RBL Classic Matches: Scientz vs. Charles 11/21/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    fuck it...droppin early i got shit to do this weekend

    went a lil more....fuck it match me...couldnt stop keying

    when u see the audience at ya show, u'll shit ya trousers
    cuz three's a crowd.....wit ya moms, pops, n the bouncer
    ^^^i take back what i jus said, nobody stopped in fact
    last time u seen a fan, man...he flew in inside a boxing match
    take u on top of buildings, i wont risk poppin at u
    u'll drop from stories, n be rushed to a general hospital
    ya family's fat n ugly, fightin over chips n bagels
    the guerilla warfare u seen, is them bitches beefin at dinner tables
    i'll merc u for dolo, making sure ya pain never ends
    i would go after ya home, boy...but u dont have a residence
    the bullets r seeds, sci's known to slaughter his targets
    plant a few in ya crop cut, n use ya blood to water the harvest
    if u think ya homies r tough, then im bangin them thugs
    n start taking-out more bitches, than the neighborhood stud
    wanna know how i found wackness? besides ya newb features
    u showed so many signs,
    all u were missing is mel gibson n a few creatures
    ya punches r more like slaps, charles u speak gay things
    this homo stay around woods, like davis love n vijay singh
    one of the worst in the top 30, n im being so blatant
    if u had a series of greatness, the show musta got no ratings
    cant fuck girls on the first date, maybe in a hot dream
    so ya one night stand,
    came wit a dresser, mattress, n box spring
    hope u understand sarcasm, cuz i'll tell u this gladly
    ur bout as good as a heart attack, or death in the family
    i'll creep wit pounds, n leave this fucka beneath the ground
    n brake ya face so hard,
    i'll smell burnt rubber n hear a screeching sound
    u look like firemarshall bill, dog im suddenly scared
    u'll need all of NY's electricity, to help the plugs in ya hair

    no need for a fuckin personal....shit would be too easy that way!!!!

    holla at cha boy!!!



    That was a keystyle...looks like it....


    fuck what you say,it aint real,your a fake, a phoney
    Scientz dont agree wit religion,but ima make him holy
    i aint into guns duke,im in to war, i'll hold this promise
    fuck puttin a peace to ya head
    .........i'll deploy thousands of my little solidiers on it
    i get a 'damn' after my verse..its astounding me son
    see i get a dam,when the crowd jus wanna drown u in one
    im gutter sonny,I fuck wit money n meet foes wit steel
    ya see i mean business,when you cant even close a Deal
    im a genious kid,check my guns,the steel im cockins giant
    i'll take raw out the equation,then fuckin rocket scientz
    ya got shot up at prowlers,you cant roll with the best
    always had ya face blew,like you was holdin ya breath
    voting for raw will change ya sex life,like it or not
    works like penis enlargers,cuz youll find sci’s on ya cock
    get beat once in a blue moon n no-ones fuckin wit him?
    well i just did,and God just got out his coloring pens
    i know come lines arnt felt,you see im not foolish man
    but if ya face is expressionless,then im shootin blanks
    ya girl must be autrailian,i met her n' now wonder
    cuz im the world to that bitch,n she always go down under
    sci always jumped in his town,gets bumps n bruises daily
    he scared of the park,like businessmen wit new mercedes
    you'll need a doc once i hit ya chops wit nifty shots
    ya hav more damn ice on ya face than that on fifty's watch
    ill and ur not, I know that we think in different ways
    cuz im on top of the game,you dream of fuckin triple H
    don’t need freeposters to show ya wack wit rhyming bars
    cuz rm aint fulla whiz_kids n’ still no1 finds scientz hard
    you dont write the verses u drop,this is a lesson bruh
    cuz i'd blast you,but im not the type to shoot the messenger
    im a head in this match,n theres blood gushing out yours
    and if anyone says that im tamer,its cuz im hushin up roar


    Winner = Charles
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