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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Dishonour, Komplexx, iLL Poetic, Joseph Q Castro, HOLLIDAY HOFFA , castro'DAMUS, Dissy, JOEY HOFFA

    vs. Headless Verseman

    fuck thinking of ill punchlines to bomb this queer
    your shits so half assed.......[insert witty comment here]
    im breezin' thru, PBA?.....believe the truth
    I mean this dudes been 'just outside the top 20' since season 2
    your fame is so low, my blades' in slow mo
    gotta suck I just recycled lines from a battle where craven noshowed
    his chest'll get mauled, with no wrestlers involved
    this kid will catch a 'smack down'........he just isn't raw
    truthfully headless loves dissy, alotta haters bomb back
    dunny, I quit 3 weeks ago, you still got me under Moderator Contacts?
    your sig aint doin' it, this hoe's a lame
    ..when even this kids fuckin' metheus quote is played
    yall were good friends? ok, im bringin' toasters to em'
    N dont worry dunny, after this battle.....you'll be closer to em'
    no disrespect to meth, its over....im god, yall
    ...I mean I dont even think Jeff has 'HONOR over his MOD balls'
    pussy, DH is bringin' heat to your throat
    so im quick to say 'head is wack'.........while recieving a blow
    ko'd, this faggot must loath the truth
    dont worry headless, I got an allias........i'll vote for you
    yeah I gave myself an extension, think! this battle, b?...
    ....I also did the ranks, why the fuck you think you battled me
    nobody likes you for a reason, I hit lines for real
    so even if I dont win this battle cousin.....my dickriders will

    vs. Doc Richards

    serge dot T: YOU'RE NOT JAY-Z OR EMINEM, when will it get through?
    One think I got the W, & I'm the weak link.. so where's that put you?
    serge dot T: goddamn hes sucha weak link
    dh la dynasty: LMAOOOO

    lets do it....

    dh la dynasty: How many allias's do you have, last you counted?
    AkA DeMiK 416: like
    AkA DeMiK 416: 2 thou

    demik the allias king? shit, i'll pound this lame;
    question: how in the blue hell can you suck on almost 2 thousand names?
    so inkwell's his teacher, fuck bluffin' - I shake dudes;
    but inkwell's only decent, so....what the fuck does THAT make you?
    I show no fear when I pass this hoe;
    whos just getting decent now,.....I was that way a year N a half ago
    so diss my image, I thought the force would be thicker...
    but white kids like demik exist, jesus christ....OF COURSE IM WI99ER
    kids reppin the topical sector, so im easily bruisin...
    cus thats the only fuckin' form of writing Wonderflow could easily lose in
    cause see, Wonderflow is nice.....I wont regret this, so;
    ..he aint just a weak link, ....he's the reason the bitch left the show
    meet demiks girl, then stand back gaspin';
    ....at the fact that demiks girl looks like calefaction
    okay maybe not identical, but the sufferin'll stay;
    somebody tell me this bitch dont look like she sufferin' from AIDS
    "Whoa, calm down there weak link", ok? but face it, damn..
    Oneduh STILL knew I was in WF, so basically...the statement stands

    ps: "Got ya tongue on kids lips on Dro without ever touchin a spliff"

    This line was better when Calefaction used it, homie.

    vs. Oneduh

    DH' stay giving you 'head lines' like durags....

    haha lets go

    this shits simple as cake, son, how you gonna win..
    when you lost the belt to headless, and I took it from him?
    its said that im felt, no questions asked im gettin' the belt
    and one? well, you ran away from wack,..... N got ahead of yourself
    lets stick to the truth for real, dont let my flame die out
    the only reason this guy ever became champ was b'cuz cane signed out
    your fighting with hope, you wanna win N you might if I choke
    but still your about as lethal as james bond.....with his license revoked
    DH is the truth, and One is nothing worth believin'
    when we all know.. Anthraxspits: absolutely nothing worth you reading
    we've been thru it all, its real when the truth rattles
    demiks the weak link..
    ..and oneduhs, well... the guy who sets up our crew battles
    this guys my leader? never that, so the talkin is thru
    cuz WonderFlow is so....you know what, fuck it....Im dropin' the crew
    http://board.rapmusic.com/showthrea...5#post877817 5


