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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Demik, Doc Richards, Fick Fack Fock, Exit Eight, Force, Torch1, Living Proof, Banned Name and 102020292 more aliases
    From: Toronto
    Crew: Lost Cause

    vs. Island


    gluck tony, you sexy red headed night fox'

    a single line to the l column, a weak fallen soft
    ironic it came the one time you gave aloe a week off
    i broil fools, instruments? i foil tools
    after ya role in billy madison screamin odoil rules
    good luck on you paying retail for a female
    took a road trip with trap and STILL had time to check his email
    in a battle with user the riders against me, i might as well write
    that im battling island, minus the one dude we all liked
    sex, text, whatever, you destined to lose bud
    popped ya ex's cherry & searched the crib for the rest of the fruitcup
    he stays home wishin see, when i speak he's pissed with me
    i only voted for you last week so your riders'd give me publicity
    a win against this pregnant lady, dont hate me, a memory for the baby
    with demik gettin a win that is, much like his diet, is all gravy
    make it a picture theme, but cut it lean, or you'll see these kiddies scream
    at the fact that, to post yours, rm'd need to be hosted on an IMAX screen

    ill go to my net grave with this title, its MINE

    vs. Yuno Alwin

    fuck a hannibal, im crazy, you'll get ripped with rubber mandibles
    ...out here in the concrete jungle, once u clean up after the other animals
    ya average at most, need a wing 'n a prayer if u wanna battle me ho..
    when yuno's so under the radar, Al Quieda's takin strategy notes
    imma leave in a few, cuz if you think i'm gettin beaten by you..
    you're crazy...i got voting links that aint weaker than you
    forced wordplay miles below mine, that shits givin a sign
    add some honesty, change it to yuno alwin-halfofthetime
    write off any respect you're hopin to get, because its more than a guess
    that the shitty flip of a name is about as far as ya wordplay'll stretch
    and fair warning to let you know, its pointless to counter flows
    only gettin the win when hell freezes over, or when best beats dough
    speakin of johnny, i was battlin one of you and chose the lesser
    cuz hell, you're twice the newbie and only require half the effort

    vs. Dough Jordan

    AkA DeMiK 416:
    http://www. .net/tourney/pba/dough2.jpg

    Im coachin you b, so soak it in, see-
    Ya verse & OZ in the champ match, are equally the biggest jokes of the week
    Wanted the prime for the makes,last week was a test of'nything you got left
    For christ's sake, last week i gave you ELLIOTT BEST
    John's buildin a cell in the bit, for sif gettin bent & shit
    Big enough for his #1 rider to serve his next sentence in
    & we was always thinkin sifgod was hype, how he had ya back dude
    But now he got grammar check and we see he was sayin you wack too
    That chin of yours could be an industry, try upsizing
    & puttin pepsi down the side, they payin erythin else for advertising
    Ya shit is immature, rockin a juvenile mind see
    I took a walk in ya shoes and the shits lit up behind me
    Thankin all his riders with a bitchslap, while his mouth in em
    Abusin ya power so much, ur utilities got battered spouse syndrome
    Gun lines are original? NO, every line...i heard it
    Writin like Jay Cee mixed with every dude on the mixtape circuit

    a guy with a pen: show em why u mad, son

    im disappointed dough
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Noib Da Mutt

    oh my fucking god

    i want my 3 minutes back that i put towards this verse

    Torch set to merk shit, it's obvious you're hurt kid
    & couldnt raise an eyebrow with a bigger brother service
    Wont be able to talk when, I expose the fact that
    He cant even be champ in the league hes sposed to be good at
    You lackin here, I got a knack for fear
    So stupid your educated guess had to stay back a year
    Im killin this fan, net datin roc-c and-
    It dont seem to bother you but thats prolly a man
    Just watch where you stand, how you bettin?
    Run for my money..you couldnt pursue me for my cheque in
    Noib, this beatings hard, youre down in the seedings....far
    With a style readin like Tek wrote a battle verse on a greeting card

