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Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Calefaction, Mr. body
    From: Middletown, NY

    vs. I.deal

    ResinMC: oh shit, is 7-0 in the championship, u know u woulda been battlin me

    Yes.. I know Resin ;)

    Sinseer aka Tangible aka Tang aka I.deal


    Tried mad hard to be me.. still ya shitty bro..
    Filled wit envy.. kid's greener than the paris hilton video..
    I'll rip these hoes.. son.. dont even doubt ya dyin..
    U lost to arizcats and Cal's a fuckin mountain lion..
    Plus after the verse.. its probable WHO stinks..
    U ain't a guerilla Tang, U just model the juice drink..
    Clips wit the rounds in.. this kid is gettin a poundin'..
    I'm the top dog.. N Tang's just the bitch that I'm mountin'
    Fuckin rookie.. trust me.. U ain't no vet dude..
    Talk guns N I'ma buck I.' .. like I'm from OSU..
    I'm takin kid to school.. can't rap with me pal..
    Muffucka struggled wit scientz N that was pre-cal..
    Plus this U ain't break a mold wit ya feeble text work..
    This skinny fuck don't even fit a 3x champ...ion sweatshirt..
    Quit wit the yappin.. I know U'll stick to the wack shit..
    I beat nobody's on my way here N figure.. I'll continue the habit..
    I've seen losers but U take the cake.. I hate this lame..
    Went thru 20 fuckin bars N I.deal still ain't get laid..
    I'ma see U in VIP.. toastin to my win.. gettin it crunk..
    Cuz this kids such a fake ID.. he can get in the club..

    - M.B.

    vs. Papermate

    Status NeSs: who is papermate.. you and?
    sequence is: haha
    sequence is: warlokk
    sequence is: and ink helped


    U got no chance.. cuz one of U used to be a herb that bites..
    The Second makes my beats N the Third asks me to re-word his lines
    That's three strikes.. but y'all can bring on the pitches..
    I'll be havin a 'fowl ball' ..... when I swing on these chickens..
    N Q.. lets hope ya friends.. make up for Ur chokin when..
    I let the blade in U N spill ink all over.. like I broke my pen..
    Lokk ain't that big tho.. ain't that talented, smart.. but Ur cryin..
    ^Cuz U'll be those before Ur eminem.. okay? so stop tryin..
    I'm the wrong vet to try .. a walkin bomb threat..
    In otherwords.. U'll bite the dust.. then try to flip its concepts..
    Cal's a world above the rest.. these fuckin cats are queer..
    U just made it past orbit.. N Ur about to burn up in the atmosphere..
    Save Ur name.. U can't win.. so try to get the title at a later date..
    Cuz I'm takin down erry forest in Australia so there's no paper..mate
    One of U'll run Ur mouths.. N even Lokk know he talks..
    So I'ma step up wit a board N own 'Vert' like Tony Hawk..
    Ur the wrong combination to get passed this, stop..
    N fuck.. Cal knows the right combination when I master lokk..
    I'm SOOOO the man right.. cuz I'm known to stamp guys..
    Put my hands on Ur neck N Titan so much.. U'd think I own the franchise..
    Awww man.. U had me goin.. pretendin U was tough N all thug..
    So now I'm crushin balls off the tease' like the end of a golf club..
    That means U better hope santa brings protection to U peasents..
    Cuz Cal's known to slay in the snow.. with out the dear or the presents..
    Lokk's a nobody STILL.. N Vert.. Ur nada jack...
    Soo fat.. when I hit U.. Ur skin not only waved.. but holla'd back..
    On the other hand.. Vert's also no one.. cry to me bitch..
    N Lokk's so skinny his ribs ain't just touchin.. they're siamese twins..
    U'll get ate quick.. Fuck U losers.. Cal know shitty rhymes..
    Ur just a carbon copy of Island.. minus User, Aloe N witty lines..