    crown ME!
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Tony Elbow

    fuck the bullshit, this shits too easy, 12 lines [to match your 18] ta ha

    we all know your a homo whos played...so face it
    first dude to change his own custom text to say some gay shit
    to be honest, I lost my ego....you's a faggot, cause fuck..
    its gotta hurt that a dude with no ego will still say that you suck
    im top 5 audio or text, your shook....be honest
    your just the guy that make the fucking lists and puts me on it
    I was gon' go Komplexx on your ass, but this I wouldnt dream..
    cus when I beat everyone as Komp, there was competition in the league
    your shits not hot, im bout' to match this gay queen
    why the fuck you think I just dropped twelve to match your eighteen?
    this aint just a verse, c'mon son........my shits a movement
    so if by chance you win, know it took...
    - 18 Lines
    - http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=757188
    - The Royal Penis
    - AlphaOmni
    .................................an d Jay Reez to do it


    vs. In Awe



    you must love me, and the diss is like:
    you took the time to...
    a) find my pic
    b) save it
    c) even upload it to a different site
    from 11:07, to 2:09......I can relax and everything
    when thats what the fuck you dropped even after editing?
    Oz is obviously on my side, you gotta work to beat us
    last week he gave me Tony Elbow.....
    ....& your a hell of a lot worse then he is
    your an exception dude, you should prolly expect it too
    eyedill being ina champ match gives hope to all garbage heads
    .....except for you
    my girls flat chested, im scrony, & ina fight you'd pound teeth in
    ...and you, well your 'in awe', so really I guess we're about even
    the rbl wont gain its credibility back, cause listen...
    you see aloe, dissy, inkwell.....then 'in awe' in the 5th position?
    I dont need wordplay, get your shit right, captain
    cus truthfully im scared of using wordplay cus this might happen
    "pretty soon tyra banks'll get jealous cuz this mod'll hold no weight"-you
    I always said you were garbage, and id rape you, damn
    but then I read your verse and, well....basically the statement stands
    wanna talk street? really, I can get the gat
    In Conclusion,
    in awe, on a serious note your ass shouldve just left with trap

    even my haters gon' love this shit

    vs. Storm-G


    joseph q castro: are you in RBL?

    storm to the g? this guy'll get the worst of fates
    when you'd be better off letting the impersonator,... impersonate
    dispurse some hate, im top 5, dead or alive.....you better beware
    you'd only make it as 'Dead'...cause theres only one competitor there
    think about it... then from you, theres silence of course
    cause Epi's dead.......and his shits still a hell of alot liver than yours
    its undisputed, you need me to prove it?
    do this, go back about 20 pages to where I fucking beat you, stupid
    your not ill, and your frame? i'll beat it
    cause storms the homo type to blow kisses on aim.....and mean it
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Alpha Omni and Demik

    Chelsea > Demik's Girl, Zara....Who Demik Wouldnt Dream Of Posting A Picture Of

    Demik's Picture

    Alpha's Picture

    so demik wants the belt? I aint helping him to it
    cus even I didnt think his bitch ass would use a full photo album to do it

    lets go...

    lets talk crews demik, cause easily youre less then me
    when youre the worst part of 'the dynasty', like memphis bleek
    dissin' chelsea? c'mon dog.....theres more to his life, see
    this faggot likes inkwell's screen name x10 more than his wifey
    demik's scared to notice or embrace..
    that even his fuckin' camera was scared to focus on his face
    the red & blue outift aint smart, now youre dead and it shows
    when that just means he's gonna get beat down wherever he goes
    you mad son? its easy....i'll melt your raps
    and you can get bent out've shape like alpha's hat
    and mr. rivers, the shits humour....so im laughing clown
    hip-hop aint dead, shiit....we even got the lucky charms dude rapping now
    you aint on my level kid, im sworn to truth..
    why the fuck you think demik's verse is dissing me a hell of a lot more than you
    sweet mary mother of god, you gotta give up or quit
    question, alpha.....why in the fuck dont you have an upper lip?
    youre next to lose, youre garbage son, now accept the truth
    I mean, everyone in this thread is part of a dynasty......except for you

    ps: Nice Ear Muffs Demik.

    vs. Serge

    "Just, open ya mouth & swallow my spear hoe..
    Dont think you 1 in a million, cuz you get followed by zeros.."
    - Tangible

    http://www.urban prowlers.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7617

    way to be original, serge.

    your chelsea disses were ehh, kinda weak, maybe average
    I guess the impact wouldve been more if serge even had a bitch
    im washed up right, so im demandin' the truth
    so its no coincidence that when I fell off, I landed on you
    and son, how the fuck you slangin' threats
    when you the type to feel hard cause your using slang in text
    i'll bang your cheques, never an emcee, your pad'll work
    when you've never did anything outside of an online battle verse
    serge is a jealous wreck, not to mention he sucks
    all this hype over resin and arizcats and they aint mention you once
    with your mod powers gone, the RBL is off of your screen
    cause serge aint have balls since jeff took him off of the league
    you a failure homeboy, so dont boast with the lord
    lets cut one's losses, but for you i'd need to borrow lotus's sword

