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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: headless verseman, Detailz

    vs. Vectore

    ps, peep his music page.......LMFAO......


    Title: When teeny Suburban kids try to thug

    Look at this goof troop, Puffy mustve' scared ya the worst way
    Cuz you didnt walk for cheesecake u had to cater a birthday
    you ugly geek, dont play pimp when your writing for me
    ya i see a bitch, that you keep in the closet at the right of the screen
    as she's posing as happy, i hope your not proud to be homo
    ears so big they look like headphones in the prowlers logo
    face lookin greasy an streaky as fuck, we know your nick's pimple
    but are you wearing glasses or the aftermath of where my fists hit you?
    your verse aint better then played shit, i hope ya verse ends
    but you aint really got a girlfriend thats an undercover federal agent
    do you listen to the music u write, the music you spit
    the lies and bullshit bout shit that you live?
    you said you gangsta, said you got clips poppin?
    i find it hard to believe when your rockin ya kitchen wit gallashes
    maaan, and i peeped ya pages and you need some luck
    kid stops the beat every 2 bars cuz he's off beat as fuck
    and when reading this the voters shouldnt be laughing
    and if the bullies at ya school wouldve did they job you wouldnt be rappin
    ya voice annoying as fuck, screaching an squeekin it up
    even with a ton of peroxide nobody could clean up ya cut
    shits terrible, and ya texts worse....didnt have 1 line with impact
    how can i clown you more?, your the worst kid online since syntax

    vs. Vice Versa

    the storm g style of being nonchalant doesnt work for 2 reasons

    1. its not yours
    2. you live in illonois and are trying to rap, as a white hick

    intro, "we dont believe you, you need more people"

    some stupid hick from a farm town, watch as i slap this cock then
    you can aspire to win a championship after hiring a text Made coach to crack the top 10
    your just kid an a cheat who sways, and this po man's a pest
    and its a wonder Homeland Defense spotted you up Storms ass to rid you of the PBA
    Nate saw through ya gimmick, and your bitter an sore dude
    your not involved in hip hop....the only thing in real life you produce.....is produce,
    i killed ya just last week, shut up and embarssed, ya now limpin
    no wonder im a pushover to this farmer, he so used to cow tippin
    your just so generic, an thats some shit ima hurt
    how you talkin tough?, the simpsons been on the air longer then uve been on the earth
    a close match, nah..you losing tragically
    kids so young his mom had to give aproval for 17 magazine
    and im bettin ya laughin, but u aint flow nothin right
    in this battle im a bigger schwin, then bonecrusher's bike
    i read ya verse, im tryin to focus
    but that shit just reads like a cloned storm battle........minus the dopeness
    and i dont need anymore, so change ya next plans
    to get ready for the biggest Head rush on ya dome, then keg stands

    bitch betta have mah money

    2x, 3 weeks...haha
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Oneduh

    Im takin battles back, your an emcee with verses that are slumberish
    and your names only fitting with "one hit" in front of it
    your a gay waste, i dont want to think how ur date tastes
    im pullin you off the radio like xm satelite faceplates
    im the good guy, this dude's a dyke who wouldnt fight
    so ill put the wrench to this heel like nike removable spikes
    take a backseat like virgin sex, ur nervous i know it
    that he's beaten in his stay on the throne, im stoppin this nerd
    ya crew name brings up a good point,
    cuz i wonda where the flow went since its not in ya verse
    you on the block with a gun, hows this coward own one?
    not like u a celeb, ya made a career of goin downhill, like albert tomba
    and those so called personals arent the illest of joints
    there like family barbeque's where ya bring a friend...only relative to a point
    act like your some rm god, that shit got me bugged now
    you can punch aight, its still played, this chump tight?
    nah, he's just faced more fill ins then kids who cant brush right
    this silly bitch aint dealin shit, i dont care if ya bit or flipped
    but im finally puttin an end to this worn down vet like philly did
    you couldnt come nice, this shook son isnt bright
    when its over, the phrase "Over head" will only refer to the money i put on ya life
    your average at best, maybe you'll have some refrences,
    i got the win in the bag
    you've prolly sucked my dick in the past
    but like ya verse...they prolly werent good enough to remember it