    -U just got Body'd

    vs. Inkwell Q

    KDawg8298: Have u ever taken one of tha chess pieces and used it to pleasure urself?
    the risen soul: Nah, I'm a nerd, not a pervert
    KDawg8298: o ok
    KDawg8298: Do u have a girlfriend?
    the risen soul: wtf, of course not

    Judgin by the convo N Ur pic.. ink the homo's right son..
    He can't get a bitch at all.. cuz he looks so much like one..
    This kid lacks pure talent.. he had a chicks stature..
    So son came back wit a vengeance.. same one that bit fracture..
    Changed his name N his style.. its acts dude...
    Flipped lines under Hybrid Angel --yeah he bit that too..
    I smack fools.. I'ma show U.. just forget the talkin..
    Cuz Ur following patterns.. only found in a dentist office..
    Lied 'bout how U was tough N ya crew was all soldiers..
    .....Fuck wide.. this kid got some broadS shoulders..
    No sir.. U wont win.. this kid's frail N gay..
    Mad in his own pic..
    ..cuz he couldn't put his hair in pig tails or braids..
    Impaled N played.. look I'll kick N crack ya guy..
    So its good Ur wearin lipstick to kiss Ur ass goodbye..
    N dude if it was a race.. U'd be left very swoll man..
    Cuz U about to add Cale to Ur loss column.. like gary coleman..

  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Namix

    Namix aka ...... yeah you're still no one

    This kid namix got DQ'd.. cuz this brother was late..
    N I've had problems wit Ur dad ever since Ur mother was late..
    Skinny lines = played.. pale lines = played.. listen, I knew..
    That's why I expected to see them in a verse written by U..
    I'm a fuckin gangster dawg.. leave his home wit funerals..
    Do away with nam' N leave Ur future rank in roman numerals..
    Bitch dont bother my aim.. cuz I'll test range..
    At this fuckin fag who'll only bboy wit a sex change..
    If U wanted a good style.. stick to mimmickin mines..
    Cuz I'm takin this by Storm, G.. so U complain no ones gettin Ur lines..
    Lets say U had a chance.. I'd be lyin'.. this hoes a disgrace..
    Cuz 'Charlie' was all up in nam'...............N all over his face..
    Ur whole steeze is wack.. dont give a fuck whatever herbs say..
    Ur clever wordplay is like Sur's minus the clever wordplay..
    Ur 'punches mrs. me' like Ur a wife beater.. enough I'll let up..
    ^^that's just me doin Ur style better then U in my fuckin set up..
    Ink got an extension N lost.. but I'm even more impressive..
    I'ma beat namix so easy.. I could ask for 3 or 4 extensions..
    I give beatin's to faggots who ain't never gon be shit..
    Then snatch the win quicker than Kotex when ink sees it..
    U might have hype now.. Cal's always doubtin gimmicks..
    This kids so fruity..
    ...I'll sit 'em on the corner N put manic outta business..
    Look this bitch is fed -- that's right U heard the slander..
    Cuz like colonel sanders -- Ur girl's a big chicken head.
    Wanna be popular on RM but my bat's blatant N known..
    Demik wouldn't be able to make an alias for all the breaks in Ur bones..
    I gotta go to the bathroom.. here's an overview..
    Some how I knew I'd wind up pissin all over U..


    vs. Vern Acular

    speakin of 30.. the anticipation of 12-0 couldnt' wait..

    Vern Acular aka Can't beat me cuz I actualy show

    I gotta say U suck at audio.. N on mics the notion is true..
    Cuz these lines here are the ONLY time I'd have to open for U..
    I took a trip N got mad cuz dude is a dork..
    So I put VA in the dust as soon as I left for New York..
    Slicin ya lungs.. Ur horrible Vern so stop denyin it son..
    Ur verse got so many holes.. they found sadam hiding in one..
    I bruise emcees wit ease.. N I was soon to see..
    That Ur verse was such ass.. I thought Ur lines were moonin' me..
    U ugly so postin Ur pic woulda took might N steal poise..
    Cuz off the boards he's pinnochio.. makin ink look like a real boy..
    This ain't the RSTL.. N I'm not Ur pal, Ur ass kid..
    Cuz if it was Ur topic would be: Write about how U lost to Calefaction..
    Face it this battles lost dude.. I dont care if U flossin too..
    Sure Ur in a class of Ur own with a helmet on N someone wipin drool offa U..
    This fuckin asian wanted to gimme back rubs.. for that I'm glad to punk ya..
    Flip script.. I'm usin pins, needles, knives N swords to leave Vern Acu'punctured..
    I'm sayin.. fuck this kid cuz he's gettin raped.. its very true..
    So watch me take this V........................N pop his cherry too..
    Like I told namix.. I know Ur punches.. Ur a non-creative vet man..
    I know cuz Ur verses get less flashed smiles than my moms webcam..
    Ur a flamin' homo son.. my advice.. stop callin Cale..
    U did.. now U beg UserName to go with U to touch balls in alleys..
    Skip the drama.. Cal's known to lay pricks to graves..
    U was always a mommas boy.. that's why U dates chicks her age..
    U think I'm gassed N U'll beat me.. but again, that's homo..
    Being that Ur last four big wins were all against no shows..
    Bitch thought he was under-rated.. until this shit drops..
    Now ya see..
    Verns so bad he could stage an attack and still not get props..
    Give up homie or let me deliver the hate..
    Ur text is wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack .. like what the ugly stick did to Ur face..

