s wishin, and while ya on ya knees I breeze through you
    Cause I’m ready to erupt on Island, like the volcanoes in Honololou
    I know Aloe wrote 99% of the alias shit, you would just speak on it
    Plus User got to a fork in the road in his life… then tried to eat off it
    Maybe I was wrong about jockin Aloe, looks like its some joint shit
    Must dick eachother, cos Aloes all over him, like feminine ointments
    Appointed to own you … So take the L stupid, we all know ya losin
    Don't make assumptions, cause User is too fat to jump to conclusions
    Knockin off the jocks, while you're stayin atrracted to ass n cocks
    So just picture me rollin ... Username down Streets Aves and Blocks
    Throwing stones and rocks, I’m taking the title from this little grouch
    Leavin ya chest with more wires, then there were in Kanyes mouth
    Livin with Cale? I know ya’ll go down south, let me sit and think
    And in that house? Saying ‘bottoms up’ doesn’t mean sip on ya drink

    I guess..

    vs. Mud. Crumb

    16 Comes With ..

    You'll lose, so pay up and pay now, to avoid getting laid out
    Or else I'll end up eating Mud, like autistic kids at playgrounds
    Faggot, you gotta gay style, so I'll drop verses to topple your ass
    Cause the only time Mud Crumbs are needed? Is in my botany class
    Only on top of the trash, n don't act like I shouldn't be champ kid
    Cause my shaft so long that you could dig for diamonds in that bitch
    Got more of a developed prose, this fag knows that I pass the hurt
    I'd call ya washed up, but you already are, since you started as dirt
    Blow several holes in ya shirt, plus I'm leavin this faggot stomped
    Cause most of us got unique rhyme scheme, all he's got is a font
    Ya anatomy flies, and Inkwell is on his way, about to slay ya hyde
    I'm not Dana Carvey, but I'm the master when it comes to Diss-Guise
    You ain't a rock fan? I usually would, but wont believe ya this time
    Cause Mud was all over the fans, in the pit, at WoodStock Ninety Nine
    The victory is mine, and after I catch the W? I'll buck at ya home
    And leave Mud sprayed all over, like cars that get stuck on the road

    vs. Vyris

    When asking me to join MIC ...

    "Gimme an H! Gimme a Y! Gimme a B! Gimme an R! Gimme an I! Gimme a D!!!
    -EyeDill aka Vyris

    Finesse -
    First off, ya gay, and I'm comin to leave ya dome cracked, kid
    Cuz Dill went to cheerleadin school .. to learn recruitment tactics
    Get on the ball, the Hammer sprays, and Dill yells out cryin calls
    I'm making sure this Vyris won't get to a UserName, like a Firewall
    How many Meth lines can you stomach? You're plain shit, trick
    An ya body of work got enough disabilities for the special olympics
    Sick with it, ya loser, cause Dill gets histarically raped often
    Ya verses make me stop, drop, and roll, like fire safety precautions
    Crawlin, legless, beggin for mercy, so get on them knees n plead
    Kinda like you did, when you were begging me to join UL and M.I.C
    Begging to go 20? It'll take longer to see how this guy will fall
    Cause I get rid of Vyris's quicker than extra strength Tylenol
    Why had you won last week? It's cause I didn't wanna face Saliva
    You'll still get kicked away from the Island, like a loser on Survivor
    Actin like he doesn't want me to noshow, man, quit with the sly shit
    Add to the fact that gay men are known to chill with and to AIDS Vyris
    Fcuking faggot, I've known for a while now, that Dill swallows, see
    Leave Vyris all over the street, like kids with chickenpox on Halloween
    Fuck it, I'm finished, didn't try but I'm still leavin ya bucked
    Ya had 20 lines done 3 days before the deadline, they just all sucked

    *Hops on flight to champ match*
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. aura

