RBL Classic Match: Scientz vs. Oneduh 12/19/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    This niccuh loves my style...

    u were never ill...time to be exposed clown!!

    lets make final bids, im the one to take the title kids
    n i'll be damn if i go down to a buster, like tyson did
    the crowd'll never cheer for him, we dont need this guy
    so they wont give "one love", we'd rather say peace, or bye
    when ask'd who's losin, if u mention muah, ur mistaking
    they'll be quick to say "a duh", like blond conversations
    u made WonderFlow garbage, how'd i ride wit a joke??
    before i row in crews wit u, i'll go off the side of the boat
    after shots wreck dude, bring the doc's next to u
    but last time u thought u had a serge-in, he fuckin left ya crew
    ur the laugh of RM, in attempts to raise this cats fame
    he bettered his EGO, by creating an alias wit that name
    im just 'stating the obvious, cuz its a fact ya losin
    winning was ur maine goal,
    n u were lost somewhere in massachusetts
    givin ya ass a brusing, u'll be right on the ground
    lookin up n seeing stars,
    like a romantic night on the town
    how r u 2 in power rankings?, oneduh's a frail, bitch
    u need a few more mussels,
    n any other fucking shellfish
    its isn't much to see, u were advised not to fuck wit me
    now ur shyner's so bad,
    they released the rapper, n took ur eye into custody
    i keep track of shots, n i know this guy is shook
    im sending some atom,
    just to add another page to scientz books
    get bruisings n welts, wont have a chance to shoot for the belt
    cuz u cant make one's nice
    wit nelly and the lunatics help
    u got the looks of a gremlin, so ur supposed to die
    i'd let the gun wet cha, but u'd just fucking multiply
    transvestite, u got ya penis chopped for a hotter, look
    so we know oneduh, woman...in and outta the comic books
    when we fight, i bet u'll lose in an awful, manner
    i'll give u sidewalk slams, till all ya concrete thoughts r shattered

    will u create another alias after losing this match MR. EGO???

    stop pulling bitch moves n signing out ya names after defeat



    I was never ill? damn, you're gettin bolder with those words
    I guess the swaying rules don't apply when you post it with your verse?
    Sci's obviously overrated, < that fact has been known
    You're named after a subject & STILL aint in a class of your own
    Just lookit ya sad scripts, I'm tired of you thinkin ya bad bitch
    You needa learn the drill...hammer, screwdriver, and everything else im beatin your ass with
    Cuz your content is garbage, one thing I certainly know
    Is that the only things you're decent at is wording & flow
    I'm hurtin you though, kid's just too lame to be the best
    Sc won't ever be #1, & this time they can't blame the BCS
    You dickrode Serge in your verse, don't say it's a mis-quote
    Besides, I'm sure he'll come return the favor in his vote
    He needs a fuckin saddle, the level I'm on is much higher...
    So I guess for you that makes this an uphill battle
    But I aint into suspense, this lesson is for ya
    When I have you on pins & needles it's a method of torture
    It's sur5ill of the fittest & there's no time for denial
    ^Don't think that means you gonna win just cuz you bitin his style
    Why you fakin the rawness? this country nig's aight,
    But I'm over-Raw.. like the fuckin shit that hangs in his closet
    That forced wordplay is getting old, ya style's not bomb Sci
    So your whole verse was played before it was used like Sadaam lines
    Don't pretend to be ballin, you're bankrupt so save it
    Nig got a new lease on life.. but can't afford the monthly payment
    If I bust the stainless, this fake'll get merked
    I'll have his blood rushin so much you think it's late for work
    Startin to hate this twirp, I'd like nothin more than to say this:
    Ya verse is nothin to write home about like boring vacations
    Star qualities? even with acting school you still might lack it
    Plus the only Scientz guy on tv is that Bill Nye faggot

    Yea, it's like that.

    this battled ended in a TIE
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