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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: Butler
    Crew: John Doze

    vs. Incephalon


    Wats incephelon over..?

    I'm not sure but i'll leave ya cumz guzzlin throat tied
    kid's a ferry,
    so fuck a spit i'm bout ta take a boat ride..
    stupid, my words are like bullets that make ya sternum sink
    i like Fifty, but u would think i'm tryna murder inc..
    listen, i blew u out, cuz when ur ill its out of the blew
    'n thats why
    ur amount of supporters is like close calls... phew
    dude, ...fuck you, ur educations a fraud..
    so basically u study dudes, an will never study a broad..
    ^'swat i thought, might as well call this ur obituary
    cuz i ain't seen such a Cross dresser..since Missionaries

    gotta bounce..only 10


    vs. Shadow Play


    lemmie start this off by sayin that ya wack bro
    'n i'll pop ya,
    I Warned you fuckas I had bullets Foreshadow
    Kid thinks ridin the subway's thuggish, thats all good an well
    shorty may claim to shell out tokens,
    but butler's tokin' out shells...
    I suggest you Cease to spit like junior mafia moves
    cuz only time we'd want ya Input's playin Box on ya tube
    needledick, somebody missinformed this kid on my plan
    I finna crush ya shit to Rubble,
    like Barney, Betty 'n Bam..
    but atleast this guys fans have the back a' this man
    problem is,
    you Suck worse then the 'Backs of ya Fans'
    ya Drop sucked stick to Pickups..(fords are phat yo)
    cuz i ain't
    seen nothin stick to THAT much wack since ya shadow
    if towels were punchlines, u'd thro more hooks then Pharell
    an askin' wat ya face'll do,
    'slike askin how's my rhymes... Swell
    basically I'll Whip you with, or without a license..
    it don't matter,
    i'll diss play like manicans with clothes prices
    'stime to leave rap behind you, instead a' two cocks
    cuz watchu call service,
    rivals my Sprint's in the boondocks..

    get off my nuts..bitch
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Alamo IV


    Kidnap u an ya bitch, get slapped so bad its obsurd
    until u get ya raps in gear.. an i get ya girl outta hers
    and i heard, u said ur nice? watever u say yo
    every fuckn RBL head knows this kids A lamo
    u neet to get offa my sack..
    and leave rap aloan, but let it keep the cash for all a' ur crap
    an bout the RBL, you may check in but i don't kno why
    all we're tellin you's to checkout, anybody but guys..
    bumass, Alamo ya wig must be on too tight
    so i'ma push it back.. father then i'm sonnin' this tyke


    Are aye wy

    vs. look

    I'd give u ya props, but half the s u battle no show
    they may not be Hard.. but who wants to be, around a homo..?
    cuz yea i'll eat this kid.. but like mutes; it ain't sayin much
    fuckin panzi, tryin to tell me that u'v finally surpassed
    the Wackest Head here.. but ur just getting ahead of YOURSELF, ass!
    'the fuck off my nads .. u shouldn't battle me, face it
    cuz it takes balls.. an so does ya mouth on a regular basis
    i'll shell up ya face kid, 'n leave ya mind in ya palms
    ^^see I wanna keystle.. but wit this bitch? that'd be tryin too hard
    but either way this shits like ten minutes of me merkin this fool
    i don't know what I dropped quicker.. this verse, or you..
    the voters'll kno.. but plan on hearin u suck..
    they'll be up lookin at this, but wat they'll say about u ain't lookin up
    kids so fuckin ashamed of himself, he had to decode is name
    well you Are Aye fag, so Wy the fuck are u still in the game..?
    watever, I think ur wack.. do i need a reason?
    how this..
    chances r u'll take my verse 'n playoff more then post seasons..

    vs. Dark Nebula

    listen stupid..

    i woulda said to match me, but that ain't probable
    judging by ya last battle, that would be impossible..
    you drop spots while i beat these hoes..
    shit the only good rank u'v ever seen, signed out weeks ago..
    i'll serve ya dumbass, Butler's text is hell..
    my shit'll have u droppin' more stories then the RSTL..
    theres no question my toast'll burn this faggot
    the clips'll alter ya face so much, i'll fuckin preach a sermon at it..
    kid i could beat u just on nameplays, throwin out puns
    cuz wit a name like Dark?..... ya goin down sun..
    fuckin.. i'm gonna leave a pop in ya heart
    i don't kno who the hell u are, ..so here's a shot in the dark
    i'm so pissed u better watch ya children
    Dark's verse may be decent, but i doubtfire like robin williams
    you suck dick, nobody likes ya prose.
    he knew he had to show the god respect, so he sacraficed his flow..
    in terms a' skill i'd say this guy is empty..
    so i'm gonna fuckin push ya wig back.. to 1960
    I'll spit a round to ya mother's ribs
    my shit's hot, urs is fuckin chilly.. kinda like usher did
  3. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. IbeechuFarensquare

