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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Name: ARIZCATZ

    vs. I.deal

    Ideals garbage with a style thats a bore with text|
    And a rapper with a weak name like Lord Finesse|
    Scorch ya vest strikin chords'll make these fuckin rhymes hurt|
    And give your vocals more punchins than a Busta Rhymes verse.|
    So take a dive first, I'm prone to just son gays|
    Plus the Alias is a bitch just like the show Sunday.|
    You a hack artist so I won't leave any stress holstered|
    I'll just push this squares buttons like the NES controller|
    If you made a real name for yourself I'd have ta spill the facts|
    It would need to be curiosity next to have a chance at Killin Cats|
    Feel the wrath. You survive this? How in the sam hell?|
    The bullets hang with mexicans and never leave a manuel.|
    Tryin to be street when ya just a hood poser|
    If ya gonna live life on the edge you shouldn't be such a pushover.|
    You got nothing to show and that's honest bitch|
    Cause you see, smell and taste but have no sense of accomplishment |
    So acknowledge it. Your bad look...Its your mommy to blame|
    For givin you a horse grill that can put Ferraris to shame|
    You already lame, uncreative, and I'm trumpin ya style|
    So think outside the box...and leave your house once in a while.|
    Hit ya ribs with a punch to leave you bleeding something|
    And if life is a bitch, Ideal's the meaning of it|
    Speaking of bitch, you aint quit drugs, but got a firm shake|
    Must be all those withdrawls...you made from sperm banks|
    I earn thanks while voters won't welcome this faggot|
    Jeff just turned PMs on but you already had it|
    On the subject of fags is where the mind of this sinner looms|
    Deal wont just entertain the thought, he'll buy it dinner too|
    You should donate ya clothes to charity and stay true to form|
    Because I heard the rainbow coalition needs new uniforms.|

    vs. Warlokk

    You got weak hope. Lokk the best in SD? That's callin a geek dope.|
    Don't think your worth millions just cause your followed by zeros|
    Just a meek hoe who never got laid, thats somethin I knew|
    Cause any pussy you'd get just gets put in ya crew.|
    Work on ya style in rhymin it aint polished or helping|
    With a degree of stupidity that got clown colleges jealous|
    No wonder Lokks depressed with emotional scars on the shelf|
    Cause his whole sex life is just him being hard on himself.|
    When talking quality wins, this gays hard to mention|
    A Lokk verse got more sway bars then race car suspensions|
    Watch dude be at Wendy's learning how to take orders|
    While I'm working on the grind more than lousy skateboarders|
    Ya audio is trash. Audiences? Aint got em engaged|
    They wish ya mic was cut off worse then the pic at the top of the page|
    I got Lokk in way over his head, aint no frontin you get killed when|
    Ya rhymes are a perfect 10...on a scale from 1 to a billion.|
    Son you aint ill when you stand on the ground you'll be buried on|
    I won't just dash ya hopes...they'll beat Kenyans in marathons.|
    This bastards gone plus beaten when I score wins you die and|
    I use Techniques in battles while you were fired as his hypeman|
    Now I can finally see how you close to ya mother|
    She prints ya stuff on the fridge while your name reminds you of her.|
    Youre a fag is the point, no need to belabor it|
    Homos know that if being gay suits you...Lokk'll fuckin talior it|
    How you aint a bitch when you expose yaself idiot|
    You live life by ya name and always got a period.|
    I'll kill the fag disses discreet as this lame's departing|
    Since no gay bash I throw competes with ya last birthday party|

    Deadly Weapon

    This fag full of emotions, but bitch don't start now|
    Or I'll punch a hole in ya chest and let you pour ya heart out.|
    Start out, D need ta call It quits, I'm on some tighter shit|
    Cause It saw ya verse then came outta retirement|
    Dire hits, you aint a signed act. Lies'll have this fool debted|
    Only contract you signed was the warranty to cool edit.|
    This gay sweats it, ya look is mental and I'm torture with quotes.|
    How you gonna think on the level with a forehead that slopes?|
    Cornered with jokes. And ya ashy grill got ya humble with feelins|
    Cause when ya smile there's so much crack it got Columbians biddin|
    If you take shelter in ya girls pussy to only leave danger|
    Then I'll eat you out of house and home like hungry teenagers|
    Dome got a face only mother could love but when this guys panned|
    D's face could only be loved by a mother...fuckin blind man.|
    I'm live and crafty. When wep drops I'll survive this dude's heat|
    If Variety is the spiice of life ya verse subscribes to Newsweek.|
    That's true geek. Any man could say time flies when you're pimpin|
    But D only time flies to see how fast he can unzip em|
    You a lame drunk and I'm the type to form the pun|
    Why go to a bar to get shitfaced when you were born with one|
  2. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    vs. Island

