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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Fracture
    Crew: The Untouchables

    some of the following verses arent from the RBL. but since his RBL stuff was deleted I decided to make an exception for fract and add some of his stuff from other sites.

    vs. Solomen Grundae

    Down to business.

    You wont advance, even if i have a weak drop
    Cuz everybody knows Ill shake the dust like Ali in an antique shop.
    I know how he got part of his name, guessed the mystery
    Someone asked Solo how he gets off and the rest is history.
    Im number 1 and your 68, thats creates a nice little picture
    ...Cause if you add 1 + 68 I remember a time with your sister.
    Niggas want to be me when it comes to this shit yo
    ...Because its only good being Solo in limbo.
    U have no cash flow, this niggas on welfare
    His shack wished it had Heat but even Pat Riley cant help there.
    Hes a Solo artist cuz noone wants to do shit with this clown
    Im a Solo artist cause I drew the ugliest bitch in this round.
    You never get credit while I get props daily
    Kid couldnt get a Pat on the back doing anal with Tom Brady.
    Flash in the pan, noone'll remember your sunk clout
    While Gibson won an Academy makin a flick bout the last time I Hung out.

    vs. Prospekt

    Lets go...

    Im back niggas, Fracnificent the shit-talkin' O.G.
    Last guy tried to handle me Solo so I would call ya homies.
    Battlin in a league which holds one-hundred Fracs
    And when I drop everyone even forgets scientz and just does the math.
    Im harming you with words while you're tryin to mingle
    & your philosophy for battlin is how eminem titled his single
    Ya wheels are so cheap xzibit takes a check n' keeps steppin'
    Fracs got a nice Carr while Pros stay riding the rest of the Texans
    WBL is always feeding Frac a steady flow of stupid victims
    & Prospekt got theStunner last week so all I need to do is pin him.
    This kids just a fly that I plan to dismantle
    The site will see a Swat that Samuel L cant even handle
    Prospekt is Ezboard trained so it aint nothin to drop
    Frac going 2-0 without a closer, niggas...... YALL MUSTA FORGOT

    vs. The Butler

    how am i predicted to lose...?

    battlin flavors of the month, story of my whole career
    you know ya dope when you an underdog to someone who uses YOUR ideas.
    your style, your punches.. so just mock up
    cause when i read you i know exactly how ill write when im washed up.
    trey uses a line at prowlers against a tight rygar
    butler turns around and flips it at bboys against mc striped tiger.

    wheres the logic?

    LEVEL 5 EMCEE... hea' we go

    nigga. ya hypes all a joke to me
    butler gonna sweep the votes.... so they aint dirty when they go to me
    my verses are danger-filled, fracture is butter
    your verses are dangerfield.. just one dead joke after another.
    fuck your following, trey still wreckin' this shit
    ...and If you're the lead sheep just call me mc edgeofthecliff.
    ya hideous mug has ya mother in depression
    fuck kkk.. you'll see a 'scarier white point' if you ask butler for directions.
    fracs rich and we learned you aint.........
    you so poor g-units the first time youve ever heard of banks
    you got every vinerial disease, straight burn yo britches
    as for yo girl.. she could spread her legs & put red lobster outta business!
    you look up to rc, would give an arm for his name & past
    .....but how you ever gonna be rich with the name you have!?
    im shining, erybody who reads my new drop faints
    your Shining.. is infront of die hard and behind boondock saints
    check richards top 50, ur 12 and im numba two mayne
    that puts you 'ten below'.. only brett favre thinks thats a good thing
    i got some questions, first.. how come you arent nice?
    and how much is upn payin you to advertise their archives?
    ^^ that line was ok, kinda played... vote-butler
    HA beat allah to it... now whos gonna give you hope fucker?
    frac gully. first to post but last to drop
    jus hit you so hard.. ya whole head turned like when pjk passes cops.