    fuck keys, i'm droppin' 24 to drop ya thug steez
    i'll skip rocks the size of boulders on ya blood stream
    you eat kids? well, i'll soften ya case
    consider me curbing ya appetite,..right along wit ya face..
    yea u had alittle hype, but, dood i'm foul..
    i'll have ya chest cavity catch a root canal..
    ibeechu?, ..i'll leave ya heart racin'
    'n if raps a life long lesson u better believe in reincarnation
    i'm non-patient, nervous fuck i'll put a stop to ya hope
    treat ya neck just like a chapel 'n tie the knot in ya throat
    niqqa plz, your a homo dude..
    heads like you couldn't even pose a threat at a photoshoot..
    it takes peuberty to back up that noise..
    'n Square could supply an army of dope heads, wit the crack in that voice
    you think u'll win wit that bland gay shit?!?
    you got ya styles locked up..... on ya winamp playlist
    I'll toss u off a cliff and never care
    have u droppin' more flights
    then airline customers durin' terror scares..
    go read a novel whiteboy, or faggot i'll squirt
    enuff slugs to put this bookworm back in the dirt..
    u'll never get laid, think u fooled me?
    only way u'd ever cruize wit a fox is if u peeped their movie...


    u'v lost 4 consecutive weeks..


    you need some pointers, but no need to ask me
    my 'science to winning' is identical to the predictions on ya battle last week//
    ... i'ma teach this young punk a few things..
    you could probly take ya losses in a row, against a fuckin' crew team
    wigga. ur just suburban slang plus a couple dumb swears
    kid you so white you thought the two step was a quick way up stairs
    ya like ya name.. super dooper.. senesless..
    the only ill Doop i'v seen, was convincin' you, that you would win this..//
    ya cheap raps suit ya cheap ass, ya worth the same prices...
    those high waters you rock could fuckin' rival hurricane ivan's
    negro ur barely a contestor..//
    the day u have highlights in the RBL, i'll shoot u.. then ya hair dresser
    ya '97 concepts are do-do
    shit, if you ever did come original.. 311 would probly sue you..//
    this niqqa idols me on , he's bluffin' this hatred..
    Soop if heat rises, then faggot.. ya stuck to the pavement
    i harvest mad talent homie.. come to peace where u standin'
    if the community harvested ur skills.. it would lead to a famine
    ur a joke.., all ya beef's funny.. //
    cuz dude is such a poor sap,.. he tried deebo'n trees for they money

    vs. UserName

    ook.. idiot

    .......your lame 'n sprout lies//
    ya rank's NEVER gettin' boosted, unless my getaway's waitin' outside
    ur mad old, yet... no one bets on you in matches
    the last User picks i saw, were defense moves in madden......
    at first i couldn't remember you, i asked around this lame board
    some said ya name rang a bell, ... the other thousand rang yours
    but fuck this fat red head, chubby'll feel the hawk sting
    i'll spray his calves up,... then watch this cow mourn his offspring
    ...ya weak holmes, ya dumbshit is gonna get ya bean blown
    i'll have tears runnin' sprints down ya cheekbones...
    and..... i searched ya shit, honestly? you ramblin' geek
    if you EVER dropped ill, ...i'd probly land on my feet
    poor niqqa, whatever you thought's a gimmick..
    it's time you can'd ya raps.. 'n let us throw some quarters in it
    ..that bullshit? don't want u pullin' none//
    OZ would give u an extension, but ya hairs already full of em'
    i'ma beast homeboy, ur a panzy at best..
    my slugs'll grind ya face, misty flip an land in ya chest..
    pest... , ya pussy rhymes are gettin' mauled over
    if broad means bitch.. ur manliest features are ya broad shoulders
    kid when the metal starts blastin//
    I'ma belt ya face so hard, when i stop.. ya head'll start saggin.....
  4. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Imperial