    "omni gets props for not usin a pic while the greasy hoes he battled founjd the desperate need to usem"
    - serge

    omni got props for no pic and you were stickin' with it
    .....until I read your verse this week and found two pictures in it
    dominican, mexican, cuban....no difference so i'll alter his lip
    castro? yeah I have a dirty name, but you follow the culture and shit
    my work is top, i'll merk your spot
    and congratulations! ... verb thinks your verse is hot (thumbs up)
    you biting ass motherfuckah, i'll blame the forum
    cause not only do I got Serge, but everybody that came before him
    flippin bars like whoa, so i'll bang the steel
    why would I diss your verse? I mean, I always thought Tang was ill
    I mean, I read the zero's line....it just didnt seem right
    ..that they would call it a 'flip' when that shit was a clean bite
    he can use other peoples lyrics, i'll still mangle this whore
    cause his rhymes dont ring a bell....they fuckin bang on the door
    repetitive fuck, seriously.....the same shit, im harder for a reason
    when you called my girl fat so many times I actually started to believe it

    vs. Ibeechu Farensqure

    shit, now im merkin' em dead
    when his verse was sooo......the first fuckin' word that I said
    you cant beat me, im pacing like 'who can?'
    run for my money? you couldnt give me a chase for my foodstamp
    get it, chase for my foodstamp....this lame is lunch when..
    ^your so wack I can use my fuckin' lines to explain my punches

    ok, now...
    I read your verse, you'll dead me? i'll roast you
    when you have more stretched lines then chelseas suppose to
    for real for real, this faggot cant contend with the champ
    when your lines start here and end in the goddamn contendership match
    he dropped then edited out, ha!.. I laugh at chumps
    when he took an extra 4 days........and still came wack as fuck
    check the predictions thread, im serious, i'll melt your skin
    why you think this was the first time in 2 years I predicted myself to win
    and its not coincidence, your garbage, i'll greet you with L's
    cus yes ive fallen off, yet everyone still predicted me to beat you as well
    you aint a threat, how you gon' fuck around with pro's when..
    ..ibeechu's the only allias that nobody ever gave a fuck about exposing
    look to the heavens and demand a plan..
    cus you'd need jesus to..
    walk, run, skip, and swim just for you to stand a chance
    your best lines are ehh, there hardly ever disses
    cus youre the GOAT.......on'a farm that nobody ever visits
    let me make this shit clear, and watch as this veteran soars
    cus this IS a 15 minute verse and it IS "a hell of a lot better than yours"

    the fuck outta here!
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Dr. Cause

    well, I aint know if dude is gonna show up or not... but whatever, go 10 lines

    quickest shit, haha im out for the night

    shit, i'll murder this head
    cause his verses are so.... the first word that I said
    this is my setup, and its crunch time
    ......that was my punchline
    your audios are garbage, you aint worth my clout
    had'ta be a Dr ....Cause the whole rap thing wasnt working out
    this kid has jeff tryn'a stress to this whore..
    that 'soundclick pages are allowed .... unless it is yours'
    your not winning, and im telling the truth...
    you'll have to pray to..
    god, jesus, allah, the little drummer boy and that elephant dude

    vs. Vary

    I dont know why you would assume I was noshowing, dont jump the gun next time... I even gave you a 30 min heads up that I was showing, but... ah well

    show and prove

    your not winning, im telling the truth...
    you'll have to pray to..
    god, jesus, allah, the little drummer boy and that elephant dude
    ^ I used that in'a noshow last week, its sad but its true
    cause, that just proves how serious I was about battling you..
    im not here to babysit, I gotta heal this hunch..
    ..that says all i'll hear from you is..
    'you love jigga's cock', 'your girls fat' and a 'your a wiqqer' punch
    we was in Sci Fi together, I wasnt usually gassed
    cause that just goes to show that even I used to be ass
    your garbage son, stop with that veteran claim
    *these* are the closest that you'll get to some action
    and its funny cause..
    vary's the only dude that ACTUALLY does what he puts in the asteriks
    fuck excuses like, "i didnt know he was gonna show, so I rapped weak"
    thats cool, but then..
    what in the fuck is your excuse for what you were rappin last week

    vs. Cheemagun

    wtf .. I swear I posted this last night and it posted, this is fucked...