    Yall Musta Forgot.

    vs. Revanon

    You say this guys has riders? blahahahahahahaha

    Your garbage no lie, jawing you so high..your exceeding GODS crib..
    Ur attempts are less feeble, Fra see’s dead people..& u just reached my optics..
    Deposit them gay ryhmes, still rockin them played lines..this geek’s so clever..
    Does this man excel in this? flipped revanon to tell u this..it reads, no naver..
    Too late to stand up, u can aim ur fanclub..still cant mess with this verse..
    The question of the thread is, will Fra be killin this rev kid..or does age get to him first..
    First you loss to phar, then I tossed u scarred..you should be accepting heaven..
    Now u fearing all canes, u think mr. peanuts walk thing..is a deadly weapon..
    Time to astound all, you been a vet for how long?..Haven’t you died yet..
    Ur just real old, “my dog ate my dildo”..heads make excuses to ryde rev..
    This will be oddly, connect ur neck to ya body..make ya chest ur throat..
    U needin an inch you see, be depleting you sick feet deep..u can collect his vote..
    U loss to dough infact, only when ur riders go from rap..will the site know ur gay..
    Dunn your really a herb, & when ur phelings are hurt..Nom will still vote your way..
    F’s bombarding rivals, you call yourself father styles..that had me laughing a lot..
    Mizzery defended u, look what ya faggot friend can do..misplaces his ass on ur cock..
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs Sintro

    fallen off or not, each time i bleed rhymes,
    while you renting my style; a sticker on ya lines saying 'be kind, and rewind'
    each line i do is goat writ,
    each line you do, aloe did, dough did, fuck it- frosh killer jones did
    my flow is- up there with alchemist or fabulous,
    canibus, rass kass, cass and any man aftermath has, i'm miraculous,
    you're half of this; its silent every place you tour with mics`
    you can hear the dude in the nose bleed section chewing his ice
    you knew i was nice, with vile spits
    and i knew you was the guy i could try my new style with
    on some versatile shit, you should be revering my brain
    proving punchlines are played in general its time for straight lyrics to reign
    no one wants to hear those cliches`- they're losing their place,
    with paint i innovate masterpieces, you show voters how good you can trace.
    in the booth i attain, fame- & smash cowards to nothing,
    my intro is sintro, •••••• trying to be the next prowlers or something?
    dropped 150 bars this week, tired, shaking the rust
    i'm losing gas, gotta refuel- i'll pump 'n pay you stay taped in the trunk.

    vs. KFC

    lets go

    go ahead and write down ya will, trash revealed,
    my sword will drive-thru kfc and leave with a value meal
    you don’t know what a crowd is still, fa’ real-
    he don’t value skill, but rhymes like skill,
    and skill rhymes like everybody else; so now how ya feel?
    no one around will feel a fucking thing that you write,
    right? right, we wish ya mic breaks when ya spittin`
    hows he brave when we look at this bitch ‘n all we think of is chicken.
    you paying admission- to ya own show, dodo; takes all ya cash
    and you’re so-so with flow so stop and go punches is all you have
    but even that is ass; practice has- done you wrong,
    and everybody here already knows kfc lines are always long
    i havent fallen off, but if I bring bogus rhymes,
    look at ya name & ya record; how hard am I suppose to try?
    I’d oppose you twice but you'll be dead before two
    so stupid I said give ya microphone 'back' and he got it a crew
    the object is to,
    annihilate you- violate you, new name is; Just Another Dude Ate
    we could put kfc in a black community and he’d still bottom the food chain
    it’s a new day, only good lyrics is what you get recognition for
    i know theres two words in the last sentence you need definitions for
    and the definition for- kfc, is; a lyrical genius everything he flows is fire
    no ones tighter..and the defintion for fracture, is; a compulsive liar

    Pz bitch

    vs. Mic Booth

    Lets go
    Ayo, mic booth….