    the jigs up, this kid sucks. Imp, don't boast again..
    ya setups were so beat, i grabbed a mic an flowed over them
    u tryin' to lose?.. ya whole shit was filler, lame 'n useless.
    every other line you said was either played, or stupid..
    ya need some work. plain an simple Imp, clowns get handled
    I'll re-route ya organs,
    to the point where they play sounds of piano's
    you fake bitch, this ain't the burbs.. i'll slap ya lips to ya heels
    fuck ya name.. under no circumstances would i call Impe, rial
    i'm blunted, and give a fuck.. but homeboy ya dun
    catch chin checks the size of ya unemployment ones..
    eat a dick, ya shit was trash.. u'd have to pay for ranks
    i'd venture to say ya losin' streaks, more then frank the tank

    all i'm doin.. got shit to do

    vs. I.deal



    judgin' by my verse? Ideal, u needed to bring heat, hard.
    but judgin by your verse? it's a good thing I know CPR
    i climb the ranks u fuckin' fool, doods barely wanna test B
    so wat the FUCK would make you think you could halfass against me?!?
    get a grip you dumb bitch, i'll hack ya bones to puddin'.
    'n leave ya corpse in remote locations. between the sofa coushins
    ya writes are trash, i'll merk ya ass for how dumb ya shit sounded
    i'll beat u off raw talent to remind u of ya loss to raw's talent
    hell yea i'm blazed, an still see ya flaws r persistent
    if u rolled the dutch? ...it probly canoe across the pacific
    ur a fag. even ya chick would blow me
    loose lips sink ships. ya girls clit could probly sink a whole fleet

    all i'm doin. busy

    vs. Quote


    i ain't heard a' you before, i guess u'v hardly been noticed.
    so ur 8-1 record just proves the skill level of all ur opponents
    i'll open chambers when i paint the grill.
    wit enuff shells on da man to raise this muh fuckas cable bill
    ur a bum Quote. ya money in the bank is thin.
    ya whole wardrobe's second hand. could replace big ben's
    listen kid. i'm gonna punk ya shit.
    my uppercuts'll knock ya face up. an leave the kids motherless
    ya scripts r just bogus Quote. get into focus
    u need to polish up so much: here's plane tickets to poland
    ,,i'm your idol. dissin my work is thoughtless
    shit quote'll catch the right hook,
    'n prolly try to write some verses for it

    ^see i could drop clever shit. or just make fun a' this geek
    either way his dome's catchin' the top 12 punches this week

    all u get. busy
  5. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. John Hensley


    i saw ya WBL drop... that other niqqa got handled
    an if ur as consistent this time around,
    don't plan on winnin this battle.
    i plummet the ranks a' kids like you. son, ya skill isn't long
    its no suprise i'm gonna vomit, piss, an shit on the John.
    get ya weightup little man. this heat'll seap thru ya britches
    my shell's scale ya face. To make sure u can breathe wit the fishes
    yea i posted late . an yea i almost missed the set time.
    but then realized how easily i could handle Hensley's deadlines.
    John, ya need to sign out. ya garbage wouldn't seal shit.
    this nig should take a hike. Mcnabb prolly couldn't deal wit
    my hot lines hit the spot. your trashy scripts all missin.
    ya rhymes are scraps that resemble ones between pissedoff bitches.
    it's over dunny. ya bummy ass is too soft for my thug.
    i'll make you step out the ring. Then lick it off a' ya tub.

    'sall u get. shorty

    vs. Premonition



    i bet,
    you think i give a fuck about ya phony wins.
    You ain't real Monster. But i'll knock ya youngass back to nickelodeon.
    I'm not sure who thinks this heads hot.
    but if the dood played live.
    i'd sell my controllers, cords, games and xbox..
    Keep the irrelavent lines to ya'self. I'v seen the shit u been doin.
    Bars so colorless. I think P actually started to blend in to em'.
    Wasn't worried about this battle. Ur like ya name, u lack punch.
    Premonition's a warning - an well... I gotta bad hunch.
    Ur overrated. dunny i'v peeped ya flows.
    but bein wack isn't a crime. So, Premo. Ya free to go.
    I remember you breakin the top 10. An thinkin, "damn, this guys hot"
    then i signed out. Came back. An this idiots STILL at the 9 spot?
    So lemmie clear it up. dummy.. I'll stomp ya raps.
    god damn Jamaican's would tell this niqqa, "Mon, you wack."
    Ur crapy shorty. Period. I've seen ya verses, dood.
    Ya style's a Hunk of trash that could prolly get more girls than you.
    From Monster, to Premontion, to Stick?.. To beat good.
    kid if two wrongs don't make a right.
    What the fuck would make u think 3 would??
    i'll Grip the slugs to ya face 'n ya soul.
    make the shell's Holdem so hard..pff.. Moneymaker would fold.
    Save ya recycled crap sonny. Or poppa will popoff ya skully.
    an land ya weak record sails in a regatta for dummies.
    You think ya dope.. and, ..I hope ya just messin.
    cuz the way I'll plug ya throat. You'll wanna change premotional methods.

