RBL Classic Match: Namix vs. Oneduh 2/19/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    i went 22 pawtna, g/l

    lol mr ego was ur alias?

    u win some, u lose some
    u have something, then its gone…either way i’ll defeat u tho
    for me victory is an easy-come, and beatin u is an ease -Ego
    ur skill is doubted too, let me spell it out for you…w, a, c, k
    this battle was over before it begun… like ur stay in the pba
    they took u out preseason like anxious hunters, ur not very ill
    ur too wrapped up in ur record bitch, u should a 10-2 ur skill
    but next week it’ll be different, so when ur attendance is low
    remember 3’s a crowd,
    …...and even ur loss column wont be caught dead at ur show
    i have more sects than the catholic church, if u wonder bitch
    shit i just laid the cards on the table…and your trick under it
    im Savage like fred’s career..im loadin a clip, blowin this kid
    ‘n bringin oneduh year’s to an end, like kevin growin up did
    you say battling u is no picnic? if ur really that dumb, shit…
    after this walk in the park, i’l bring u a piece of cake from it
    say ur the R.Kelly of text? for now ur really living the dream
    but what are your plans for after inkwell’s finally eighteen?
    i reek havok, u get shot in the back as im bustin my gat bitch
    One armed? he might be, but then how the fuck can he clap it
    i’m murderous, i’ll serve this bitch faster than a nervous tick
    death’s around the corner…ur mom saw him while workin it
    last week u merked the kid, but give jesus ur best penance
    cuz that was just Fatal Words,
    …and this was a complete Death Sentence.



    You got 13 wins, what would that worry me for?
    Last time a pro tested Nam, they were opposing the war
    Dropped a long verse full of wordplay, that's funny duke
    Cuz I got a verse full'a punches, & you're gonna catch 22
    It's a no win situation, there's no chance for you at all
    I won't just harp on your skills, I'll bring the whole damn orchestra along
    Got laughed off the site for biting, why you still writin kid?
    You'll never get an Oz. of respect, when your skills rival his
    All you did was take old wordplay & add a spelled out diss
    With that square format, no wonder your verse aint well rounded
    Sur did all of those lines years ago, tryin to make em' new now
    Is just digging your own grave,
    & that's the ONLY way you're breaking new ground
    Some may feel the played junk, & say you're almost sick
    You'll have the voters head over heels.. from readin all those flips
    This shit is no contest, I'll top his fame in growing margins
    'Til it's so far from a close call, he's gotta pay for roming charges
    You wanted to come back with a win, tryin to see your plan through
    But you got matched up with me, so see.. your plan's through
    Wanted to be the Champ too, so he blatantly sharked
    I'll give him the beating of his life, like donating a heart
    The extra lines didn't help, shoulda came more personal
    You're a part time job, I could have made short work of you

    Go back to bboys

    Winner = Oneduh
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