    Old style or new, I’m impressing the game.
    While everybody says “Mic, boo” like they forgot the rest of your name.
    Cum read the memo; the Cat Curiosity killed is passing it out.
    It says ‘all frac personals are played without a Shadow of Doubt.’
    Im ya hero, so here im wreckin-a-fan.
    & giving Les effort then brock would against stephanie mcmahon.
    No one watches a mic booth unless im in there spittin a flow.
    But we’ll all watch a mic-stand if I say ‘everyone sit if you’re dope’
    I’m like stillmatic or the black album; the most lethal of all.
    If u had a black album, id cut the lights so I wouldn’t have to see it at all.
    I gave his girl the option, me or him to take home for keeps.
    She only wanted Booth. As a seating preference when I took her out to eat.
    He’s aiming for help, trying to bargain dudes
    You’ll get one Free vote, but that’s cause J.S. never charges you.
    I’m almost back to my peak, you know I’ll be great.
    You tried to peek; but me & ya mom shut the door all the way.
    Now I understand ya avy, the quiz is up.
    Of course you wanna ‘meet ball’ with all that dick you suck.
    I got Res & Rudge, while boomdocs is what u bringing to war.
    I even got a Cane, but after this diss you’ll be needing it more.
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. shake-zula

    Lets go.
    You lightweight dog, cant take the champ.
    Shake-zula? Fuck, I should of made Jook change his name to that.
    Try and put me on blast, with personals all about prowlers.
    if u really wanna put me on blast, lay a landmine infront of ya moms shower.
    Ur like darth vader, and i'm the jedi u shouldnt of ran against
    My force even takes out family members when it kills you, anakin.
    I’m guaranteed a title shot, the way I sever-busters-with-no-clout.
    We only see ‘The Butler face Shake’ if he’s got a feather duster in his mouth.
    I got a dangerous mind, all my cyphers get cheers.
    The only dangerous mind you have launched michelle pfieffers career.
    You know all about me, which will help u get a vote.
    Cause all I know is you recycle every line that hensley wont.
    Sintro, kfc and mic booth.. now this fuck is next.
    How you The Mic Rula when you cant even measure up in text?
    Hurting feelings when I slay-this-rook.
    Well you can go Cry all you want, personally I’ll take Aven Brooks.
    I killed this dude out of pure aggression.
    Did I mention I gotta Shake-down…
    …by the cops when they tried to find the murder weapon.
    We’ll give u a funeral, but no one will pretend-to-grieve.
    & you’ll receive a Tombstone not even worthy of backyard wrestling.


    vs. Guile

    Lets go.

    This bitch aint even worth leaving-a-rap.
    Ironic his alias is Intro. & that’s usually where we stop reading him at.
    Fuck guile, ur more like an ehonda imma leave toothless.
    So you should sumo.. For taking your spot in the three stooges.
    The sig makes sense that’s under-ur-flow.
    Silence is pregnant?
    That’s why the audience takes birth control before they go to ur shows.
    But I guess its perfect how this dyke-phrased-it..
    Cause after I visited his mom she had to learn sign language.
    No pun to the champ. But imma mop-this-nerd.
    Ur chances of winning have a lot in common with Butlers soccer shirt.
    I couldnt shorten my verse, cuz I’m too nice of a rapper.
    But I can shorten ur verse. •••••••••••••>Battler Archives > Fracture.
    No one likes the crew this biters-reppin’.
    I got Doh down easy.. it took YOU high school choir lessons.
    Fuck street fighter, I got heavy traffic surrounding-this-dude.
    U want props.. but we see Mets gets all the Pounds in ya crew.
    Underestimated him, didn’t come dope-in-this-fight.
    Yea you caught frac sleeping.
    But u should have called ya girl before you came over that night.