    Maim this follower, find yaself a new text style to conform to
    While I’m blowin’ ya vessels, like submarines in World War 2
    And it's been proven before, that Hybrid has that wonder flow
    Plus Aura doesn't only tide with trends, he's the whole undertoe
    To think ya leavin as champ, that would make you dumb, see
    Cause your lines got no precedence, like communist countries
    Think you can confront me? I’m finished with this gay fag
    Cause you dwell all night and day over Dick, like Captain Ahab
    Champ for a reason, and ya can't get by me
    Cuz I'm facin a weaker aura then s who dont study Tai Chi
    Ya soon to die, see, so don't try and flaunt ya skill
    When ya got more Ghosts then the House on Haunted Hill
    But I was wrong, so it's with more fire I'm blastin ya
    Fuck Haunted Hill..
    Aura been written for by that, Jason X, Nightmare on Elm Street, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Carrie, Halloween H20, Urban Legends, The Blair Witch Project, The Excorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    N/S verse at first

    But added recylced lines just to let voting continue


    vs. Storm Bringa

    Ok, we usin pics ..

    Facing Inkwell? Then you're set up for ..

    Embarassment, son I'll leave you tarred and feathered then
    Take Storm off of the radar, like mischievous Weather Men
    Gunning for clowns, fuck ya Registration Date, I'm fryin vets
    Have ya body language speakin in clicks like African dialects
    Ya usin played styles, and frames? I'm gonna damage yours
    Cuz ya look like the missing link just got a Park Ave manicure
    Fuck ya weak lines, ya bullshit verses I just blast through it
    But I woulda wrote more if I knew Choppa came to RapMusic
    You pale in comparision, so now I'm thinkin, "Fuck this pale"
    Specially when ya eyes look like a model of the Justice Scale
    I can tell ya poor, n ya scared of the truth, so I let fear sing
    So vein bout ya looks that ya Photoshopped yaself an earring
    Thinking that ya leavin with a W is plain bananas sentiments
    Because this Storm will NEVER hit me, like Kansas residents

    vs. Oz


    You famous? Lyings a sin, don't stray from ya own religion
    .& men are make long stays inside Oz, like that HBO Prison
    Son quit ya bitchin, n see if Inkwell won't pop at ya blindly
    I'll drop an Ounce quicker than if the cops were behind me
    I shine, see, and it won't take much to make ya cry, whore
    Cause this ain't the first time that Oz took Twelve by force
    You lie, poor, when ya finally dead, you can explore ya past
    Can'[t harvest the pain, with more slaves then Georgia had
    Gore ya, fag, and ya hood? You see me strollin just through
    But not even stretchers would be caught dead rollin with you
    Delivering classics, verses penned with care, words timeless
    Sendin shots that'll put an Aero to ya chest like Air Force pilots
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Charles

    Hey fagbot, nice bitch move by dropping 20 when I only had time for 14...

    You stay with that senseless shit, but you'll never catch Ink mumblin'
    Cause the only Charles to ever hold the crown, was durin the 1700's
    I'll best ya, I see ya try to change voters minds, I watch wit a shrug
    Ya last battle ya suade so much, I thought that it was a pair of Lugz
    Ya old and whack, n remember that Inkwell is a cornorery artist, fool
    When your fuckin hairline is re-seeding more than horrible farmers do
    Lines are alarmin you, look at ya corpse an see ya shirt blood stained
    Shitting on ya until Charlie Brown, like a member of the Peanuts Gang
    Ink spits flames, I'm a nightly fear, taking Charles down right this year
    My lines'll turn ya eyes inside out an use the tissue to wipe your tears
    Ink's nice with the blades, and Ink is known to drop foes when I'm on
    More ButterFlies in ya stomach then askin the popular girl to the prom
    Get outta here with that wack shit, n ya verses is what I'm speakin on
    I'm leavin a Charlie all over the ground... like the aftermath of Vietnam
    Speakin calm, wins are restin on vets, bullets are testinf Charles chest
    Ink's having your rep strewn out all over the net, like Resins concepts
    I'm bestin ya best, add to it, that Ink's ill and this fucking gay knows it
    Only alias to go 10-4 in the contendersip match, and still be unnoticed
    I flow kid, and if you catchin Inkwell, then this week, fool your luckless
    I had ya girls emotions runnin high, until I put them bitches in crutches