    on to 3-0

    Alpha Omni

    match me, im gone for vacay



    time to learn him, words aimed to hurt shit
    it looks like Wolverine went to Micheal Jacksons plastic surgeon
    he tries to fit in at upn, you're still a joke with no luck dude
    this was the worst pba ever? it still had the common sense to cut you
    being you, flip some punches to cover up those flow flaws
    seein how ya top 30 run was 3 no shows and lil hot sauce
    ugly fuck, listen close to what im tellin ya
    you look like a cross between mos def and tom hanks in Philadelphia
    under alias, 5 of my names'll beat you with the braun shit
    so your chances are 1-6, similar to your vote count vs. Adonis
    you aint comin out on top, remember that you fucking whore
    truth about you winnins like ya hat, iont think you could bend it anymore
    ill take ya style; run a train on your membrane without sane..dun
    & leave you more stained than the tablecloth you made ya shirt from

    gay ass, all flow and multis....no punches ass faggot


    vs. Savir

    how to NOT flip a line

    ima bash his fucking skull, watch me blaze this fucka
    have em run and hide in the caves that I left in his facial structure- Savir last week

    have prospectors diggin out the caves left in his chest- Inkwell 6 months ago

    fact is, you predictable, i know what comes with this geek..
    stretched lines....played punches....and a vote from nique

    it's serious
    sev's done and'll sooner fall than hurt me
    after i expos his chest like a montreal jersey
    i cant stand ya verse, or the childish shit u forcin in it
    sevir's shit'll bring out the kid in you
    ...like abortion clinics
    the voice in ya head gassin you is trickin in the fight
    it'll go off when i shut the door on ya ass
    like the refridgerator light
    reppin cause no other site wants him
    only raised the people's eyebrows...
    when ya shit hit rock bottom
    Stuck on this text shit...your the type we'll never see blow
    & you had your shot at greatness...then you opted to reload
    the differences in our styles...yo it's showin miles
    precision punches aim rings around ya eyes
    similar to your voting style

    anyone who says the three-line style compromises flow...just dont vote

    word;round 3;word

    vs. Ill Nik-A

    a loss? he cant hand me, he'll end up jacked; beat
    6 aint his seeding
    its how many family members he crams into his backseat
    outta ya league, ya cant go with me...really
    when ya forhead got a big enough shyne...
    to go to court with p. diddy
    ive been lookin at your pic, and shit...it's so crazy
    see people, this is why u dont dress ur pets in Old Navy
    this pics hilarious, and theres also a story inside it
    many years ago.....it wasnt blacked out, and showed the Gay orgy behind him
    im tired of your pic, i stay clowning foes...
    shit looks like his mouth is runnin a screen pattern, to get around his nose
    thinkin you thug?...yo fuckahs a real nerd
    when ya fuckin hand sign looks like ya tellin someone to steal third
    this kids a faggot...lookit this gay old fruit
    ..he's the only nik-a...with the complexion of day old soup
    & this skinny fuck needs a nine to five too dude
    cause ya plans of gettin signed work out as much as you do
    a closet prep, ya, and id bet my pride on it
    that theres more white killin black in you than a spy vs spy comic

    word son, word
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Scientz


    are u fuckin serious????

    u dont use firearms, said that u poppin?...u damn liar
    just bats some of the time, like daily cycles of vampires


    sci's not as good as ppl say, this dude is done
    you might not be a monster, but u sure as fuck can lose to one
    its like a bunch of potheads made ur style...im tired of this gay clown
    cuz all ya concepts...
    its just a bunch of User's, hyped up with Resin line breakdowns
    that line should hurt^^...cuz fuck ya style, work on ya timin' first
    if i wanted to read an example of every textcee's style...id read an Island verse
    and sci only does text, you know we'll laugh at you
    cuz his voice cracks windows, more than hackers do
    you aint winnin...fuck ya ploy kid, it's Doc ya facin
    fuck scientz...watch me drop the subject like annoying conversations
    this boy aint down to take it, fuck this bastard, dude...
    Im Doc...your Scientz...homie, i already Mastered you
    alotta riders mixed up, but no talent to boast...
    ya voters are such sheep, i fall asleep while countin their votes
    gun this, gun that, hes thinkin his guns clap?..somethings iffy..
    fuck this hunchback, his guns snap when you say somethin pretty
    posted once, then again, im gettin alot of the same hunches
    but how the hell you edit ya verse..
    and miss all of the lame punches?
    my shit'll get deducted, i gotta mind the votes
    how in the world could i match you
    if i cant tell how many lines you wrote...




