RBL Classic Match: Oneduh vs. headless verseman 5/28/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Your name's fucked up, don't drop another horrible post on me
    Why Headless? you always seemed like more of a nobody
    You got killed by Ink, got some cheap votes to win
    & I'll prove it by beating you with lines I prewrote for him
    When approachin this bad seed, I'll move to the bottom
    Where I'll dig up his family tree & get to the root of the problem
    Your lines aint long for audio, face it your flow's basic
    & that gun talk's like speaking properly, you say it but don't spray it
    I'm a vet in the game, you know I'm a pro
    Holdin a "will rap for food" sign's your idea of gettin the show on the road
    Plus, you already know my writtens is nice
    So get right up next to your moniter,
    & I'll beat you within an inch of your life
    ^ Yeah I stretched my format, I know it's out of date
    But I didn't wanna make your verse look so out of place
    What's the point of a battle? if you try to clown me
    I'll expose chi.nks in your armor the size of Yao Ming
    My punches'll fold him, when a sweet left's landing
    It's the opposite of a dance off, you won't see Head standing
    After that, you'll find out I got the worst right too
    When I uppercut you so high you get a birds eye view
    I always get the last laugh, known to drop hot text
    You get the last laugh.. cuz you got the slowest thought process
    Thinkin it's over, but the light at the end of the tunnel..
    Turned out to be; just another flash of brilliance from OneDuh



    headless verseman

    Oneduh's a patriot, and cuz of that i better be honest
    i duno whats being memorialized, veterans or those elderly concepts
    decided to settle with nonsense, ur try- u spent it w/ played shit
    verse writing isnt your thing Lyri-cold, corny alias making's the extent of your greatness get the fuck off my site, ill kill this bastard farill
    maybe u'd be signed Unsigned Hype if the HYPE part was backed w/ some skill
    ill beat this kid till the chair breaks
    then powerbomb him so bad his spine resembles a staircase
    and ill no show if the price is right
    if not, ill put a knife to this fags neck an give new meaning to a slice of life
    to spare his life, he better offer me cash
    or ill beat him so deeply they'll give my battle methods a philosophy class
    he's eager to win the title so this bums whore'n
    but unless he names that verse a disease there wont even be a run for it
    im the best an yet humble, put mirrors on ya chest an the bundle
    ya legs together, throw u into the ocean, now reflect on ya struggle
    your an emcee? ill back ur work so ur business can leap
    an give u a large Advance-
    thats not money its the name of who used YOUR lines ORIGINALLY
    this chump is king? dont front ya bitch
    musics so bad Razors wont bump yo shit
    please cuz, u being a millionaire seems dumb
    kids got about as much green as the fuckin middle east does
    see that ease of flow an wit, this man expected those
    instead i saw more predictable hits than last weeks soprano episode
    just let it go, its true, u gave it a try
    but failed, so long.....sign ya name on the line


    Winner = Oneduh
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