    vs. Label



    I read ya verse, me and the voters know wat is up.
    basically, from ya punchlines... yea, we KNOW u were drunk.
    next time? just no-show. I wouldn't hate on this fool.
    but hopefully i wont flawless u as bad as i did in that invitational dood.
    butler put u to sleep. So, prepare the quilts
    we USE to see eye to eye.
    ...but i guess u forgot ya pair of stiltz.
    oh, and the bar i dropped at the beggining? i dont kno jerk.
    whether ur stupid or just couldn't drop 10 better than my no show verse.
    it's ridiculous. Ya shit stinks. Like turds left in britches.
    no joke. u could use a shower, sorta like pregnant bitches.

    'sall u get.
  6. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Super.

    For some reason u think ur dope. an thats that.
    i'm just wonderin wat would make u think THAT verse deserves a champ match.
    crab ass. u'v never been good. Supe. It's over for you.
    or atleast make sure whenever ya balls drop. Their ghostin for you.
    U just hang around the league. Ya text won't last long.
    Supers been wack for a longer period.
    ...then tampax EVER planned on.
    i drink booz. U just suck. an get wack by the day.
    understand? my things liquor. n ur an absolut waste.
    punk nig. My guns big. Lace the curves on ya sides.
    Turn ya wingspand to one, straight, vertical line......

    Another week i haven't tried. ya not hard man.
    I'd say ya ball park skills....... belong at hot dog stands

    vs. Lyrical Casper


    noooo.. not again. Another lame little fag
    somebody toss me some windex to take care of this payne in the ass.
    KFC chicken and T-mobile. yep. Ya leavin on ya ass b.
    coz as wack as they seem. I quoted ya 4 hottest lines last week.
    look L. Ya styles dirt. rocky. weak an on flips.
    i drafted ya 4th hitter on little league to cleanup ya scripts
    get back to the lab. ill forklift ya lid out ya hood niglet.
    headbutt U so hard it puts ME out a goooood minute.
    goofnicca. he stalks bitches. They hate this kid.
    L need bank of america foreclosure on his relationships.
    ur food. no-sho. ya like lettuce dude.
    n if u ACTUALLY drop? fuck it. 5 second rule..
    get off the comp. u sit. suck. n do bad.
    overtime at Triple A dont hold a candle to spare time that u hav
    if i called you wack. shit. wack would get pissed.
    forget hashish. aint no one hookah suck as bad as this kid.
    Im here to be champ. who's gonna brawl?....U????
    ya fan base seconds after the close call -........ few
    i just hope ur an alias. if not. focus bitch.
    ill nip ya skills in the bud. break it up. n roll a spliffff

    Twisted Flowa

    there goes ya streak...

    Courts adjourned. Your wack. n I hault weak text.
    so whetever bullshit u trial wind up in a short recess...
    butterball. U been frontin too long.
    its YOUR fault ill hear "butler won when the league wasnt too strong"
    think ur winnin? then im lookn around an ima ask wsup.
    i wanna kno who the fucks payin THESE prices to gas u up.
    smack you up. it would take a miracle for you to punch right.
    so whether its AB or O...i dont care. how bout u let ya blood type.
    the RM douche gettn sprayed. any buzz on this bitch will settle.
    ps3 leaks'll mention when I show twisted metal.
    2-0? pleez. Ima rip thru this queer.
    ya title run be like sideviews - the end is closer then it appears
    not a votes comin your way. say otherwise ur a liar.
    if at any point yall see T up.
    its me swingin thru his mug wit my driver.
    Ill spin that neck wit a side kick that plops on ya grill.
    heel ya face days before U send the hospital bill
    I shit logs badder than u. Ya little spits gonna flop.
    coz err'time i hear a bitch story theres alwwwayysss a Twist in the plot.
    bullshit. ass flips. useless lines just get weaker
    n wont land this kid a gig.........meg, or kilobite neither.

    whenever the league starts. Fuckn jerks think they hard.
    bout 5 weeks go by and its back to the bottom 30 wit yall........................