    *The freshness of battling has been brought back. No more boring shit that this kids been bringing to the league*

    vs. Absent Minded

    do u really literally EVERYONE of those concepts are played as fuck????

    god damn, BATTLING 101

    Ya face'll get cracked as i start displacin this act
    Cuz when i say "the champ is here" it aint a sample of a jada kiss track, its a statement of fact
    ya better start changin ya swag ,im really finna to hurt you
    realize you suck and couldnt have a brilliant line in a fuckin guiness commercial
    i spray bullets with teflon to shoot through vests
    and leave absent minded more absent minded then nicholson in coockoo's nest
    this vet aint understandin heady's G.O.A.T
    what a coincidence, Opshins turns it to a bitch thread, like a petticoat
    and next to yours my text is set to soar
    ya sig speaks truth but if this is ya first battle class take a refresher coarse
    ur punches are like attacks with no hands..
    im making easy work of taking the option out, like this years nebraska's program

    here, ill play opshins...hahah

    "yo, your gay"

    "this man is headless, ill be the man who said it
    ill do the rbl a favor an take options out like short answer questions"


    vs. Inkwell

    ok, ur showing.......vote INKWELL 

    Please, I aint stoppin to talk man-
    he went from ink to christ..maybe it was gods plan,
    cuz u the only other man w/ hair that long NOT in a rock band/
    and i aint poppin the glocks fam-
    he sees my text an dude is smittin,
    now watch as I use that van hellsing gun an perform an express crucifixion/
    seriously, you got personal problems?-
    or are ya shook from personals?,
    I guess being in 6th grades tough as hell, u got all them book reports to do/
    and 6th grade is funny-
    with you mickey mouse rappers sayin the bad words,
    get ya name on the blackboard, think u can rap, an get ya name on the blackboard/

    haha, get it? black board, rap is for blacks, haha...eehh..u suck

    and you aint doin nothin-
    this punk bitch aint gonna damage mah flare,
    plus my bars arent stretched, just the length of a strand of ya hair/

    hold up, wait a minute, let us bring some DRUMMMS in it

    who u fuckin with C-
    ya crew aint hard an u aint nuthin to me,
    Kids so bad couldnt pull status: Superstar on the WB/
    no show and move along-
    dude aint strong so kids needin a smack,
    cuz its obvious that The Passion of Christ definitely isnt rap/

    and yes, i DID just use 2 hair lines.....you would if u saw it, lol....gluck
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Orbit

    dudes from spring valley illinois and thinks he's thug....aight lets go

    Orbit, you aint a thug you informed the d's
    so sara stokes aint the only bad boy that sing
    listen...you aint friends with, you a fan of black kids
    talk, and ill make ya chest pop out like janet jackson
    that aint the line, there isnt a malfunction w/ the jacket or pants
    those bullets worked EXACTLY as planned...faggot
    you the type to mouth 30 footlongs wishin for fun
    like the Nathan's contest, but at the end he spits when he's done
    the white harlem please, you got farmers wit beef?
    u stay packin?
    then my trey action will literally leave you armed to the teeth
    ive beaten ya 3 times already, its clear this dude is handled
    cuz he got hollow points but they aint got SHIT to do wit ammo

    shit thats enough to win the battle, this shits just for fun....lil brag type shit

    Im the type to put glocks to lemons
    plus im the greatest whiteboy to slang that white rock since clemons
    its true the NRA got guns but mines could hit you
    orbit come to my town you'll be jumped like hook mitchel
    even if you got a crew with you, u wouldnt even dare to draw
    he wouldnt risk getting kicked out of Future Farmers of America

    yea, match that........shits too easy

    vs. Creatical

    homo, had to try and take a no show win after being gone ALL fuckin week

    man, i aint even gotta throw a diss at you
    when this kid couldnt play hard ball as chris mattews
    your a fuckin disgrace, its like pussy is just stuck to your face
    how you startin suckin peoples nuts just to be a fuckin disgrace
    doin that aint even grant you god status
    for that matter, your not even beyond average
    just another foolish hoe, white suburbanite whose parents bought em a studio
    this kids fuckin, dick suckin, hiv truckin
    ill throw his hide around a soldiers field like sid luckman

    vs. Nique and Neo Soul

    going 10, other dude aint checked in...........so u gotta match

    Em: "I aint battled a female before"