    lol, gluck champ

    vs. Tang

    tangs comin with it, but the bitch is blocked
    shut me out in a battle?
    ill snatch you up and use ya stick arms to pick the lock
    this bitch just talks, you the last to spar me
    makin moves?
    bitch you losin a battle at the dawn of the dead cast party
    the fire in his belly isnt the drive that he talks
    just comes from the scrapin together of his ribs and spine when he walks
    with that complection, this 'rapper's far too ugly to get bit cuz...
    shits similar to that halloween pumpkin i been meanin to get rid of
    this case is air tight, i know you scared right?
    cause with YOUR frame?
    shit'll turn that fuckin wifebeater into a fair fight
    but straight up, im good at heart, the rest of the word is goin to hell
    cause by the looks of you...
    christian children's fund been keepin my donations to themselves

    gluck tangeeeeeee brudda

    vs. Ill Nik-A


    the day he (Ill Nik-a) wins the title is the day hell freezes over- Username

    i crippled all others, so you're the next lock
    when i give you a halo too
    and it aint got shit to do with an x box
    already gettin votes against, ya loss is just dull
    the underdog aint gettin shit this time
    homie this aint opshins and skull
    wishin he nice, newbies, theres summin yall should know
    weve fucking battled twice
    .......he still hasnt managed to get a vote
    one foot in the grave, straight up im beatin his health
    nice guys finish last
    so i guess ya charity work speaks for itself
    he wanna brag about shags, lemme stop this silly hoe
    cause you more anti-bush than the fuckin mosh video
    even ya names a fake, he cant bling fluent
    but i guess mediocre latino aint have the same ring to it
    the damage is done, so its prolly best to end the lines
    cause you gotta write for ya tourny battle
    oh wait....nevermind

    i dont mean to be gay dude, but im disallowing the hate votes from Opshins and EmceeButtafli that i know im gonna get

    vs. Aven Brooks

    now, ave text battlin has some flaws in physics
    cause you outta place
    this bitch needa stick to racing honda civics
    droppin hot in the battle? you fairin mild
    the pic's disturbing
    i never expected tek and super dooper to bear a child
    gotten to the final four cuz you cheatin whore
    half rican half lebanese?
    you only lookin forward to a taco cart in ya convenience store
    the pic disses itself, its not hard for me, see
    ya eyes are so fuckin slanted
    you gotta hold ya pupils straight when you read...
    so sit back and think, of the hopes you turnin kid
    cause i got dollar signs in my eyes
    you- the finals of the tournament
    all over me on aim, but i aint fearin ya talk
    cause it looks like you got ya fuckin chain out a cereal box
    so let me drop some shockin truth for this actor...
    the kids really voted for you alot more...
    when they thought they were ridin a fallen-off fracture
    but they not, and when i drop, it's over
    i was gonna give you deez-nuts
    but you already got an acorn atop ya shoulders
    so while im droppin knowledge, i just thought you should know
    havin a .. in every one of ya lines...doesnt constiture flow
    this bad boy pop singer, is caught between two words
    faggot, you gonna spit battle lines...
    or write me a song about cute girls?
    Verse full of filler, champ?...pfft you aint fly dunn
    im just scannin ya verse for a line without cliches...
    ......I'll let you know when i find one.....

    the finals'll look good on me
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. I.deal and Ill Nik-A

    Nik, this our fourth battle by my count
    a picture's worth a thousand words?
    i musta called you ugly at least that many times now
    but ya third try at the title? you lame kid
    for christ's sakes...
    he couldnt win if i loaned him my AIM list
    gettin salty off our battle, ya life's a bore
    cause you ugly as fuck
    the space between ya hairline & eyes could be DIVIDED by 4
    this is just war, that outfit aint a fly set
    you only rockin fresh threads...
    when no one's replied yet
    tang, i went easy last time,you know what i meant b
    em won the rap olympics....
    but beyold ethiopia's entry
    in a scrap, run, everyone bettin you to
    cause ya bones are hollow, man
    kevin bacon coulda taken lessons from you
    aint a thug, with all the shit this guy talks
    when his idea of a death trap...
    is the fucking cracks in the sidewalk
    so what are you messin fairy? this aint necessary
    form up a win?
    faggot you cant even spell semetary
    his lies about ballin? he'll be kiddin soon
    cause he use that same bucket hat...
    to catch the raindrops in his livin room