  7. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. PopeJuicy



    I dont care that YOUR wack. its more than u.
    this just means theres 4 idiots floatin around that actually lost to u
    so its pz to the RBL when im done wit you P.
    ill make sure to sign ya corpse in a couple leagues under the sea.
    its no secret. I rip newbs n enjoy it.
    but ima let Pope slide..
    ......down my small intestine inta the toilet.
    voters are gon' wanna up my verse for sure
    no one'll wanna 'up yours'... its wat theyll wanna tell U word for word.
    Contedership mattccchhhh... you was a failure
    Ya verse raised so many question marks Riddler hired U as his taylor.
    im champ material. read the mags, butler sonnin you fast.
    either P's lost his marbles..
    ..or there still just stuck in his ass.
    never been kissd. Kid needs to stick to the hookers.
    even the starbucks employees been reluctant to giv em' some sugar.
    Popefruity. ill knock ya deck off ya hood.
    head be up in the air - like the question of whether ull EVER b good.


    vs. The Franchise


    now i gotta thro down wit this jerk
    U aint gotta speak italian to kno ima ciao down on his verse.
    snotnoze. ill SHIT on ya lines.
    thought he played soccer wit garbage. Foundout hes just kickin some rhymes.
    ya need a dictionary. forget about ya losses hoe ass.
    coz its been over a week,. an u still havn problems wit vokalb.
    slap U out the top 30. Fran u aint good on ya text.
    transport cement wit the rotation i put on ya neckkk
    ya simple styles wideknown. who woul peep this dood.
    Gulf states aside. Nobody wanna rita THING from you...
    concepts older than him. trust me ill spank this fool.
    n drop uncreative as fuck - look. i wanna be Franc wit you
    U never got noticed. Never got laughs from rhymin.
    historys been a real dick - Fran be happy to put the past behind em.
    n Personals tuff. i couldnt identify this kid wit effort.
    luckily for me my rhyme book got his dental records......
    Butler too nice.... u wont appear doper.
    'slike speakin thru walkie-talkies
    ....Franchise career.....Over...

    vs. ClasSick


    Butler b boy fan #3284929184

    \take a number

    fat mothafuckaaaaaaaa

    I learned somethin this week. i aint even mad at this dood.
    coz not only do i got dickr.iders ....I apparently get to battle em too.
    look at YOUUUU... i don't think ya weights workn.
    u kinda remind me of super... the fat, mexican, gay version.
    Someone call off the troops. Iraq relief is back.
    cuz the fat around his naval can launch an overseas attack.
    chubbby thugg.. the flabby ass hoes get em' happy.
    never blazed.
    but switchn sex positions BEEN had em' rolln some fatties
    what the fuck is he? wouldnt kno if i tried
    he aint chinese
    his face is just so fat this idiot can barely open his eyes.
    an dont be fooled. the deformed knot on his head hasnt begun.
    the pic was actually taken .01 seconds after this punch......
    ya verse was garbage. i dont mean to rag on this guy
    but confidentially speakin I couldnt write as bad as classify tried .
    Turd bboy. Toiletcee. I could shit ya whole textin'
    ya raps is bootytalk.... Now shtup n get back to my video section
    1 punch to ya cap. n holloween is gettn rushed in this match.
    coz when i bucc u be a ghost about a month in advance......



    you don't get 16

    ur mistakin entrance with lyrical context.
    when i talk about LM entry - ngga. im discussn ya concepts.
    its the old head. LM, rhymes hot and the hardest.
    Gods .gif to text.
    ...in the form of a snapshot of his garbage.
    i seen ya damn battles.. this dood had me grinnin..
    verses never really say much - meet the text version of ashley simpson.
    cockboyy. i watch movies. ur runs been part a' the scheme.
    its a Domino effect - now ALL bitches tryna act hard on the screen
    faggots dont beat me. its like that. Chump, u write wack.
    2001 just called. they want everyone of their punchlines back.

