RBL Classic Match: I.deal vs. Joey Donuts 10/1/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Fuck it, imma be honest here.

    The RBL’s got real problems. Some of it aint phony
    Look at me. I had to go though Adonis & Imp…… just to face Joey.
    For real, that’s a joke. How you deserve my best dukes -
    When •••••y wasn’t even bothered to write a verse against you?
    Your trash, bottom line…. shit is NOT made up
    Everybody in the league know JD’s better off shot…. straight up.
    Come on, average joe. ya bitch is enormous & furthermore
    Her menstrual pads got bigger wings then most prehistoric birds of war.
    I’ll be Mr. Honest... She only love you off gin & tonics.
    The attractions kinda like phone digits, she cant quite put her finger on it.
    So stop getting abused. Go get yaself a style pimpin.
    Cuz right now you gettin played more consecutively then cal ripken.
    Plus you aint get no mag exposure. It just aint ya time geek -
    But you’re a shoe-in to win the award for ‘next best thing’… to a bye week.
    Don’t try me. Really scrap, you wont last till the final -
    I was up in title matches before you were even matched with a title.
    Do the math if its vital… But, to me that shit don’t matter
    Ay'body know deal's the real number one... & this kid’s no factor.
    Get ya wig blown backwards, for spittin weak testaments
    Scientz is consider a tough class, your just considered a pre-requisite.
    So hit the exit quick. I dunno why you think you can handle me -
    When you don’t even have the handstrength to get a grip on reality.
    Tang’ll make you a casualty. I see you aint about shit.
    Battling obviously aint ya strong suit, but neither are any of ya outfits.
    So believe, ya streak is dead. Cause this is a full out rout.
    & At the end of the day....
    The only extension you'll have left to make is ya pull-out couch.


    –24, Deal wit it.


    Joey donuts

    I got my own buzz goin ‘round, and tang is more than jealous
    I’ll maul your chest to the point where some stores develop
    I’ll be quick to smack you, or give you one of them a-team punches
    That’ll make you do more revolutions then the 1800’s
    Heard your middle name is danger, you must be dope…
    …So in that case your first name must be no
    This dude is really a thug, I failed to mention he’s a killer
    I mean tang is so gangsta that he had to be represented by guerillas
    Never liked you, I can say you gotten good with the months
    But I wont give you the respect you urned, until I put you in one
    Your truly a , top 5? You’ll be newly removed
    After I put you through enough suffering to be classified as jewelry abuse
    Prob seen every line twice or more, and yeah I get that from rivals
    Remember doug? Well tang is like his moms, a bitch that recycles
    And tang with a girl? Please, she’s prob a lame and a trick
    I think someone’s a little big headed
    Too bad we cant say the same for your dick
    So now you’re the foundation of the league? Tang’ll get bitch slapped
    Only reason the board is on his back, is cause he was bullied in gym class
    Known to toot his own horn about his dick, and good at poppin shit
    Bitch, treat your mouth like your underwear and put a sock in it
    Despite all the hype I been hearin, your text’s redundant
    So really your only flattering yourself like chest reductions
    Keep braggin about your hype, you might as well switch states liar
    Or else I’ll have to mircyou faster then mixtape pirates

    Winner = I. Deal
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