    listen, I aint playing with guys
    and when I said 'ez' in my check-in,
    ...I wasnt saying goodbye
    so duke registers a new name,
    i'll put a hurt on your life..
    cause that whole allias thing only works if your nice
    so maybe im not top 5, they dont know its a fact
    I might be 13th, and you? well,
    ....your still a hell of a lot lower than that
    fucking with me breeds a problem, son..
    I shake my head when somethings wrong..
    he shakes his head when the job is done
    and i'll blast for nothin'..
    cause after this battle,
    my hands'll be in the air like im black or somethin'

    vs. Drugs

    now I dont wanna play off dudes verse, but.. the whole Syn thing? haha

    bullshit personals are weak and its still true
    cause how is someone gonna be..
    stupid enough to lie about something that people can still view?
    and they love that im postin' to win
    cause if youre the perfect drug..
    I swear to god im never smoking again
    im that dude, and these hoe's know
    meanwhile, your here off of..
    a battle you should've lost, and 3 noshows
    you can bite, flip, fuck it....and its still laughs
    when your verses are like the RBL,
    you got 4 people working on it...... and its still trash
    unoriginal homo, son is a true fag
    so i'll give in to what dudes say..
    and strangle the fuck out've this kid with my doo rag
    drugs living the good life? stop boastin' you queer
    cause what kind've life..
    would allow son to collect 10 thousand posts in'a year
    got em! and he's known as a bitch..
    since dude made an allias..
    hoping that nobody would notice the shit
    im blastin' em', honest
    cause fuck babies!..
    brenda should've been throwin' his bitch ass in the garbage

    vs. Jacent

    postin' early, hopin' surely .. im baking this fag'
    and he aint gone,
    ..he just aint have any other way of making the mag
    im bold with a pen, keyboard, mic or word spoken
    and its true text is all sorts of fucked up... and you broke it
    garbage kids like you, but I have to just say..
    I was probably almost as wack as him...
    a mother-fuck-in-hell'a ways back in the day
    kid.. I got clout, north or south, regarded in all
    and you?
    well, im about to smack the mods for not guarding the wall
    the bigger the are the harder they fall...but i'll burry this jack'
    cause dude's small as fuck..' so we aint gotta worry bout' that
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Phenomenon

    16....done quickly - I gotta be at a baskteball tourny soon - goodluck homie

    ya' fuckin wit the god sent kid thats forceful wit chokes
    & since cigarettes cause cancer, ur mother forced you to smoke
    in this battle you can front wild but take in this hint
    your ass is barely holding on....like a young child taking a piss
    your known for cathing L's, but im not the poorest of sports
    so i'd cut one's losses...but for you i'll need to borrow lotus's sword
    yeah i've peeped you before many times and I gotta say...
    if your what everyone wants to be, the world is a modest place
    how's his family gonna feel when I murder this geek..
    ..and leave his punk ass missing like the word of the week
    stupid bitch, your body'll be found deceased in the dirt
    kids so dumb, "No Word This Week!!!" will prolly be seen in his verse
    phe's been here since day one but still his past is silent
    & all the newbies follow his lead......hence the lack of talent
    i'll lift ya features, you aint starred in the hood son, hit the bleachers
    ..while komp'll have more hands in the air than fuckin hitler speaches

    vs. Shock

    *If you don't get all the lines, don't vote

    "and i done had chances, but currently i neva beat 'num before..'
    well now im ranked 3rd n its never been easier to beat 'number 4'!!!-shock

    ...lets go

    check the ranks, im 3rd.....your 4th, regardless of what you saw
    thats what you get for using lines against me that you wrote for skull
    dont get mad that I let ur line and sex life speak for itself
    cause according to you, homie your the one beating yourself

    this board pisses you off, bores you to death, ok pause...
    this is the same damn board you've registered atleast 6 names on
    and your country? well, it's UK......surely this kid'll catch flames
    ur sexualitys like professional chess homie, your quick to 'check mates'
    so you proud of what you rep? shit, i'm beatin em' random
    when shock dont stand for anything..........not even his anthem
    saying he would've dropped more lines, damn thats strong
    I never knew you could have documents saved in wordpad that long
    recycling whore, sick rhymes never pass this chump
    everything you drops been used atleast' 6 times in the last 6 months
    shock, you couldnt beat me unless you ressurected the past
    ......but even then every single line you fuckin ressurected was ass
    and since you wanna talk about my numbered rank i'll state yours..
    fuck, people mistake me for Randy Moss the way that I 'ate four'

