RBL Classic Match: Scientz vs. I.deal 11/15/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    lets get it on...g/l fam

    ya kidneys gone bad, from taking a look at the past
    when "u pee-in", the sight reminds u of nebs whoopin that ass
    im number 2 for the moment, n im stunning n sickening
    cuz scientz has the right to one, like a fucking opinion
    i dont fold for none, i respect that ya holding guns
    but tell me hows a 4 pound, stop a ••••• who rolls wit tons
    believe ya dreams, till ya hit wit the heater n weakening
    now u seeing pitch-black, like relievers in negro leagues
    transvestites stickin u up, gettin that cash flow
    they taking deal-dough, then shoving em inside his asshole
    u were destined to lose, ur dumb, n proving ya features
    im world class...n u got four in ya room, including the teacher
    ur retarted cuz ya mother played games, she dead wrong
    the bitch hopped skotch, to any liqour she gets her hands on
    when i mention ariz, i'll bet a buck u piss in ya dickies
    ever since u were catz food.....like whiskers n friskies
    the gayest thing, got a navel ring, eyebrows wit mocha trim
    but those studs in ya ear, r asking if u going home wit them
    fags must be the smartest, im telling u that they are
    cuz nobody "knows the deal"...unless mentioned in gay bars
    think this geek is amazing? tang'll get beat wit the stainless
    cracked his wig piece,
    but he just copped some more weave to replace it
    u'll get bucked down, n strapped to bricks, u better hush now
    then u'll leap into a bay...like lambeau players after touchdowns
    u winnings a fairy tale, but stop dressing in drag, niccuh
    deal's a cinderella story,
    that never returned the dress or glass slippers
    ya surrounded by flames, knives'll leave u shoutin in pain
    goin in ya memory bank, to open an account in my name
    if the votes go ur way, these fags just hating against me
    cuz i got the win mapped out, ur just navigating on instincts




    fuck atta hea

    you inconsistent as fuck, & ya moms get popped n bruised
    ya whole style is hit’n miss… i guess you play by poppas rules
    ya not cockin tools, talks for fools.. cmon don’t play dawg
    we all know that raw scientz was created to obey laws
    and his verse is old shit.. big deal, he seen my stuff
    im cutting edge, he aint sharp enough to make PBA season cuts
    talkin like im a fag? that’s just you bullshittin selfishly
    i don’t know a homo joke… uve never introduced yourself to me
    you helpless, g.. I got that crack, and as honest can be
    i got ya fam so strung out, theres no room left for wet laundry
    you garbage, ya grammers retarded & that aint dope text
    i got a license to kill… you fuckin failed ya road test
    plus my weapons is large, so this n!gga destined for scars
    now you catchin a raw deal… and trust me, death’s in the cards
    you aint a hustla, it seem more like you on sleepin duty
    i mean scientz keep a couch to his back like a cleveland QB
    so watch ya hopes break fast.. youse a no name mannn
    this text shit is my bread and butter, while ya toast stay jammed
    uno dosay.. BLAM. game over, ••••• my game’s doper
    ill get you punch drunk.. ^ that was a set up for a hangover
    so if he talkin bout getting rich? sci’s a dumb man hopin,
    the only raise he eva caught was with low spf sun tan lotion
    u a bum, maad broke and - i’ll put holes in ya stained chest
    i mean, ya crowd already lettin out sighs & don’t know ya name yet
    ya spits are tame threats, n!gga this promise is so sincere
    i hit targets.. u knew of my aim way before talkin to ThaSinsEar
    you been queer.. frail ass bitch, I beat guys wit armor on
    i mean.. im know to muscle’ems.. like bean pies and ramadan
    so it’s a safe bet to say that solo isnt what you decided to do
    the real truth is, you like 'orange' n!gga.. aint nuthin rhymin wit you.

    IM THE TRUTH, •••••.

    Winner = I.deal
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