    blaggidy blah blag

    vs. Opshins

    i spose rm can be ya life..to me it's borin..
    but ops logging in so much...
    he's helpin kill the nation's forests
    he wants a contenders match...a job'd be better gay
    for your sake..
    its too bad 'I BEAT SKULL' wont hold up on a resume
    to think you could smile at a bitch, please
    ill expose and kill with ease
    ...kodak could prolly market the fuckin film on your teeth
    pathetic really, this tyke's sorry, all that you write's boring
    ill have you leavin the battle...
    tale between your legs like Jenna Jamesons life story
    i took a stab in the dark, and came with the shanking
    so next week, op'll find a happy medium...
    meanin he'll just be content with his ranking...
    im goin outta my way, why am i beatin this gay?
    whos lines stretch out like theyve been sleepin for days

    vs. Premonition and John Hensley


    survival of the fittest, John's what extinction's for
    only way you'll see 'Star dumb' is if I'm drunk & I don't drink no more- from Monstar's original verse


    this kids honestly tryin? he aint tellin shit..
    for fucks sake
    he posted on a specific name to make one of his lines relevant
    mon's the faggot in battle, known to throw a bitch or two
    my cliches are winnin battles?
    that canadian line clinched it for you
    blowin ya welfare on net connects, you aint smart kid
    when you pinch a penny so much
    your account wanna press sexual assault charges
    mon's gettin put under wraps, you get smothered and hit
    fuckin loser
    most publicity on the name? when you gave blood's brother the shit
    john'll be gunnin, but in the end will be ghost ill bet
    Cause runnin from competiton's, the only workout he gets
    you aint got punches to land, miss and get beat
    cause im pissin all over the john- like i forgot to lift the seat
    stick to the text, its best, we dont want this geeks noise
    you unknown
    last time i saw the name, it was votin for me at
    everyone else get respect naturally, no need to make that stiffer
    so while john differs and begs
    --the rest of us just beg to differ

    now gimme back my belt

    vs. Minfinity

    thats a long read, in short you're a whore b
    & i was gonna diss ya shit
    but allah already did that job for me
    you bite, sorry, everything that you write's boring
    ill have you leavin the battle-
    tale between ya legs like jenna jamesons life story
    i cant blame the voters for wantin me
    this mufucka could collab with the whole battle area
    and be mistaken for one emcee
    it's on good authority ya lyrics are poor nerd
    so ask yaself who was hurt more in the name of allah
    -you or new yorkers?

    vs. John Hensley

    it's serious
    john's done and'll sooner fall than hurt me
    after i expos his chest like a montreal jersey
    i cant stand ya verse, or the childish shit u forcin in it
    j's verse'll bring out the kid in you
    ...like abortion clinics
    corney imagery, the worst punches, defines ya type
    'but johns wordplay draws a helluva picture'
    well so could napoleon dynamite
    john plays a small part, tryna kid you,ill share this gays stance
    he aint buy shell toes cause hes ol school
    they just match his wal mart issued tear-a-way pants
    hittin on guys, you the geeky type, face it
    it's too hard to choose...
    so john goes bi weekly like pay cheques
    god warns of homos, hens is quick to deny fables
    cause his door has guys comin through it nightly
    like the spanish announce table
    he aint a bboy, his poor ass'll get dealt in the fight
    cause after ya friends break on it
    you rebuild the box for shelter at night
    one foot in the grave, straight up im beatin his health
    nice guys finish last
    so i guess ya charity work speaks for itself

    vs. Odin.

    last demik / dill battle


    this time, more of the same

    dudes a shell of self respect, ill put whats left on blast
    you havent dropped a good verse since jook left your ass
    dill & jook the same, lame is these wack guys steeze
    each needed a bitch to succeed like the black eyed peas
    this an easy match when hes battlin without jooks share
    me, the best in the league, you..a flash in the pan -
    like girls gone wild cookware
    hes not ill to begin with, you know whats worse kid?
    after you stop rappin you gotta compile a footnote for your verses
    honestly, i should be scared of what youve written dun
    your name's with the best: silent, meth -
    but thats just a list of dudes youve bitten from
    did you bite? the leagues curious, be advised - ill let em know
    its a disgrace we gotta treat your verses like a CSI episode
    we all know from your past, you aint above bitin shit
    couldnt pay to get your name in the mag - till you took over writin it
    course, he'll bitch and cry, go through one of his nerd phases
    only good shit outta georgia?
    tractor pulls & world's worst police chases
    dill claims to be a scrapper, this dame is phoney
    biggest fight was with his brother over the sexbox -
    and her NAME is SONY
    ive always said to start small, you're gassed let it go
    dont try to blow my ass away this time -
    just concentrate on getting a vote

    i appreciate the extention man, thnx
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