    look at her dope ass punches, that were played out in 99

    Cloud ain't no gangsta, ya ain't fit for the hood kid
    If guns ya friends, I'll have u making dates with bullets
    Fate shook bitch, Cloud ya know you weak, right?
    Cuz ya skills are like girl pants...they just seam tight

    wait wait, see i did my history.........you've gotten every win by no show, haha


    fuck you quickie style

    u faced 1 opponet in 5 matches an lost, that shit aint right
    this bitch gets stood up more then Courtney Love on a drinking night
    and with that shit you write, ill be accousting ya nonsense
    slam dunk lryics?, are you stupid, Nique always lost in the contest
    lets see, measuring your worth...its not even a whole line
    1 pussy, 1 asshole, 1 mouth, and both eyes
    you recycle common punches, excuse me ill do the same, sho nuff?
    your lines are so vague, its what generic wants to be when it grows up
    now, thats supposed to be a joke, headless lazy
    tupac's resting easy now seeing a grown up Brenda's Baby

    vs. Resin M-I-C

    Im really gonna try to teach and better youngins
    when using ya keyboard, STOP HITTING THE FUCKING ENTER BUTTON
    its seriously annoying and the syllables splatter
    the long and short of it, is your lines in that familiar manner; you faggot
    its like he might please referee's to spite me, to further yawn
    first bar is 10 yards, then second an short, finally third and long
    cuz that 3rd bar is always a line previously scripted
    were now seeing the watered down version of the previously gifted
    and how's he original, this hack writer that dumb
    to claim its his style
    when he started wit boxed verses till rudge beat him with this exact one
    he now claims his own, ima leave streaks on ya features
    when i give your face the same acid wash treatment as tshirts
    and how'd you earn ya wit, were you born with it
    he originally wore a hat, but left with that tourniquete
    adorning him now im whoring kids who write boring shit
    who have the skin color of jersey's of the university of oregon

    fuck a typical similie punchline...its all dude know
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Living Proof

    Demk, day, and more aliases.

    Now admit that you know you gonna get beat...
    Havin you bite the bullet like openin a can of coors with ya teeth
    How's he braggin bout bullets, that shit is funny
    your from Huntington Beach california, the safest city in the COUNTRY
    and yall might be familiar wit the place, im doubtin his rep
    when the Fox's "The O.c" used his fuckin GUEST house as their set
    his names fucking SPENCER, there's no explaining to me
    you wearin a stockin hat in a city that aint drop below 80degree's
    you hit malls wit credit cards, abercrombie and fitch
    until daddy puts a 10 thousand limit and you become somber as SHIT
    gimme a break kid, you had it rough? you got missiles?
    i walk around where people got Ak's while your cops got WHISTLES?!?
    and ill give you credit for ya winning streak, dude gets quoted
    except here's his secret, every good line, USER WROTE IT
    shit, my bad i wasnt suppose to tell em that
    now i got this fag aimin me relentless in a yellin match
    and his alias is barely fit to get dissed, u cant fight ya way
    but sun position doesnt affect fists so ill beat you in light of "DAy"
    the average price of ya home is half a mill, that is wack
    not the home but the fact you used a 10 cent camera to hide your faggot ass
    while your dissin my pic in a played way, this nerds weak
    cuz the only GAme Day knows is the one on Espn wit Corso and Herbstreit

    vs. EYE-Z

    act smart or start tryin to be shifty?
    ill turn ya fam reunion into the Burning Man minus the hippies
    prayin wont help, neither will those useless writtens
    i beat science, the only people that havent are YOU an religion
    who is this dude kiddin, its obviously he's a fake hova
    referenced my pic so much i thought it was Oprah given me a make over
    and i can shut the game down, cuz i bring that flavor raw
    your country's so pathetic musically, Cat stevens is ya major draw
    now im just wastin bars, yea i lift....so im too tough?
    here's some advice, fuck the dumbells, curl up a tooth brush
    and the words you write are so fake and purpose driven
    that it makes Dan Rather's mistake a Noble Finalist in Journalism
    ima bring the sayings while this 's faking
    and make ya verses smear campaing look like mere finger paintings
    im loving the sun, but your knowin you dont
    and ya verse was so rickety its putting curves in your bones
    some memorable stories are based there, i got one
    Sherlock Holmes
    isnt it ironic his sidekick describes ya weather, What Sun?
    corny or not im adorned by the crop of elite, so stop ya shit
    or my men can make you disappear quicker then white house documents
    your god aweful, and this Brit masks his hostile motto
    and your Whine'ng will seal your fate like Poe's Cask of Amontillado

    people, act like YA KNOW

    vs. Richard Corey

    16 is all you get.....

