RBL Classic match: Island vs. Dough Jordan 9/26/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Kanye broke his jaw too, n it was makin his chin long
    but Kanye spit thru the wire...youre rappin thru brick walls
    You’ve been on the net for 4 years…but damn the mans a bore
    Cus Lebron made the Cavs big…while Fat did that to yours
    the guesses on who I am have been fake, but it lingers
    as he counters my lines, makin his chin shape with his fingers
    Lets leave it to dough, use the mag n see what he knows
    I won best verse, he was runner up to me 2 weeks in a row
    We make fun of user…hes fat, but his lines are forceful
    N while he’s got 8 chins, you’ve got one bigger than his entire torso
    lets speak some more on user…not cus hes godly tho
    But cus he likes stickin the sausage to Dough, more than Somnio
    ill reverse the curse...lemme just lunge back
    And hit your chin so hard, the top a ya head'll resemble a dunce cap
    This hunch back wasnt felt for 4 years, n now i bet this ho’s lovin it
    Cus he'll keep his chin up....so the bottom 30 can limbo under it
    There ain't no doubts, ...i'm pullin this win off
    Chinchilla aint a fabric, it's the name of ur chin in a Godzilla spin off
    I tried to get over your chin, .....but fuck it, it's hard
    If i broke ya glass jaw all of Hartford would be covered in shards


    Dough Jordan

    I'ma save voters the breakdown since ya been smoked clear/
    his verse's content summed up: insert chin joke here_____/
    Above's ur chance for another chin diss, think of it quick/
    I can't care too much, I provided u with a link to the pic/
    and I don't need yours cuz ur considered a limited threat/
    posted my pic for u again, saw what good it did citizen x/
    there 2 differences between us, u get stamped wit ease/
    and 2? I never needed an alias to be champ of the league/
    people came online ta check ya verse, u left many bored/
    cuz ya dick's like the drug acid and nobodys on it anymore/
    get a fresh style, a fresh gimmick, and become new ta people/
    everyone knows that in ya field of dreams, i'm the root of evil/
    this battle ur sorta like a DJ vinyl, u gettin scratched and cut/
    they say u are what u eat, that makes u both ass and butt/
    thats whats up, wannabe net thug, let ya hammer tool spray/
    I'm one hard act to follow, ur more like a grammar school play/
    now I'm hoping u all understand just how this joker's lame/
    just pulled so many cards half the rbl could play a poker game/
    keep ya pics cuz women love em, I'll pretend at least/
    since his Mom, Nana, and all ya aunts got like 10 a piece/

    Winner = Island
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