    vs. Resin M-I-C

    Lets go

    Pulling ya card, ya styles dead-chump.
    Still aint helping ya punches save those jibberish set-ups
    Even the guru wants you in da dirt-hater.
    If you wanna make Jersey big better hit up ya girls tailor.
    Dissin other dudes pics likes urs is passable.
    How when ya chin makes a Point thatd get a debate team to nationals.
    Saying u gonna lose is the sore truth.
    I’d tell ya to keep ya chin up.. but ya adams ••••• does it for you.
    Snake eyed mothafucka, u eat mice for lunch now.
    & that fucked up Hook ya nose makes belongs on mike tysons punch-out.
    A lazy eye, bandaged head and a face that droops..
    I didn’t know there was two guys that tried to get on stage with snoop?!
    So yellow everytime u appear matt groening gets paid.
    Is that ya face or did ya fruit of the loom hoodie get a permanent sweat stain
    In public ya moms like “don’t play like u know me”
    Lips soooo big everytime you smile you making ya nosebleed.
    The fucks on ya head?! U just an attention whore.
    Does rudge know u took his style AND everything in his dresser drawers?
    You can have the predictions, I’ll grab all the cheers.
    That aint a gangsta lean.. he’s tryin to get allahs shower water outta his ear.
    Look at his chest. Pectoral needing some work.
    Wrote RESIN in big bold letters to hide that extra smedium shirt.

  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs.. TheJoker

    Prowlers favorite, but this site shouldn’t bet for em’..
    What’s he done besides post in the “ho’s I can’t get” forum?
    Ya voters don’t read ya verses, there’s no denying guy..
    Have ya noticed the voters can’t tell ya what lines they liked?
    Cut the lights, then let me fight..
    You’ll be ‘beaten in the dark’ like the heart of Wesley Snipes
    Ya think ya friends with Defcon? Better re-think G..
    Cause friends don’t let friends face me
    Check the rankings, it’ll show you the order of rappers..
    I’m ranked 2, your ‘ranked to’.. just a lot lower then Fracture
    Ya moved to Wisconsin, and the state changed..
    Now the Packers have a new appreciation for there away games
    TJ better pray I don’t plan to rape all haters..
    He’d ‘never be safe’ like 400 pound baseball players
    We could switch girls, n’ get em’ in new positions for days..
    But your bitch would be the only ‘trick of the trade’
    For you to win, your prowler friends will make excuses kid..
    Which means I’m one Batman/joker punch away from losin’ this
    Isn’t that sad? Cause what you think is original, I call trash..
    Well you was good two years ago, but hey.. so was ya moms snatch

    vs. Dockspitz

    "tre....for real thats wack.....you set it up for YESTERDAY......you obvouisly saw my verse.....i don't give a fuck..i know ya made ya verse better so you have a chance......you seem to care to much....but i don't, so i'm just posting....
    "- dockspitz

    Ya already making excuses, you have no heart clown..
    I never read ya verses, bitch, so why would I start now?
    You ever listen to ya rhymes? U’ll never get an applause in rap..
    Nimrod collabed with you, & now I know why they call him that..
    Yo why diss writing bitch, when im typing it I can’t stop..
    Yeah ‘Dock Spitz’…….. About ten minutes after my pants drop..
    He disses text, but barely does audio? That’s pretty dull..
    See less WAV’s then if Blue Crush was being filmed in a kiddie pool..
    We’re complete opposite, the logic is I have a damaging flow..
    While ur such a pussy, we could ‘Channel ur anger’ on a family show..
    We both brought heat in this, but your hopeless duke..
    Cuz Napalms biting our verses, so how will he find time to vote for u?!
    I battled u AFTER Richard Corey, & this isn’t makin sense..
    ..I mean, shouldn’t I warm up BEFORE the main event?
    Doc Holiday is a famous actor, believe me, I wouldn’t lie ta whores
    Dock Holiday, is also the date the worse kid on the mic was born…
    Time to sleep with the fishes, Cause your going under son..
    Ironic that ya name is Dock, & now ya floating under one..
    Nigga your too simple in lines, u don’t want ta challenge this..
    My last punch was so dope.. I’ll just leave this line how it is..
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