RBL Classic Match: Island vs. ARIZCATZ 10/24/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005


    Hes dumb if hes flossin'...n who the fuck is he bossin?
    Cuz bitch...only time you hurt me, is when cuttin ya losses
    Please, u think ya gotta chance? ..ya cant fair with the kid,
    When ya boss delivered ya pink slip...and ya been wearin it since!
    See island is fat and skinny...dont front if ya wack kid...
    Cuz we reppin both sides of the Scales...you just likin his back end
    Lets be real, Nobody reads ur shit... ever, you tard
    The only red lines in ur verses are the ones at the end of your bars
    But i`ve seen your shit before, u aint the best at text or flow
    Dog you got longer lines than a welfare office next to mexico
    I've ate so many emcees it`d make a cannibal swelter
    N i`ll blow up Catz quicker than a bomb at an animal shelter
    Your wack b, step to me n you`ll get ur ass beat
    Your skills come up short, ..like the rbl mag from last week
    No secrets anymore, we all know that ur wack man
    So lets just let the Catz outa the bag.... straight into the trash can
    See whore, i`ll take u to the edge of an open seaboard
    And push you to the point of no return, ..like a broken keyboard
    This shit is easy for me, ur gettin harmed n bled
    See me gettin this win is a snap... of ya neck, legs, arms n head
    N Islands swingin wild, ..equipped with bats n logs
    I`ma uppercut this faggot so high it`ll start rainin Catz... n dogs
    Your life sucks, i`ma push this knife all the way in
    The only suite life ya livin is in ur room at the Holiday Inn
    N don`t say ur pimpin.. cus nona you catz are
    The only Real Player in your life is the one in your task bar
    Don`t ever fuck with me, ..i`m eager n famous
    And i`ll make you hit the deck quicker than dealers in vegas
    This is Aloe here...id use more punches to bruise this sinner
    But i got bigger fish to fry....cuz im going off to make users dinner



    Island got some net fame but it aint good to be proud|
    Cause when Aloe gets a big head...it just gets put in his mouth|
    Give up ya rap dreams you'll never be a label pro|
    But why don't you DJ since you got a face for radio.|
    That statment's changing though, so don't move to sue me|
    Cause you already got the face of Radio...in the new Cuba movie.|
    Obvious I'll clown this goon with ease and confidence|
    And fuck buck teeth Aloes grill got the whole Eastern conference|
    People'll believe the girth when they know what I know|
    That User don't eat buffalo wings, he eats buffalo whole|
    Nonsense, only Aloe's riders are fellin lines this ringer dealt|
    So next time polish ya skills instead of ya fingernails|
    Al's the fag with a big profile when his shit's so imposin|
    That aint a towel around his neck thats the tissue he blows his nose with|
    So shit, whats happenin to comp with these geeks ducked and dodged|
    Who would be scared of the white version of rerun and rodg?|
    The Bitches say Al's a chump and ya sex can't hack it|
    But I got his girl down wit brain like Penny from Inspector Gadget|
    This dude's look is atrocious so he'll never date women|
    He needs to take the bags under his eyes and cover his face with em|
    And I'll clown User with finesse but first get his hopes up...|
    He got the body of a model...that was swallowed by Oprah|
    Nothing could help this hefty gay get a thin hoe|
    A spare tire aint nuthin, his stomach got Escalades on Lorenzos!|
    Homos come runnin for Island when they hearin the name|
    Since Al's got a wang collection that puts Vera's to shame.|
    Beastiality's lame but Aloe'd rather have his mutt than a man|
    And he already taught his dog how to come on command.|
    Island streak of wins outs this fag couple based on this...|
    A different person gets to be the man each week in the relationship.|

    Winner = Island
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