    Whatever .. 2x here I come ..

    vs. Calefaction

    the risen soul: can i get an ext in RBL
    the risen soul: i been sick
    UserNeezy: talkin to DH bout it
    the risen soul: ok
    UserNeezy: granted
    UserNeezy: go post


    Status NeSs (8:11:28 PM): I'm thinkin to be like
    Status NeSs (8:11:45 PM): Con's fucked behind bars.. like prison sex
    the risen soul (8:11:58 PM): ppl gonna say u flipped fracture
    Status NeSs (8:12:46 PM): fucking stupid behind bars like nasifs sell mate
    the risen soul (8:12:58 PM): yeah that line
    Status NeSs (8:14:18 PM): I'll flip it better then..

    Cale's pic is nowhere to be found at the moment, so I'll get it later.

    Now watch what fame tells, I'm the champ, I make it rain shells
    Got a max security prison full of bitten lines inside ya brain cells
    It's plain hell, see how ya ass'll look when I insert my shelltoes
    Body on dirt, red and twitchin like I threw away a TickleMe Elmo
    Rip open ya elbow, and faggot, Inkwell quick when he cuts you
    Cause Cale's the only cat who has thicker bones than muscles
    My tones'll bust you, uncreative fagg, I been thinkin concepts
    Puttin more shots down ya throat then binge drinkin contests
    Sinkin contests, and Cals no different, leavin ya downed, friend
    You aint taken out Ink unless you're reloading ya fountain pen
    Drownin men, you got a glimpse of fame, but I'll split ya frame
    So thin a headband around ya neck look bigger than 50's chain
    I'm no doctor, but I take care of wounds that might be cripplin
    Cause I know it ain't safe to bite Fractures .. OR flip em
    Grats on the marriage, Tom, but I'm leavin ya eye black soon
    For bein the only one to have the reception in an AIM chatroom

    vs. headless verseman

    headlessverseman: damn u , i wanted a no show

    Whore, leaving ya corpse gored on the floor
    & After 11, who the fuck WOULDN'T want more?
    Pop shit. Tryina be champ again? Just stop, kid.
    Drop it. You're never seein' a 2x like Aloe's closet
    Dunce, you'll get eaten for lunch. Spine crunched
    Been in all PBA seasons & ain't made playoffs once
    - Me bangin' my head on the keyboard, & it hurts, kid
    & It looks like the same technique ya wrote ya verse with
    That last shit was garbage. But you know what's worse
    Is the fact that I'd ever use it, but have ya read ya verse?
    & It's over, you see when I'm scrappin, I win
    TJ tried to use "innovative" shit against me




    And you seen what happened to him.

    Lackluster shit, but I'm tired as shit.

    vs. BiggRic

    EyeDillTheReal: lmao @ ya opponent in RBL asking u to post first ahaha classic
    EyeDillTheReal: was like, "will u post first?"
    a guy with a pen: forreal?
    a guy with a pen: pfffft
    a guy with a pen: just close the thread now n gimmie the vic

    Scared to drop? You've already lost respect, so lemme preach
    Cause the biggest thing ya EVER done consists of losing to me
    I know you, you've disappeared and returned infinite times
    Now n then you turn up and get ate like rotatin an infinite sign
    All you did was make wack clicks, ya shit stay on the shelf, cuz
    N I know you're ecstatic I remember WW, cause nobody else does
    Ain't it the damndest thing, how you never win?
    Shook to post first cause this the highest ranked you ever been
    So kid there's no point in tryina renig
    With lines more outdated than that link in your sig
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