RBL Classic Match: Richard Corey vs. Oneduh 3/5/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    If Rich thinks he deserves this match, he must have been mislead
    So I'll raise Cane with my verse, since I should be sonnin him instead
    Quit rushin the text kid, I'm nothin to mess with
    Your verse has alot of hangups, no wonder none of it connected
    Don't expect it to be close, there's no hope for stoppin this
    Check the predictions, you cant even get a vote of confidence
    His losses speak for themself, & tell why the geek's boring
    Tri beat Corey, so I don't even need to try to beat Corey
    Your topicals are boring & fake duke, just end the saga
    To cut a long story short.. I'd pay you a billion dollars
    Now diss me for studying your work & sway votes you wack liar
    I only put your verse under a microscope in hopes it'd catch fire
    We can take it to the streets, now this shit is gettin personal
    I got cats that'll get Rich quick, like pitches for infomercials
    Heard this freak's into fisting, son's the gayest clown
    See I got punches out the ass, he likes it the other way around
    Thinkin he'll make it in rap just makes this brotha look dumber
    You're scared of One, that's how I know you'll never push numbers


    Richard Corey

    You opened these cans of whupass yourself! Bitch, you’ll die!
    You couldn’t close the lids if you were Renee Zellwegger’s eyes
    A privaleged lil’ bitch who succeeds cuz the judges’ve let ‘em
    Hell! You’re more of a cliché than your punches and set ups
    Yeah, I got fucked, but R.Kelly here? His insides be bleedin’
    Dudes plug his Chocolate Factory every time I see him
    Lyrically, he’s weak. So for him, what’s essentially left…
    but commercials chargin "Hi…I’m Rusty" for Identity theft
    His sex-life is useless sans Viagra; he’s downin’ the pills
    & Jerk until his fingers do a DiCaprio and drown in the 'film'
    Kid’s a loser, dressed in smedium shirts, red-colored Tims
    Come round my way in that gettup…and you never will again.
    Check my record, folks are impressed, I’ve come into my own
    While you choose between the sexes… and come into your own
    I’ll blow his heart out and constantly, nonchalantly pop him
    And spread "One love" over everyone that’s in the Top Ten!
    You will not win! This is extreme, pure viciousness, mean
    I’ll feed him his own blood at gunpoint ‘til he pisses his genes!
    the quickest of speed, my sword will leave this dude severed
    But don’t worry, I hear San Fran puts men like you together.

    Winner = Oneduh
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