    He says he can battle, Im doubtin his claim
    Cuz ya chicken, and i Snuff Roosters like Allis in Chains
    Im dyin to talk, beat me, probably not..
    took 2 steps at me, hit his knee's quick like babies tryin to walk
    you got say in the election, its parallel...see his head is lost
    if you and John Kerry just stuck to topics we'd be better off
    im quoted alot, your just supposed to be hot
    thinking a story teller battling's ill, aint you seen Hova vs. Nas
    ima dispose of this cock, cuz his hygiene's tried
    legs so ashy it makes Mt. St. Helen's look like a vaseline slide
    ima seriously hurt kid....
    cuz for him hip hop is a bigger 'culture' shock then when anthrax first hit
    and your worthless, we want to read somethin that matters kid
    instead, you'll probably be the first to write a coming of age battle script
    the rstl is a stepping stone for the rbl, so ima make it stressed
    your like Carson Palmer, proof that you wont necessarily have the same success

    fuck a critic...

    and this battle starts, 1-0 Richard Corey, im already including Ibeechu's Vote against me
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Pav

    fuck, had a verse and lost it.........here's what i came up with the second time

    Pav, Your a lame bastard, ur in the shadows while i got fame mastered
    with strength to easily ring this dawg like the guy ur named after
    ill leave his frame tattered, mainly cuz this cheater's gay
    ur neck's like audibles, when coming up to the snap I can go either way
    speakin claims, not to be cliche but ima merk his brain
    jerk and spray clips of rounds that'll be surfin his waves
    no shit im the cocky type, much more then lots of hype
    ill put your career on ice like the fuckin hockey strike
    and yea im stuntin this guy, closet fag im uppin his pride
    i wouldnt doubt Pav'll prevail cuz he's the type to dress up as a bride
    nothin'd surprise me, but, are you kiddin me bitch
    so shook he went mixtape style, name omitted on a subliminal diss
    your 'seen your' punch was cute, but i can weaken the trend
    cuz to beat me
    you need to graduate but got held back like a lineman beat by an end


    vs. Outwrite

    dude aint showing

    dont even make me fuckin laugh at patient
    cuz when i say ima beat you outwrite it aint just a statement of affirmation
    i clap at hatians, caucasians, fuck it, im sick of waiting
    so ima turn ya smear campaign into mere finger paintings
    im incredibly strong lyrically, im ahead of the psalms
    first was Troy, now its you whose the second "epic" to bomb
    the bottom cant fall out, but your doomed for a while
    cuz once ur in the south, u cant flow north unless ur using the NIle
    ill use this last line for bullshit, the leagues good but im attackin the latter
    Dishonour, the fact of the matter ur amoretto ass dont know the fact of ya matter

    haha, u white or black yo?

    vs. Rex Werdz

    man, this damn fan is boring, making me stand before him
    Rex words is elementary like fossil and tyrannysaurus
    another no show win, but im told im Grown as shit
    made his Album in RW so we can write other artists over his
    and dont make me quit it, get me competition, Re will learn
    he lost to mere Perma Frost? this is complete freezer burn
    and my deed's will earn a spot in the mag
    while he's like Imports, he'll always get caught in a drag
    but, ima stop the police
    he got arrested for counterfeit LiveStrong bracelets just from flossin his teeth

