RBL Classic Match: Oneduh vs. Richard Corey 9/4/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    here's a verse, see it, learn it, emulate after reading..
    see the difference?..mine mentions the fag it's beating..
    youre a generic punch artist..so this lame'll die..
    cuz dick is short for richard..........all nick names aside..
    this trick names lookalike...this faggot annoys..
    why hustle...when you could sling the crack in voice..
    write me a story...depict it, hope i listen..
    meanwhile..i'll cast this fag, like queer as folk auditions..
    you can't afford to drop...i was born this hot..
    i'll break every bone in your body......yours or not..
    this whore has got to lose...i'll bury ya verses...
    cuz i know you take to guys....like courier service..
    these lines is ending you...cuz i could see off beat..
    but richards off the record like private interviews..
    i'll break in your chest, fuck it...i'll bring the toast,
    only votes to count for you..are the six links you post,..
    i'll just post 18...pardon the slip up..
    but the 20 one up'll get hammered like carding for liquor..


    Richard Corey

    Preppy here, wants to be down, damnit these w!ggers
    Cos the only rich poser I fuck with takes my family pictures
    He started a business for butt-fuckin’ and I see you hire dudes
    The CEO of Gayness… cos all the fag shit applies to you
    Lyrically Oneduh, your garbage, that ain’t meant to be bitter
    ask me, this whole board’s trash, and you’re pick of the litter
    See you still rep Wonderflow! That shit’s down and out
    The illest thing that crew ever produced is dissing you about it now
    Only fag to sign out the league and back in the same day
    And how you gon’ diss Super when y’all got the title the same way
    Ya broke and gay…wearing G-strings and garters that’s see thru
    It’s a shame when your butt cheeks floss harder than you do
    Please push me, I’ so ill. But stand back or no deal…
    Cause I know ya faggot-ass…flies from the pussy like roadkill
    Fag is meeting his boyfriends, I’ll help the situation
    and rain bows on his body, to help him dress for the occasion
    I’ll be bungee jumping from your EKG to stunt ya health
    Cos this bitch is a jerk… so take this lotion home and One Yaself
    Step to me? Best believe that dude is finished
    Your futures so bright…it knew enough not to include you in it

    Winner = Richard Corey
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