    I'd say sorry.. but that'd be the first time I lied in the post.. good luck
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Oneduh and Scientz

    Oneduh aka unsigned hype aka fabolous jr. and scientz aka unsigned hype jr.

    Mr. Ego = Shitty alias, Scientz.. its a good thing Ur not or U gotta be messin..
    ..shit I LOST dick riders when they found out Mr. Body aint Resin..

    which means..

    Both of U dudes needa drop gems before laughter is blurted..
    Cuz if U drop normal shit U'll lose to the comments before N after my verses..
    Sci's a poor bitch but a bboy at heart its blatant N true..
    So since Ur mom dont care.. she lets him break on his roof..
    I've done paid my dues N still got cash so pardon my sport..
    But when comparin banks sci's, his always comes up carlton short..
    U know I'll swing on U kid.. best be forgettin the stiches..
    Cuz I'll hit Sci N break his mug, glass jaw N the rest of the dishes..
    I'm boss of this camp.. I'm tellin U, his talk is just amped..
    Cuz a mod helped One get here so he can say he lost to the champ..
    Suckin dick to be popular... the rumors are true in the cypha..
    One aims to please so anthraxspits N swallows if he likes ya..
    Unsigned hype eh? tell me.. why would U boast those writs..
    It'd make me oneduh about U.. but I dont do that homo shit.
    Even now with denyin' -- I used numbers N equations..
    To figure out how to be gay N -- got it down to a scientz..
    I know U tryina find dirt on me.. Ur scopin N frantic..
    No matter the news.. Cal's known to drop sci's like a hopeless romantic..
    Sliiiiick homie, In highschool U was the chiiiiick homie, I'm too serious..
    Everyone knows Ur twice the bitch.. Scientz was usualy two periods..
    Ur both scared of my fists N I know U hate the curb..
    I floss a lot..
    .. Ur so THIN on els <--they thought it was a racial slurr..
    I'll get nice wit guns, cock N explode wit the hot finger..
    N leave USH at the front of the ER like the pop singer..
    1 last thing one..
    Ur punches, if User wrote over a third of ya swings then he needs..
    A verse written by more Ghosts than the Return of the King to beat me..
    One's a jack ass N so are his verses.. but I'm not worried in the worst way..
    He's still not pushin his chances as much sci is pushin his wordplay..

    Now go throw the same punches EVERYONE else does, only stretch it completely..
    And Hype, we coo but start writin for yourself for the first time..

    vs. Namix and Scientz

    Namix & Scientz aka .....we've been an aka before and can't get enough of Cal tellin us how much we suck

    well good..

    I beat U twice before so I'ma stick to smackin U cowards..
    They say the 3rd times the charm but U ain't a bitch wit magical powers..
    I stay givin.. U faggots knowledge N yeah I play wit 'em..
    Cuz Scientz was a bad excuse for aftermath like shady explainin his racism..
    Namix Ur style got mad flaws.. U ain't even got the sense to bitch..
    But Ur verses ain't five stars.. this *****'s five stars cuz of censorship..
    Plus Ur persistant as a mother fucker.. U just dont stop slut..
    Most got a flair for the dramatic, U got signs N a roadblock up..
    Sci, battling dont suit U.. I'll be glad when this kids gone..
    I dropped half assed N U barely could tie me, U should keep to clip ons..
    When speakin on dick sizes.. it obvious N U might say..
    Even if Urs are so long, mine's more like thanksforcomingandhaveaniceday..
    I swear U'll deny that both of U ain't good.. but its apparent N lies..
    When its 'beat Cal or bust'.. N Ur both pullin a Jason Biggs from American Pie..
    Some say the RBL is boring N repetitive.. it truth cuz now the fact is..
    U kids are a perfect example..
    .. beat some no names, get to the title match.. then lose to Calefaction..
    Ur both just bad immitations.. I swear U couldn't compare cuz hunches..
    Say that Cal's Hi-C when he swings.. U over use Ur generic punches..
    Not only are they generic.. but they're stetched, I mean.. wait..
    Ur wordplay is so forced.. the rest of the RBL can hear it scream rape..
    I could possibly be wack as fuck.. nah.. I'm too hot to beat me..
    N if U think its a walk in the park, U'll both end up like chandra levy..

