RBL Classic Match: Synthesis vs. Richard Corey 3/26/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    its over kid, syn advances, the plots been spoken.
    im wonderin,
    if thats ur rank or jus da title shots uve choked in.
    dont get me wrong kid, i mean, im a funny guy..
    all jokes aside..
    i almost died when i seen that u were twenty five.
    still postin online? dats the saddest shit i ever read.
    u'd have stretched lines,
    that is if i thought them muthafucka's had an end!
    lets just say ur NOT gay, i jus heard you took it raw..
    get tested cause..
    that bitch got hyrieroglyphics written on her pussy walls.
    start up the beefin 'n be scarred up 'n bleedin..
    just crushed..
    'n i'll give you a cast for all the stars u'll be seein.
    you got smashed, how u gonna heal in this ruckus?
    u got Sur's even bars..
    but we know u'da been better off stealin his punches.
    theres no pitty, cockin the big heat to buck you..
    do what ur good at..
    nevermind.. that other league thinks you suck too.
    does it turn you on?..Syn sayin ima spank this geek?..
    no one know's..
    ur sexualities more a question then Cre's rank dis week.
    u a weak martyr, restarter, against bootcamp rival foes.
    we know ur secret..
    so many alias records of 0-1 0-10-1, it looks like binary code.
    im a canable, u can suffer 'n crumple in my mandables.
    u need subtitles jus to make ur punches understandable.


    Richard Corey

    Nice opener, bitch, but sorry, I liked it better when I did it
    Plus I lost more title matches than ya ass has been in
    With graphic writtens I’ll Orchestrate your murder with ill ebonics
    And so many instruments of death the kid’ll ‘Feel Harmonic’
    real demonic! Loadin’ up, expose ya melon like Cornucopias
    Syn’s always beside himself… proudly conquoring homophobia
    When I turn syn into dust, he’s still bound to get stomped on
    'Till his dickriders worship the damn ground that I walk on
    Ya mouth hasn’t got the message, you’re style’s mired in flaws,
    I’ll send punches and lyrical telegrams… and wire your jaw
    You admire the raw fire I draw to clench wins in this venue
    I’ll beat the-sis, the mom, the aunt and any other bitch that’s in you!

    … I’ll drop you into the bottom 51, I know it sounds so tragic
    but we all know 50 don’t feel comfortable around you faggot
    This maggot’s town’s a soap opera, where’s the angst from?
    Fuck the OC! Now Melrose Place…that was gangsta!
    "O Dub Road!" I’ll keep posers out, the geek’s uruley
    So OC’ll hit the big screen… and I don’t mean the movie
    I could ask did I (a)Win (b) Lose or (c) Dust this bastard?
    But like ya bars…anyting in the middle’s short and doen’t matter

    Winner = Synthesis
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