    10, again, is enough


    vs. Rawkus

    This dude is so labeled
    to be the biggest success, compared to the old label
    dont make me hunt for verses, to no show, this punk is worthless
    he's like a flat chested broad, aint got a front to work with
    i can see your lies bitch, bet im head of ya
    matter fact, fuck a punch, no show like every other competitor
    He says he can battle, Im doubtin his claim
    Cuz ya chicken, and i Snuff Roosters like Allis in Chains
    ima dispose of this cock, cuz his hygiene's tried
    legs so ashy it makes Mt. St. Helen's look like a vaseline slide

    vs. Alpha Omni

    ima lose, right off...cuz of the style, but fuck it

    some STREET shit nukka

    Hold up, you boss? who'd listen dudes soft
    Im diesel an hold heaters, your queerer then Ru Paul
    matter fact, move on, ya not hot
    i got glocks, ur always scared yellin got cops
    u never got shot, if u did
    u'd relieve tryin to speek
    in a hospital eyeing ya p's like mama, papa
    my crew will diss you, but my flow'll toast ya
    cuz u dont know what to do wit H like over dosa's
    this funny? why u actin son
    all ya tracks is trash
    they should all be silenced like an assasins gun
    and yo, im doubtin ya single
    so when i toss pidgeons im not shoutin a signal
    im throwing ya hoe ass wife outta my window
    and it wasnt the head
    and i didnt bet
    but best believe that i covered the spread
    dont even try and kill my quotes kid
    cuz there wasnt an Alpha MALE in this thread until I posted
    and, raw? i cook plenty, and told, i sold that E
    while his phone is like his robbin career, NO ENTRIES
    Alpha Omni, i doubt chu homie, u spit them lame joints
    but after this, ima be 4.0 like my grade points
    u a bitch, i seen ya...u pretend wit a swole demeanor
    soon as i post i wont just dock u votes, u'll get the whole marina

    vs. Worst Enemy

    haha, dude is GAHBAGE

    I dont know whether or not my flows so-
    so, but ya better quote my worst enemy? a no show
    he better go slow, homo cuz im funny and humble
    ill have u erase yaself like bugs bunny in trouble
    listen when i battle its gloves off, im not that worried
    how wack is this kid when his style influenced oz's wordplay
    fa rill, i dont mean to be funny but cue the laughter
    dude is blacker, who used to back up his gun play
    but whats funny, is under his hoody he's a jewish rapper
    dawg know's hes about to fall, everyone's doubtin pah
    cuz when i say he brew he aint in the business sellin alcohol
    quit ya mouth and jaw yappin, dude is a joke
    he couldnt be on beat as a musical note
    this chump my seem strong but fuck his mean mug
    he got more false fronts then Augusta Greens on-
    Master's sunday, Ill blast this dummy on the pre ban assault
    play bold? ill leave ya face swoll like Ann Nicole

    pzzzzzzz, shits EASY

    vs. AlphaOmni

    roast head? nah, u on some fucking fool's gold quest
    cuz there wasnt an Alpha male in the thread till I posted
    dont bet on getting votes, the win is not yours
    cuz i got punches every line like prize fighting Box Scores
    i know its over ya head, ill smack ya so gently
    his robbin career is like his sex life, NO ENTRIES
    i flow better then most emcee's so face what you lack
    cuz you couldnt get err'd by making a mistake in ya track
    get it? i heard dressing in drag's ya callin
    cuz AO got a mean crossover an i aint mentioned And 1 or ballin
    you'll be falling in ranks, i might lose but not soon
    act grown and ill have you taken a part like ya John Q
    i bomb dude wit fresh and witty shit, its over slut
    cuz you suck dick on the mic like porn over dubs, I owned ya son

    psssh, to easy

    vs. SL500


    SL500, haha



    *the champ is here* rings loud.....primo scratches, "fuck you pay me" sample....aight


    Sl500 from text huh, u'd guess god was P diddy
    Cuz he sold out.... in ADVANCE........... like Xbox 360
    He aint wait, or struggle, but he's boasting a glock
    HA! dawg MY strong arm, is like Stallone in "Over the Top"
    And this league shares my taste, me not as nice as you?
    Dude, I'ma leave the Sl DROPPED, like I aint like the coupe
    Ya battling a kid who will get alotta of the votes
    I showed, so you aint got the Auto. Win..which means you gotta get rolled
    And I aint gotta use a burner dude-
    I'll just slap a board to ya waves like surfers do
    I rap smarter, not to mention my wit is a sin
    He's like bad carpenter's, never been able to finish the 'trim'
    He busts too quick, whats this fella gonna doubt?
    I'll yell up in his mouth,an his gun is a bleach stain, never coming out
    Here's a tip to all you battlers, sky's the limit kid's
    Except for his shit, which is 0 degrees...like the prime meridian

    "FUCK YOU PAY ME".....
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