    Less than usual.. but enough to smack you kids around.. again..
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Nebs

    Nebs aka the black robin williams, minus the whole comedy thing.. yeaaaaaaah

    Nebs is shook as fuck.. I'm regulatin this fake N..
    He's a fuckin yellow belly N ain't pregnant wit an asian..
    I scar weaks N move fast, clips spit when clappin this homo..
    So scared, his heart beat was too fast for twista to rap in his promo..
    This kids gay.. man features is hardly yo frame..
    He's had more pipe laid in 'em then a mario game..
    How U think U got a chance when I'm still poppin at U whores..
    N even Manic gave U a run for Ur money.. he pick pocketed U for..
    Dear 'Tic,.. the closet Cal fan cuz he fear this..
    U ain't a big , U a small black parasite, he a deer 'tic
    I'm hittin him hard in the chin until this artist is twitchin..
    Then U look like U belong in the same trailor park that I live in..
    ^Ur best diss..
    So.. I'm takin this actor when I hold N slam pretenders..
    To have him exiting stage left, in a white sheet like his role is a klan member..
    Certain cats know who made Ur structure N I'm too vile son..
    Cuz I'ma bash Ur Skull so bad.. U have no one to get a new style from..
    U dont wanna bring looks in this.. lets see guy..
    Ur so bug eyed.. sockets look like they're tapped by the FBI..
    This kid is gassed with y'all listenin..
    Fuck breakin a leg..
    .. I hope U end up in a cast bigger than the one U auditioned with..

    now ACT like you won

    vs. Thesynthesis

    U should know by now, I don't do that played shit..

    btw.. didn't I beat you before?

    SYN aka got sonned by serge aka jacks crews to be cool aka wannabe crip


    Who is this geek thinkin he could duel witha beast..
    Won the title beatin nobodies cuz of kids like U in the league..
    Ur gay/frail.. never do anything bad to make jail..
    N only throwin up signs when it's for a local bake sale..
    That fake crip steeze, bitch I'ma crack thru it..
    Rep right cuz Ur set ain't quite blues, like jazz music..
    I'ma leave him open, swollen, this soldeir'll drop..
    Closest he came to thug life was huggin his poster of pac..
    U get me junior?.. this was a planned attack..
    Cuz U wouldn't be on MY level with a fuckin expansion pack..
    Why? I got zero losses when I show so suck my cock bitch..
    Cuz that's the same amount of votes U got against Doc Rich..
    Disect vets.. I'm even takin the next step..
    When I'm done..
    U'll needa jack a crew of surgeons to fix up Ur net rep..
    N I won't need a jumpsuit, stainless or boots..
    U from Florida fag, Ur whole state's famous for fruits..

    jeah, funny what you can do if you take a few minutes out of your day..

    vs. Calibre

    I really think they confused you for someone good..

    I'm bustin down this frail hoe..
    Faggot, U only in the north cuz of the underground railroad..
    Tho thtart prayin to God before I'm dethidin' to clap..
    HAHA.. ^I couldn't help but picture you tryina to rap..
    RIP my man Rob, but you not gon' tell me bitch..
    U ain't obsessed..
    ..U the only one talkin 'bout Epi on some makaveli shit..
    I'm so dope maaaaan, Calefaction is quite sick..
    But if I Jhest.. U'd post 2304732493 threads ridin MY dick..
    All ya tough talkin lines, son they fake..
    Plus U sound like shit, I'd rather have an accent that hyundai makes..
    It ain't even a test, I'm makin' sure this thing is handled..
    Fuck the BBC, I'll drown Ur ass in the English Channel..
    I'ma roll up and put the hawk straight to ya neck..
    Cuz U ain't dropped a good track since you walked away from the net..
    If U doubt me look -- I'm a 9.8, ask richter to scale it and see..
    Not even Nostradamus could predict the way I got Cali shook..
    U still got a chance to save face, here's Ur ticket..
    Move ya fuckin cursor to the 'x' and just click it..
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