    Island got some net fame but it aint good to be proud|
    Cause when Aloe gets a big head...it just gets put in his mouth|
    Give up ya rap dreams you'll never be a label pro|
    But why don't you DJ since you got a face for radio.|
    That statment's changing though, so don't move to sue me|
    Cause you already got the face of Radio...in the new Cuba movie.|
    Obvious I'll clown this goon with ease and confidence|
    And fuck buck teeth Aloes grill got the whole Eastern conference|
    People'll believe the girth when they know what I know|
    That User don't eat buffalo wings, he eats buffalo whole|
    Nonsense, only Aloe's riders are fellin lines this ringer dealt|
    So next time polish ya skills instead of ya fingernails|
    Al's the fag with a big profile when his shit's so imposin|
    That aint a towel around his neck thats the tissue he blows his nose with|
    So shit, whats happenin to comp with these geeks ducked and dodged|
    Who would be scared of the white version of rerun and rodg?|
    The Bitches say Al's a chump and ya sex can't hack it|
    But I got his girl down wit brain like Penny from Inspector Gadget|
    This dude's look is atrocious so he'll never date women|
    He needs to take the bags under his eyes and cover his face with em|
    And I'll clown User with finesse but first get his hopes up...|
    He got the body of a model...that was swallowed by Oprah|
    Nothing could help this hefty gay get a thin hoe|
    A spare tire aint nuthin, his stomach got Escalades on Lorenzos!|
    Homos come runnin for Island when they hearin the name|
    Since Al's got a wang collection that puts Vera's to shame.|
    Beastiality's lame but Aloe'd rather have his mutt than a man|
    And he already taught his dog how to come on command.|
    Island streak of wins outs this fag couple based on this...|
    A different person gets to be the man each week in the relationship.|

    vs. Tony Elbow

    Tone you’re a bitch wit no street cred who fails to prove points|
    Idiot made his name elbow to try an prove he moves joints.|
    Can’t go 30 lines, ya text shows you’re known for sloppin cocks.|
    Insecure in ya man’s hood…Why, his house aint got a lock?|
    This nerd rolls up to chicks but they only say hell no|
    Only time they give Tone play is customizing their cell phone|
    And he’s lonely at night the way girls are denyin this man|
    Leaving Tone alone to more 4 arm action than Doc Oct in Spiderman|
    Retire fam. If raps a pissin contest you’re a pure example,|
    Only time you need to spit, is when my doc asks for urine samples|
    I can’t stand your type, you’re a true nerd defector|
    Who can only get his Mac on with the use of surge protectors|
    Guys a fag and with dicks around he’s a men thriller|
    Most nggas will dodge balls but he’s never been stiller|
    So I’ll pull the heat aimed at these sorry men|
    And make sure your whole team ducks like they played for Oregon|
    When it comes to hustle moves, this hoe Tone is a yawn|
    Only time T had a weed bag was mowin the lawn|
    Image is fake and neva had a case? I’ll destroy your purpose|
    You wanna earn a life sentence? Here: Yours is worthless.|

    vs. Henry Flatfish

    How’d V got this far with the wackest text seen? |
    Dude musta been more User friendly than Windows XP.|
    You’re a washed up rapper. Wins? Aint no hope for it|
    When you need to be a washed up person with soap and deodorant|
    Think you’re the best? You’ll get hit by that statement|
    Opinions are like assholes…yours always gets violated|
    This farmer’s best bet was to keep this short so face it kid|
    If this battle was a barnburner, you’d have no place to live|
    And the truth of Boom boom huck jam is honest when told|
    It aint a Tony Hawk show, its what this hick puts on his toast |
    Catch V in the hood. Nah, that’s homo nonsense|
    You on the wrong side of the tracks? Yeah the one with vocals on it|
    And I know in the UK often transexuals get with ya|
    That’s why they say if your girl smells like Fish its best to get rid of her|
    I’m hit up the court playin D in 2-3 zone to stop offenses|
    When Vads in the zone with 4 guys its usually erogenous|
    And ya poor features got broads denyin more|
    Cause not even Paul Bunyon could match the size of yours|
    This guy gets whores? Nah, that’s stupid|
    The walls in his room got more male posters than Rapmusic.|
    No wonder this guy wants to stand so tall now|
    He only wants the belt from Alpha so his pants’ll fall down.|

    vs. P Nut

    Beat Alpha, he wasn’t shit, and soon we’ll be set to forget it|
    Ya title run was more of a jog through the special olympics|
    He’s adept at net scrimmage , social life? I doubt he knows|
    I’da blew my brains out before I got to 19 thousand posts|
    This soft bitch is scary, you won’t see this nerd lay a dime|
    Closest he got to the real world was TV Thursdays at 9|
    And his hunger for love means P’s gonna need diets|
    Only girl he’ll get has a butter face and cottage cheese thighs|
    I’m good with the rap and dude getting his trash sacked|
    P’s the laughing stock of the league thats outperforming the Nasdaq|
    M Jackson shares ya traits when lookin confused and then rattled|
    He lives on Neverland and that’s what your punches do in a battle|
    I’ll come to ya crib and if this nig gets rowdy|
    I’m prone to leave P on the carpet like the Big Lebowski|
    The Roots of your flow shows yours are the poorest|
    So Don’t Say Nuthin cause your rhymes sound like its chorus|
    Tear this bitch and ya current ranks don’t scare me kid|
    Cause even toddlers know that P is only #1 when compared to shit|
    Ya punches, flow and concepts are worthless than a bitch|
    Hell, the only thing workin for Pnut is circus elephants|
    Short career’ll just flounder he needs problem solvers|
    The only spins DJ’s give him come from small revolvers|
    How will he eat with no sales or applause |
    When the last single he dropped…was in a male strippers draws|
    Plus this chump is a bum. Seen P balling? Barely|
    Idiot’s the type to go to Petco and buy flawless canaries.|
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