    (Randy Moss - Number 84) for the slower one's

    vs. Island

    aiyo, craft? or kraft? fuck it, bitch dont think just choose
    pathetic how even the word of the week makes em' think of food

    fuck it, what made a bigger wave? cus all this talkin is lame
    a) your allias... or b) your gigantic ass falling off of the name
    island met a girl recently, and to think the match worked
    & he was gonna 'hit it'.........but the bitch kicked his ass first
    so thanksgiving just past right, now hold that thought..
    user aint just eat turkey...his ass ate the whole damn farm
    fuck it, i'll ruin him, and naturally nothing is screwing him
    and he's 'down to earth'...but gravity has nothing to do with it
    island'll never be hard, so just throw that cheap talk
    & i'll come back wit a pump like some throwback reebok's
    i've met a lot like you, you shook, now fucker.....pray
    cus you take the cake....no really,.......you took my fuckin cake
    silly fag, no wonder religions wanna see you deceased
    ..when your sexuality turns more ways than that G-Unit piece
    user gets no love, yeah I know its sad but yo, check this
    i'll mention, the last fuckin girl user had..........was for breakfast
    when you reach his size, its too late, hope isn't healthy
    ..cus user has enough body to make all ethiopians wealthy
    beating island aint a big deal, people be like who can't?
    run for my money? you couldn't give me a chase for my foodstamp
    this fat fuck aint no god, & its fact this bitch isnt nice
    think about it, island couldnt walk on water....even if it was ice

    I know the fat jokes got repetitive, but hey....when somebody's the size of a large sea creature, you exploit it
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Rhyme

    your game is bored, false hope'll tame this whore
    when opportunity knocked.........on your fuckin neighbours door
    girls gone wild at your crib, deal?...but the zoom's worthless
    when your moms camel toe looks more like the moons surface
    coward, no street cred'll get this pussy pushed up, raw
    while y'all motherfuckas'll stay strapeless like a pushup braw
    your punches are weak and iffy, and mine'll hit worse
    when you've sucked for longer than it takes to read a monolith verse
    stretched lined motherfucka, mono's a bitch thats never felt
    oh shit, my fault....rhymes so garbage...I started dissing someone else
    dimples aint the word for it, damn.....its a bad scene
    when ur girls ass looks like the safari's surface.....after a stampede

    vs. I.deal

    shit, im merkin em' dead, tang'll be left hurt in the thread
    you aint nice, your verses are soo......the first word that I said
    your skill goes unoticed.....but it aint meant to be bleek
    cus you gotta fetish for losing, and ur on your sexual peak
    I.deals sick with it? naw, i'll hit the floor while im laughin
    when this guys room for improvement was more like a mansion
    actually fuck a' mansion, cus your flows sommin daring to know
    cus truth is ur room for improvement has its own fuckin area code
    ur not champ material, the truth'll make you wonder yaself
    cus tang's like pants.........his ass'll forever stay under the belt
    RBL's demand for skill is pitiful, and tang? I blame the fag
    when last week's the only fucking time you've ever 'made the mag'
    that shits litteral, well im steady invisioning the vision thats up..
    on how tang might win wit consistency cus he consistently sucks
    tang's a dickriding hoe, if I ran to death he'd prolly follow me to it
    and he's not just shit... he's piss, semen, snot, and any other bodily fluid
    tang was straight booty & sinseer was well....sinseer, man listen
    you've sucked on 2 names already, the fuck makes ideal any different?

    vs. Papermate

    wow, the first 10 lines in your verse were awful, yuck, oh and that intro was horribly done, let the truth be told...

    dear paper,
    if your invert, he's wack, garbage, worthless and a bum
    and if ur pentium, well to save time, refer to whats above
    his verse was honestly wack, so DH is droppin em' early
    i'd play off your verse, but my mother told me not to get dirty
    im crowned to win it, bitch the pound is in it
    i'll cry you a river.....just so I can fucking drown you in it
    people cant stand your verses, they laugh at old steez
    ...so people cut your lines shorter than classic storm-g
    ur bars are stretched, you cant contend, youll get slashed
    ur lines started here, and continued in the contendership match
    nothing to see here, really get up and move it along
    gotta suck ur only here cus aura, ink, aloe & user are gone
    dickriding hoe, if I ran to death he'd prolly follow me to it
    he's not just shit... he's piss, semen, snot, and any other bodily fluid
    your garbage, for thinking your hard, your dumb dude
    fuck wipping the floor,
    ill use you to give my windows and walls a scrub to
    nobody likes mate, im sommin you've never seen before
    when that chip on your shoulder's more like a convinience store
    & as for ur record, you'll forever be ranked the side show
    spittin like struggling security guards, you'll never make the 5-0

    consiiiistency people, consistency
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