    vs. John Hensley


    HBL, LLL, WBL, RBL ....damn this doods been torchin up sites.
    its tuff dissn Hensley.
    ...along with provin he has any sortof a life.
    Lemmie clear things up. Im gonna pound on this fool.
    an id sprint cirlces around his blood. but there aint no runnin around the pool.
    i think i speak for the board. so this nggaz stuff is sharper.
    just BECAUSE you CAPITLAIZE some WORDS dont make ya PUNCHES harder.
    Ya resin-style dont work here. idiot. RM knows his flows....
    if brains were tnt..........this ngga Hensley couldnt blow is nose
    YA personals are straight.. but u flip everything else. iv had it b.
    u got some Creative issues - like the computer speaker magazine.
    Ya wifeys a hoe. an i know u aint hearin it.
    ^see my setupsll do the trick. Unless ya girls on her period.
    clown ass rapper.. I got cake.. .U need to get it dude.
    coz ya so poor when u hit the park pigeons throw bread at U.....
    Jay-z Lauren Hill an kurt kobane are similar to wat this thug brings.
    cuz even MTVs been urgin ya Dell to do the unplugged thing.......
    Hensley makes net buddies. So they vote for him an pull his scripts.
    this ngga remind me a' diapers - always on someone ass n fulla shit.
    but Johnnys records pretty dope.. i aint tryna hate duke.
    U n my rank r mad similar. judgin by this verse U gettn 8-2........
    i hack newbies wit saws. n save dope lines to clown vets.
    but John gonna see the saw II.. an sneak previews aint even out yet...
    Got the title. Then faced Butler....pff..... fuck this dood.
    theres midgets wit stockings that will'v had longer runs than you.

  8. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Imperial

    no he didnt....


    hmmmm...its like ya sound just got worse..
    Punches left hangin,
    Like Imp.... when lookn for a pound for that verse.
    aiiyyyoo Hensleyyyy ur off the hook. No showin was chill bro.
    last weeks REAL dissapointment was Imp thinkn a newsince line is still dope
    ^^pfff... U belong in a nursin home. im eat up ya scriptz.
    punchlines so old they new burger king when he was a prince.
    Read my interview. Butler's on a mission to bury some clout.
    im out to mercckkkk veterans.. so this fool imp got nothn to worry about.
    U was wack LAST time i beat u. Old prick. Get some rhymes.
    shit ima knock u so far back ull slam headfirst into ya prime.
    Imperials got 2 titles. Wit noooo defenses. Ya need to can it, bitch.
    ill hav u back pedalin quicker than Lance after the cancer, imp........
    Paper or plastic< Either way, understand im implyin a bag.
    n when im finished...? dont matter. yall still gon' see Implyin a bag.
    numbnutz. ya girls a pig. the chick that doods would not-fuck.
    Imps wifeys so fat. She walked out the front door, an got-stuck....
    YEa.. im dissn ya bitch. she's round from the crown to the socks.
    n got Square titties... the bitch forgot to take the tissues OUT of the box.
    Fuck battlin you. Its friday night.. Im anxious
    i wanna go out an cut-loose.. but that means its the shank to Imps anus.......


    vs. Pharaohe Def

    From the HBL mag.

    ^^^if u votin an u aint seen that before, straight
    aleast u know after bout 20 a mine its gonna before straight........
    for real. HBL champ? Rapmusic nobody. Def who??
    personals aint the problem.
    Im still strugglin as to why anybody respects u
    i dont mean to rag on ya site. but gmmie a break P
    i aint tryna hear nothn from 411 except 'city and state please'
    yeaaaaa i kno my bible shit. i thought i was still right
    Pharaohe enslaved the jews.
    .....but seems more like his punchlines israelite.
    ^^i dont wanna get hungup on ya name. but this kids rilly a fool.
    id even consider p nuts.. but he's a about 150x iller than you....
    its piimmppp slapps... the two-two to this prick.
    ^^^theres gon be someassualt - in addition to pharoahes usual flips
    similies.. generic shit. pleeeeez dood
    fuck bein down votes. Deficit gon' be simple bullshit wit me too???
    if you aint seen P in a minute? No need for gettn depressd
    Playd sport jokes n corny trash - in other words Def sends u his best.
    Ribo.. Imp. Pharoahe Def.....< shit Diddys achin to ban me.
    coz damn P..... at this point I'v cut more bitches then makn the band 3
    i dont got cable; showtime, mtv, the rest.
    barely get basic shit. but atleast this week i KNO im gettn some PBS
    i dont wanna sit thru ya garbage bars. it gets nothn but worse now.
    cuz by the time Def enzyme gonna hav mine breakn his verse down.
    Pharoahe tryna make a name on RM. but cant beat this
    ngga so dumb,
    i told em' speak ya mind. Def was speechless.........................
    Fix ya flow before u step. ya choppy shit is a sham.
    Kanye spit thru the wire. sounds like THIS ngga spit thru a fan.
    votes? nahh.. trust me, ya never get nothin
    ^^ngga got smackd more times then Imps hit the register butto
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